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Lorraine Cross newspaper dated March 6, 1919

This web page contains the four pages of the Lorraine Cross newspaper dated March 6, 1919.
The Lorraine Cross newspaper was published by the 79th Division of the A.E.F. while in France.

The Lorraine Cross newspapers you see on this page were saved for future generations by Roy Leslie Sawin, who set all the column heads. He passed away in 1958, but fifty year later, Diane Sanborn, his Great-Niece, found the papers he had carefully saved, and took the time to scan them in for this website.

We are indebted to both of them because these newspapers are very rare
and not available anywhere else on the entire Internet.

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Lorraine Cross Newspaper Volume 1 Number 5 France March 6 1919 Page 1
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Lorraine Cross Newspaper Volume 1 Number 5 France March 6 1919 Page 4
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Volume 1
No. 5
Enrollment at Division's Post Schools Is Increasing Daily
Men Will Be Taught Their Clvll Life Trades at New Educational Center - Many Depart for European Universities
The school program for the men of the Seventy Nintb Division is rapidly gottin^r~ u^L^Ider way, and will YOOU be in lull swing. There is an ^it^lGrea^s^in^6 enrollment at tbe poSt sohools, these tea^Ghing more tban 1,600 u^let^1 at present. This ^weQk~ 215 oliicers an^L^I enlisted men lelt ll~e division lo atten~l courses at British and Frencl^1 universities. Appli ations are in for 125 tnen ^l^lio^l^l;'^h~emiivisiou{o.~tomOt^bo,^L E. F. Univer^Pity at Beaume. In addition to all this, tl~ere will be establisherl shortly a Divisional EduCation Center. A survey of the number of men who wish to attend thisisbeiugmade, and tbe school ^Will soon be in operation.
THose men of the division who have not as yet availed themselves of some of the advantages being offered should by all means try to make their time over here for something. It is ^Lhree month~ hofuro Juuo, and ^Ihore whu are recoivio^R ir~^Str~^Oti^O~^A duri~g ^Ih^l^l ^Li~ will uuduubtly be bouor ~pr^Rl~ho4 LU go back to ^Iheir civil-life pursu~t^P tban they would bo if thoy ~neruly marked thue and stndiod noi hing.
Voonllonnl nnd General Sub^ioels Wilt Bo Tnug^!B
A Divisional Educational Center will sh.,r^Llyboo^Ptabli^Pho~ for the n~eu uf ^Ihe Sevent-yNinth Division. This will
· bo separato fro~n tho posl schools ^Iho mon in attoudan^Go ro^Ri,liug a^L the Ceuter. T ho ^luc^Rtion of ^Iho uow ^Rehu,1 ~as nu^L ye^L beon do^Ler~ninod, bu^L i^L will he su~no place iu the Sevonty
· Niqth Divisioq aroa.
Two gruups of cour^Pos will bo offerod ono, fur vocatiunal trafi^liug, and th othor fur advan^Ged subjects in. gonora eduealion. Arnu^Dg tho vo^Gatiuna^l subjeets will bo Carpenlry, Telophune Rooair W~iro Telography, Wireless Telehraphy, Land ^L3urv^Gyh^lg, Road Construction, Horse 63huob~g, Automobile Repairing, Cobbliug, 'J:ailuriug, Barbering, Cooking, Baking, and Nursing.
Tho gener^R^I educ^R^Iion suhje^Gts will inclurle Alg^Gbr^R, Trigunon~^G^Lry, Mechanical Drawing, Agriculture, Salesmanship, Economics, Anrerican and English Literature, Advanced French, Italian, Spanish, Germuan, and advanced History.
Meq who desire eithcr to altend the ~chool or to ac^t as iustructors~ shoul
^Lell their curn~nandiug ufficers al ouce. ~ survey uf ^Ihe division ;R heing rnade to find out huw m^Rny suldier^S are in^Lerested, and those whu wish tu gu should losu no time in eon~nnmd^G^R^Iing witn their cu~n~n^Rnding offi^G^Grs.
Quotn Irorn Dlvlshn~ ~VIIi Go to Bem~no
One hundred aud ~won~y ovo meu froun ^Iho 13rvenLy Nbnh Division will :~tlend ^Ihe new A. E. F. Uuiversily al BGRU~O, Cute d Or. Boau~e jR nul far
ouu Dijon, so those vvho attend ^Ihe chool will bo baGk nORr tho uld Ton^l^l^! ~raining aro^R, whero ^Iho Soventy
inth spont six wooks holore going up u the front.
A branch of tho univorsity is beh!F stablished at Bollon~o, noar Pari~.
his will be an Ar^L Training CenlOr.
h^Gre will he laughL adv^Rnce~t cuuro^i in ar^L doaign, connnorcial art, r.ily planuin^F, and huu~ing All ^Ihn fa^Q^!b^lies in aud abou^l Paris will be n~adt available tu sLndonls iu ^Ih^Gio cnhjocla .-\pplic^R^Iiuns uf tho^qo wi^Phn~g tu ^lakr the c.,urso should he in hy t~un~rr..w.
Th^G eurull~uonl ·IRIO ^ror rAmS!ul~ cotniug fro^!n ^ll~o divir.iuue of th^G SOGond Ar^!ny will he Saturday, Marcb ~. Thnso whn havo high schoul odu^Gntinns,or tho oqnivalout, will he ohg~blo to enroll. The cuur^Res ^Laugh^L will he similar lo those of the leading ArnCODUDU~d OD P~^g~ 4)
General Kuhn Glad to
I~e Back With Di~^f~ion ^. .
Majcr-General Joseph E. Kuhn resumed ommand of the Seventy Nintl^l Division last Saturd~ty, after ha^Ying eommanded the ^Nit^lth Corps of thf~ Second Army since January 19.
General Kuhn has bad an ^o^p^p^ort!^lt^iit^y tQ~ ob^ser^Ye closely the dtvisions wbicb make Up the corps, and thinks the Seventy Ninth vvill bear comparelon~ Wtth any of the them.
"I am very well satisf~ed with.the Sevenly~Ninth," he said upon his return. "The appearance ~)^ld.spi^rit of the men is highly credilable." ~
"I was particulary impressed,~.f3,enerol E~^lbn continued, whe^l^l I attended tbe division borse-sbow at Pierrefitte Thursday. Tbe condition of tbe animals had improved greatly since I left the di~ision Before It^Ncnt:~way,tbesto6k ^was~v^l~t~i~hat it mj,i~t ~.ave been, mainly Otl accou^l^lt of the no^l^ldescript character ol tbe animals and vehicles that ha~l been issued. I am pleased ~^Nith the splendid showing tbat was made.
