Log Cabin Memorial - Veterans 314th Infantry Regiment A.E.F.

Veterans of the 314th Infantry - pre-1935 Directory (undated)

Although this directory is undated, from R. V. Nicholson letter (below) we can now date this Directory to 1921,
before the Memorial Cabin was re-erected at Valley Forge.
Because we have two other directories to compare it to: 1935 and 1948.
Specifically, there are two hand-written (fountain pen ink) changes for Company C (page 7), including for Robert B Dingler:
This undated Directory 1935 Directory 1948 Directory
120 Wilson St Jersey Short, PA.
hand-written change to: 1406 locust St. J.S. (Jersey Shore)
1406 locust st Jersey Shore, PA 554 Locust Ave Phila 44 Pa

Please note, as stated at the bottom of page 1, the presence of an asterisk "*" indicates "address unknown".
One feature which makes this directory different than the later ones: this one is sorted by Company, the other directories are sorted by last name.
I do suspect this Directory was a helpful reference to the Veterans because
the presence of a thumbtack hole in the upper-left corner, indicates this was probably kept handy by hanging on a wall.
This small booklet was printed on pages which are 6" wide x 9" tall,
so you are most likely seeing considerably enlarged (intentionally for clarity of the small font) on your screen right now.
Veterans of the 314th Infantry - Directory (undated) - Cover
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Veterans of the 314th Infantry - Directory (undated) Page 7
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Veterans of the 314th Infantry - Directory (undated) Page 9
Veterans of the 314th Infantry - Directory (undated) Page 10
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Veterans of the 314th Infantry - Directory (undated) Page 19
Veterans of the 314th Infantry - Directory (undated) Page 20
Veterans of the 314th Infantry - Directory (undated) Page 21
Veterans of the 314th Infantry - Directory (undated) Page 22
Veterans of the 314th Infantry - Directory (undated) Page 23
Veterans of the 314th Infantry - Directory (undated) Page 24
Veterans of the 314th Infantry - Directory (undated) Page 25
Veterans of the 314th Infantry - Directory (undated) Page 26
Veterans of the 314th Infantry - Directory (undated) Page 27
Veterans of the 314th Infantry - Directory (undated) Page 28
Veterans of the 314th Infantry - Directory (undated) Page 29
Veterans of the 314th Infantry - Directory (undated) Page 30
Veterans of the 314th Infantry - Directory (undated) Page 31
Veterans of the 314th Infantry - Directory (undated) Page 32
Veteran of the 314th Infantry - R. V. Nicholson letter accompanying Directory
Veteran of the 314th Infantry - R. V. Nicholson letter accompanying Directory
Veteran of the 314th Infantry - R. V. Nicholson letter accompanying Directory
A mechanical OCR version of the pages above are presented here:

[Page 1 follows]


Officers of the 314th Infantry Association

R. V. Nicholson, 213 E. Upsal St., Gtn., Philadelphia, Pa.



J. T. Labrum, 2454 Cedar St., Philadelphia, Pa.


William N. Way, 5835 Catherine St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Joseph Baldi, 2nd, Green Lane, Roxboro, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Theo A. Beadle, 1314 N. 55th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Robert H. Brigham, 7112 Boyer St., Gtn., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Joseph P. Browne, 819 N. 48th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
John F. Conrad, 116 N. Dewey St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Thomas S. Craven, Ashmead Place, Gtn., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Joseph R. Cushing, 2511 S. 20th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Warner E. Doran, 2211 Rittenhouse St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
I. H. Earl, 3233 N. 25th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Paul Esling, 6306 Overbrook Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
L. Leroy Field, 409 S. 61st St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
T. Bromley Flood, Wayne and Horrter Sts., Gtn., Phihdelphia, Pa.
George L. Kelley, 810 S. 58th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Paul E. Mac Farland, 1028 E. Elm St., Gonshohocke~, Pa. 
L. D. L^/LcGlure, Bala, Pa. George B. McKinney, Bala, Pa. 
John J. McMenamin, 502 N. 64th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
J. D. Otley, Norwood, Pa. E. P. Schroyer, 711 S. 56th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
John G. Smedley, 1422 N. Edgewood St., Philadelphia, PA 
Henry M. Smith, 2024 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Thomas H. Stillwell, Wayne, Pa. D. H. Stokley, 6210 Elmwood Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Martin Stone, 3616 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa.

"It's a 1ong, rough road to the end of this life and warm and true friendships are the best steam rollers to smooth out the ruts."     

Note - The character (*) indicates that address is unknown.

[Page 2 follows]


Regimental and Battalion Headquarters

NAME                        ADDRESS

Albert, L. P........~....New Berlin, Pa.

Baldi, Joseph 2nd-....Roxboro, Philadelphia Pa.

Duncan, Harry C..........Merion, Pa.

Frey, Oliver W. .........Overlook Terrace, Allentown, Pa

Gwynn, Major H. M. ... c 0 War Dept. Washington, D. C.

Holdeman, Rev. P. A. . .25 S. Lancaster Ave., Annville,.Pa.

Long, John R.............5249 N. American St., Phila., Pa.

Mayo, Kenneth ...........Land and Tax Office, Erie R. R.,                             Cleveland, Ohio.

Muhlenberg, F. ~.........Presser Building, Philadelphia, Pa.

Murphy, Gerald P.........c!o Montgomery Ward Co., Chicago,                             Ill.

Oury, Col. William H. . . 14th Inf., Ft. Davis, Canal Zone.

Rock, Leo T....; ........419 Factory St., Watertown, N. Y.

Schroyer, F. P...........711 S. 56th St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Stilwell, T. H...........Wayne, Pa.

Tyler, D. H...., ........am Mercer St., Albany, N. Y.

Way~William N............5835 Catherine St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Wym~ard, Norman L. .

Yarn~lle, J. E.

Young, R. L. .

.412 Todd St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. ...614 W. Hill St., Wabash, Indiana. .236 S. 4th St., Lewisburg, Pa. 

[Page 3 follows]



Adkins, W. S., Wayne, W. Va. 
Albany, J. D., Ardmore, Pa 
Albright, C. A,, Loganton, Clinton Co., Pa. 

Alfiera, A., 39 State St., Pae^Yaic, N. J. 
Ambrose, R., Sylvan, Pa. 

Angeolillo, A., 107 John S., West Manayunk, Pa.

Barner, H. W., 129 E. Logan St., Bellefonte, Pa. 

Baltzell, Harry, Wyneote, Pa. 

Bauer, G. E., 310-9th St., Hone^Ydale, Pa. 

Beauparlant, M., 1239 Soeial St., Woonaocket, R. I. 
BengYtOn, J. W., 103 IVY St., New Haven, Conn 
Bennett, W. K., 19 S. Merion Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa 
Bishop, G. M., Chamber^Ybur^g, Pa., R. F. D. No. 4 
Bottorf, C. R., Lock Haven, Pa 
Boucher, N., 12 Rodney St., New Bedford, Mass. 
Bourgeois, F., 96 Kinrich Ave., Woon^Yocket, R. I 
Bowder^Y, W. E., Hager^Ytown, Md., R. F. D. No. 6. 
*Boylan, T. Boyle, E. P., Summit Hill, Pa. 

Boyle, H. C., 210 Moyer Ave., West Conshohocken Pa 
Brennan, J. G., 3612 Bowman St Philadelphia Pa 
Brough, J. L., Box 103, Marion, Pa. 

*Brown, W. T. Butler, George C., 431 W. Erie Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.

