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Lorraine Cross newspaper dated March 20, 1919

This web page contains the four pages of the Lorraine Cross newspaper dated March 20, 1919.
The Lorraine Cross newspaper was published by the 79th Division of the A.E.F. while in France.

The Lorraine Cross newspapers you see on this page were saved for future generations by Roy Leslie Sawin, who set all the column heads. He passed away in 1958, but fifty year later, Diane Sanborn, his Great-Niece, found the papers he had carefully saved, and took the time to scan them in for this website.

We are indebted to both of them because these newspapers are very rare
and not available anywhere else on the entire Internet.

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Lorraine Cross Newspaper Volume 1 Number 5 France March 20 1919 Page 1
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Lorraine Cross Newspaper Volume 1 Number 5 France March 20 1919 Page 3
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Lorraine Cross Newspaper Volume 1 Number 5 France March 20 1919 Page 4
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THE LORRAINE CROSS PUBLISHED BY The 79TH DIVISION Volume 1 FRANCE, MARCH 20, 1919 No. 7 79TH SALUTING IS PRAISED BY INSPECTOR Officers and Men Snappy, Says Major Rich in Letter INTELLIGENCE LAUDED Commanding General Complimented for the Spirit of Commissionedd and Enlisted Personnel in Making Military Courtesy a Special Obligation ^f,^l Snap and precision ^sho^\^Yn by of li cers and men ot the Seventy ~\i^l~tl in the matter ot'salutb~g is praised ~ in a letter received recently by the C ' Commanding Ceneral ol the rlivisim^l from Major Albert 'l. Hicl^l. 1. G., Assistant Inspector General, First id' Army. We a^l^\vay^s knew this div~ vision stood at the head of the list ~ ~ in military courtesy Tho letter _; lro-m Alajo^l Ricl^l saves us tile trouble Or proving it. ~ 1~ "I was obliged 011 many oc* casions during an investigation and inspection of the First A^rm,,~y troops stationed near Bar-le-Drl~ou pi 7, 8, March, 1919", writes.\lajm IBM, "to p:lEF through the Nations ,^fT: in which organizations of the 79tb were ml duty. "I was so favorably impressed by the snappy, solrlierly and pro^lnpl way that ALL officers and enlister men saluted me while passing in my automobile aml also the snappy, intelligent way that all information requested by me wl^ie^l^l I was obli^fl~rl to stop any enlisted man, that I cold sidered it a part of my rh^lty as al Inspector, although I au^1 not in the same Army, to submit this letter ol ~ ;~;n~ fat. TV l.v~ll~ ~ MANSE IS ON THE DECLINE Ivlslon Vetertnar^ia^f^l Upturns :172 F^Qr^Duer^ly Dlsensed Aul ~ ~ mills to Duty , ~~ Th^4^luadgo, which has been so pro valout Thong ^Lheh~rsesot^lhedivisiou, s raphlly^f being gut in hand, and may ^Iho ulnar future ho entirely s^Lau~pod ul, according lo ~lajur EruostW ~ HUvg~ ivisi^fvn Veleriuariaa, "Las^L wook," said MaJor Hogg, "l uLurno4 Lo duly 372 horses ot ^Iho even hundred or ^luore that ware free cd. The 301Lh Eugiueor^i have u4L a dipping vat at Pierreh^l^Lo, aud hit; will be e^lteo^Livo iu getting the iseaso iu baud quickly. IL will be cessary~ of course. Lo cuu^liuue ^Lrea^l g ail horses by hand also, but the L wdl lasseu the labor and speed up l ho eradioa^Liuu of the disease. 'Grew l;^Jr the pru^s-ress LhaL has loon ^luado should go, in large measure v rho di^Yisiuu's ve^loriuary u^r^fiaors vhu have I a h u r oh uucoasiugly L Lump out tho disease 'Levis hupvsiible, of aourso, lo mak Ply pL^io4iaLioni ab^u^l^lL a thing of Ibis -ur^L; 4u^L if we a ~uduuo Lo cure auhuals L.our^l ^1,re~auL taLe, I thick the uuaugu .ugh^L|to be sla~uped out within a very -hurt lime " 1 |,LIEUT. JACKSON DEAD Assistnut ^r^O l)lvlslou Ad^lu^lau liuecuuuhs to Typhold I Second Lieutenunt lIarry J. Jack ;Spll, A G. D, Assistunt to III Division A,ljntanL, died last Sat^L^lr di~y a^lter^l^loo^L^I at llase IJospitul 01 User I En r~Drr^u Of ~ ~ a l l ~~ i al ~ PEDAL the men are demonstratin;, n^lilita^l y courtesy". "The question of ctisciplh^le and military courtesy", the leUer conth^lues, "is one ol the hardest tbiog^fi that an Inspector has to contend ·with and when he sees an organization in which the officers and enlisted men have apparently made it their special duty to demonstrate that discipline and military cour lesy is not a har^ilsl^lip but a pleasure, he teats a great load old ol his system and he proceeds to tell everyone about this organization ·^ivl^lether it is his OWI^I or not. "I felt very much complimented -although I knewtl^l.^Ltit^\iasthe Statl automobile that they were saluth^lg and that they wo^L^I^ld have, h~stinctively, sah^lted even if the automobile had been empty. "I also feel that the Division Comma rler, Beth Division, should feel complimented that the officers and enlisted men ot his Division should have performed thei^l duties in a maur^ler which ·lemu^Lulod favors able comment on the part ol an Army Inspector, as he is one of the hardest persons connected with the military service to convince that anything is absolutely correct'. \ NINTH CORPS HORSE SHOW IS TOMORROW DlYISIO^n Entrle^S Started Nesterday (or l.eronvllle Irom Vlllutle HORSES LOOKING WELL °UI^I^l^l°r~ ol :llu^l^l^y is Tlmt Seventy Nl u III Should 11 ova Good Chu^l^lc at Wlnuln^u . Second Arm "how Wlll probably be Net Next Week Tho boost show of the Niu^lh Curp uf the ~3eeoul Arums; will ho held to v^lurr~.w al Larouv^illo. The origiua ate set was ^Luday, but this wa hanged last wouk. 'rho divisiuu's entries started true i^l^luL^Ie yes^ler.lay. Abuu^L I^g^l^l Lieu ud a uuu bor uf h.,rsas in addi^Liuu u ho euLrios, made ^Lbe trig, They wit tarL,back from l.erJuville uu Saturday ^O~J^b^dUO is that dip .livi~ivu s^lands: AGRICULTURE TO BE TAUGHT Eduentlonal Center Puts Cours in Furml^l^lu lu its List at Sub^lects ~ -, As curse in Agriculture will star twixt week at the Divisional Educa ional Center The ILICII taking th ^O^U^I se lime been ordered to repor omorrow to the Com^Manding Ui e rat (:a^lnp ~lon~hairon3 IU Al, 175 men will lake th ourse The teaching of Agricul l ure will add one more to the lis l f vocational subjects already being aught at the school, anti will enble many men who wanted to flout more of the techuicrtl side ol arming lo equip themselves belter or their u^lork alter their return to ivil life The subjects nouu bein l aught at the Educational Center u^Id its Extensions include: Mechaucal Drauui^l^lg, ^S^a^l^e^slll^rtllS^Ilip~ Stn ^5 ,uu an:^luao al ^I~^K^lqg first m loo en vv veying, Cookiug, Bnki^l^lg, Carpen 'Iha h.,r^ios