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First NameMiddleLast nameCompanyNotes
Luther W Albert BAND  
Henry D Atler BAND  
George W Baker BAND  
Oscar W Barry BAND  
Edward L Beck BAND  
Michael J Bernardi BAND  
Frank C Brass BAND  
Anthony   Caliguri BAND  
Daniel A Clapp BAND  
David H Foote, Jr. BAND  
Walter B Free BAND  
Archibald   Grimm BAND  
Alex   Harvilchuck BAND  
George B Heintzleman BAND  
Philip C Holter BAND  
Donald V Ketterman BAND  
Thomas H Lynch BAND  
Norman C Maust BAND  
John C Melcher BAND  
Hubert W Moran BAND  
James H Morgan BAND  
Charles L Moyer BAND  
Thomas R Mulhall BAND  
George A Murray BAND  
John W Olson BAND  
Leslie J O'Neal BAND  
Norman D Overcash BAND  
Frank   Parchinski BAND  
Reynold   Perry BAND  
Vernon F Perry BAND  
Frank   Persichilli BAND  
Joseph N Polenchar BAND  
Donald M Porter BAND  
Andrew A Posivak BAND  
Clifford C Rice BAND  
William C Richey BAND  
Harry   Schaumberger BAND  
Leroy E Schonour BAND  
James F Sheahan BAND  
Thomas L Smith BAND  
Irwin H Travelet BAND  
Harvey J Wambold BAND  
Herbert H Weisner BAND  
Thomas E Wolfe BAND  
Paul J Zahradnick BAND