*Ca^Parelli, J. Carmod,v, T. J., 579 Hartford Ave., Providence, R. I. #Carroll, W. C. Christian, A. A., Sheflield, Pa Christie, R. D., 1002 Ridge Ave., Pitt^Ybur^gh, Pa. 
Ciccone, A., 4947 Ker^Yhaw Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Cochran, J. D., Hackleberry, Alabama. Cole, F. S., Pleasant Valley, Conn. Conley, T., Chitenango, N. Y. Cannery, W. L., 62 High St., Avon, Ma^Ya Conti, A. C., Renova, Pa. 
Co^Pelin, O. L., Milleratown, Kentucky. Costello, John, Wyndmoor, Cheatnut Hill, Phila., Pa. 
Craig, T. H., 326 E. Eaet St., Waahington C. H., O. Creel, W. M., Nokeaville, Va., R. F. D. No. 2. *Creacienzo, F. Croak, J. W., 667 We^Yt 3rd St., Lock Haven, Pa. 
Cummings, J. D., Roanoke, Ala Curran, A. B., Beams La, Box 228, Northbridge, Ma^Y^Y Cutta, A. L., 213 Forrest Ave., Narberth, Pa., Box 161

D'Angelo, V., 48 Roberta Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pa. 
Dan^Yereau, E. E., 76 Oak St., Wooneocket, R. I Davanti, M., Box 63, Edge Hill Pa Davis, C. B., Red Boiling 9prmg~, Tenn. Route 1. ^#Demeo, A De Naro, A., 227 Sachet St., Brooklyn, N. Y. *De Salvo, C. De Sante, N., Glenn Rd.; Ardmore, Pa., Lo Newbold *De Santi^Y, G. Dietrich, A. B., Ashbourne, Pa. 
Di Jack, N., 764 Railroad Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa. 
Douthwaite, A., Media, Pa., R. F. D. No. 3. Dreachel, C. H., 221-7th Ave., Woon^Yocket, R. I. Driacoll, J. A., 28 W. S^Prin^K Ave., Ardmore, Pa. 
Dulae, J. A., 64 Foley St., Bristol, Conn. Dunn, J. P., 16 Randolph Ave., Poughkeep^Yie, N. Y.

*Edizo, Z Emert, H. S., Youngedale, Pa. 
*Emerton, E. K. Eriec^Yon, V. B., 119 Crown St.~ New Haven, Pa.

Erlichroan, A. I., 1764 N. 13th St., Phila., Pa.

Fabri, C., Scranton, Pa., Box 157, R. F. D. 1 Fargus, Grant., Lock Haven, P Farrell, E. J., 3348 Clearfield St., Phila., Pa ^F^jer^hmano^C NA 313 W. Spring Ave., Ardmore, Pa

Fox, V. L., Tem^Ple, Pa. 
Frabiccatore, L., Rockland Ave., West Manayunk, PA

From, C P. Mill ^H^n^a^l^l°^np^A^a^V^e^R ^A^F^Y^b^bo^urne, Pa. 
Fuaaelman, P., Ardmore, Pa., c^lo Counties Gaa Of

Gaines, F. L., 236-6th St., Renova, Pa Gallagher, P. L., 2646 Cedar Ave., Minooka, P Garbrick, R. F., Mill Hall, Pa Gaul, S. M., Caco^Yain^g Ave., Sinkin^R Springs, Pa Gelvvick^Y, R. L., 610 Elder St., Chamber^Ybur^g, Pa Gerlinger, C.,637 N. 44th St., Philadelphia, Pa Minter, D. L., Montour^Yville, Pa., R. F. D. 2 Gione, F., 231 Woodbine Ave., Narbe^l'th, Pa Gloor, C. F., 221 Taylor St., Taylor, Pa Gordon, W. H., Mas^Yena, Iowa, c o Mr^Y. Chaa. Biaae^l^L Goren^Rtein, M., 746 Elm St., New Haven, Conn Grady, C. L., 3611 Queen Lane, Phila., P Graham, F. H., 404 Centre St., Wi!kinsburg, Pa Graham, G. M., 209 N. 2nd St., Sunbur^Y, Pa Gray, D., 2308 Locu^Yt St., Phila., Pa. 
Grea^Ker, W. W., 116 S. 2nd St., Shamokin, Pa Greenberg, S., 36 Vernon St., New Haven, Conn Greenlee, J. J., 619 Old Lanca^Yter Rd., Haverford, Pa. 
Green^Ytone, S., 462-2nd Ave., New York Cit^Y Griffin, W. J., 104-8 W. 42nd St., New York CitF, N. Y., Lo American Radiator Co.

*Hater, S. F Hamilton, A. B. 93 Ivy St., Nevv Haven, Conn *Hanna, C. L. Hardbayer, H. G., 3036 Landia St., Pittab~rg, PA Herbert, M., Beaver Meadow, Pa Hoover, Carl, Mill Hall. Pa Howea, E. S., 116 W. Emeraon St., Melroae, Maw

Inaall, R. H., Horace Ave., Abington~ Pa.

Jackson, B. F., Cynwyd, Pa. 
Jensen, H., 122 S. Allen St., Albany, N. Y. Johnson, F. O., Liberty, Pa., R. F. D. No. 2, Johnson, M. M., Winated, Conn.

Kelly, J: J., Cynwyd, Pa. 
Kemp, J. J., Main St., Eutztown, Pa Kettenrin^K, J. W.. 327 Windaor Ate., Narberth, Pa. 
Eumnick, A., 148 Lewis Ave., Mefiden, Conn Eurz, W. A., 2417 W. Elkbart St., Phila., Pa.

Lahart, J. F., 192 Weat St., Leno:c, Maas Lalb, A., 2127 Seara St., Philadelphia, Pa.

*Lancelotta, T En Lan^Kelotta, M.; 32 Tillinghaat Ave., Natick, Rig h Leach, J. P., 70 Vine St., Brockton, Mass Lefebvre, I., 104 Neuland Ave., Woonaocke11, R. Leitner, C. C., Richland, Pa ^sLe Marier, B. ' Mingle, J., Spring Mills, Pa differs, A, C., 264 Britannia St., Meri~en, Connie

[Page 4 follows]


Bard, H. Ash^hournc Rd., Ashbourne, Pa. 
~at, P., 1934 S. Fitzgerald St., Philadelphian Pa. 
Lundy, J G. B., 629-4th St., Union Hill, N. J.

~MacDonald, L. E. .Mackie, J. W., 172 Summer St., Springfield, Mass. McGinnis, W., Churoh Rd., Willow Grove, Pa. 
Maguire, Hugh T., 3412 Ain^O^Iie St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
hlanion, E'. P., Ogontz, Pa. 
Mann, E. E., 907 Manton Ave., Providance, R. I. #Mann, E. W. Marino, A., 76 Bates St., Revere, Mass. Marr, A. C., 203 E. 7th St., Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Martin, J. F., Vine St., Pt. Pleasant, W. Va. Martinoik, J J., 173 Center St., Meriden, Conn. Maslow, A., 16 Hickory St., Meriden, Conn. Matheny, W. R., Harrisville, W. Va. Matthews, C. H., Peckville, Pa. 
Mayes, W. W., Mill Hall, Pa., R. F. D. No. 2. McCarthy, G. E., 69 Glenham St., Providenee B. I. McGetti^Fa_, W. J., West Mana^Yunk, Belmt Ht s., Pa.

Sabrisky, M., 667-2nd St. Trenton, N. J. Saperia, I. R., 616 S. Watcr7 St., New Bedford, Maaa. Schell, J. I., Rcadinu, Pa., R. F. D. No. 2. Scott, W. G., N. Franklin St., Holbrook, Mas^r^O. Segalla, A., Sand St., Canaan, Conn., Box 161. Seitz, S. W., Yoe, Pa. 
Serrao, A., 27 Chestnut St., Ambler, Pa.