"The men of the Sev~enty Ninth show a great improvement in military ~courtesy and bearing, their saluting being especial y good.
"Finally.I am very glad to be back."
_ O
Inorenslne, Demnnd lor Sheet Compels Ne~v Prlntlng Arrane,ement
TIIE LORRAINE CR03S is no longor a baby shoet, bu^l has blossouae~l fur^l^l^! aa a regnlalion nowspaper
Two weeks ago it bocame evident that something mould have lo be dore to tahe eare, noL only of Ihe i*crea^ilng snbsoripuon li^it, but Ihe in^Greasing amount of nema that on^fjht to be printed abont the doings of Ihe Seventy Ninth.
It r~qnired bnl a simple nathema^li^Ga calcnlation lo flgnre ou^l Ihal the li^l^lle pres of the 304^11. Engineers monhl never be able ^lo lurn out enough copies to supply the demand tor the paper ~n tl,e division.
1 he Buiiness ~lanager nuo^i runniog a round mith a worried looh on hii ra^ce bavh~^F in mind ^Ihat amfnl subscriplio lial and tryh~g to f gure out hom in tb mm hl hG u~as going lo Sb ^e^IGh the edition ,. ev^Grybody could get a copy. The 3041h Idugh~eeri hoys morked day und night setth~g up the aages, a^Dd thGn ru,,ning Ibem oll. 1 hh~Fs ~ad just about gol lu ^Ihe pmnt mhere nothing ,..o,e could be done mnh the eq~ipment me had. A nr^Gpoii^lion lo got ^DnoB~er press u,as abando,,ed, be^Gause even anolher p,ess mouldn't take care of he demand that uua^i ovidently comin^F
Finally, arrangements nnere con.~nded so that a large enongh edition could ba ~C^OD^tIDU^ed OD Pa^oe 4)
7 _
Downfall Doea Its Worst, But Show Goes On Jit8t the Same.Many Visiting Of ficers Present.Conditlon of Stock Evokes Praise Prom Dividon Commandor. Kelly Wins S. O. L~ Class.
r Although a drizzling rain did its best to spoil the occasion, a ~arge crowd of officers and enlisted men turned outfor tbebig Division Horsesbow held at Pierrefffte last Thursday.
~he show was attended by the division commander and rnany olGoers from the Ninth Corps and the Second Army. Ma jor-G e n e r a I Kulu^l, commander at that time of the Ninth Corps, was on hand, and exhibffed the keenest interest in the division's display ol horses and equipment. He expressed himself as very well pleased, both with the condit~on of the animals, and witb th,a evi~ent interest the m^pt^l ~rr~f C taking ^In the sbow. ^i
Brigadiar-General Johnson, at ^Ihat li~Do co~nn~audor of ^Ihe division, comunendod tbe ^Fhow, as follov s:
" Tho Division Co~nmander doeires to express hi^q approciation of tho fino ^Fhowing which was made at ^Ihe Divisional H,,rse Shuw yosterday. The Division ha^F^Iahoredunder a heavyhandi
cap ;D having had assigned to it old borses, aud b~ ma~^Jv instanees hur^fie^F wi^lh tho man^f,e. The shuwing which WA^S made indicates ^Ihat on tho parL o all ^Ihere bas becn a most earne^Ft en. deavor to fi,llow out ^Ihe order^fi whic have heeu issued louking to ^Ihe car uf animals and IranPport. As a result ~he divi^fiiou may well be proud of ^Ih same. Thanks are particularly due t the board, consisting of Major W. J. Calvert, Captain Johu W. Oonverse, ^I^Ft Lieut. T. A. Murgan,andtstLieut William C. Cochran fnr.their work in ~he proparatio^D of allthearrangeuuente for the llurre Show."
Tho couditiun of the animals was re ~uarked by all visiting nffieers, an hy ^Ihe ju lges. Major ~likun C.. ~leCoy liemouul Of fieer of fi~^l Secund Ar~ny, who was one uf ^Ihe judges, said, "I a, ~urprised, considerfi~g ^Ihe shor^L tiu~ givou ^Ihe Seventy Nin^lh to get ready fur ^Ihe ^fihow, at ^Ihe ^fip^lendid coudttio^D of ^Ihe anfinals and equipment. Eve
^Ihe poorest exhihit here is creditablo to the divieion".
"The poorest exhibit", by tho way, waseu^lered in the S 0. L. class. N
^cuch line of wrecks paraded forlh as had heen expocted; in fact, it migh have b~en difficnlt~ tu tell, without
progra~u, whi^Gh was ^Ihe S. O. L. clas^fi. The eveut was woo by Kelley, of tho Ub Ammm^Ji^lion Traio. Thetrain was ^l utumatically disrp~alified from winI h~g auy Sirels afier bavb~g eaptnred I be t~. O. L. chan~pi~.nship, bu^l som
I ,f i^lr eutrie^i n~i ~ht have pu^qhed hard to wb~ if it had uol beeu for ^Ihis fact.
The bad day proveuted the Socond Army aviatur^F frum giving ^Ihe aorial exibi^lion at nuun tha^L had heun schednled, hu^l ~hey were scarcely missed. The large eruwd of officors and men swarmect iato the refresbracnt tent
Yprovided b the Y. M. C A. where read Aunerican foud, of a nearly for^Kot~ea hraud, was given away free in large qnantities. The same menu was ~erved in both the of fieers'tent and ~hat for the enlisted men, and iaeluded Ham. real ham sandwiches, with hntter and mnslard Then ^Ihere were hut dogs, so hot they had to be juggled on bread to briug^Lhomto an edible temperature, and jam sandwiches, and choese aandwi. hes; and this stack was finished off wi^lh a cup uf good hot coffoe. ~n additioa to theHotDugs, the"Y" prepared ~nore thau li,uOU sandwiches, and when the fracas was over there was not a fragmeut remaining.
Many of the evonts woro closely cqntestod, and ^Ihejudgeshadtotakeevory point inlh r.uur~id,eratiun to arriv^P at Ih~ winners. Porhaps the prottlest ~events of all w,ere ^Ihe two jumping classes. Caplain Teall, of the 311th Field Artillery won the officers class. Shepler, of the Headquarters Troop, took the class for enlisted men easily, haviug his horse uuder perfect cuntrol, and negotiating the jum^l^J^s with such ease ^Ihat his v;inning of the event was a furegone conclnsio^D.