have ha I ^Iwv weeks al the best Sara, au t arc hi prima cuuli^livu. This, of Caruso, is probably Lruo of ^Lhu horses al' other divisivus, bulud^lcers who have seen somo^Lhiug of all the hur^Fo 11^0^51^1 iu the burps say vv~u.lg Niuth aniuualr~ appear turbo boxer aondiLiuucd, as a whole, tha,, those vvhu will amnpeio against ^Ihem. The winners of tomorrows show will enter ^Iha^L of the t;eauud Army whmh will he held souse ^Lia e next n uuth CUDGELS TAKEN UP Seventy Nluers Go Aller Twor Nlnlll Dlvisiou,\lur^l lieutenant lackso~; WdS only ill a levy d.tys, Bud his death curie as a shock to his many frientls. He be came ill on ^IMonduy~ arid on Tuesday WAS taken lo t.o~n^lnercy ~ native ol Baltirnore, I.ie^l^lte^l^l ant Jackson went to Ca^lnp ~lerttlt among the first soldiers lo al rive ill drip WiL^I^Iin a short thne ufte^l ^rTiVillO lit Camp Meade, lie war sent to the Adjulant's ()llice, AL quickly~rose totl^le rank of -ergea^lU Al^l^ljor. He held this rank until November 14 last, wl^leu he war on',a~is^tiio^l^led Secoud Lieulenaut i., 314TH BAND LEAVES Will Euteituln Recreallon Seek ers lit Cauues 1 The 314h Infantry Band ietL or blandly Lo Lgo to C^Aunes, where it wit play fur Lye soldiers on leave in tha nra. t The bawd entrained al Bm-le-Du. and whim waiting there Sur Lhe Lrah~ nave an iuifur^4^lal aunaer^L near ^Lhe slat ion Quile, a large aruwd or li'ronah turned out to h'oar rho Ameriaans per forn. it, i A number or Sevenly Killers Irom Ih 310U, itlachino Gun Ua^Ualim^l have sent letter lo the BalLunure Sw^l replying lo th ^i^L^Oemrn^l ul Wagonor William H. Gray, o the Tweuly Ninth o~viaim^l, io Ihe elleG .bat the Sevealy NinU^I qua m a rest cum K the Urge the arm^l~^liae uuouL into ^trrecl rguuer Gray's letter appeauad in Oie las sruo o^l TIIE LOltU.~INE t,HOSS. l The signers ol He letter to the Suu in.| Iwle l::ril-'icrgotutt llitem, Gorpmal alcFooly, \\^igoners al;,rkline, Smut, (:mub, Blued, and urou^lu, and Private Wir~hq, Ibex tic duo mule detail ar. lo uubal lb Division accmnplishr:l in the Grand lie a^L^lne so, tor, aml do not Ail Lo repin Wa^t^Joner Gray LbaL it unas his division 11 3evenly Nialb relieve^l^l mhen it took ov his part Or the line. "Tha last paragraph or \1^l Gray's letle I, aysthe310^11^lMachh^loGun Ualtalion men Ic^L^Ier~ "stales that the Seven^Ly Nmth Dl sion u as not in at the finish, but mas I rest eawp. To ibis statement we desirJ no^le a Group exception. As a matter act. tl^lir division did not hnum mbal a lots |camp looked like until alter Ihe arwist^io t^rt^t^l we tort our t^lniuin^t, center Uie 11~ par^l m Seulewbel we were either h^l a d en~ive sector or an ol^rensiva sector. . I^relr Gray hall back up Lo the 40 ~ . he would L nom the S.^vvent NinLh was in action UP lo the last chins Ion No^Yember 11," READY FOR 79TH MOTOR SHOWAND~ MERRY Ci4RNIVAL Heave for W^lt^lner^s at Flrsl, Seeo^l^ld a^l^ld Thlrd -d PIECE ~ 1 GENERAL PERSHING INVITED ~ Gonernl Holitlay ou Duto of Event ~ Ordered by Gcneral Kub^l^l.Alr- the plume Stunts and Boxing Bouts ~ lletreshuteuls, Conoert rind k. Movies on Progrrtm Everytl^ling is set for the Motor llmV anti Carnival to be held by my; the Seventy Nb~ih at the SouillY viatiou held on Jaturday, Starch 3 9, Tbe exhibition will be simulaneou9 with those of other divisions n the Second Army. Au ambitious rogra^l has been arranged. Genral Pershing has been invited to ttend. Major General Kuhn, our comnamiing General, has directed Ihat be day of the exhibition be oberved as a holiday. That Will mean a^lge attenoallCe because transporation ol troops Irom outlying secions oi the divisional area has been ~ rranged.. Cnt^lse^lvatively, those t Al Dying tile plans G^lrure that 20 00(0 flicers and men of' the division, itl^1 outside visitor s, mill be present. Leaves for Wlu^Ders Chief among the altraaLions of the omi^l^lg u^luLnr turnout are Iho prizes he prize far first place will be seven lays Icave and the ^Reaond place reward ill be a leave Or Gve days. Third taco prize is a leave or Ihreo days. A :uuteslauL win u b g fjrs^L, second or third I, ,lace in more than one show will be Am, routed ^Iho s^Gcu:^Du^lative leave earned, rovhied that the total leave shall Dot ( scced to^l^lrlccn days 'inner in the en how will be u er.^lioued in orders of ~ he divisioq am, AQer ^Iho vvinner5 in the various ·venis have boon named, amuseiueut ,_^1 ml cnierLaimneuL.will be provided. talk Micro will be playing by four bands ido show pe^l foru^lauces by nnorubcrs of nlerLaiuiueut groups in rho Soveuty itch; coxing bouts and airplanes^Lnn^ls. ~ 'here will be movies and refreehruen^Ls~_ i n specially aun^s^L^It^ia^led Rod Cross and I ·Y" huts The day s program will ^N^J~i tart al nine o'clock and no ouo a^Ldivi- ~ I ion headq^l:ar^lor^R seems willing LO as- ~ Nit mile ^Ihn responsibility Or saying just ~ I hen Ihe ieslivi^lie.s will end. il)^Rnclug on Pro^uram ~ Laying onl or rho hold, building of Nat cads as approaches for motor vehicles ) ~ nd of grand stands will be in charge t~J^V o^rengiuear Irrupt in the division A b Lwo-slory band ^R^Land and boxing ring ~ also will be eroc^Lod. There will be 5c special accornr edacious far the guests f ^Ibe day who, in the evoking, will be I; nter^lained at dinner. This i'nne^Lion c ill he followed by dancing. Liou~onnt General Bultard and 3iajor-GenerI Smo^loerall, Iho latter commanding Ills Isaiah Curps, are among those in vited and expocrotl. 21 Preliminary shows lo determine in- ~ diviJuals and vehia^la^6 which will re^D- 1~ ' resent units of the Sevenly Ni al h in the L I ig aviation field exhibition have been ~Coutluu~d on ra^o^o 4 try, Road Construction, anti Automobile Repairing. ' 1 i^niOUGHBQ~ GOING BIG ^. yak, . ~ . New t;nmA Llk^qd by Soldiers \ Who Sieve Trle^d it The new game of Doughboy, uubich has, been tried out success^f^L^Ill^y at G.