Shaver, H. B., 1036~ 3rd Ave., Huntingdon, W. Va. Shay, D. E., 60 Union St., Meriden, Conn. Shehan, E. L., 30 Almerson Ave., Providence, R. I. Shoemaker; J. C., Star Route, Lock Haven, Pa. 
Sibley, H. C., Cynwyd, Pa. 
Simmons, O. W., Riverton, Conn. Sinnott, J. E., 104 Forrest St., Melroae, Ma^Os. Skladony, J., Box 87, Nexquehoning, Pa. 
^t Skilman, J. B. Smith, Edward, Wilson, Pa.

Smith, F. R., 124 Dodge St., Providence, R. I. Smith, H. J., 14 Walnut St., Revere, Mass. Smith, H. W., Woodrow Ave., Sinking Springs, Pa. 
Molnnes, 15. v., I~iZ~-~II AV^e. ^i:~. l~lllllWP~I~O, a..~                        D_ DA_ 09 McIntosh W. P., 72 Federal Ave., Quinoy, Mass. MoKinnej, G. B. Jr., 118 Upland Terrace, Bala, Pa. 
MeMahon, S F. 160 Mi'ler St., Meriden, Conn. McNerney, J. M., 1408 Erie Ave., Benovo, Pa. 
Menconi, G., Summit Hill, Pa. 
Mezzanotte, N., 921 Eastern Ave., Baltimore, Md.

vll~l~nl~ .1 . a., If, ALVIN pa Id..~..~.._ ___.,. _ __ _  _                                                  Smithers. ED ^sA^1^3,^5 ^HH^Oo^gope St.; Phila., Pa.

                                                 Spatz, L. L., Hamburg, Pa. 
                                                 Spirito, A., 31 Anderson St., Loek Haven, Pa. 
                                                 Steele, S. L., Temvle, Pa., R. F. D. No. 1.                                                  Suiter, R. W., Lock Haven, Pa., R. F. D., No. 1. Middlesteadt, Carl B., 222 Susquehanna Ave.,  oOSK Sullivan, A. A,, 156 Sheldon St., Ardmore, Pa. 
  Haven,, Pa. 
                                   Sullivan, L. H., 63 Malvern St., Melrose, Mass. Miller F W. 144 Jefferson St., West Manayunk, Pa. 
e^w;n^p^h~rt^- ^F A.. McIlhatten. Pa. 
Miller G W.; CitY Line. Upver Roxborough, Phila.Pa. Mills, J. J., 831 Cameron St.. Phila., Pa. 
Monahan, W. F., E. Main St., Meriden, Conn. Monosky, G. J., Renovo. Pa. 
Morrison, A., 4219 Lancaster Ave., Philadelph~a, Pa. 
Mul~ane, W. F., 11. Cross St., Arlington, Mass. Murphy, T. E., 161 Jefferson Ave.. Everett, Mass. Muse, W. H., 30 Richardson St., Wakefie'd, Mass. Musick, C., Trevorton Rd., Shamok~n, Pa.

Naughton, P. J., 263 E. 28th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Nei^lds, A. R., Rising Sun, Ceeil Co., -Md. Neill, John, 2167 Adams St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
~le^lton, Earl. ^5^G0^r^2^a^o^n^d^N^R^F^p^a~^d^r^h^i^l^l St., Philadelphia Pa~

Northup, C. C., 2169 Elm St., Dubuaue, lowa. Notestine, J. R., West Liberty, R. F. D., No. 3, O.

O'Connor, C. A., 713 Walnut St., Fall River, Mass. O'Donnell, John, Seaford, Delaware. O^!~lalley, C. J., 24 Rose Lane, Rosemont, Pa. 
Otley, J. D., 112 W. Winona Ave., Norwood, Pa.

Pangraze, R. P., 7 Revere St., Quiney, Ma^Os. Paulucey, J., 64 Goffe St., New Haven, Conn. Peir~ D^J~, E^wg,eh^gi^511~^c^hP^aa^r^l^e^s St., Whitman, Mass~

Pelle^E~rino, N., 6149 Grays Ave., Philadel~hia, Pa. 
Pledge, F., Harriman, Pa., Box 6. Poole, B., 87 Wetmore Ave., Winsted, Conn. Pope, Louis J., 253 S. Ithan E~t, Phila., Pa. 
Portinari, A., 269 Pratt St., Winsted; Conn.

Quigley, C. W., 36 S. Jones St., Lock Haven, Pa.

Reinhard, E. J.. 6419 Woodbine Ave.. Overbraok, Pa ~e'ehan, J. W., Pros^Peot Ave., Look Haven, Pa. 
Rentz, J. D., Sinking S^Prings, Penna. Rex, F. L., 2842 Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Riffe. G. G., Linside, W. Va.   ,~.. Rieder, A.. 315 Grove St., Taylor, ra. Riley, E. F., 73 Bishop St., Providence, R. I. Romano, G., 1627-14th St., N. W., Wasbington, D. a. Rnonev. J. H.. 4903 Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
°Roslek, G. _ ^aossi, A., 149 Ryder, R. S.

^i~wme^l^l~r~, r. ~., ~:^1~.~.._..,, ~.

Swoyer, R. W., Reading, Pa,, R. F. D., No. ~. Szymaszck, A., 221 S. Colon^Y St., Mer~den, Conn.

Tarantella, V., 834 Erie Ave., Renova, Pa. 
Tenaglia, A., 206 Gricket Ave., Ardmore, Pa. 
Thibedeau, E, 194 Middle St., Lewiston, Maine. Thompaon, L, 2629 Balmyria St., New Orleans, La. Thorman, C. D., 810 Pine St., Camden, N. J. ^rinle^Y, J. J., 264 Ashman St., New Haven, Conn. ^rrottier, A., 76 Manville Rd., ·Woonsocket, R. I.

Unger, J. A., 327 Franklin St., Cheltenham, Pa.

Saylor St., Atlaa, Pa.


Valantini, R., 209 Sim^Pson St., Ardmore, Pa. 
~Vellci, B. ~Veroneai, L.     ~hland St., Lock Haven, Pa.

Viasa, A., 1 Douglaaa St., Quinc^Y, Mass. ~Volz, A.

Wade, I. L., 2101 E. 14th St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Wagman, H. E., Dallastown, Pa. 

Waite, D. M., Main St., Beech Creek, Pa. 

Wailer, L. H., South Meriden, Conn. 
Weaver, J, H., Hyner, Penna. 
Weaver, R. R., Tylersville, Pa. 

Weeks, F, A., 168 SuDeriOr St., Providenee, R. I. 
Whitehill, C. L.. Oak Hall Station, Pa. 

Whitem~n, J. E., Jersey Shore, Pa., R. F. D. No. 1. 
Whorf, G. L., 663 Washington St., Ab~n6ton, Mass. 
Wilson, L., Harrisville, W. ^ya.. R. F. D., No. 1. 
Wilson, R. J., East & Cresson Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Wintz, J. L., 437 Leverington Ave., Roxborough, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Withers. S. H., 901 Schuylkill Ave,, Reading, Pa. 

Woronick, J. S., g3 W. Main St., Norwich, Conn. 
Worthington, L. G., 183 Summ~t Ave., Ha^gerstvw^D, Md.
*Yackamovage, L.
Yoder, R. D., Shoemakerville, Pa., R. F. D. No.1.
Zengerl, O., Cynwd, Pa., P. O. Box. 143.
Zilewieze, W., 76 Sawtelle Ave., Brockton, Mass.

[Page 5 follows]



Andrews, James N., Edenville, Pa. 
Ashman, Joseph, 9 Gold St., Worce^Nter, Mass. Adams, Clarenee R., 1051 W. Pine St., Sharnokin. Pa. 
*Ambuan, John H. Arienta, Steven, Dewey Ave., Lotowa Boro., Paterson,

Anderson, Christian M.