The wim^Jers of the varions classes, wi^lh the prizes awarded each, follow: In additiun to thc prize listcd, wianers of first places will he gi ven hlne rihhons and sevenday passes; winnersofseeond placo will recieveredribhons,andfivo day passes; wianers nf third p^la^Ge will receive yellow rihhons, and three day passes. CL A SS XI. Winner nr
Group Leader For two linc Prize; Wrist watch
First 304th San. Tr. Wester Second Battery E, 311 th F. A. Kuhla Third Hqrs. Troop, 79th Dir. Jones CLASS XII. Battery Commander's, Batallion ~ Comn^Jauder's & Regt'l Commanders'~ /11 Detail. ~ ,~ Prize; cigars- Pi2 First Regt.Detail,311th F. A.Capt Hall v Second Battery F. 3tUth F. A. ^eapt. Harrison Third Battery E. 3tOth F. A. Capt.
Me^eurdy CLASS XfY Battery Guidons, Prize; Cigarette eaae
First 1 54th F. A. 8rig. Uq. Breanan ~;econd Battery C, 311 th F. A. Rnff Third BatteryD.311^lhF A Jones CLASS XV. One line carts of all types Prize: Wrist watch
First 31Uth Inf. Snpply Co. Friel Second 31'ith Inf. Supply Co. Angclene Third 3U4^lh ~ingnal Corps Fritzgerald CLASS XVI. One section 75 mm gun and caisson ~^Coo~rue^d ^0~ ^p,,~, ^4~ Pedro ^g THE LORRAINE Cl!tO88, THURSDAY, htAltG~-1~, 1969
Published every Tbursday by the enlisted mn of the 79^l^h D;VjSjOD.
JA~llt9 M. CAIN, Private, Editor
GILBERT MALCOLM, Private Sporting Edito^T HARRY F. HOSSAC1(, S^Bt. let Clasg, Bnsinoss Manager
Collot Presa, Bar-le-Duc.
Subscription rate; Three francs for three months. No snbscrip^liuns will be accepted fu more than three months.
The enthusiasm and support which wa accorded THE LORRAINE CROSS tro
its first appearance made it evident tha sooner or later it would have to expand,
t not only to get out a bagger edition, but to print a paper big enough to do justice to the many activities that are now- going on in the Seventy Ninth Division. Both th press of the 304th Engineers, and the me who operated it for us, were worked ove time last week in order to keep up with th increasing demand for the paper; butwhe the final count was made, we found tha we were exactly eight copies over our lis of subscribers.and the limit of the pres had been reached.
We had scouted around down in Pari in an effort to find out what could be done hut the arrangements that we could mak there all seemed to be too impracticable t consider. We finally made an agreemen with A. Collot, 15 Rue Entre-deux-Ponts Bar-le-Duc, to print the paper, and fro
now on will be in a position to 6et ou enough conies to enable every man m the
- divi ion who wants the paper to get it
' ~ When we were in the throes of re'or^t~a^l^l · . ization, we decided at first to preserve the smaller form of THE LORRAINE CROS In wh;cl^l we printed the previous issues and to increase our space by adding to th number of pages. The considerations wer partly sentimental, for we thought that a a memento of the days in France, th men would like to have the original for in which the paper first appeared preserv ed.- Furthermore, it would certainly b more convenient to mail home But whe we came to figure it out, we found we woul
- have to make a small book each week, s we abandoned the idea, and adopted tb present form.
But as the first four issues will probabl be wanted by the men of the division, t preserve for historic reasons if for no others we are going to set them up in facsimil and run off enough copies to enable eac subscriber to have one. Our compositor will have to vvork on this during their spar time, so thatvve don't knovv just h,ovv soo vve shall be able to distribute them. I may be three or four vveeks before vve ca release the re-printed edition of Vol. I, No 1. But vve shall see that everybody ca
- have, if he likes, a complete file of TH LORRAINE CROSS. There vvill be n
· extra charge for these copies, but vve shal limit the distribution of them to our sub scribers,
It is a matter of general satisfaction tha Major-General Joseph E. Kuhn, the Sevent Ninth's commander during all its training and fighth~g, has come back to us after hav i^pg commanded the Ninth Corps for th past month.
~~ General Kulm has so long headed th
· Seventy Ninth that it seemed strange
~ think he vvas no longer vvitl^l the division - ~ It is to be hoped he vvill stay vvith us thi
' Umc urinal tba final formation is dismissed
s .
It is high time that truck drivers operating in the area of this division were called to time for their mud splashing proclivities. One of the most familiar sights that we know of these days is that of a chaullear, passing a column of troops on the road, putting on all the power he's got and dashmg by the column at express speed.
On a muddy road, H^le result is always the same. Gobs of mud and filthy water ^ny to the right and left, and the Doughboys
tedding along are all mucked up. Now o one wants to make any threats, but it
his practice keeps up, it is suggested that bunch of Dou^Fhboys may forget their
arch discipline long enough some one of ese days to step out' of the column and ush a truck or two into the gutter. That vvouldn't be very nice for the opera or of the truck.
And splashing of mud on our uniforms. ard as the very devil to keep clean anyvay.isn't very nice for us. Take it easy, boys, vvhen you're passing column. Outside of the mud feature,
ou MIGEIT just happen to hit somebody
ome time.
Then, you'd be S. O. L. Comprise
o the Editor:
Cannot something be done about the mud around ouilly nod the other towns in this area? Really its , errible the vvay the bucks are made to v^Yallov^Y in n d. Who's S^Lreet Cloaning Commissioner7
Muddy PuUees
L Sorry, old bluddy Pultees. There is very lithe IhaL an be done..Ed.)
I o the Editor:
To settle an argumept, ple,aso ansvver Ihis: ~ PA . says vve are in the Deqarlment of Mnd. S^el. B. ays its the Deparlmeot of Ihe Mense^A Who's rights
S^Lop your damned kidding..Ed.)
I A GOOD I. O. R. ~
To ^Lbo Editor:
What's the i. d. r. behind all this disnssion as to who gets this piece of land or that L~iece of land that's going on in~^Lhe Peace Couference? It seems easy to me.
Give all of Czecbo-;3lovakia to the Czecho. Slovaks: all of ILaly to the Italians; all of Jugo
lavia Lo the Jugo-Slavs; allot GaeaL Britain lo England, and so on. Then give a slice of /3erany to each of ^Iher^L and Let's Gol As for the Bolsheviks- I'd get a regi^Lnen^L of
ew York and Philadelphia cops over here an uck the whole gang up for disorderly conduct. . Corporal Punishmen^L
(Your idea is a good one, Corp. We'll se what can be done. Ed.)
_ ,67... BOOST COLYUM - Our Boost For This Week goes to the men of the Signal Corps. A11 thru the tough fighting this old Division had, the men of our own 304th Field Signal Batallion kept on the job and didn't miss a chance to show the stuff that's in them.
