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First NameMiddleLast nameCompanyNotes
Fred C Adams MD  
Horace   Auringer MD  
John S Balliet MD  
Clayton G Banzhaf MD  
Ralph   Benner MD  
Harry C Best MD  
William J Boutote MD  
Daniel B Boyer MD  
Robert H Broadhurst MD  
Myron S Brown MD  
Emery A Bucher MD  
John R Carothers MD  
Charles L Cassell MD  
Peter   Castellani MD  
Charles H Claiborne, Jr. MD  
Chauncey P Colestock MD  
Martin J Cooney MD  
Henry C Crow MD  
Daniel M Custer MD  
Harry W Deegan MD  
Arthur P Downer MD  
Ira H Earl MD  
Albert I Eckert MD  
Lewis E Emanuel MD  
Lee M English MD  
Myron H Farmer MD  
John R Flexer MD  
John P Gilbert MD  
Joseph L Ginley MD  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot H Row 25 Grave 22 Died 30Sep1918  ★ 
Charles C Goetz MD  
Augustus C Gray MD  
Fenton S Gregory MD  
Albert C Haas MD  
Luther F Hale MD  
Kenneth E Hallock MD  
Elwood L Hart MD  
Ernest F Hausser MD  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot D Row 19 Grave 07 Died 02Nov1918  ★ 
Earl R Hicks MD  
Ernest   Hillemann MD  
Harry   Hindes MD  
Earl J Howells MD  
Earl R (E) Johnson MD  
Forrest E Kebaugh MD  
William J Kirby MD  
Herman J Lambert MD  
Matthew J Lambert MD  
Albert   Lerner MD  
Ballard C Linch MD  Alternate Last Name: Lynch
Ballard C Lynch MD  KIA September 29, 1918
Alternate Last Name: Linch
Samuel J Marks MD  
Henry E Martin MD  
Leon E Martin MD  
William T Metzger MD  
Rodney E Mills MD  
Vincent D Motto MD  
Frank S Moyer MD  
Charles A Musgrave MD  
James L Nichols MD  
Young Jr Normington MD  
Matthew F Olstein MD  KIA October 1, 1918
Samuel E Phillips MD  
George H Poole MD  
Watson L Price MD  
John J Quinn MD  
Silvia J Roberts MD  
Jesse M Rogers MD  
Okley   Rogers MD  
Harry P W Romig MD  
Arthur W Shea MD  
Clayton W Shuman MD  
Thomas B Simmons MD  
Fred M Slaughter MD  
Montcalm G Smiley MD  
Walter H Squires MD  
Joseph G Stephens MD  
Willard J Stiles MD  
Joseph P Szedlock MD  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot F Row 28 Grave 25 Died 19Oct1918  ★ 
Clifford E Tabor MD  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot D Row 13 Grave 24 Died 29Sep1918  ★ 
John H Talley MD  
Charles A Thomas MD  
Peter   Toma MD  
Robert W Tripp MD  
Nolan E Turknett MD  
Paul R Urmston MD  
George Y Vogel MD  
Samuel   Wagman MD  
John M Ward MD  
August J Weiss MD  
Charles D Winter MD  
Philip   Yuckman MD  
Carl A Zengerl MD