Bryan, Lewis, Elkland, Pa. 
Beadle, Theo. A., 1314 N. 56th St., Philu., Pa. 
Boragine, Andrea, 711 Atwells Ave., Providence, R. I. Bradley, Edw. J. 237 Diam^Dnd St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Brenneman, Waiter R., 632 N. 3rd St., Bellwood, Pa. 
Billington, Frank M., 16 Burton St., Johnstown, N. Y. Blackwell, Delmer E., Leetonia, Pa. 
Bergquist, Daniel N., Arnot, Pa. 
Button, Marshall W., Wellsboro, Pa., R. F. D. No. 4. Brugger, John I., 213 Vineard St., Bethlehem, Pa. 
Belt, Bay E., Lake View, lowa. Berguson, August W., Arnot, Pa. 
Bielski, Wallie, Brighton St., Ranshaw, Pa.. Bower, Charles K., New Berlinville, Pa. 
Brown, Charles H., Chamberburg, Pa., Route 11. Biesswamrer, Fred W., Wellsboro, Pa. 
Blatt, Alfred W., West Leesport, Pa. 
Baginski, Stanley P., 27 Bradley St., Ranshaw, Pa. 
Bouffard, Leo, East Warren, R. I. Blouin, Leo J., 7 Barney St., Warren, R. I. Bouret, Nelson G., Woodbine St., Cranston, R. 1. Brooks, Basil B., Main St., Wellsboro, Pa., Box 46. Bohman, Carl J., Arnot, Pa. 
Beeman, Roy S., Lonaeoning, Md.

Culp, Frank, 1001 W. Independence St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Cantata, Bruno. Coehrun, Oscar C., New Haven, Wyoming. Czaja, Louis, 176 Sussex St., Old Forge, Pa. 
Campagna, Erigo A., 1861 2nd St., New York, N. Y. Cuddy, John F., 162 Josephine Ave., West Conshohooken, Pa. 
Curran, Joseph, 616 Bear Valley Ave., Shamokin, Pa. 
Concillio, Tony. ~Chrzanouski, Michael. Cotner, John A., 20 N. 8th St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Czernik, Peter P., Chestnut St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Campbell, Barton L., R. F. D. 7, Wellsboro, Pa. 
Cook, Mathew J., 496 Keyser Ave., Archbald, Pa. 
Curley, Walter J., 6666 Elgin Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Chase, Daniel K., Rehobath Beach, Del. Craven Thos. S., 26 W. Ashmead Place, N. Germ~ntown, Phila., Pa. 
Campbell, Purley B., R. F. D. No. 1, Morris, Pa. 
Coolidge, Ernest C., R. F. D. No. 6, Wellsboro, Pa. 
Canty, John B., Midl^Nnd, Maryland. *Citro,, Lucian. Campbell, Joseph D. Cox, Russell, Gen. Del., Darby, Pa.

~Dewey, Winfred E. Disanti, John, 936 E. 166th St., New York, N. Y. Dwyer, John W., 47 Furnace St., Providence, R. I. Depeep, John, 202 Barber St., Old Forge, Pa. 
DeGreen, Harold PStrawberry Ridge, Pa. 
Dunnigan, James H., 6 Pierpont St., New Haven, Conn. Doyle, James A., 36S. 3rd St., Colwyn, Pa. 
Delaney, Wm. A., 33 N. Rock St., Shamokin, Pa. 
^CDavidow, Ben;. H., Doran, Clarence W., Westfield, Pa. 
Dinsmore, Albert, 121 Pusey Ave., Collingdale, Pa.

Edwards, HarrvS 3038 Longshore St., Pblla., Pa. 
*Evans, James E. F:ichner, Clement, Quakertown. Pa. 
Erdwin, Albert, 426 E. 161st St., New York, N. Y.

Ernst, Isidor, 283 Stanton St., New Yark, N. Y.

Effinger, Thomas, 1128 W. Lybbnn St., Shamokin. Pa 3Evringham, Lee F. Eishenhart, Leon D., 100 S. ~arket St., Shamok;n,

Eyr~ck, Adam D., 740 Penna. Ave., W. Reading, Pa.

Francis, Arthur J., 16104 Detroit Ave., Lakevvood, Cleveland, Ohio.

Fink, Oscar 3074 Aramingo Ave., Phila., Pa. 
Fortier, Donat P., 22 Un;on St., Warren, R. I. . Farcncazich, John F., 1602 Tioga St., Shamokln, Pa. 
Frederick, Raymond I., 111 E. Arch St., Shamokir~

Fraunfelder, Edgar D., 432 Woodward St., Readin^lr~

Felker, Jacob, Walnut St., Corning, N. Y.

Fox, Myron S., Bloomsburg, R. D. F. No. 6, North Center, Pa.

Greenburg, Ben;., 119 Elridge St., New York, N. Y.

Gustis, Geor^lre, 266 Wallace St., New Haven, Co~n.

Goldstein. Wm., 88 S. Front St., New Haven, Conn. Galla^gher, Hugh M., R. F. D., No. 1, WinthroP~ Minnesota.

Geary, Edward T., Mount Savage, Md.

Gauzza, Jos. A., 8 Baxter St., New York, N. Y.

Grace, Rando'^Ph B., R. F. D., No. 4, Towanda, Pa.

Gray, Charlie P., Olive Hill, Tenn.

Goodman, Isidore, 161 E. 4th St., New York N. Y.

Grasso, Alfio, Union St., Lawrence, Mass.

Gregg, William, Minneota, Minnesota. Gorgone, Frank, 68^1/^2 Gesler St., Providence, R. L

Graves, Thos. W., Wellsboro, Pa.

Geiss, Newton W., Bernharts, Pa. 
Goudailler, Willard V., 193 Ohio Ave., Providen^#^0,

Gumper;t, Hibbard G., 166 E. Woodland Ave., Sharon

*Gares, Wilson O.

Gaul, M., 221 S. 6th St., Darby, Pa.

Haley, Allan J., 27 N. 66th St., Phitadelphia~Pa.

Hines, Allan K., New Plaza Hotel, Cor. C.   New Jersey Ave,, N. W., Washington, D. C.

*Hecht, Isaac B.

~Hughes, Bauil O.

Hillegas, Chas. B., 14 S. Dauphin St., Allentown, Pa. 
Horton. Donald B., Central Ave., Wellsboro, Pa.

Hara'abatos, Dimitrios, 21 Main St., Lockport, N. Y. Hazlett, Geo. C., Nelson, Pa.

Hester, Geo. R., 1406 W. Lynn St., Shamokin, PR. Henninger, Wm. C., 1616 W. Montgomery St., Shamo~

Hartr,ett, Daniel J., 2700 Colliery Ave., Minooka, Pa. 
Hedges, Edgar W. A., 6222 Knox St., Phila., Pa.

Hanson, Wm. C., Arnot, Pa., Box 166.

Hanson, Harold, 69 Roosevelt Ave., Jersey City, N. J. Hertzog, Harry W., 1 N. 8th St., Shamokin, Pa.

Hazlett, Ferrie B., Elkland, Pa.

Jacobs, Francis, 1663 Carswell St., Baltimore, ML Johnson, Edward, Fairmount Springa, Pa,

Jenkins, Edw., Morris Run, Pa.

Johnson, Hubert E., 610~ Poplar St., Chattanoo~a, Tenn.

Xalify, Bechara, 60 Water St., Warren, R. L

Keenan, Harvey, William Penn, P, O., Pa.

Eyofski, Jos. J., Elkland, Pa.

Ringsley, Ralph B., Jewett City, Conn., 26 Mair~ St.

*Krolikowski, Frank

Keefe, Raymond. 22 Exter St., Providenae, }1. I.