Keeping the wires open when the G. I. Cans and their little brothers are dropping around isn't any cinch job. Any infantry liaison officer Can testify to that. But, our wires were kept Open.
Functioning normally with radio, when gas and ot^he^l^r shells are dropping around, isn't any cinch, either. But, our raido men fm^lctioned normalIy. Nothing that Sig^L^la^l^s can be called unon to do is a cinch iob. BUt, Old Boy Signals makes good.
And this ain't no salve, either. i
De 019 Seven'y is gwine home in Inne;
They done made de'nounoement, yore do sodjers moon
About de time dey got to spend'; dey pipes a mo nfnl tune.
Fo'Guwd's sake, Mistah, said 'at ore ship homel
Do ole'Nited Sla^Les, she goes dry in Jnly,
Den you can't get lickah, no matter how he'd you
l hey've done an' pat an end to de Roch an' Ryo. l Fo' Gawd's sahc, Mislah, sen''at ole ship hbmel
When we sails is a-boLherin'all han's,
l Bn^L what bothers me is when eve lan's; l une or. July7.I needs Lo make my plans.
Fo L;awd's sake, Mistah, ~en' at ole vhia homer
Fo'I le^r de states I done sign de pledgo~
But dat. IS jes' another scrap of paper, as you may jedge,
'Cause a long Lime ago I done fell off de od^6e.
Fo' Gawd'e sake, Mistah, Ben' 'at ole ship home.
Will we n^liss 'er or make 'or.'at's de flu I m in;
Does we Be t Sas pa ril la , or ole Gavvdon Gino
·Cause when I gets back, I'll be dry as sin.
Fo'Gawd's sake, Mi^Jtah, sen''at ole ship homel
Sea"al ole ship home, let 'er raise de foam;
Ah wants a decent drink /o'oracks de dame
Of ole Joh^t^l Ba'leyeawn, twell de ~dpement Da^u. Dwell de .ledgemo^lt Day, yere my mother pray. Fo'Gawd'ssakc, hUistah, sen"at ole ship homel
The golden moon, how bright its' glaw;
The waving Lree-tops, feathery ligbL, Are swaying slowly to and fro
With Lhe sighing winds of the quiet night. The stars that twinkle bright and clear
Add raidiance Lo the evening's light, And, everywhere about, you bear
Strange movements, hidden from your sight.
The little shelter, snugly made,
The apera^Lnre Irom whence you peer, l he maps, ^1^1^1e'sraup and allidade
Are all so handy and so near, l vouch, i^Ls'shinh~g hands mat show
The hours as they alovvly pass, l angs near-by on the tripod lovv
That holds Ihe ever moving glass
l ou kind'a lose your sense of tirne,
01 place, and reason vvhy one stays
So qnie^Lly above the line;
Up, where the moonlit treetop sways One thinks of parents, friends and home,
Of life before the vvar begun, And 'cross Ihe ocean's tossing foam
You sailed, to be an 0. P. plan.
l or hours that make your eyelids tire,
You vvateh for movements over there, l here :'Jerry" lies behind his wire,
And sends, at intervals, a Dare l fiat light up No man's land" for space,
That above up bright and clearly vvhite, l Cross vvhieh Lye scouting parties race
And plunge headlong into Ihe night.
The heavy guns, vvell to the rear,
of friend and foe, are Lovely pounding And sharply, on Ihe listening oar,
Reports of smaller guns are ^9^0^un^d^ia6 To F^ha^l n "tat-tat" of machine guns carry
To vvherc you note each different sound, And "Jerry's mingles, bursting, harry
Your cravvling comrade on the hround.
No sound Loo small, no light too ^nntlerin~
For you to notice and report. And no nevv sound of distant muttering
Bu^L vvha~ has every murmur naught. One sees strange sights in sky, on ground,
And quickly learns Lo knovv What makes each slightly different sound,
And vvhAt each noises shovv
Four long honrsl Yonr e eball.pain,
You lose all your beliet Tha^L you vvill ever speak again
To challenge your relied You grovv irnpstient, fret and vvorr^t
'Till suddenly lo you Comes comrade voice "You'd better hurry"'
'Ysnr Watch is done, Yonr'e thru". . 'if The war is over, My tvvo eyes
Are no more use to me To count the bursiiug "vvhiz-bangs"
Just under my 0. P. But tbo the vvar is over
Alvvays my thoughts vvill be O^rvvhen I vYas an 0. P. Man
Up high in a moonlit tree.
Bobs Combat lubllivcncr A. 1;. F. G,;~ a.
Soldiers desiring to t Ike French leave, are referred to the toppy French leave trains.
Our idea nf Nothing To Do: Explain by Indorsement Hereon.
Now that the warm weather is about to set in, there'll be no harm in discussing the subject of the hunting seat as opposed to the non-hunting seat. For the best essay on this subject, a prize of a Freneh hospital shirt now hanging around our of lice.
Captain Brikel is still smiling.
^ We've seen all of the shows on the cir~ cuit. In our opinion, some of them need to be nashed.. The verb is our own.
W bat's the difference between a manoeuvre and a terrain exercise? Come on, speak up. For the best poem on the subject.an old gas mask canister.
The ping pong finals are being played On
Our idea of Something to Rea~s.tbe Burst Field Order of the first Brigadier General in the chaplains' corps.
Have you been around to see our boxers
Mock out? Tickets from ,Chnplain Be,r^t,edictp
Incidentally, where the Hell have all the walking sticks gone?
Flanagan, the Terror of the Message Cent r, asn t given us at rumor in a long
Who owns the St. Bernard pup^q
Sam,the Demon of the O^rficer's Mess, has returned from a sojourn in Paris. How did you like the wicked Metropolisr Tham?
Plenty of water at the Foothall Table. . ~ ^.
Our idea of a real Hero: The man who admits he can drive a solo.
Our idea of Perfect Liaison: G'ettihg Paris on the Phone.
Our latest letter from the States is dated February 13. Anybody beat that? . ,
When we Ret home, just before the end of June, we'l^rfind it hard to avoid writing "Censored" on our mail Talk about habitat _
Yes, we said "just before. the end of June".
Its open to argument, but,just for fun, we'll say it'll be oboken on une Of.
Rommy, the Waif of 19soncourt, is still around.
How do you like the paper?
T_a^l^l^lc you. ^l
Wlcked ~letropoliv Hns Benu. ~soup Wnyu ol ~;elttn^u
Solders Uoney
Now ^Iba^l reslricliuns on pas^Fe^q ^lo Paris havo beou lakou uff, and a eortain numbor ul ~no~ fro~ ^Iho ^b^e^V^e"^lS Nin^lh will bo goiug lo ^Ihat city cvory day, it ~may nol bu amiss to puhli^Ph a few hin^ls ou h~w to mako ~bo ^I^jrip. Tho advico is dodueed truumbe
· hoarL-reudiu^R ^lal^qs we bavo hoard trom ^Ihues sulda^ls who Woul d~wn aud gol stung.