^tH. Q., has been played by several organizations of this division, aud is robing strong everywhere it has had a tryout. The 31^lth Macl^li^l^le Gun BaL^Lalio^l^l has probably done more udtl^l the game than a^dy other organization, and nte^l-compa^l^ly matches are being played, Repyrts are that tbe~men like the ~.llllD,~llli it Quill probably become quite the Lhing ^udL^l^l^in a short time. It is a neu^l departure in athletic games, being designed with a vie to leLtii^lg as many men play it as U^ID^nt to. Practically an urlimiLe number of teams can play it on a r el;^ltively small Gelrl, and the ^Immb'er of players demanded is elastic be game had tryouts with a battalion aL G. 11. Q., and as the results we're observed, the necessary modiGc.itio^l^ls of the rules revere made Lo bring it Lo a point Where it Divas adaptable to all sorts of different Geld conditions and to the number of players available. NEW BOARD AT ITASCA Double Arrnn^(^lentent Wlll Blake Inr Netter Serviloe Tmo uouu ID Iy-pancl ^6mi^lcl^lboards met e ns^la^lle^LI ^I^l^lis meek al Ihe llasca telephone Change, which mill roahc for boiler ser ice. Tnuo operators quill be on duty dur no the rush hours instead of one, a rmerly. i l~rv~ ma._ , ~ to . ~ to ~ ~ TH E LORRAI N E CROSS Published every Thursday by Ihe enlisted men of the 79^l^h Divisiou. EDITORIAL STAFF JAIIES M. CAIN, Privace, Edhor GILBERT M^ALCOL 51, I'riva~u, Sporting Edi^lor DONALD CllONIN, Pvu, CirculaRuu Mauager HAltl~Y F. HO~A(i3~, Stat. 1s^l Class, Business Ma^uage Gollot Press, Bar-le-Duc. ~ubscrip^liou rate: Three frauds fur ^!hru rnor^4^ths. id subscriptions will be accepted fit more than three u~^umhs. MlLITAflY COUflTESY The High Sign of military efficiency is the snappy salute. Army bispectors, whose job it is to pick the Oaws, can tear n a whole lot in a sho^lt time about a divi sion whose officers and men snap into th salute as ii they meant it. The pep^iul Pen dering of the High Sigu^is proul positive ul nterest. And, when officers and men ar nterested in their weld, efficiency is the an swer. Esprit de corps is the logical result In anotl^l~r column, we publish a letter from Major Ri II, Assistant h^1spector Gen eral, First Army. He has kind words tot us and the tact they come from a qualifier judge in another Army surely does not de tract Irom their euphony and rml ic. Everybody in the Seventy Ninth Divisio thanks Major Rich for his words and to the spirit of his letter. Our salutes to hi were only, alter all, the visible signs of th spirit which drove us forward at Mont faucon and Hill 378. ~1~ in one of the many villages occupied b troops of our divison, there is a little 'sol dier of Italian birth who represents th ED best and highest traditions of the gloriou American Army. He has the manners of , courtier and the gallantry of a Princ t , Charming. 'A · An old woman was trundling a heavil c laden wheel barrow thru one of the street I in the village recently. The job was to ., _~ much for her and her efforts to keep th V\ homely vehicle in motion showed the tact . J Came UpOIi the scene, our little Ameri ,,c~ ~ can of Italian origin. Ile beamed upo ~ ~ the old woman and, with a sweeping bow cats offered his services. The old woman beam ed. The SUIi cattle out and it beamed too .' Then the soldier strode old wheeli the barrow. Behind him, walked the ol woman. They disappeared around th corner of a building anal we went on. Gee, that m^liform looked good on tha . man. DOUGHNUTS AN INCIDENT That old-fashioned American institution the Doughuut, has much more bearing o the morale of troops than some peopl think. Its a reminder of Home and th eating of it is a reminder of those day which came long before the Great War n Europe was ever dreamed of. Every Am erican likes doughnuts. "Over The Top Wiih a Doughnut might well be adopted as the slogan of great welfare organization which, thr 100 per cent. American men and women is distributor Amrrican ciougbnuts to Am erican doughboys and the other member of the Army. Gentlemen, hats off to the Salvatio Army. When you are jaded and sick a heart, drop by its hut and breutl^le in th odors which come from the spick an spoil little kitchen when Caphdn Shnmon and her associates are baking'em fresh an brown. You'll want to set to jiggh^lg righ away and to sing Lhe old favo^lite, "Say 1, There's a Hole in the Doughnut Too" We'll bet the Huns never ate doughnuts A l Virago ^? 1 T ~ E ~ O R R A Y 1!~ E C ^R O ^J3 S TA:URSDAY, MARCH 90, 1010 RllM^nR.C Two things are necessary in the Army Food and Rumors. We cannot get alo^li without either. Study of rumors, especia ly their growth and spread, is very inter sting. Consider the case of the Misli Harness. Someone said it Would navel fit any horses in his outfit but might fit ~ Camel. The next man said the Q. M. was oing to issue camels instead of horses. inaTly, the division heard that we were coked to go to Egypt because harness tot amels had been issued to one outfit. Rumors are ol two kincls: Those that Ye true and those that al e false. he fatter predominate but, occasion lly, rumors come Hue. Men who read true rumors should be blessed; hose who spread lake rumors should be anged by the neck~unLil they are dead. here ale ilarmless~ Rumors and Harn:lu, U^mOI'S. A repo^lt that corned vvillie is to e abolished in Lhe aru^ly, even it it prove .Ise, is a harmless rumor. A story Lhu, e will be borne in May unless it be true, s a hamnlul runioi. Certain Atmospl^leres are more produc ive of rumo^ls than o^Ll^lers. Very lew m: ors are hatched in the open air. BuL, hloride oi lime brings them out. Som lo^lpora^l once said that an Army travel. n its stomach. An Army may travel on its stomach bo^l t thrives and blossoms on its rumors. J LETTERS TO US HUII I To the Editor: I like your paper very much. When are you going to move the plant to Pnris? Sergeant tlill Co. A, S. P. Int'anlry. (Shhhh 1 Ed.) ~Y~HERi3'S SLli^il? To the Edit What's~,eeo~ne of ~'LIhu" 6ellann? Inqujsittve Hi Co. A, Jlnth InL (Where are you, "Slhn"?.Ld.) ~ KNOCK 'Ebl DEAD. To Ihe Editor I am a bell hop in a hotel in the States. Will I be allowed to keep my 0. O. and uvear it, with a low trimmings, on l^I.e job when I get bolue'? I ^\yant to knack 'Clll dead. Front Co. D, LIEU. Ini'. (77m.Ed.) Our Boost ~^?or~'nis Week gOcs to the ivision hi. P. outfit. 'they've been Wi^l^b s ^fi om the start and it has been our exe^l~^lence they bevy Were a great distance ehiud us at an y sL'age of the game. Tale ave us more than ^Ihe moral support ol he tallow wim yells.'Go aneud, Boys! 'm backing you up". Alo^le than once ^W^l aw 111011 ol the division At. P. Iorce 'web up if oi vvarcl where the shot and shell did urst. III fact, we were strolling through Death Valley Due aiLernoon, lilted suspecting that snipe^ls were pretty closet OH l s l: an Al. 13. stepped up and inl'ormed us itu^li^t,l^lt be well to take a hit of Cover. NVe had no more than done so than a Little Messenger al Deuth zinged its way past our C^dito^li^a^l ri,,l^l^L ear. 'I'he hole, say we, would have been small and neat. NVe were in several towns where the H. E. shells were bursLh^lg and We tim^l^lgl^lL several times our name wa^S~Nvri^tte^l^l on one oi them. And, in each tov, ^1~. we saw division military police^l^l^le^l^l ho ding down the cross roads and regulating ^1iaaliic. 