Rasparian, Harry, 809-42nd St., New York^j N. Y. Kelly, Edmond E., 67 Central Ave., Medfe-~t, Ma~ 

[Page 6 follows]


Kilkenn^F, Peter, 92 Providence St., Providenoe, R. I. Kurtz, Albert C., 21 Rhodes Ave., Collingdale, Pa.

*Koehn, Edw. F.

Kalinowski, Anthony F., 1679 Oneida St., Sha^lnokin, Pa.

Kille'ea, Martin E., 109 Willard Ave., Providence, R.I *Rrayewski, John F.

Rolasin^Yki, Thos. F., 901 E. Clay St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Reegan, Daniel J., 725 Gommerce St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Rizer, Herbert J. W., Andrews, S. C.

Lillieh, Wm. G., 5124 Ranstead St., Phila., Pa.

Loeb, Edw. S., Stouehburg, Pa.

*Loch, TheofeL

Liening, Herman, Bree^Re, Ill., R. F. D. No. 1.

Luedeeke, Ernest, 1118 Lafayette Ave., Moores, Delaware Co., Pa.

La Bnrr, Russell, e^lo N. Y. C., R. R., Slate Run, Pa. 
4Lauer, Irvin J.

Losey, Ellsworth, Crooked Creek, Pa.

L^Ynn, Roy, Shamokin, Pa.

Lawrence, Anthon^Y F., 20 John St., Providence, R. I. 4Lanteri, Guisippe.

Lamason, Thos. M., 228 W. Madison St., Greencastle, Pa.

Lusouskie, Chas. B., 4543 Edgemont St., Bridesburg Phila., Pa.

Leinhauser, Char^le^R F., 107 N. 6th St., Darby, Pa.

*Lemoin, William

Lease, Albert A., 28 Alma St., Providence, R. I.

Lasczuk, Frank J., Allegheny Vocational School, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Lonegran, Wm. J., 342 Plain St., Providence, R. I

Lasquale, Savino, 64 Penn St., Providence, R. I.

McDonald, Thos. F., 4505 Chester Ave., Phila., Pa.

*McCarthy, Hubert J.

*McGovern, Bartlie.

:Miller, John R. Mock, Clarence E., 219 W. Commerce St., Shamokin,

Miller, Jes^Re M., Buchannon, W. Va., R. F. D. 4.

Marten, John F., 18 W. 5th St., Lewi^Rton, Pa.

Mulcahey, Frank J., 920 E. 4th St., S. Bo^Rton, Mass. Morrow, Chas. H., Wellsboro, Pa., R. F. D. 7.

McAvoy, Ja^R. F., 240 E. Hector St., Con^Rhohocken, Pa. 
*McPherson, Harold S.

Mulcahe^Y, Wm. J., 407 Maton Ave., Providence, R. I. Montville, Leo J., 122 South St., Providence, R. I. McCormick, Geo. T., Detmold St., Lonaconing, Md.

Miller, John G., 2245 N. 6th St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
and 6832 Willows Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.

McMichael, Harry, 428 Patterson St., Lansford, Pa.

MeGhee, James. Mt. Savage, Md. Milett, Walter J., 268 W. Hazel St., New Haven, Conn

Nelson, Herbert S., 1070 Broad St., Providence, R. I.

Novielle, Nicola, 847 Main St., Darby, Pa.

Oakum, Wm. R., Ari^Rtes. Pa.

O^Rman. Thos. W., 1306 W. Walnut St., Shamokin, Pa Olev, Philip, 12^V~ Arnold St., Providence, R. I.

O'Connor, John J., 163 Wendell St., Providence, R. I. O'Donnell, Wm., 93 Hazel St., New Haven, Conn.

Ounan, Edw. A.. 2427 Fairmount Ave., Phila., Pa.

O'Neill, James G., 144 Noble St., Rutztown, Pa.

Powell, Harold E., 211 Ro^R^I^Fn Ave., Glen^Ride, Pa. 
Paganis. W^Yncas J., 1246 Chemung St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Perry, Frank A., Asaph, Pa.

Paxton, Amos E., Walton, W. Va.

Provost, Dolphis J., 73 Rilburn St., Berkeley, R. I. Probst, Harold A., 101 Bald Eagle St., Lock Haven, Pa Petrisco. Thos. J.. 1229 Tioga St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Paton, Wm. D., 405 Pembroke St., Brid^ge^Dort, Conn. Porier, Benoit, Box 14, Parker, Daracute, Mass,

*Patrovi^Gh, Dominic

Perdew, Labin, 10 Ba^F St., Cumberland, Md.


Racanelli, John, 847 Main St., Darb^F, Pa. 

Rau, Benjamin, Woodbourne, Pa.

Redmond, Arthur P., 43 Cedar St., Wakefiel4 Flask Roberto, Frank, 461 AtweUs Ave., Providence, R. I. Rusher, Jacob J. Jr., Conshohocken Pike, Conshohecken, Pa., R. F. D., No. 2.

*Reed, Albert A.

Rooney, Lawrence, 219 Center St., Frostburg, Md.

Rupp, Charles S., 505 Main St., Renshaw, Pa.

Reinke, Wm. J., Meadow and Wolf Sts., Phila., Pa. 
Bumano, H.

Ro~ers, Furman B., 226 S. Liberty St., S^Partansburg, S. C.

Romano, Geo., 1627-14th St., N. W., Washington, D. C Rowen, Robert J.; c^lo Air Reduction Co., Aileghenj and Germantown Aves., Philadelphia, Pa.

Rood, Homer K., Morris, Pa.

Rogers, Ernest H., Covington, Pa., R. F. D., No. 1. Ratelle, James F., 1132 Gault Ave., Cote St. PaulMontreal, Quebec. Rymszewicz, Felix, 147 Warren Ave., Warren, R. I. Rennie, John W., Blossburg, Pa

Rothfus, Chas. H., Montoursville Pa.

Rachan, Ralph L., 122 Mulberr^F St., Danville, Pa.

Roselh, Thomas, 686 Washmgton Ave., Chelsea, Mass. Ramsdell, Chas. W., 6 Bolton St., Somerville, Ma^N.

Rector, Tandy L., 6-14th St. Creer, S.

Sawin, Roy, 6 State St. Warren, R I

Stokle^Y, David H.,-6210 E;mwood Ave.; Phila., Pa.

*Schumacker, Ernest

S^Pielman, John L., 307 Penn St., York, Pa.

Short, Herbert C., 4668 Fernhill St., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.

*Schaeffer, Franklin.

*Steinfelt, Benj.

Sherrill, Elva, Gerard, Texas.

Stark, Joseph S., 36 Franklin St., Shamokln, Pa.

S^quire^B, John F., Cummins Mill, Pa.

So^Rno^Rkie, Thos. E., 636 W. State St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Shane, Wm. D., Griesmerville, Pa.

Scarlata, John, 410 Water St., S^PrinRfield, Mass.

Sobotor, Razimiere, 1113 Chemung St., Shamokin, Pa Stamatis, Demetrios, 67 Pearl St., Lynn, Mass.

Seaman, Samuel D., Morris, Pa.

Sloeum, Herbie, Knoxville, Pa.

Sparr, Edward M., Geigers Mills, Pa.

Sehrage, Wm. R., 10 Holts Ave., Somerville, Mass. Stanizzi, Angelo, 127 Penn St., Providenee, R. I.

Shuey, Wm. W.. 308 Mulberry St., Shamokin, Pa.

Sullivan, James M., 629 Winchester Ave., New Haven, Conn Sateriale, Bernard, 268 Western Ave., Cambridge,


Schnabel, Wayne F., Chestnut St., Mohnton, Pa. 
Skapiak, Anthony N., 94 Auburn St., Auburn, N. Y.

