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War Department Form 164-C Sept 17 1917

Can you believe that only FOUR DAYS NOTICE was given to report before entrainment to Camp Meade?!?! AND, DON'T BE LATE!
War Department Form 164-C Dated Sept 17, 1917 to report for Camp Meade Sept 21, 1917 - back of postcard
War Department Form 164-C Dated Sept 17, 1917 to report for Camp Meade Sept 21, 1917 - back of postcard
Local Board for
No. 2, County of Berks, Pa.
Official Business
Penalty for Private Use $300
Postmark (cancel) Birdsboro Sep 17 1917 2pm
To: Harry E. Garey
Douglasville R.D. #1., Pa.
Order No. 329
Red Ink No. 90082

Form No. 164 C
By direction of the Secretary of War, you are hereby ordered to report to the office of this Local Board at 8 a.m. on the 21 day of Sept, 1917, for military duty and for transportation to the Army mobilization camp at Camp Meade. (Fill in with rubber stamp.)
From the date herein specified for you to report, you will be in the military service of the United States and subject to military law. Failure to report or unpunctuality are grave military offenses punishable by court-martial. Willful failure to report with intention to evade military service constitutes desertion which is a capital offense in time of war. Present yourself at the precise hour specified in order that you may not begin your military record in the service of your country with a delinquency.
You will be held under the orders of this board until the hour of departure of your train. During this period the Local Board will furnish you food and lodging. If you live within one hour's travel of the office of the Local Board, you may obtain permission to sleep and eat at home, but only if you fill out and forward to the office of the Local Board at once the printed application for this permission at the end of this sheet.
You will not be permitted to take with you on the train anything but hand baggage. You do not need bedding or changes of clothing except as specified below. You may take with you only the following articles: Soap, shaving accessories; comb and brush; toothbrush and tooth powder; towels; underclothing and socks; and if you desire, changes of collars and shirts, but you will have no use for these after arrival at the mobilization camp.
Since you will not be permitted to retain any trunks after your arrival at the railroad station, the articles listed above should be brought in a hand bundle.
If you desire to do so, you may return the civilian clothes you are wearing when you arrive at the mobilization camp to your home by express or otherwise, but if you desire to make no such arrangement, it will be better to appear in civilian clothes that you do not care to keep.
(Date) Sept. 17 1917
Local Board for No. 2, County of Berks, Pa.
George Hetsrit [spelling??]
W. W. Wren

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