01 course, some oiti^le division Al. P's. were back farther llian othe^ls. But they were ordered Lo ^Ro where they went. Give 'em credit. Inc^l^(ie^l^ltally, vow don't want to liave Ul^l^y muss with Lhat Bi^U ill. P. XergeanL who's always s~nilhu~ and who~Dlays "rumtiddle-um-tum" on the piano. N'est ce pas? ATROCITIES IN VERSE ATROCITIES IN VEPiSE j ^nUER THF T^nP WiTU RACTil.C RR^n~N _ . _, .._ . _. ...,,_, _ _ _.._ "Ober de top, ober de top", ain't It scand'lous man ~ GoLt. r Leave dis good ale hole Wbar'i've burrowed like a mole ^J ood band receive toy po' black soul and ta me by de hand, Oher de top, ober de top", 'cross dat no-man' land, 1 hears de sahgent's voice ring out I hears do corp'ral'gln lo shout,. is niggcr's heart ain't none too stout,.gizzar short o' sand. Sober de top, ober de top", out where de b^locl^les a.e, I hears de Cnp'n's whistle toot, I feels dat big Lieutenanl's boot,. I rolls right out and 'gins m shoot, an' starts t have a war. Obcr de top, obcr de top", ag'in' de rising sun see dam mg^Lers tail al liar,. See deu^1 bulgin'eyeballs shine,. Look out nlggcr I dm^l step on mine.lot's lak .1 on de rely 'Ober de lop, ober the top", jcs look how slo dey gwlne I Lined up like dey's glllin' paid, Fort Ga~vdl chs ain't no hen-house raid, An I don like no fua'ral pbade,-an'speciall l wiles u s ^I^l^line. "Obcr the lop, u 1] ~ r Il^l^e top", jes'hoar dcru 'chin l guns rattler Kerplunkl o^l^lc hits my ale tin hat, De fur flies roun' an' I sprawls flat. l es like l's is I^l^l^l avid a base ball bat.an' stat i till a'ter de battle. l sober de sea, ober de sea", hack to Liza Jane, l In flat little cabin in de big ravine We'll fin dls lid fluid eber-green, Canse it silo' helped my ohl black bean to Stan l one alu/ut so vita By William E. Brongher, Major, infantry, U. S. A. WAliTED They give us three senate meals a day T^l^lc^3 give us .ots of clothes They hand out cake and chocolate An let us see th'rbows We've movies every other night IA e've baseballs, bets an' ^lu~^thu W^l^la^l co41d eve wish for more than this The Morale Ex,uert asks We've got an easy schedule NVe doll l drill every day They try to make tl^la^lgs easy They're libe^lal Title the pay But wl~a~ lee all Anne badly 'I he Il^llug we mostly miss Is l'or Due own sweetheart or wire lo ^B^lvc us just one kiss Thcre s lots ol us U^lat play Ihe game As squarely Jo we can A^l^ld pant to go back home an' say We ve acted like a Max But Gee, l^I's hard lo be real straight An' pass up every lass Cause really eu^l^l^le look fairly good All' full o'pep an' class So send us horde to where she waits This alrs. or Ihis illi,~s. And U U I morale will go 'hove Dar Whe^l^l At get that weleorue kiss. Bobs, Divisional Inlelllgerce COOTIES To the Tune Or ·'Smiles" There are cootics ^I^l^lal crawl around tile ankle. here m e coollcs Illal crawl arousal the Alec hercarecoot^lcs tbalkeep the soldier~wou^(lerin here Il^ley are that Il^ley ^C^U^I^I ucvcr see I'l.ere are coollcs 1 b al ~ ause tome awl ul scrnlcb^Ain fiat slake a doughboy mad as be can be A the cootles that I ^l,ad in Il^l^e Irenches ,c Il^l^e cootles that appeal to me. Parody by Pvt. lsl. Cl. Il.,lpl^l A. Downey, Co. "1", Sll:tl^l infantry whose ho^lue town is Lit:tz, Pennsylvania, U. b. A, the l,o^lue of the "Liti^lz Pretzel". SAY WHEN Now the war is over And we arc still in Frnnce I wm^lder hew long it's ^t^toing to be iJnlil or all adv^duc^t. Nut upon the ra. my But upon the Goldeu Shnres Where "OLD GLOttY" dies forever more, From the Supply Co., 810th, F. MA, HERE and THERE Bonn jower, messeers Have you been vaccinated? C~l Inoculated? By d Deloused? 4~ ~ ~4 ; Very v, ell. Tl^li ay to the gangplank. a . ~ ^O Hear the pretty waveless lapping against s ,fGee! We'll have lights going back. c ~ Odor that lonesome feeling try a Law oi v Captai^l^l Simmons' crullers. Get them at Lh Salvation Army hut. Darned good, say . ~ ~ Rumors the Congressional Record is to e have a3~sportiag rlep~^Itrue^l^it are m^ltrue. .~ Who are the Toppy Privales hanging hs round ~ar-le-Duc in highly polished pUt_ Lees an^d'^t~r~l~ short coats? ^, Our -'idea of Something Constructive: ^3 Uoosting the Seventy Niuth. ~ Cnncel all~your dates lor ^March 29. ^Big doings. ~ Tliink dig getting a leave as a prizel th$~;ad^l^a^l^t^l~ cleaned yp. ~ Ap,d , a~,,~ Jbin the~Society of the Filth Corps. Buck One: What do you think of a man o'll constantly deceive the Top Kicker? Buck Two: I think he's a wo^l^l^deP. Has Your Car its Serviee Stripe yet? Or Yowl Shle Cal its Wout^ld Slripe? i Our~dea of Sorne^l^l^ling to Squelch: The tory That we enter ed the war to get ^sou^Yeirs. ~ Beastly rot, we expostulate. Candy in the Sales Commissaryl Did you Ret there to avoid the crush. ,~eekiy Freucl^l Lesson: P.'s pronounced Soo-yee. ) Suggestiom Name the division educationalJcenter6 after the oullits. We'd call' . our~^owr^l the Lo^lrai^l^le Cross High School. Button that blouse! Goll is Booming. Where'll we have the inc^lec^l^ltl^l Hole. Our idea of a Periect Hazard: A Shell Hole with ^MusLs^l^d in it. We ought to get out a general order COVring the Schenectady Putter. Keep Your Eye on the Bnll. So long. ~r~ THE LOE~R~INE CROS5, T~IURSDA1~, MARCE~ 20, l^gl9 Pa~s 3 OUR DIVISION i~ MBLEM SlGNIFIESv TRIUMPH AND WAS ADOPTED AS SYMBOL B~ LORRAINE Tho Dool^i~lo ~iross ~'iil'~i^l ~i^aS'US^e^d iilit Oltl Jerr^a^tsale^i^l^iu.lt^iho^t^i^lse ol Anjo,o ~^t^ilo^uted ' lt ~liferVlctoiryut S'a^i^t^to~ In recponse to repeatod requests h om men irf~tbe division, the fol low;n^fr facts co^l^lcerr^ling the Lorruiue Cross, ot~ic,al emblem of the Sev ~nty l~inth are presented. Ti^ley were g^l^l^lt^le^ied Irom i^l^lformation submitle~t to the Division Adjut;t^l^l^l by tl~e l^iYe^l^lcl~ ~^ys^sio^i^l attacl^ied to lh^l^b division. The Lorruine Cross, wbicb is tl~e old Cross ^f^gf ~Hungary witb certain modiGculions, is tlte symbol ul T^liumpb Since the Batlle ol Nuncy in tl^la ilftee^l;tl^l ce~^ltury, ^\vhen tl^le tleleat of Charles tbe 13olcl, Duke ot Bur^su~^idy, ushered ill tlte reigt^i oc the~louse of A^l^ljou (Rene 11 147:i-1508), tlie (~ross was adopled by tl^ie rei~r^liug house as tbe Sigl of victoty. To tho people of ^Ihe Piuvi^l^lce of i;oir;^liue, as well as t tltoso ol tbe Fret^lch nalion, tbe Cross became the remin^t^ler of the t~iumpb ot justice an~l r igl;t il~ the Batlle ot N^rancy. Jet^u^sa^lem w:t^s tbe birthplace ol the double Cross, the El~ler of tbe tribe huving adopted it as an illSigni . T^l^le upper branc^!