Tharp, Robert C., Paxino^R, Pa., R. F. D.,.No. 1. Tripp, Harry, B~ossburg, Pa. 
Toceo, Wm. P., 149 Cedar St., Providence, ·R. I. Troxell, Ma^Yberrv, Walnut St., Mohnton, Pa. 
Thornton, Earl A., Wellsboro, Pa., R. F. P., No. 4. Titman, Frank E., Berwick, Pa. 
Travis, Loui^R H., 210 N. 8th St., Philadel^Phia, Pa.

Vanderberg, John W., Little Falls, N. J. 
*Vona, Antonio. Van Vechten, Robert, Canton, Pa. 
Varano, Nico}a, 601 N. Shamoki~ 9t., Shar~okin~ Pa.

Walburn, Frederick W., 620 W. Pine St., Shamo
Wimble Wm. F., 4237 Wileox Ave., Chicago, I11. ~;Walker, Arthur A. Wi^Pf, Emil e., 3126 N. 16th St., Philadelphia, Pa Walker, Alexander. Market St~rnot, Pa Wingate, Ra^Ymond S., 171^l/~ Rivervisw Drive, Endicott, N. Y Wheat, Harry; Mnin St., Hel!ertown, Pa. 
WatBOn, GUF C., Day St., Fredonia, N. Y. 

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Wilcox, Charles E., Crooked Creek, Pa. 
Weiskoptf, James E., Liber^b, Pa., R. F. D., No. 2. Waldman, David, 412 S. 64th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
*Ward, John A. Waltemyer, Chester E., Stewartstown, Pa. 
Wilson. Arthur R., 60 S. 7th St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Wolf, Jacob D., 711 Penn Ave., West Reading Pa. 
Wertz, James E., Bear Ga^P, Pa.

*Agnew, Frank P. Allard, John B., 26 Gr^ffnwood Bt., Providenee, R. I. Ammeter, Fred P., 361 Jerome Avb., S. Williams^Port,

*Anderson Charles J. Anderson, Roger V., 86 Everett St., Middleborough,

Andresio, Stanley, 1646 Tioga St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Asbbridge, Howard, 262 E. Pa. 
St., Norrishwn, Pa.

Wasalewski, Frank S., 1222 Ghemun~r St., ^I:^hrr^Qo~ia. Pa.

Yearick, Ellis. Mill Uall, Pa. 
Young, Ralph N., 323-3rd St., Northumberland. Pa. 
Youncuski, Anthony F., 1466 Oueida St., Shamo~ln, Pa.


Baker, Clarenee H., 2607 N. Garnet St., Phila., Pa.

Bakke, John, Leonard, N. D.

Baldwin, Oliver H., 609 First Ave., Parkesburg, Pa. 
Beach, Floyd L., 141 Maple St., Jersey Shore, Pa.

Be^agio, Peter 32 IS Loring St., S^Pringfield, Mass.

Bender. John, Saville, Pa.

Bennett. Lester, H. N., 106 Mairo St., Lock Haven, Pa Bienkowski, Jose^Ph, 214 Emerald St., Westmont, NPJ. Black, Jake, Barboursville, W. Va.

Bolen. Jacob, 3221 W. Montgomer^Y Ave., Phila., Pa. 
Bonsall, Leroy A., R. D., No. 4, Kennett Square, Pa. 
Borkert, Paul H. M., 643 Pa. 
Ave., W. Reading, Pa. 
Born, Paul E., 2424 Fairview Ave., Mt. Penn, Reading, Pa.

Boyd, William J., Coal Run, Ranshaw, Pa. 
Bradley, Jamea D., 666 N. 44th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
^#Bratelli. Liberato

Bren, Wm., 301 S. Washington St., Herkimer, N. Y. Breslin. Hugh A., Connorsville, Mt. Carmel, Pa.

Breuninger, Emil F., Momment Ave., Malvern, Pa. 
*Brindle, Chas. A.

Brion, Chauncey, W. M., Buttonwood, Pa. 

Britoher, Miles, Blain, Pa.

Browh, Harold W., 4979 Girard Ave., Phila., Pa.

Buhlman, Charles F., 83 Ackerman Ave., Glenn Rock, N. J.

Burke, James A., Centralia, Pa.

Burns, Roy W., Waterloo Ave., Berwyn, Pa.

Bush, Reuben S., R. F. D., No. 6, Pottstown, Pa. 
Byrnes, John J., 26 Josephine St., Dorohester, Mass.

Caldwell, Thurman, Thornda^le^7 Pa., R. F. D., No. 1.

Caliri, Antonio, 26 Roma St., Bristol, R. I.

Cameron, William R. Jr., 61 Woodward Road, Providence, R. I. Campbell, Wm. K., 129 Broad St., Jersey Shore, Pa. 
Carlson, Frederick G., 37 Wildwood Ave., Providence,

Carpenter, Cornelius C., Linden, Pa., R. F. D., No. 2. Causey, Jos. H. Jr., 2920 W. Wishart St., Phila., Pa. 
*Chicke, John

Chamillard, Robert P., 23 Holden St., Attleboro, Mass. *Chambers, John

Colardo, Guisappe, 121 Bradford St., Downinatown, Pa Collins, Elmer F., Duncannon, Pa.

*Donnelly, Wm. F.

*Conway, Edward

Cotter, John M., 327 N. New St.. West Chester, Pa. 
Costa, Eugene W., 338 Girard St., Atlas, Pa.

Cox, Hugh F., 49 W. 6th St., Bridgeport, Pa.

Coiner Joe W., 1634 W. 7th St., Fort Worth, Texas. Critohiey, John, 426 S. 16th St., Newark, N. J.

Culver, Stanley L., Townhill, Luzerne Co., Pa.

Davis, James M., Bushbuse, Quakertown, PA

Davis, Richard I., Uniondale, P    Off, *DelPaggio, Francesco, ~~ 1 Dingier, Robert B., 1--0 William 9L., J..am. Pa. 

Diviney, Philip J., 460 Birch St., Kennett Square, Pa. 

Doonan, Thos. J., 2307 Eighth Ave., New York, N. Y. ~Dopko, Charles.

Doran, Warner E., 2211 Rittenhouse St., Phila., Pa Downs, Frank J., 222 W. Union St., West Chester, Pa Daily, Earle C., 614-2nd Ave., Parksburg, Pa.

Dugan, John L., 1027 Ford St., W. Conshohooken, Pa. 
Dumdruskie, Joseph, 1470 Wabash St.. Shamokin. Pa. 
Druckmiller, C. C., 338 Lookhart St., Sayre,,, Pa.

~    4~0 ~~ ~~ ~~ Eakin, Jay G., 223 Beach St., So. Williamsport, Pa.

Ehring. Daniel R., Stony Creek, Mills, Pa.

Eiswerth, Roman L., 1027 Front St., So. Williamsport, Pa.

Ellis, Harold K., 626 E. 7th St., Alton, III.

English, Samuel E., Cammal, Pa.

Estey, Arthur E., 1314 Pleasant St., Canton, Mass.

Evans, Thomas D. Jr., Rus^YllvilLe, Ky.

Ewing Clarenee M., Malvern, Pa.

Farley, Chas. L., 314 62nd St., New York, N. Y.

Farrell, Joseph A., 211 W. Chestnut St., West Chester, Pa.

Fitzgerald, Maurice N., 17 S. Sharon Ave., Sharon Hill, Pa. 
Ford, Arnold, Route 1, Box 80, Barboursville, W. Va. Ford, John D., 121 E. Gay St., West Chester, Pa

Franco, Frank, 92 Hamilton St., New Haven, Gonn.

Fransen, Theodore M., 87 Syndam St., Brookl^Jn, N. Y. Freeman, Bertis F., R. F. D., No. 1, Waynesboro, Pa. 
*Fullerton, Patrick B.

Gelnait, Robert, 262 Wallace St., New Haven, Conn.