Tho principal ^Ibing you havo to faco is ^Ihat a tranc is worl h abuut a~ much duwu tbero as a contimo is anywhoro olso, a^Dd befuro you knuw ii yuur uwn ; mon^lhs pny and all ^Iho moucy you havo burruwcd is tuu^le fi enoosh. : Beturo guiug duwn, ~btaiu, it pOSRiblo, uue uf ^Iho coupou h~,,k;which ou^li^l^lo~ ym~ lu havo ^Iho Fronch lax u Inxuries ruba~ed ^lo yuu. Thero is a Ihuiled ^Pupp^ly uf ^Ihom iu ^Iho divi^Pion and your unit comandor will urubahly bo ablo to furai^Rh ^Ihoun lu ^Ihoso uf his men whu aro going to ^lake Iho Pari; trip. Tho ~ax varios, ii s maxhuunu holug ^Lon por ceul ut tho ar~iclo y.^Jn purehaso Tbis is u~nally wha^l you cau gol utt if yuu cau givo ^Iho Freuch shop koouor evupuns onl uf yunr bvuk. D, not^lc^l^lheun^lako oul moro thun lou por coot ot ^Iho prico of tho ar^liclo you bny, for it you du you aud ^Lho Frouch Govornmonl are bomg cheated. The tax is impo~ed, am,~ng o^lhor ^Lhing; upon ^ho^lol char^Ro^s and ^Ihoatro ^licko^ls a^Dd as ^Ihoso will make up a large par ot youroxpeudilures. yon will be save cunsiderablo money by having ^Ih bouks.
French llotels Expen~ive
Avoid ^Iho nnoro oxclusive Fron ho^leis. The ^Prices ^Iheso placos charg are vory high, and will knock a bi bolo in ^16e pile yuu bring duwu Ity.. io~ k srm~nd, yuu can usually ^rin.l smalior, les^i proleutim~s pi~co wher ydu cau get a romu tor ^Puumwhere be Iween tive aud len Iraucs. Yuu ca~ save mune.Y it you have a pal alm~ with you.T hese rooms trequen^lly hav bods for twu, aud if ^Iwu ~non rent ^Ih romn ^logo^lher~ it culs ~ho prico hm w. You may slriko halfadozen ulacr^ibe
^. , . _ ^.
This pago of TBE LORRelNE CROSS will bo devoted to Looks us Thou^uh l^iormer Retnrnlna Soldiers Wlll B~ the doings of the various organizatlons that make up the _ 9eventy 1~1iners Wlil Allowed to Sport 9ervlee Seventy Ninth Divi9ion. We want news of them. If you Be Bnek 6trlpes Aluo staged a big boxing match in your town last week. we want to know all about it.what outfit held tt, who won II looks as ^Ihougb Seven^lv Niners who refereed, and when the next one is going to take . ybo haye gul ios^l [rom ^Ihe fold will| ^hWe may wcar the Lorrzine Cross in placo. 11 your be9t poker player has been sent home to sh^or^l^l^y come home to ~he old divi- a es. take care of his widowed mother, we want to know that sion. Iu cmnpliance wilh tho daily Reports that special uniformed ^' orders of arrh 1 men of the ^6e~^ls ot the Soci v tor the Eacour too. If there are any good war yam^l^9 going around, we Seveuly Nimh who 6avo been traas | gement ut Di^lcourage neut in the A. want to know abom them. In oher words we ~vam ^lo lorred frum ulher divisiuns y~ill he^l . F. arc lurking ahout steamship h~ow eve~y hl.~g that is going on, and we shall find the . ropurted tu divisiun hoadquar^lers as a piers ^!n ^Ihe States, rea ty to saip ol^r space to print it. Aud ~ho one thh~g THE LORRAINE ~^Iep mrnard their ^Irau;forback ^lo ^Ihier^l ur d~vision ms~gnia as soon as we CROSS wants, abovo everythlng else, is the backbt^g of the uri^Binal cmnmands The urder is is-l and, arc nntrne. These ageats will .. whnle dlvi910u, and we cannot havo this upl.es^js every ^qued pnrsuant lo Ihe fulloruing instruc-| ^Ominne tn make wicked passes at tbe erondArny 3am browuebel^ls but theyll lay off
org~nization feei9 interested enongh to tell n9 wh~t It iB liOUY trou^l ^Ht^e^a^l^d^q^a^u^u^a^l^h~^o^e^r^r^i^8^l^y ^eo^n^lained iu he divismnal insigma.