^l ot tbe Cross represents the 'Tilulus" or sign above the branch of tl^le Cross UpOil W^hiC^I^l Christ was cruciRed. Tbe ~'Titulus" origiu;^\lly bo;e the legend, "Jesus ol Nuzaretl^l. King ot Jude;t", ~vritten i^l~ three lan~ua~es Tl~e one branrh Cross, tamili;^tr to Christiutis all over the world, is the s^ytnb^o^l of the Reign of Christ. Tbe two brai~ch Cross a~loptecl bv Killg Rene, becomes the symbol of Triumpl^l becuuse ol the r elation ol the upper braucl^l tc~ . Il^l^e'~Titulus" i^U^Sc~ipti^O^I^l. Tbe illSiglliU o( lhe Seventy Nin th Divisiou, aside trom its Spi; itua significa^i^lce, c~^ln be suitl to be a re~ min~ler ot' the triumphs earned ;y this tlivi~ion i^lt tbe glorinus tl,,-^l^ll^ln it dicl incicle^i~t to ;Ioutlauco^i^l anc Hill 378. Our victories, like tl~a of the liouse ol A^l^ljou, surely wer triumphs cor liberty, justice an right. Throws A Renr Wh~el At ^nos^l~es.i~o Casuullles Tbe Rar.le.l~re Speei^Dl,i~uwortalize in verse in Ins^l ^Iveek's issue, broh dovn for the ^arst thne in its career re eently She thre~v n ~rear wheel a ~tosoes, and can~e to an ab, uyl stop. ^Ti,ere u,err. no ea=uaRirs. ^sa~^low, tl, Nifly t haulfeur, s~vallowed tl,e strurb~ ;vheel,sprainrd hist^hroat~^Yhen hebegan ^I ^Du^lpt^hrou~h loreeof habit. bu; beyoud ihi ihere was no very bad ~lan~age DusLy ilort ford ruent do~un yesterday ~uith a neu~ rea ~n~ Inr ~I~e ^Sue~^!ia^l. and aner tl,i^i w,, | ~ SEND la G^Ll^rPINGS. | ce~s aud men ^O^r the s^c^venty ^Nint^l~ are requesteci to send to tbe Edit6r of The Lorrnine Cross any nevvspaper e^lippin^ss ~nonlionh~g tho div~sion ~vl,ich ^II^I^Oy may rece^ive frow the S;ales. Whed yon ha~e passed tbew arow~d for everyone to reatl, please put the~n in nn envelope,,nd send to w~r ohfiee. No etipping is too snnall, or too Inrgo. This is an urgont and spoeial reqnest. SOCI FTY OF WAR ~E^rS D SCUSSED 7UI^l^l Drlec^Jutes at iileetlo^a · 41 A,u~rloan Le^aioo ~ 1~ l'u^l~is Organizatiuu ot'the A~uerican Legi,w o sucie;y uf Au~ericau vuieraus ui ;he vvar, was discussed at nuoetiug beld iu the Cirque do Pari^#, Paris i~, Lh^o lasL werk. Tb~ ^arst n~eoliug .,l ·he series was beld ou Sa^lurday au~; auu^lher gatherh~g at which ;he uaw. the sucio^ly was vo^led aud ropurts read, ca~ue I^I^l u day. Deloga;e^F l'ru,u th~ Seveu~y Niu^lh h~ cludo l.L Cul. S~ewar~ S Jauuo~ ul he~^Y^l3;h lulautry^Qui^l Lt. t,ul. Th,,uuaW. ~lillcr, d~v~iuu ordoauce otficer. Nl~.re ~hau ~UU u~eu~bers of;he A.E.F. iucludiag geuerals, oLher uffieers aud ~ulisled ~uen, a^ltendod the ~nee~iu held u^h Sa^lurday. Te~upurary eou~ ,,hLees weue uau~e~. Auu~ng thri ;a~kq will bn ^Lhat of pruvidh~g fur ^Ih,, ;.iuk~ug~fdolugate^Rwhuwdl alluud a ~ua^Fs uuedug in tlto Uuited Statesa^L whichdeDuitelaunchiugol ;he orgaui naiied on it ~uas ahle to con^ie up to Divi a^!iuu wyll eo~ue. A~ Salurday's ga^Lh~ion Iteadqua~teri under it~ ouuu pouuer. e~;ug, L ;.G~I. Benuelt Clar, ^Fon ul Chau~p Cla^lk, wa^F e^le^Gtod le~npora~y ehairu^l~n iu the ab^Renee uf Lt. Cul. GENERAL KUHN ON LEAVE .... . ... _. Divlslon Con~mnn~lrr S^p^e^u^d^i^l^l^v^7 Hls Leave at Old ~louto Cu ^l~lo Major-Genoral Josoph E. I~nhu, ennntna^ud^ing ^Ibe Seveuty Niulb Ibviei^On, lett last Sunoay fur M o u t o Carlo, where he will pnss his leave. Genetal Kuhn will be goue two week;. In his ab^Reuce, ^Ihe divisiun wdl be oomnnauded by Brigadier-Goueral Evau bl. John^Pon eu~umandiug thc i' 5th Iufautry Bdgade. G e n e r a I John^Puu returned fronn his leave Salurday. DIYISION WELFARE OFFICER M~;..~ ~. ~ M..nin~ar. Iufat;trv. is t^heo^l^(,ru tiuosevett w^hu na^S eeparte.t fur the Sta^lu^F. . IL iY ~,1auued to give a voice iu th I turudu^tg, uf ;he ve^Lerans' organizaliou to unils w^l~ich failed lo get :to Fraue ^l iu the euur~se.vE tbe war aud alsu t~ I ulfirers aud u~en whu havo been wi ~ h ~he A. E. 1'. hu^L ha~e returned hou~e. Na^Puiug of ~per^Pnauent eumniittee^R f,,r ^Lhe urgauiz'atiuu has bouu pu^L o beeau^Re of the depar;ure for the t$^1ates uf c~r;aiu ~ueuubers of the priginal or I gauizatiuu cutbmiUee. Aunuug th~.s;e pre^Pont at the Satur I .lay meeliu~ besi.les the '$eveu I Nu~th delegat~t^Ju were repre^F^bota^live uf all divi^Fiuu~^P iu the A. E. F. save tive. S,0CtAL NOTE 1 Chlurid,o ~f Ihne for disinfeetio~ ^l '~J'" ~ p^u^rp^uP^eS i^P a~ilablo in any reason I designated as Divi^Piun Welfare.Otlicer able ouautity desited and ~na^Y be ul, I in a recent order issued at head- taine^d frum Divis~on Q. lil. upo bu;trtera, f$evonty Nintht Division. requisition. ., MOUE FOR 5TH CORPS SOCIETY lS ORGANIZED This Di^Yislon Was iu Fil~h '^LVhon Aloutianeon Fell ~FFICER~ AND MEN ELIGIBLE ... .. ~ .. ~ ... .. . ~ . ~ . Ala^lor denoral Sumu^lerul I Honor nry Pre~ideot ol Or^uu^l^lizutio .HLIP lor i)L~lre~sed Fau^lliir . P^la^l^lu^Ld by Fou^l^lders Organizatiuu of tho Soeiety of th I'ifth Curps, A. E. 1'., has been pe h3ctel au.t uUicers aud u~on of th ~eveuty Niuth whu havo sorvud a auy du e uudur the F,fth are elig~hl iur u~e~nbershi^P. Tb~ divisiou wa undor euutrul uf the L'ifth Aru^v Curps ~hru ^Ihe ^r~gh~iu^u iue^ldent tu ^Ihu ^Lahu ut ~luu^lfaueun, fru~u So^l^Jtou~her 2a t ^octuher 1, 1^9IS. A^p^l^J^l^ie^At^i^un^s fru ~ueu~bers uf the 8eventy N~uth sbuul be furw^Rn^led tu Capt. Viuueut A Carrull, Fiehl ArLillory, U. S. A. As~istaut t~-1. 1u a circnlar issued by the Sueiet it is stateu that the purpuses aud u uets uf the urgauizaLiun shall be: T per^le~na^Lo tlte ueun,ries uf aetiv ^Fcrviee with the Fil'^Lh t:urps iu Frauee o pru~uutefratorual ^ree^liug a~nuug ^Ihe ueuubers ^Lhoreuf: lu aid aud assist al ,uur aud distressed u~eu~hers, their ives uud ehildreu; to help prvvide .~r c~npluy~ueuL lur ^Lhe ~ue~ubers of he'$uc~uty iu the Uuhed S^lates aud ~, p^losurve the ^iue^luury uf, an.^l esn~bli^Rlmuuun~ueu^l^R tu ^Ihu fall^qn. Othor uhjeets aunuuueed are tu ,,ll^qc~ ~ue~ueutues uf servieo iu Frauee: u ^Inuvido ^Luarkor~ ur u~uuu~ueuLs al rueial poiuts uu ^Ihe banle tield^q ^ur hu F~l'^lh Cuq~^R: tu pubhsh a u~e~uurial .n~laiuiug uhituarios uf all uffieer^A a,.d u,eu kille t tu aetiuu or whu died u WuUUUR dur^Lug u ,ora~^Lou^q ul ^Lhe Fd^lh Curps au^l^l tv p b^li^bh aunually obimario9 uf u~e~uber~ whu may die. Thuse wishh~^f^4 ^Lu join ^Ihe 8ucie~y should furwa^ld live franes to Ca, taiu t;arrull al divisiuu head,^luar^lers Thu ~uuney will cuver u^De year's dues. Al'Ler ^Lhat, u uuuy ubli^Fa^lious will n~t exceed twu d.Ja~rs annuallv. The ffieurs of Ihe S~oie^ly ut ~he Fifib Curp^q are, Houurary Presidehl, ~i ~jur l;oueral (;. P. Suunuerall, cuu^lu^lan,th~g ^Ih~ ~li~lh C,,r^l~^F: Pre~ideut, Brig. Geu. Wilsou B Burtt; Vice-Preside,,t, Cul. ILogiuald L. P'usto, 52d Piuueer h~^raot~y; Socru^lary, ~fajur Edwatl Oavauaugl~, In^rautry; Trescuror, L^!.. Cul. S. l). Pepper. J. A. G D; Regis^Lrar, \I~ jo~ ~arry C. Kaufriqg^i,A. G. I)., aud Ili~to~hFli;'C'~l~ Gii~ge~ M Ru~sell, Goueral ~i^Lab. CONCERNiNG CORRE^5PONDEN~^s. Correspondents of this pnper in n~ost ^O^r the omDts are fail~ng to seud u^q iten~s ol iutere^St concern~ ing tl~eir Unils. The Editors are anxiou~ to pr int news coucerning fi~dividuals tUruout the diviiiun but they ~vill not start the correspondeuce fealure of the paper unt^LL the ne~vs eo^lues in better. Do a little bustiine, Correspon~ dents. Get ont and gather the dope. When vou write it, make it sbort and to tfie point. We'll do our part but ^\ve're not rnnning any ^l~a~^Dfat sbeet and we waut real stull: Mention na^Lne^s in your stuff and sboot it in. Get Bnsy. 79TH IS ORDEREO Those Who Have ^Been 111 wlll Typboid Within O^l^lo Year Exempted This is the open seasun for inoeula iuus against typhuid aud paratyphoi ^rever~ iu the Seveu^Ly Ninth and every uue whu ha^q no^L beon ill wi^Lh ei^lhe ~^li^Rea^se within a year or heeu inueu lated withiu LWU months must go thr he procecs. .