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First NameMiddleLast nameCompanyNotes
Alfred R Allen SF  KIA September 30, 1918
ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot C Row 43 Grave 09 Died 30Sep1918  ★ 
Joseph F M Baldi SF  
Robert B Caldwell SF  
Thomas W Darrah SF  
Colonel Thomas W. Darrah was later promoted to Brigadier General
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Harry C Duncan SF  
Oliver W Frey SF  
Harry M Gwynn SF  Major
Phares M Holderman SF  
Loudon S Kay SF  
William M Leslie SF  
John R Long SF  
Kenneth   Mayo SF  
Edward B McInnes SF  
Henry J McKenney SF  
Henry A Meyer, Jr. SF  
Frederick A Muhlenberg SF  View the web page from Arlington National Cemetery
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Gerald P Murphy SF  
William H Oury SF  
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Vincent L Owen SF  
Matthew A Pierce SF  
Leo T Rock SF  
Theodore   Schoge SF  
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Edwin P Schroyer SF  
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Thomas H Stilwell SF  
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Donald H Tyler SF  
William N Way SF  
Norman L Wymard SF  
James K Yarnelle SF  
Raymond L Young SF