. . No. 58t9 G-l, G. H. Q., you mill im- They ll have to bccausc ^Ihe Secre In a fevv day9, we 9hall have corre9pondents lii every media^lcl^Y ^Iran9fer tu ^Ihe organizatiunl ary of War says so. And he comes organizatlon. Yon c~n then ~ell wha ever you know ^lo tu mhic^L ^Ihey furmerly belonged all| relly darned near having~the !dnal ~hem, and le ^Ihem send P in ~o ns. In ~he me~nwhlle, men not returned to such unils mhen^l ord exccpt whcn somehody over trom ho^fipi^lals here, ba^lin t drop u9 a line yonrself. Then we 11 ba snre lo get it. ^Ihey mcrc cvacua^l^Gd i udeq ^lo ^lakc^g ^gO^m^e^e^e^l^h~^n^n^J^U^S^I^m^C don^ff, de . he ^Iran^sferred in ^Lheir present grades.| D. unifurm, as it is worn in France. ; . Feport mill be submit^led to ^Ihese Here s ^Ihe final wurd from Ihe Sec lickels, are at a veryreasunable ti~n~re. 1 Headquarte^Er^r^rs^e^h^d^u ^t^mO~^n^e^g^a^c^h d~^Vi^S^i^on or ctary of ~Var, as received by our own By availiu^K yourselE ot one ut ^Ihe^qe S W ^I F T R E S ~ U E other umt ot the A. E F . "Thc Secrctary of War directs Ihat yuuwillprob^Qhiy^Foomurc^lhings^lha^l C'Atlf f~ nAnf n luiay emcrro ^I all e order~s-^1 ~rcularl~,WarDepar^lunent,t919,ho s eer a u n by yuur-^qelt. llarooned St 11 Rnshed to Bsr- ~h^tro^hug5hout ^Lhe^N. E F., and tha^l men ers and en return ~r ^Iransac^lin le-Duc Allor Bud part ut otl^ler d~v s^lons m~ll s^h^o^r^l^l^s unils or c^?suals, w ll be permitted to
g bu;ins^fi^fi, yuu will pr. b- ~ ably tmd ~hat a ^laxi-cab will help you Broak-down bc comiug back, as the various d vi- wear dinsioual ~nsigoia. TLus wtll Ise. Thc P. ris s ons cgm to ma e t ~e necessar apply not only lo those who are in ^n°^r^eca^hh^as^U^qec^a~^nn^y^lobe^grunon~hea^fi^fimup- Pu^l^lingoutapaperisntallpie and trausters. This millbringback^lo^lhe divisions bu~^lo thuse who returuas ^liun ^Iha^l they are going B~ du busine;; hone^Y. Even ^Ihi^fi great weekly lo^lk- d~v~smn a great many meu, and mill casnals to hospitals. Casuals roturuall the year ruund, instead ot making ed tvr overy ^fieven^lh ^day by thuusands ~en ^lu ma e ~I, m en ~t goes h^Ac ^I mg trom uverseas for aclive duly in aforlunein one day a^fiis^lhe case h~ ufbuck^fi, has its trouhlos. And the he~t^A^t^e^fi~^l^l^a^l^l^i^s^l^l^c^v^a^c^l^u^s^o^y^e~^l^a^h^l^e ahnu^fi^l Uui^ledState^qwillbere~^liredturemovo he ~ni^led Slales Fur ^Ihrcc, funr, or worsl u ^I c~c ~sntw atl c la weu^l e ery man n the A. E F Io go ba k i^i^vetra^n^c^s~^l^y^o^u^i^c^a^l^n^h^g^e^e^t^c^e^u^t^r^a^l part ol Attlvco clock, we slarled for Bar-lc- wil the cmnmand^llmihe feel ifi b fi ^fiij^l^l j^ueta^i^l^l^y^li^o^uBa^l^l^h^u^l^e^let~^E^i^F^l^t^h^o^r^o B he cily, aud ^Ihe lime you save will Duc wi^lh a ~nob of acribcs and printers in had a good many cmnmunicalions frum ea . For~wofrancsyuu can b~ a m p ~higFiu~ru~k In~emaclOoowilhbe ~h ~ho ~an~ THIR iE BARS
Finally dun l wurry if you can ~ brn~aslcr. WPII, everyU~in^6 went along tha^l ~hey muy fiUUU be back w^Ph Ufi. . speakFreuch ~racticallycvery Fr~n~ch happily until Ihe bloo~ning Fiat reached r Aj~) ai~ ~ A^Q~ New O rder a,lakes Tha~t u~an ,h.wu ^Ihore cau ^fipeak Engli;h.Ihe pca,:eful ha~nlet ol Erizo.la-Grande. ~ ~ ~ ~oo E^l^l^ulble to l~eeelve ur wh ^I hc call^q En^gb^qh, and yuu wun ^I Ti~en tl iug^3 h ppeord. Firatly son e have a bi^l ot ^Irouble. kiOjoy in tbe ·nuchine announced ;hat . he V ~ Keepin~ La i~ io | Commlssloua
heard a his~ing noisc. Wc reccnlly rcceivod this lotler: "Third Lieuteneants and olher deserv ^S^a^lV^Ilti^o^n At ~^n.^?^/ "Dammilall he ericd ~Ui3 ^Ihc lirc Pari^fi, Franre. !ng aold~crs may bc omnmizsioncd, accord ~ra~r~tr~r^lr~; Pew 4
~ ^,
Bents with 35th Division Last Night Wore the initial Clash
:113th Iniantry Expert Will Act as Cluido _ Thcre is Plenty of Good ItIaterlal on lIand for ~'iirn to Work on
The Seventy Ninth has a wrestling team. It started to train at Division Headquarters this week, under Juhn Mazeika~ of the 313th infantry.
Mezeika was a professional before coming into the army, his home city being Chicago. He has met and defeated some of the best middle-weigh wrestlers in the ^Guuutry, and the tea will be sure of having expert coaching
The first Glash fur the team came last night, when it met an t ,defeated the Thir^ly t'if^Lh Division aggregation.
Among those training are Mechanie Arthur Rhodke, Ba^L^Ler^Y A, 310~b Field j Ar^Lillery, a Har^Lford, Gonn., middleweight; Private Frank Darling, Battery E, 31 O^lh Field Ar^Lillery, anoLh or mtddleweichL. from Jaunes^Low^D. N.
We are sorry your paper is late this week. We over-estimated the work our mechanical force could do They got a very late start. Its too bad, but we know you'll forgive
Regretfully, too, we had to put into this first issue of the Dew-born paper, The Lorraine Cross, certain typographical atrocities because of the ^liuni^Lations there seem Lo he on Freneh type cases. For example, you'll 6nd Eve" for "w" qnile often. The I:rench use very few "w's," as you've probably noticed in their sign hoards. And, also, very likely, in ~La" Vie Parisienno."
Bear with us, Friends, Remeuuber, you are not beside the Bier. Ila^Lher, you are wiLnessing the Bh Lh Spasms. ~
But, it's a good looking sheet Chat
_ 1
Itougltt muelt abuot it at first, but mne hard-fonght matches come o l very night in the Souilly "Y" hut.
Sergeant Cohen says he thinks either ^te or his M. P. Boyd ought to be able
Y.; Private Maris Valdistri, Battery 0, ...~ _.......... 310th Field Ardllery, a light heavy- _ weight from Per^Lh Amboy, N. J.; PrivaLe Elston S^Lewar^L, Ba~Lery C, 310^L^h Field Artillerv, a welter from the Ea^c~ern Sho' of Maryland, down around Cambridge, and Private George Goeb, Battery A, 310th Field Ardllery, a lightweight from Dew York Ci^Ly. .
1 ~ Shorts On Sports
They'll have to change the schedul l to get us home in time tar the llrst da l of trout fishing.
And the flash comes from the state l predicting one of ttto greatest trou l seasons ever. The mild minter bac l home means big doings for tile fins I tribe.
Has anyone invented a trolling out l ^nt to hang over the side of the line l mhen me are going to ~od's countr l
And, speaking of those that are try l ing to get a non-compos-mentas sli l for quick trip home, there IS the la^( l in the 301th Engineers mho invents l the butterfly net to catch cooties with l
Or have the engineers developed l breed mitlt mings?
And horn about this division polo team? The showing at the horse snom indicates there are plenty of ^nne ponies In the Seventy Ninth.
Oni,oui,Marie But mhere are the players?
Stable Sergeant Bryan, of the 313tL Infantry, is said to have been respnnsible for having all the hair scrnhbed off one of the mangy moles. Cases like this ought to he reported to the S.P.C.B.