\ledieal eorps uffieer hruuut ^Ihe division already hav ar^Led tu wurk on offieers and me~ like. Reeent order^f on ^Ihe snbjee^L, issue ou~ divisiun head^(^luarters, point ou hat all une^!nhers uf the A. E. P. mw be inoeu^la^Led uulos^q they are iu th xeu~^l~ted elass. 'Ih.~se whu have een ^Inereed withiu ^Lwo tuouths mus^L pre6eut dotu~ueutary proof uf ^Iheir reatu~eut. lt is direc^Led iu divi^Fiuu rders that overy eff,,r^L be ma,le t~ have euLire eou~uua^l^lds iuueulated al he sa~ue ti~ue. ~ ·~Uuit cu^lu~ua~dors''~ reads Ordors Nu. ~t1 H^qa,lquarter~ 7'J^Lh Divishm, \lareh ll, i'JIY, ·'~ be respou^qiblu ^Iha^L evorv u~au is h^l~culu^led a^q ^Fyuu as prae^L^Leahle by Iho 31ed^leal Olhcer aLLaehed tu the eu^lu~uaud; iu u^lher ius^La^L^iees, hy tlte ~iedical Olficor furu^lsh^n~g uuudical atteudauee. It is lu be uu^led ^Ihere is uo age lfiniL". "Unit eo~n~uander^i' ^Lhe order cuuti^U^Uo^F, '~will su^qpend all hut Ih^q uece~sary duth~s uu Lhe day tulluwiu^D he iuuculaliun". LIAISON COUIISE OPENEO Anuther course of instruclion i iaisuu between iufautry and airplaue ~eued Tnosday al ^Ihe Flying Field i oul. Th~cuurse will eud tomurruw elails frou~ the variuus uni^L9 in th ivisiun ^let^L fur Tuul in trueks Mouday. ix ulfiee^Ls aud i U2 enlisted men wer rdered Lu takc tho conrse whieh in cludes Irips in the air for ^Ihe of ^Lieers YOUR FONE'S RING~Gt Ever thot of "Si^ffnals" wl^lo sits at the ^C^e^lttral swiLchboard riugh~g ~Itat ^loti^e~ 01 eourse you 1~aveu't. I~ you had~ you'd jump wheu the pha~ue rang. When you don't jump, yoy are slowing dowu HIS g^atne^audl^l^eistryingtogive~^OU (and some others) Metropolitau service. Some job iu Souilly! ~ Dou't need a diagram wiLh this, do you'1 ~PLAY BALL!" ^1 MEET US HALFWAY ANSWER YOUR ~HONE PRO~dPTLY (Signed) THE~DIVISION SIGNALS q MARSHAl FOCH PRAISES A. E. F. IN PARIS TALK ^nelnrs to ~lontirueon In Glvln^u Credit to A merlcuns SECRETARY LANSING SPEAKS 1. Andro Tardleu Addresses Those l'resent.General Btliss nDd Admlrul ^Be^Dson Also ^rhore _Our Arnt^y~ lls Leaders and ttl^Pn T~nel~l Mar^s^lta^l Foch, speaking at a dinergiveu recently in Paris to the ~tnerieaa peace delegatiou at the nter-Allied P~ess Club. pa^ld triute to tlte Americat^l soldiers iu rance at^ld reterred to tlte stirring eeds of the oll;cers attd men who ook Montfaucott. At the eonclusion of liis addt ess, he proposed a toast to "the American Army, it's' leaders and it's men." The French militaty leader reviewed in Itis ^s^pee^c^lt the achievements of the Atnericau divistons nt Chateau-Tl~ierry and Belleau Wood~ itt the vicLotious otlettsive of July 1918; itt tbe victorious ftgltting iu the St. Mihiel salient; at Mo^ntfaucou, Gtand-Pre, Buzaucy aud Beaumont and also, among other oteworthy services, in the work of o-opet ating witl^l the British in r eaking tlte Hiurlenburg Line. '~Thus" said the Allied leader, 'tlte Americnn At my, supported by a Goverumeut resolved to figbt the war to a tinish, repaid the visit made by L:tFa^vette to a uasceut coutttty aud heiped to bring about n art^Ttistice which w.15, in elTect, a ~ttme^sa^le stirten^uer. Ttte Government of Frauce was epresented at the dinner by M. ndre Tardieu, who was Itead of he Fren^c^lt war commission iu tbe nited SLates. He spoke, as di^d obert Lattsin r, Secretary of State ot tbe Uttited State^fi. Otlters present at the ~onction included General Per^Phing, General Tasker H. Bliss attd Admiral Benson. PLAN GOLF TOURNEY Competltlon In Nleo and ^aannes l~robubly In Aprll Now, ain't you sorryyoudidn'tietch your clubs aluug? Gol^r is ^Ihelatostadditioo tothe growh~g list of real sports being cncouraged in the A. E. F. to make this man's army a right good place to live iu Very good ~dea, say wo, andwe re fur il It is anuouuced iu a recout divisiott daily or~er ^Ihat ten^bei^\e plaus aro be^i^i~R ~nado fur goll'touruamcnts in Nico aud Cannes arouud tho twontieth of April. Two counpetitors fro~n each division, cor^D^fi aud army, and al^Go from the S. O. S., will bo anthorisod to play. And, glorybe, absonce of a P^!^aY^e^r Sro~n bis oulbt will not bo connted as leave. Natnes, rank and organizations of officera desiring to competo must bein the office of the division adJutant by ~Iaruh 27. There's a lut uf good golf country around here. A few followors of tho good uld gamo alroady havo pickod out groundsinIssoncuurt. But, theylaak clubs And balls. Go to it, you gulfors. We can't tcll you whcthcr tho Schcnoctady pntt'er wlll be allowed in Canncs or Nice. Will it be nlce if they cannos tho t~choncctady? Phewl 1 ^Pi^L^SJo 4 ·~ ~ ~ ~ O R R AIN E ~ R 088 T~URBDAY, M~R^dH ~0,191^g TWO FIGHT~tRS PL~CE IN BIG TOUL C~RNIVA~ Kaiser and Sullivan Wip P^ln^Ge on Second Army Team OTHER PLACES STILL OPEN Another Elirnination Ne~t Week on t Ac^Gonnt of Se^Yenty Ninth Men's Failutreto Make Weight in Three Classes l~t tho Socond Arnny Buxing lournament held a^L Toul Munday aud Tuesday, ^Ihe Seventy Ninth landed twu men on ^Ihe artn^y teatn~ while tbe final decision in ^Ihreo weig^ltt^fi will bo beld n until next week, ott accounl of the fact i~ thal ^Ihis division's eottie^P were sligh^L- st Iy overweigltt. Tlte banta~^Dweigbt ; ti^lle also Itolds over, as ~IcGmk bruke 1~ his band ~louday nig^lt^L Tho tnett ei who landed plaeo^i Otl ^Llto Leatn woro I Fay Kaiser aud K. O. Sullivan, bulb u in ^Lhe hoav^Ywoigh^L class. Ut Thuse who were allowed another li week to ge^L in cunfitiuu were Cava- b. naugh, ~Villie INtche, aud Eddie Re- w voire. Tltese men will go lo Toul noxt w week to figh^L ^Ihe r^un^Lter^s^-^u^p of ^Ihi^P B weok's olintinalion. . F Wlhnt n "Rep" Does tl The fact ^Ihat ^Ihese woi~hls were held opon was a special concession t,, the Seveuly Ninth, and