Genaro. Secondo, Duffryn Mawr, Pa. 
~Gentile, Nicola

Gentile, Samuel, Hamburg, Pa.

Gerhart. Warren R.. 441 Franklin St., W. Readier, Pa Giannelli, Joseph, 231 Green St.. New Haven, Conn. Gillespie. Frank, Gallatin, Tenn.

Goldstein. Wm. 88 S. Front St., New Haven, Cony. Good. Jas. L.. 120 W., Bernard St., West Chester, Pa. 
Graham, John L., 639 W. Tabor Rd., Olney, Phila, Pa *Greeo, Guise^P^Pe.

Green, Charles, Route 2, Rummerfield, Pa. 
Green, Lora M., 340 E. 7th St., SPenoer, Iowa,

Guatieri, Antonio. 623 Douglaps Ave., Providence, le. I Guenther, Edward, 662 N. 44th St., Philadelpbin, Pa Gumaer, Bertis W., R. D. 2, Factoryville, Pa. 
Gustis, George, 266 Wallace St., New Haven, Conn. Gyza. Constantine, 648 Hiokory St., Old Borers, Pa.

Haas, John E., Duncsnnon, Pa.

*Halsey, James P. Haines, Jesse R., Montoursville, Pa

Hall, Joseph F., 223 W. 3rd St.. Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Magnum. John A., 29 S. Arlingtor. St., West Ghester.

Hanrahsu, John, 46 Bassett St. Lynn, Mass.

Harding, George F.. 463 Present St.. Brockton, 1^9^laas Harrold, Edgar W., Caroeror. St., Mar^Jsville, Pa. 

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Hartman, Harrison F., 2142 Kutztown, Rd., Reading, Pa. 
Hasse, William J., 74 Park Ave., Hoboken, N. J. Hawk, Howard H., 26 E. 6th St., Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Elecht, Isaac B., R. F. D. 4, Parkersburg, W. Va. Hetriek, Lloyd L., Duncannon, Pa. 
Heveran, Miehael W., 5434 Vine St., Phila., Pa. 
Hildreth, Chester A., 409 Francis St., Crafton, W. Va. Hines, Hastings, Y N. New St., West Chester, Pa. 
Hoffman, Cleve, Liverpool, Pa. 
*Hoffman, Howard W. Hogeland, Justus M., Huntin^Rdon Valley, Pa. 
Holenbeck, Frank- E., 1888 Dewey Ave., Rochester,

^eHubbard, Rolla C.

Hurst, George C., R. F. D. 1, Glenmora, Pa.

Iam^Pieri; Pietro, 1~Glendde Ave., Downin~ton, Pa.

Jennings, Franz U., Summer, Ill. ~Johnson, Allen Johnston, Robert T., 18 Wilcox St., Providence, R. I. *Jordan, Edward

*Kaminski, Ignatz Karlish, Samuel, 72 Plymouth St., Brockton, Mass. Keenan, Arthur J., 178 Converse Ave., Meridan, Conn Kelleher, Arthur C., 508 Hudson St., Forrest City, Pa. 
Kelly, Jose^Ph, 149-W. 98th St., New York, N. Y. Kennedy, Chas. P., R. F. D. 2, Chester City Downingtown, Pa. 
Kenworthy, Chas. H., Chapel Ave., Parkesburg, Pa t6erschner, Rudes R., 619 W. Pine St., Shamokin, Pa Kilcoyne, James J., 520 Harry St., Conshohocken, Pa. 
Kingsley, Ralph B., Jewett City, Conn. Knight, Carl, Meriden, Conn. Koval, Joseph J., 61 Center St., Kingston, Pa.

°Labella, Nieholas Lackey, Emmett A., Buena Vista, Va. LaRue, Alva D., 201 Meeting St., Providence, R. I. Lawrence, Charles P., 333 Main St., Parkesbur^K, Pa. 
Lawrence, Samuel H., Bridge Ave., Berwyn, Pa. 
Ledoux, Henry, 65 Chestnut St., Spencer, Mass. LeDuc, Robert J., 26 Hartford St., Fitchburg, Mass. Lemley, Abe, R. F. D. 3, Waverly, W. Va. Leonard, Stanley, 77 Brown St., Larksville, Pa. 
Lincoln, Wm. E., 961 Springrfield Ave., Darby, Pa. 
Lind~rren, Gustafe, 13 Central St., Leominster, Masc. Lloyd, Dunean, R. F. D. 1, Vanderbilt, Pa. 
Louden, George A., R. F. D. 4, Duneannon, Pa')

Mann, Arthur W., 6, W. 5th St., Coatesville, Pa. 
Marahaluk, Charles, 315 S. American St., Phila., Pa. 
*Msrsella, Luigi Martin, Harry, 515 Gray St., Old Forge, Pa. 
Martin, James L., Blain, Pa. 
Marvin, Badford G., COVinKtOn, Pa. 
Mattson, William, Route 3, Kennett Square, Pa. 
^#McCrudden, John J. McDonald, Arthur B., 129 Dean St., Norwood, Mass. McGinnis, James M., Barboursville, W. Va. McMiehael, Clarence L., Coatesville, Pa. 
McNutt, Jas. W., 349 S. Orange St., Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
McShane, Edward J., W. Warwick, R. I. *Weddings, Hershel E. *Meglio, James Miner, Frank S., Marshalltown, Del. Miller, John R., Route 1, Coatesville, Pa. 
Minium, Ezra M., Millerstown, Pa. 
Molinosky, Joseph, 3068 Pittston Ave., Minooka, Pu. Moore, John J., 323 Union St., Taylor, Pa. 
Mou, Thomas, 2833 N. Judson St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Movsovitz, Ben., 447 Smith St., Providence, R. I. Mundy, Frank P., 425 S. Union St., Kennett Sq., Pa. 
Musser, Lee E., Millheim, Pa. 
Myers, John H., 4126 N. Reese St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Myers. Raymond A., R. D., 1, Box 70, Montgomery, Pa

Nadeau, Edward M., 61, 4th Ave., Graneton, }L I. Nelson, Elwood M., Hammerton, Pa. 
Noll, John J., Greenpark, Pa.

Olson, Carl F., Box 133, Duboistown, Pu. Otter, Erieh R., Waterloo Ave., Barwyn, PB. Ouelette, Philli^P, 14 Elm St., Ludlow, Mass.

Pace, Ludvico, 130 Arthur Ave., Providence, R. I. Paine, Manuel, Jr., 28 Marvel St., Taunton, Mass. Peikin, Samuel, 6146 Vine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Perry, George Jr., 117 Union St., Taytor, Pa.

Phetteplaee, Mark W., 20 Arch St., Providence, R. I. Pierson, Frank A., 428 Pine St., Williamsport, Pa. 
Pigeon, Arthur J., 48 S^Primr St., Brockton, Mass. Pinci, Guise^P^Pe, Marysville, Pa. 
Potter, Ral^Ph N. 6th St., Newport, Pa. 
#Price, Arlie J. Proudfoot, Jos. C., 2 W. Bridge St., Parkesburg, Pa.

Razzani, Thomas, 49 Durkwitz St., N. Tonswsndu, N. Y.

Reardon, Frank J., 244 East Ave.. Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Reedy, Harry E., Meckville, Pa. 
Reinert, Earl M., R. F. D. 2, Boyertown, Pa.

Rich, William C., 971 N. Leithgow St., Phila., Pa. 
Rieder, Arthur, 315 Grove St., Taylor, Pa. 
Rink, Fred, R. F. D. 2, Factoryville, Pa.

Roach, Clarence A., 52 Union St., Westfield, Masa. Rodenbaugh, Percy, Plymouth Meeting, Pa. 
Rogers, John F. Jr., 66 Perkins Ave., Cranston,R. I.