Foiled again, lago. You don't knn
Whet that is? That's the Society fo the Prevention of Crnelty to Bucks.
We can't see mhere the mule ha any kick coming.
But, me'll be back in time for tlt rabbit season, an Mann And mayh some of these Buck Pr^tvates Quill kno
a little more about houu to take car of the old tmo-barrclled cannon tlta they used to.
It's not the army's fault it they dent
Between the wrestling team and th boxing team, the Seventy Ninth ough to clean up.
This ping-pong league is rentiy de velopiag info something. N o D o d
e trouble is, he sag s, Al at neither he or Boyd have the tilde to train.
There is an unconfirmed rumor aomtd that the 313th Band has broken he bank at Monte Carlo.
Eve predicted something of this sort mlten cue heard that crowd uuas goin OUllt there. We give the rumor ful credence,
Then of course there are the poke nd blackjack leagues.
That stunt of the 312th Field Artil lery having a medley relay race is a nod one. Why am t more races of
Is sort being staged?
Certainly the nulrnle division Sot cnough training keening up mitfi the Hun on this East-of-the-Meuse drive.
But for heaven's sake, don't let any f the German prisoners in the Souilly amp enter any running event.
CROWDS AT HORSE SHOW (Concluded From Page One) S.O.L.C^!ass, (No prize) 304th Ammnnilion Train l~elloy
Field Signal Wiro Cart
Prize: Wrist watch
irst Co. B. 304th Signal Bn. Green econdCo. B. 304th Sig Bn. Sunumerr bird Co. B. 304th Sig Bn Snssmau CLASS XVIII. Prize; cigars
irst Ballrry F. 31(1tb F. A. Breurits econd Baltery A. 3tith F. A. Wiqlrki 'bird Battery E. 3i Ith F. A. Ferrigk CLASSXI~
Reel cart, tight artillery Prize: cigars.
irst Bat. D, 310Lh F. A. Wiseman Cpl. ecvnd Bah B, 31 Ith F. A. Baker Cp^l. bird Bat. E, 31^dl^h F. A. Waldi LASS XX Jumping - Enlisted men
Prize; cigarette case | irst Hprs. Troop, 7^r.itb Div. Sheplerl econd Bat. F. 310th F. ^A. Cerrate| bird Hqrs, Co. 311th F. A. Burke LASS X~i I
Jumping - Officers Prize: rideing crop irst Bat. E, 3111n F. A. Capt. Teal,
ccond 1581nf Brig Hq. let Lt. Tiller ~ bird Bat. F. 31 Hl^l F. A. 1 c^l.L^L, Bo^l kr I
The judges were: Col. N. E. ~largetie r Supreme Judge: Col. D. C Curbison al. William A Hazel, I.t. Col. Ruher^L ate, LL. Col. W. W. WesL, Jr., Mar A. J. A. Deverouz. flavor ~liltnn C, cCoy, Major Edward A. Beckwi^Lb, rid Rapt. John H. Quiglcy.
Tbo Facial announcer was Ecnnith ~ lark, of the A. M. C. A. I
Ivislon Siars Boohed to Box In Stellar Knlghts ol Coluunbus Tourney

nlorntallon Lacklng So Far
As to the Men Our S^cr^a^p^p^i^n^u
Champs ~rVill Opposo in the
^sqt^lared Cirolo
Seven of the Seienty Ninth Division's earn of boxers will go to Paris again toorrow night to lake part in the big K. , f C. show that is to be put on there hey are Ritclrie, UcGurk, Hinhel, Cavanugh, Gavin, Ferguson, and ^Dundee. All these mea, except Gavin and Cavanugh have Aught in Ihe French capital bere. Ferguson, on iris first trip down i noched out his man in 25 seconds. In he fights at Ihe opening of the Cirque d l aris on NVashington's Birthrlay, he u^let a rendhman, and defeated him on points Dnndee has had hvo figh~swith Ilussane, the champion featherweight of the Frenc l rmy. He won Ihe Grst, and drew wit i he Frenclrman in tire second. Whether 1': is will meet him for a third time is no t: known. If ire does, the Seventy Ninth' l eatlrerweighl will be in prime condition ~
. and shnnld win the rubber . Just whom the Seventy Nintb boxer l ill meet is not yet Irnown. So lar. their i.
·^!^lponenls have been mostly Frenchme t is regarded as ihely, however, that the u will go up against battlers firm othe v merican divisions. ~
l.tS World . REPAIR OF 79^T^H^i~ I
i^uh~vny^S in This Aren To Ge c Much Needed O^ve^rh^a^u^l^i^n^u ~
Troops in Ibis division are to be In |u work repairing the rmadR in tb l cabling area acai,enerd in the Soven^l l Ninth. 900n it vviil be possible for all n . as to Innh at the roads vvifhOUt vvnnderin e nst vvhen thr. present excellent system o l apply vvould break dovvn because of roa I . raters and ruls.
Beaucoup rain, aided an l shelled by th l ying vvheels of thr juggernauts engr^f,r i n the task ol bringing foodstuffs to Souill l
r our division, has raised merry Cai U vith the roaris. ~Instof them are mad l p largely of limeslrmo and the action o l valet on them is ban enough. Add th l
avoo vvrougl^lt by Ihe ponderous true l vheels and eve easily can see, not onl l the entire division supply system, bn l aetnal movement of troops tovvard ham l threatened.
Plans are being laid novv to set asid l any suet. ^Pn~ihilities. The roads are go l hi to be f yea for the division by the men ol the ivision and tho engineer officers in general charge Or ^Il^le plans hnnvv 'that he job is gob^lg to be done right. Tho the roads are in bad slope, the job isn't going to be bard. All bands vvill have a share in the reconshuction vvorh.
It was painted out by one officer yes^Ler~ay that bad roads can have a disas^lrou^5 afresh on the fce^ili^l^lg of Ihe men of ... the varinns organizations This officer added much hrtler time vvould be made i be vvorh, in his oplninn, ii the I cads in Ihii . area, meant exclusively for Ihe use Or thr events Nin^ll^), vvrre turned over to our ton men for repair. '
"Outside of the danger to the 6uppl yslem~" this of fleet event on, "there aetally is the danger that any movement el hedivision to Ibe rear, in response to an rder to get ready for the Stales, might be eld up indefinitely by bad roads"
It vvas suggested unofGeially yesterday hat an arrangement probably will be
ads by mhieh men mill mork boo days on the roads, lake one day ol rest and on day military training and then return to the roads for u^l^lnlher turo day hitch.
This probably is one often easiest job Ihat's been put up to this division in many a day.