was pruhahl on aecuunt of ^Iho reunarhahle reuu^Latiun the boxhtg leaun has tttadc for Rselt dnring the Linno i^L has heen trainiug Col. Josoph H. Thuntp^Poo, who had eharge of the Toul figh^ls, said he was hoiding thO woigh^Ls upett hecause Ite wanlod to he ah^s^u^l^u^l^o^l^y suro the Seoon Army had on i^Ls teatn ^Ihn hest tnaleri al available, and from wha^L he ha 4eard of ^Lhe Seventy Niuih stable, he thonght it would tnakc a sLrung hid for a olace on ^Lho Arut^Y toann Fay Kaisor, of tite 313th Iafan^Lry s^Gored ^Lwo knockuu^Ls, ono un Munda -njgh^L, and ^Lhe o^Lher on Tuesday night He was iu splendid foru, and nei^Lhe of tho two men wlto tne^L him were an match for him at all. He onlclasse thetn in every dtttparttnentof ^Iho game and each of ^Lhotn ^Luok tlte counl as rosult of his hard ^hi^t^ti^n6 K. O. Sullivao, whilo Ito did no scoro a knockuuL, was oasily ^Iho sup eriur uf tho man he me^L uu Tuosd nighL Ile no^L only oulpuiuted hitu bu^L hannu ored hhu ^Lo ^Lhe poin^L where ho was practically hclple^fis To Receive Jtf e~lnls Each of thcso two tnen will rcceive modals sig^Difying ^Lhat they are un ^Ihe boxing leam oi' ^Iho Secund Aruuy. Modals in ^Iho hantautweight, fea^Lherweigh^l~ and tn^i^d~^tleweigh^L clas^Fos will not bo hnally awar tod uu^Li^l the ~evon^Ly Ninth ~non havo t^heir fiual Ity noxt woek. McGurk's figh^L showed li^L^Lle of the capacily of either tnan, for the buut bad hardly got under way when ^Ihc Seveu^Ly Niu^Lh bantantweigh^L broke his hand and had to stop, Particular interest centers nround Eddie Revoire's fighL next week, and Tun my Cranston the divisioa, boxiug inPLrnctor, will tnake evory eff.,rl n, 4ring hitn down lo ^Lho ^Weig^ht. If Revoiro wins nex^L week, as is altnoct cortain if bo can tnake ^Lhc weight, hcwill ovon^Lua^l^b mee^L Mike O'Duwd, ^Lhe claitnaut to the tnBldleweighL title Revoire has alroady issuod a challengc to O'Duwd, and tltoso wh,t have soeu bo^lh men wurk believe ^Lhe Seventy Ninth tnan cau lan.l the title. O'L'uwd'^P ah^i^l^i^l^-^y is cuncedqd, but i^L is holievod tbat Revoiro's speod, experience, and hitiin^R ahilily will enablo hhu to win the fight Ritchio and Cavanaugh should have no trouble in getting off the required .~ LINE UPI Needles and pins, Needles and pins; When they ~hink of typhoid ^Your tronble bogins. . numher of pourtds hy nexl week, a hu^lh uf ^Ihetn aro only a shade over t~t liue, and ran take uff weight wi^Lhou tnaterially lotting s^lreng^Lb FRENCHMEN ARE DEFE~TED AGA~ ~. Our Boxers ^rake Anoth.tr Strino oli!~tl~:i^3t in Bon~s In Paris ^ Figh^ling a card which was mado up ~nus^lly..f 7'tth men, the division boxlug loatn added anu^Lher clean~ up ^Lu itP ^Ptring of viclurios a^L ^Iho Nuuvoau Cirsue do l'aris la^P^L Friday nigltt, whon t^he Lurraine Cross rnitt uueu dofea^Led eigh^L Freuch~uen, socnred a draw, and IUSL one figlt ^L. This ntarks ^Lhe fttsl linne auy nnau tn ^Iho ^Leatu has boen dofeated. Eud- . Iie Cavanaugh, figh^Ling Bura, a Freuc . buxer, ran inl,, sunte^Lhtng fasl, an . whilo ^Iho f~h^L was cluse, ^Lho dccisiu was givott ^Llto Fren^chtt^tan on puinl . Ben Koch sailed intu Bailly, anothc Frencbu~en, and knuekod hinn ont i he firs^L round ot ^Lho f ght . Pruhahly the hes^L figh^L ot ^Iho oveu ing was ^Iha^L helwocn Willie Ritchi a^l^ld Marcel Dcuis. Bu^Lh aro light weighls, and hu^lh uncorked aLremou uns amuuul of speod and hitting puw ar. Aftor ten hard ruunds, the figh waa callod a draw. The other division hoxers wbo par ^Licipated, all uf whor~ ~.vun, were: l~er gnson, lliukle, l~evuire, McGnrk Kaiser, 9uliivan~. and Juhnuy Dundee ~ ._ BALL SE~SON I^g OPENED IN 315t .. Cooks Wallop Signal Mon with Fox's "Grease" Twirl ' The ~Belly Rubhers," ^Ihe 1Iead quarters Cum^l~an^s^Y Cooks in the 31tth aud the ·~Guld Br^icks," ^L,ho signal pla toon men, played a rip-s~prtiug gam uf baseball which resnlted ip a scure M 7 lu 4, ^Lhe higb tally heH~ made b ^Ihe cuukies. Thoir ylayiu knocke~ in^Lo a cocked haL ^Lho s^Lury ~ at a cuu cannot du any^lhiug hu^L ruake sln^ln. "Sanilary" h'ux, pitchor for tb cooks, added suap tu the ga^lue wi^L his justly fauuous ·'grease hall." 11 had seventeeu strike-ou^ls to his credi when ^Lhc ga~nc ca^tue tu an end. Cur pural Mr(~ar^lo^l^ly's signal uicn pu up a stilT fighL bu^L.well, ^Iho scur ^Lells the sn.ry Bell and Roese di~ guud w^Ork fur tho Guld Bricks. S di.l Kaypol. Now, what we wan^L to ar,k th yunug tnan who handed us a wrillm memo ol ^lhegau^ie is this..wheu di ^Lho ga^luo take placo and where? Thn and ylace are' very i~nportar.^L in ^Ih day's news. Cmr.pris, soldal? READY FOR MOTOR SHOW (^coneluded Front Pn^uo Ouo)~ ordered. The execu^Live commiltee in cha of arrangemants G~r the day is made uf Cul. James F. Barber, cmuma^luli ^Iho 304^l^h Engineers, chairman !4aju Alexander E. Palter^Fu^l^i, 312^L^b Fiel Artillery; Majur ~Y. T. R. Prico, 304t Divi^Piuua^l l;up^l.ly Train: Capt. Lh~y M. Cregur. Diviviunal M. T. O. au Linut. Juhn F. t'hoate,304th~Lmrr,-uni tion Train. Captain Viucent A Carrol ~ssistant G.1, is officer in charge the show. FIELD TOURNEY FOR NEXT WEE~ Division Ath^leti^G Meet to bo Hold in Few Days at Souilly A. E. F. CONTEST SOON Appropriate Prizes to be Given Win ners.Fast Men E~peoted to Pnt .In Appearance.Four New Stop watches Receired Division Field and Track games will be held at Souilly one day of next week.probably Wednesday. Arrangements are r apidly being~ completed w^l^Lereby all tbe organizations of the division will have entries, and probably some fast material will show up. The division tneet is preparatorY to Ihe Army Fiehl Day whiclt wi~l be held sorne thne about the frrst ol April. Individual ptizes will be given to winnet s of lir st place in each event of the divisienal meet, and.to the wim~ers oi first, second, and third places in the A. E. F. championship contest. In connection wilh the tneet, the ~ivision has received four new stopwatches. The events in next week's meet are as follows: I. 100-yard Dash. 2. 220-yard Dash. 3. 4b0-yard Run. 4. 880-yard Run. 5. One Mile Run. 6. Modified Marathon-8 miles. 7. l~!0-yard Hi~h Hutdles. 8. 220-yard Lo~u Hurdles. 9. Running High Jump. 10. Running Broad Jump. ll. Standing Broad Jump 12. Runuh~g Hop, Step and Jump. 13. Pole Vault. | 1~ T~iEi T~il3ATi~P¢S Highly complimentary re~ports have come ach on the recuption ot Iho 31^2^l^h F~e^!d rtillery shoou m^l lhe N^luC^I Corys emcu^lt. he hit it mado m^!tl^i the qorps has earued t an engagemo^l^it on tl,a Secnnd Army c cnit, where It is schednled to rnn a monU^I Slim Kellam, aPer a bricf stay wdh us as pulled out again lor t^J^Ie Army clrcu^lt The 312Ui Machine Gmi!sho~u is also 0 ha road, and Iha 101~h Field Signal BaL alim^i sl^iom is p agb^lg in Verdun. The neuu shou^ls h^i the division for th comh^lg meek are: Thu Harmm^iy Four.