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First NameMiddleLast nameCompanyNotes
David F Adams H  
William   Allen H  
Lee F Anderson H  
Oscar   Anderson H  
Ernest V Ballard H  
Walter R Balthaser H  314th Infantry 39th annual reunion 1958 Philadelphia PA name badge Walter Balthaser
Lewis E Barber H  
Frank W Bauder H  
Joseph R Bechdel H  Click here for more information about Joseph Raymond Bechdel

Joseph A Benel H  
Alexander   Bier H  
Vittorio   Binello H  
Charles O Bolle H  
Natle   Bontal H  
John M Boob H  
Albert C Bucher H  
Michael L Burns H  
William J Burns H  
Charles S Burrell H  
Arthur L Burwell H  
George G Calvert H  
Carmine (Carmino) Camardella H  
Nelson I Campbell H  
Joseph   Canio H  
Fortunato   Capozza H  
Dwight D Chaffe H  
Anthony B Conches H  
Martin J Culver H  
Rulief V Curley H  
Robert J Dampman H  
Victor B Dann H  
William R Davis H  
Albert S Dawson H  
George   Dayton H  
Benton T Decker H  
Claude H Decker H  
Giovanni   Del Paggio H  ABMC: Buried at Suresnes Cemetery: Plot A Row 16 Grave 15 Died 08Oct1918  ★ 
Walter G Delbaugh H  
Luca   Di Belle H  
George C Driscoll H  
Charles R Du Bois H  
Stanley   Dziedzic H  (1948)
Stanley   Dziedziec H  (1935)
Clarence A Eck H  
Marshall C Egan H  
Howard E Eister H  
Charles H Elder H  
George E Elsbree H  
Donald G Enoch H  
Carl A Fenner H  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot F Row 17 Grave 22 Died 10Nov1918  ★ 
David T Finn H  
Alfred H Fisher H  
Thomas   Fitzsimmons H  
Thomas   Flynn H  
Harry A Foltz H  
John W Force H  
James J Foy H  
Raymond F French H  
Howard M Fye H  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot D Row 30 Grave 12 Died 02Oct1918  ★ 
Camillo   Gentile H  
Paul M Gentzell H  
Edward E Gery H  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot H Row 43 Grave 03 Died 05Nov1918  ★ 
George W Gilbert H  
Paul   Gorman H  ABMC shows Last Name as Goman
ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot H Row 36 Grave 35 Died 27Sep1918  ★ 
Vincent   Graco H  
John C Graffius H  
Elmer   Gras H  
John   Graves H  
Max A Greene H  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot D Row 03 Grave 32 Died 10Nov1918  ★ 
William J Greeney H  
Gerald R Griffin H  
Charles H Grim H  
Charles I Grim H  
Jesse V Gruver H  
George   Guerrette H  
Floyd S Gunn H  
Gotlieb D Haag H  
Frank E Hagan H  
Harry F Hahn H  
Joseph E Haines H  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot A Row 43 Grave 07 Died 27Sep1918  ★ 
Andy   Handza H  
John   Handza H  
Robert F Hannaway H  
James B Harris H  
Harry L Hartshorn H  
John M Hassell H  
Eversley T Haynes H  
Arthur N Hebert H  
Nicholas W Heery H  
George F Heim H  
Charles W Herman H  
George D Hesser H  
John F Hickey H  
George W Hills H  
Hastings   Hines H  
George H Honicker H  
Louis J Hope H  
Howard J House H  
Charles M Housel H  
Howard G Hunsinger H  
Herbert   Hunsworth H  
Charles J Huttinger H  
Robert C Jackson H  
George E Jacobs H  
Carl J Jacoby H  
Joseph   Jarosh H  
George T Jewell H  
Frederick B Johnson H  
Andrew J H Kachik H  
Henry D Kahler H  
Edward N Kaucher H  
Earl   Kauffman H  
Irvin J Kauffman H  
Joseph S Kaufman H  
Edward   Keller H  
George L Kelley H  
John E Kelley H  
John D Kinney H  
Howard E Kissinger H  
Truman E Kline H  
Wallace H Kline H  
Harry   Knouse H  
Mike G Kopcik H  
James B Korman H  
Edward   Laich H  
Ralph S Lake H  
Francis P Lally H  
David H Lauck H  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot F Row 09 Grave 15 Died 01Nov1918  ★ 
Howard E Laughlin H  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot D Row 15 Grave 13 Died 26Sep1918  ★ 
Frank   Lazzaro H  
Frank F Leins H  
Edward A Leonard H  
Peter J Leonard H  
Joseph L Levasseur H  
William L Lima H  
James C Lingle H  
Louis   Lipman H  
Omer   Lipps H  