(Conelu^lled From Pn^ue Ono>
riean universities and colle^Fe^F, and will include Civil, Electrieal, Mechanical, and Mining Engeering; Lettcrs, Arts, and normal school subjects; Medicine, includin^6-Dentistry and Vet- _
Thirty Fifth Is Defeated
,,, Ill Boxing and Wrestling
eventy Nlnth Tenm brakes Another Clean Svveep--~881h IsOnly Obstnckle to Corps Chamnlonshln
The Seventy Nin^Lh Divisioa boxers- ' ' wrestlers made a clean-up last night, efeating the Thir^Ly FiPh Divisio cam without losing a single bout .. his puts the championship of th i_ inth Corps between SeveuLy Ninl nd the Eighty Eigth Division. Thuugh this is the debut fur tb l resoling Leam, it is Ihe fourth big fray r the boxers. Thev havefough^L a to- .. al of about twenty bouts, and no man .. f the Seventy Niuth team has ye eon defeated _ Last night there were four boxing .. -md three wrestling bouts scheduled Oue of ^Lhe boxing matches weuL Lo Lhe eieveuty Niu^lh by forced, Gracey, of , Ihe TbirLy FiPh, who was to meet ullivan, of the Seveu^Ly N^i^uLh~ in the .. ^11^u-puuud class, nut showing rip al Ihu ringside The feaLrue of Lhe evening was the fast work of Willie RiLchie, ^Lhe Seveu^Ly Nhnh lightweight, who knocked out Muore, of Lhe Thir^Ly Fihh. infur^Ly . seconds Moore started in fine styles and fur a few seconds it louke.l as though ^Ibo fight would he close. Bu hehad the m^i^yf^orL^unet^o^leanh^i^s^ia^w up against Ritches right, and the fight was over.
In the wrestling, b'onubowski rivall ed Ritehles speed, pinning Edliug L Ho Utah in one minute. Both men h Inn ^Y ruin.
weighed in at 116 pounds, and it wad apparent from the start ^LhaL Kounbow~ ski knew more about the game than his opponent. By a quick throw and a half nelson he forced Edling's shuulers down a minute afterthe bout had tarred.
Eddie Revvirc, of Ihe Seventy Ninth n the 160 pound class, forced the ighL^ing all the way through ^Wilh Clan , of the Thirty Fifth, Lhe lauer knew Ins gaune, but was nuable to stand aainst Ihe aggressiveness uf rho Scvnn Niner.
The bantamweight fight between avanaugh, of Ihe Soveuty Nin^Lh, cud orbs, of ^Lho Thir^Ly FiPh, went to the r^luer by a wide margin. He nut puintJ Forbes in every departunent of the auue.
The other two wrestling bouts were iven lo the Sevemy NinLh men on oint6, as there ware no throws. The outs only went 10 minutes, and if a brow was not made in that time, a l Action bras given,aggressivenes^6 and l kill displaied being the main points I unsidered.
' ao^ler. of tl^ln Scventy Ninth, in the t35 pnuml class, won ^rruuu Quiustod, of Ihu ThiNy Fif^lh: and Mamuu^lcae, of
I h~.^Se~m~^ly Ninth, Gnu from ISeller, of l I.. ~-~i. ~ ^I.~.r.^l.
erinarycour^Yes; Archi^leclure, hu^Piue^8^9| A BIGGER PAPER courses, and Agricul^Lure Courses nutl yet provided for will be arranged as the defraud mattes ^Lhem neccessary. There will be no charge at (ho ~chuul for luilinn, labura^lury fees, lexlbnoks, and supplies. The accmun^Oo:la^liuns will be good, as the buildings are h^1 general of brick and euncrele. The Federal enviruu,nen^l will be guest, and every eh~^urL^w^i^l^l be made Lo uro~NIe au atmosphere typical uf an Amoricau college.
::i^D^Iden^ls whose nr,caniza^llons are ur,lered back to ^Il^le Slates during ^Ibeir aue^l^l^ila^l^lce will be given al! oppurlunily m rejoin their cmu^lua^l^ld~, or they may slay at ^Fchoul, if they wish. diet, whose organizLh.06 are ordered home no ~iarcl^l will be given an upporln:lil of allemling Ihe university, but ^Ibe^y oust agree Lo remain for Ihe course,
which will ia6L ahuu^L Lbre^o n^loo^lh^F. The applcalions of ^Ihe~;e^Y^on^ly Nin^lh 'I^mU Wilu desired lo ahead Ihe nniver . Lily NVere in by Tuesday They are ,,w beh^lg sorted, and the men selected illbenoHGedwhen they are to repurt.
Ll. Col. Sebring C. Megill, C. A, C., has eyorted for duty as Diviswn Signal ODlcer. Is served in that capacity with Ihe Seveny tEigl^ltl^l Division hom it's organization ntil alder the armistice went into ellect. row December t to tlarch i, Col. bluegill as Signal OtTcer of Ihe Eighty FjrDI DiiSiOII.
(Concluded l^i'rom Pn^l^le Ono) run ^o^lr to enable every man in the Sevenly Ninth who won8 a paper lo gel it.
From nom on, l'ltE LUltltAINt: CROSS will not only prh^lt more papers, but it will have ^Il^le space to Pee Ihat everything in the division worth prhntin^R is taken ^Mro of. We shall not have to pul our stories into tabloid iol in.say in Iwo idclles what ought to rights ~q have half ^Q co^!qmq We shall give D^lose fm^lera^l humorists on the stair who think they are funny a chance lo do their work Tbe poetic genius of Ihe division will be represented. We shall have pictures, and enrloons. last what awful erhnrs we are going lo be a party to perpetrating in print u^le arc not quite sure; but anyway, il is K^U^in^r to be an all-Seventy Ninth paper, and that is something
Credit siwuld he given to the boys who helped us so willingly h^l the Tupographic Office of Ille 305Ltl Engh^lee^ls, and lo Capt. A..C. Itubel, who supervised the work.
It was in no small measure due to their cooperation that were able to get THE LORRAINE CtlOSS stalled, and we uppreciale il.
Lt. Col. R. 11. Agnew, 1. G., has taken
p his duties as Div^lsion Ins^Pector in comliance with Paragraph 67, Special Orders
o. rig, G. 11. Q. Ile succeeds Lt. Col. w.n.
And Ihe Eighty Eighth Division?
re they ever going to arrange a date 0 meet our Dghters? They threat
nu~n a challenge, mhicl^l nun accepted.
Emmy Cranston says be ruants the hing settled.
Seventy Ninth Divislon men who have had stage experience, professional or amateur, are requested to oom.municate tout de Mite wlth JACK NASH
Address him In care the "Y" Dlvl~lon HCadqnartCrB


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