~h^l ee ladies an ona lonesome man. prasenting Ugl musical uumbe^ls. Tha ^Cyliuder Four.Tmn ladies and an nther lonesnme man ) We nndcrsland Number Four~fs 111. Al so a musiral rhouu, Tlie tder^ly Mo:^l^lebanhs-Two ladiesan yet ona mora lonesmue unan. A sor^L 0 cmobinatio^l^l music, vaudeville, an co:nedy att.^lir, trom mhat 71^i^e hear o! :t Dr. Fred Gates. tlumorous lecture o ^B^le rural problem.~uhatever at is. 351s^L ^In^rantry.A minstret sh witl 26 men. Tt^le follouuiag divisional shmns are stil ~Oilll US; t l^ilinstrels 310tb Field Artillery Shoru. 311tb ^r^i^lachine Gnn satta^l^i^on Sb~oru. SpeciaBies 315th Intantry, "Salvage and Souvenir." l'his sl^lon^l had i^Ls pramia: e last week belora a distinguishad audionce. I^L goes ont ^Or llia 315th circnit next u^leck. Headquartars, 31fith h^l^lantry. ^Tt^la VinHlanc Joi^l^l^l. Still goh2g as slrong as avar. 14. Pulling Ihe Shot.161 s. 15. Thro~uing the Discus. Ifi. ThtouuingtheJa^Nelin. 17. 88^o^-N~ardRe^la^yRa6e(4men~ 18. One-^blile Relay Ra~ e~/~ men~ 19. Medloy Relay Rac~^?(4 mtm) a. O^i^ie tnan ruus 220 yards. b One man runs 440 yards. c. One man runs i~?50 ^yD^r'^dS. LET T~E DOGS FIGHT IT OUT 3161b nnd 31$1b ^nuve Rlval Gaulues nud Bolh llave Fantllles ~rlURPHY AND PHILLIE liroout Artlcle lo Tll~ LORItAINE l:l~OSF3 11as Proanpted 31^aitb St^?r~^?a^u^l IO Glve tbe PedIqree and ~ocompllsbutenls ol litls Aulu^lal A raeenl articla in THE LORRAINE CRO:~S on ~Murphy, tha dug of Cum,auy G, 313th h~^rautry, has inspirod S^?ergea^l^i^l J.,hu J. Davi^Y, Compaoy A, ^s~b^Lh Iufant^ly, ^Lu wri^Le u^q a ^le^Ltar giviug ^Lho hi~^Lury uf l'hillie, hi~ CUUpany's dug, which ha says ha thhtks coPrrveS'~a lfiLla publieity." The articlo ha refius tu was in tho ssua ot lobruary 2U, aud read^q as ulluws: '~Company G, of the 313^L^h Infantry, ill suuu bo receiving eougra^Luiafioua n the hiith of a lot uf li^Ble Murphies u Murphy, ^Iho blaek-and-^Lan purp hey ^Look all over ~rauco wi^Lh ^lhatn uouu Cauup'alaa,la. ~B^Ias^Yingi on thaa, li^L^Llo Murph; Yuu'vo doua vuur bit To 'dll ^Iha earth.Q Sargcant Davic says: ~In one of y~mr la^P^L e liLious I nulioed whe^le a ,u^lfi^L lays elai:u ^Lo haviug ^Ihe ouly Ame^l^Lean ^C^A^I^Iiue tha^l ea,ue acruss, weul thruugb the fi^ghth^lg, and is still a meu^lher uf ^Ihe ou^lh^L.'' Ho ^lhe^lt goes ou to say tha^l Phillie, the r om~,anv's dog, joiuod thu aru.y at Canup eadu, nuarehed in Lhu l a^l^Lhnure parda, erossed ^ihe pond, weut nver tho t ~, eau o back whole, and has had YOV~ pup^l^lias, ura u^r wbtch is racan^L dcceased. As a mattar of fac^L, ^Ihe arliclo he uieuliuns did noL say auy^Lhing abont ........~. ~I. A ..: ... ~. ~_. . ~ _ . ~ . d One man runs I^be mpe. 20. Tu^F-of-War (1'2 man tei~m, I extra as Captain. LaUer t^l^Ot to pull). 1 ~ $~$ ~ $~$ ^T^l^lo sw i ming scason witt bo tbe naxt ^Ihin~ n gct interested io. If tho dope is all ^PtraiglW, wa'll ba baeh in fime rm ~^La^l Fourtl^l ^h^l'July,lrip to.old Llant~c: r~ ~ But iPs ^g^o^inB lo ba hot in the meantima. ^All tbo^Ya desirb.g tu go ^Ywimn^ii^l^lg nax^l u^l^ld:~y will ^rid^l uu^l nt nb^lo o'eluck on be banh ..l thc canal in idenlication tagj. ismi^dsed! Joe Ferguson gol d^i^sq^ua^l^inad down in oul, h^l Iha buxing, lor nut torch~^6 u,r gl~ling auuugl^i. ,. TDa abova is allegad to ba n joka. It h tima to laugh. Tha ra^ra^l ao may hava baan ~ighl; lla ce.lainlg ou^yh^l to k^lm~v But oha job we dm^l't want t Is lo stall nlong with Joa. I^L appaars we are really going to hava a goB team. The chic^r cl.arm ^O^r tha ga^l^l^la~ it srams, i9 tbat it a^l^rcrd^d such spla^l^ldid exercise valhing aller tl~e ball. Bnt i^L basa't got anytl^li^l^l^6 m^l Lhat Satur lay alarc^l^l, IbOUgll. Gol^ris ce^lh^linlg b^lvely, ; It^i ex~ rcisa you'^la sure lo liha. Bnt jn^dt lal tham lOllow tha Caplain On tbat twanty kitometra bike. Tomorrow is tha first day ol spring Al iaa^dt it is barh in Gml's country. ~ Tba thing ^I^O taa sean nnw is whether ha~e a Ynr^in^v ovrr in u~is nnek ar ii;e;^v^oO^d^s~ r----^O _ _ __ 31any are tha haar^ls ^T^l^lat are waary lonight, Wahfi^lg rm llm mud to dry; 'aL^I^l^ly are tbc ~hnas~ ^Wai^li,,^Y ^la^l a shina- J "Give us graasa" tbeir insteps ery. At any rale, it'll ba a relial not to hava lo wear sn~ae ol tho^Ya ~weate^l s. e T^l^lera is a young ma^l^l in tha Sig~.al Corps wl:o has ona l~e use~ as a cuiqhh^la^lion ~igh^l-sl^lirt and root w;^lrmar. .~ It is so lon^6 it comaa down and wraps r,.nn,l his feal. Tha ph^lg-pong Iragua ~oasn't sho~u any igns ot abatemanl. ,~ It is r eall^Y a t~ eal to ha.i Sergeant t:ohen, ^I tha Q. ~L, tall u^lha^L sCipnum~^Y exarci^qe be gamo is, and houu mueh ufind il lahes 0 play The ping-pm^lg player^i ought to siL dom^l^l nd have a gomt gama o~,^An^l^hnr^Y evrry orning, ~uilh tOls ol pep~,/~ get ^I^l^lem into ondi^liun. ~ Then, alte^l ahont two ~veeks, a liltle npe-skipping. Jim Jeff^riea~^Y^rd to try that. ^Ping.^l^long, Aulho~ s, Skipping Ropel We ruill tuin, 1~^hould hopal .^ur ^u^u ^y uu^t, · .^/,. cver cau^le aeru^Ps, hn^l just fur the sako ut gu^l^lin^6 ^Lhi^i Cm~lruverPy ^Pe^L^L|ed TIIIE 1.01tltAINls (:ItO.$~;has ^Ihctollowh^lg ~UggOSliOU tu :nakc: GOL Iho IWo ~iugR U~^F^eL^hO^r. Wi^l^h ^Iheir ro~pec~ ^u^ve fami^lics,.assu:uh~p thAt i~, ^Ihat urpl^ly'^P family arrire: por schedulo~ pllL ^Ihm^l^l all iu .~ O. l. cau, ha^lu^luer he Ihl duwn, aud la^L ^Iham fight il ou^L r a half hour. Al. ^Ihe ex,oiraLiun ot l^la^L ti~e, rc:~ .ve th.: li~l, rull ^O^U^L ^Lho utcnLY uf ^Il^le eau, aud oouut up ^Lho orvivor^Y. The ^PL^Ie ^Iha^L haR ^Ih-: unust eil will, of courso, bo doclarod winnar. E~SON'S FlRST GA.UE IS PL.~YE~ Compauy L, 316~h Infsntry, Sta^Jes First Baseball Coutest Thc first haseh^AII gamo of tho 316th ufautry sea^Yon wa^q playod A weok go ^la^Rt Suuday, wbon ^Iha privalos ot uuupauy L, ol ~ha 31 fi^lh defeated the ou-commi^Y^Yinuod officers by ^Iho score f 1ff tn 1u. Thore WAP nolack of ^ficnringonei^lhor sido. Oondi^lio^Dsutthe ficht mnde it ucce^P^sary ^Lo play wi^Lh an iuduor basehall: hu^L in spite uf ^Ihis, somo fast wurk was pulled nff every nnw and L^hC^n. UUIIIIh~:lASI iuuing, ^Lho ou^Leu:uo WAP in douh^L L,r tho score had ^Per-s: wcd ^rr,uu one side to ^Ihe uthor. ~^TbP^l^l IhU fiOal SCPS;OU cau^l^q ar~uud, huweve^l, th~^l privalei gul bu^Py wi^lh ~hc ^P^lick aml eh~uted uut onm~^6h safe hi^l^Y to hrh^lg iu five rnns. Compauy L will put a ^loarn in the field, and expeots to shuw soute roal basoball.

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