Arthur L Loesch H  Alternate Last Name: Loesech
Arthur L Loesech H  Alternate Last Name: Loesch
Lee A Long H  
Joseph W Lorsong H  
Simon H Lucas H  
Liberato   Lucidonia H  
Ismaele   Maiocco H  
Enrico   Mariani H  
Peter   Markowski H  
Carlo   Marsiani H  
Carlo   Marziani H  
Michael   Massaroni H  
Brady W Massey H  
William R Mattern H  
Thomas A Matthews H  
Oscar J McAllister H  
James H McCardle H  
Larry E McCloskey H  
Roy B McCrea H  
James J McDermott H  (of Philadelphia, PA)
Walter   McDonald H  
Howard V McGeoy H  
John J McWilliams H  
Gustave   Meske H  
Joseph   Miller H  
Luther D Miller H  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot D Row 31 Grave 22 Died 10Nov1918  ★ 
Attilio A Modena H  
Harry B Moore H  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot E Row 26 Grave 40 Died 30Sep1918  ★ 
Isadore R Morin H  
Otto   Mottle H  
Calvin C Moyer H  
James H Musser H  
Charles M Nevin H  
Carl L Newman H  
Wladyslaw   Niejadlik H  
Walter G Norton H  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot B Row 05 Grave 10 Died 05Nov1918  ★ 
Edward F O'Brien H  
James A O'Brien H  
Richard L O'Brien H  
James J O'Donohoe H  
Charles B Oldham H  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot H Row 15 Grave 12 Died 10Nov1918  ★ 
Joseph   Olean H  
Howard B Olewiler H  
John T Oliver H  
Michael J O'Neil H  
Oris L Pace H  
Clarence   Page H  (of Sayre, PA)
Joseph   Pangonis H  
Antonio   Pantano H  
Vincenzo   Paparello H  
Guiseppe   Pararati H  
Sylvester W Patton H  
Armand L Pelletier H  
Louis O Pelletier H  
John   Pentasuglio H  
Carl J Penwell H  
Miles S Peters H  Click here for the Miles Peters web page
Samuel N Pierson H  
Carl   Prince H  
Raymond B Prince H  
Adhemar   Quillette H  
Joseph   Quintin H  
James B Rantis H  
Monroe   Rauch H  
William F Ray H  
Reynolds W Reed H  
John J Reese H  
Albert J Reeves H  
Daniel   Remp H  
Andrew   Reto H  
William C Rhubright H  
Charles G Rice H  
Arja   Richards H  
David R Richards H  
Carl   Riddel H  
Walter E Riggs H  
John W Ritz H  
Robert   Roberts H  
Joseph F Robillard H  
Charles A Robinson H  
Thomas   Rock H  
Orvis R Rockey H  
Linn H Rogers H  
Howard B Roller H  
Joseph F Romanchick H  
Boyd N Roush H  
Thomas J Rush H  
John F Rushman H  
Harry   Russell H  
Walter H Samler H  
Bernardo   Scarpone H  
Joseph   Scarponi H  
Emil B Schadeck H  
Howard S Schappell H  
Edward V Schiesser H  
Howard J Schmack H  
John E Schroll H  
Maurice G Schucker H  
Harry L Schwartz H  
Glee T Searson H  
George H Sechrist H  
William   Sechrist H  
Harry G Seidel H  
Harry W Seifrit H  
Peter   Seneski H  Died of Wounds
From Kulpmont, Pennsylvania
314th Infantry Regiment A.E.F. - Peter Seneski photo from the book Soldiers of the Great War

ABMC: Buried at St. Mihiel Cemetery: Plot C Row 01 Grave 32 Died 12Oct1918  ★ 
Grant F Shook H  
Ernest   Simon H  
John C Simpson H  
Charles D Smith H  (of Spring Mills, PA)
Christy   Smith H  
Cleon P Smith H  
Merrill M Smith H  
Nathan C Smith H  
Elmer E Snowden H  
Clarence   Sokolow H  
Antonio   Squizzero H  
Louis S Steinberg H  
John W Swartz H  
D Harry Swisher H  click here to see D. Harry Swisher duffel bag
William F Taylor H  
Leonard   Theroux H  
Paul L Tomardy H  
Carmine   Tomasso H  
John J Tracy H  
Ray E Treon H  
John H Tynan H  
James   Vagge H  
George L Vorilas H  
William J Walsh H  
Lester   Warner H  
Jay   Watts H  
Elmer B Weaver H  
Milton T Weaver H  
William N Weekly H  
Wolf   Weidman H  
Lester B Wells H  
Avery   Welton H  
William W White H  
Leslie F Whiteside H  
Harry J Williams H  
Joseph G Williamson H  
Joseph   Wilson H  
Walter A Wood H  
Charles C Woodbury H  
Ashley C Woodle H  
Frederick E Woods H  
Charles V Wootan H  
Solomon   Zandle H  
Same   Zanne H  
Joseph   Zanozapa H  
Edward G Ziehl H