*Saiello, Mariano Sailer, Harry, 2732 N. 29th St., Phila., Pa.

Sawyer, Walter B. J., 59 Perry Ave., Broekton, ~Ias~. Sawyer. Warren E. Jr., 7114 Theodora St., Phila., Pa. 
Semian, Mike, 638 Thomas Court, Taylor, Pa.

Shea, James W., 1273 Snyder Ave., Taylor, Pa. 
^#Shell, Chester H.

Sheridan, John E., 52 Nicholas St., Providence, R. I. *Sherry, John W.

Shuman, Erman G., 113 Lincoln Ave., Jeraey Shore, Pa. 
Shirey, Clifton W., Boyertown, Pa.

Slowey, Charles E., 1231 S. Main St., Seranton, Pa. 
Smith, George E., 27 Warren St., Lynn, Ma^Ea. Smith, Leroy A., Malvern, Pa. 
Spannuth, Emanuel G., 2046 Swatara St., Harrisburg,

Spatz, Charles S., Jacksonwald, Pa. 
~;Speakman, Wm. C.

Starlin, Willard A., R. F. D; 1, Parkersburg, W. Va. Stauffer, Calvin F., R. F. D. 1, Boyertown, Pa. 
Stiegman, Fred M., E. Main St., Monongahela Cit^Y,

Stone, Martin, 3616 S^Prin^g Garden St., Phila., Pa. 
Storm, Erie F., 42 Graveline Ave., Meriden, Conn. Stoudt, David H., R. D. 1, Mohrsville, Pa.

Strike, Andrew 425 E. 7th St., Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
*Stubbs, Benjamin C.

Sultzer, George, 116 E. Taylor St., Taylor, Pa^s Swartz, Carper, Millerstown, Pa. 
Sylvester, Benito, 128 Wa^Yne St., West Ghester, Pa.

Taylor, Andrew H., 320 W. Southern Ave., South Williamsport, Pa. 
Taylor, Wm. H., 8520 li:rwlg Ave., Phila.,, Pa.

Thompson, Albert M., 14 Clark St., Sommerville,

Thompson, Frederick M.; 202 Springfield St., Ghieopee Falls, Mass.

Timberlake, Elton D., 535 Phila. St., Indiana, Pa. 
Tober, Louis, 26 Holyoke St., S^Prin^gfield, Maas. ^#Troy, John H,

Truden, Wilfred, 62 Franeia St., Woonsoeket, R. I. Trupp, Samuel C., 546 Cheatnut St., W. Reading, Pa. 
Turner, Percy, 840 Plum 9t., Trenton, N. J.

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*Varanese, Lui^ai ^eVos~nuss, Irvin J Voutsinas, SPiros; 79 Lenwood St., Somerville, Masr.

Wahl, Clarence E., Dunoannon, Pa. 
Walton, Wilmer J., Downington, Pa. 
-Ward, Ed. J., 164 Williams St., Longmeadow, Mass. Ward, Lester, Fulton St., Lowell, Mass. Weand, Charles H., Boyertown, Pa. 
Weishar, Ed. J., 261 Division Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Weldon, Walter C., Front St., Ellioteburg, Pa.

Auieri, John, 1983 Jeesup St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Anderson, David, Arnot, Pa.

Baird, George, 2216 Juniper St., Philadelphla, Pa. 
Baugh, John E., Hanover, Pa. 
*Baysore, Harry Beidelman, Wm., Bingen, Pa. 
Benfield, Albert, Emaus, Pa. 
Bennett, Frank, AlburtiB, Pa. 
Biddle, Justieem, 3810 N. Franklin St., Phila., Pa. 
Bohart, Mahlon, Trout Run, Pa. 
Breustle, Louis 2613 Napa St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Broulette, Bernard, Central Falls, R. I. Brown, Geo. F., Milroy, Pa. 
Browne, Jos. P., 819 N. 48th St., Philadelphia, Pn. *Bnrkett, Harry Bydairk, Albert, 360 S. Poplar St., Mt. Carmel, Pa.

Caputi, Saverio, 61 King St., Newport, R. I. Cherry, Jos., 4716 N. Eutohinson St., Phila., Pa. 
Condo, Chas., Milrog, Pa. 
Gor fern Raymond, Muncy, Pa. 
Connors, Harry, Archbald, Pa. 
Cullen, Ed., 3431 Clearfield St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Dankel, William, Alburtis, Pa. 
*Davis, Orva Dealer, Clarence, Bernharts, Pa. 
DeSantis, Quirino, 2931 Clementine St., Phila., Pa. 
Difillippio, Bruno, 4963 Stiles St., Phila., Pa. 
Ditra^Pano, Antonio, Natomine, W. Va. Donohue, Jos. P., 4 Dresser St., Newport, R. I. Dougher, Thos. M., 680 N. Main St., Archibald, Pa. 
Duncan, Harry C., Cynwyd, Pa. 
Deinmul, Mae B., 203-2nd St., Altoona, Pa.

Eckman, David, McClure, Pa. 
Einsel, Erwin, R. F. D., Tem^Ple, Pa. 
Esten, Joseph, 2019 N. 4th St., Phila.,~Pa,

Feagley, John P., 708 Columbia Ave., Lanoaster, Pa Fenstermaeher, Freeman, 604 Main St., Allentown, Pa Fetheroff, Edward, Lynnville, Pa. 
Flynn, Henrr, 69 Beauford Ave., Providence, R. I. Funke Robert; 3920 N. 8th St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Garbino, Giovanni, 468 Spring Garden St., Reading,

Garver; Bruce, R. F. D., McVeytown, Pa. 
Gaut, Carrol S., 301 McKean St., Charleroi, Pa. 
Gehris, Wilson H., Macungie, Pa., R. F. D. 1. Geisinger, Fred, Alburtis, Pa. 
Gibbs, Frederic, 29 Colflax St., Providenoe, R. I. Goerdel, Karl G., Mifflinburg, Pa. 
Gohn, William, East Pros^Pect, Pa. 
Gordon, John, 4817 Garden St., Phila., Pa. 
Gortner, Larue, Muncy, Pa. 
GOBS, John M., Lewiston, Pa.


Wells, Thomas C., 106 MagnoUa St., Providence, R. 1. Werner, Frank L., B. F. D. 1, Mohnton, Pa. 
#Wilson, Albert. Worth, Marshall P., 626 Belmont St., Coateaville, Pa.

Yeager, George B., R. F. D. 1, Barto, PB. Yearsley, Mauriee H., 211 N. Adams St., West Cli_

#Yekiriunis John Young, John E., Box 121, Duboistown, Pa.


Groman, Edwin, R. F. D. No. 2, AllentOvrn, Pa. 
Guido, Carosi, c^lo Bruno DiFilli^Pio, 4963 Stibe By, Phila., Pa. 
Guldin, Chas P., Wescosvilie, Pa. 
Guth, Chas., 330 N. Lumber St., Allentown, Pa Gost, John A., Breinigsville, Pa., R. F. D. No. 2,

Hale, Philip, Lewistown, Pa. 
Harer, Ebert, 1682 Andrew Place, Wi:'lar~s^Port, ;P3 Harpster, Willard, Burnham, Pa. 
Hawkins, Theodore, 411 N. 63rd St., Phila., ~a. Heckman, Harry, Hamburg, Pa. 
Heffner, Earl, Bodine, Pa. 
Hill, E'rancis, Muney, Pa., R. F. D. No. 2. Hill, Raymond, Hughesville, Pa. 
Hoffman, John M., Topton, Pa. 
Hood, Harold, R. F. D. Caln, Pa. 
Horn, Ralph C., New Tripoli, Pa. 
Houser, Henry, Trout Run, Pa. 
Huddy, Michael, Dickson City, Pa. 
Huttinger, Charles, 1987 N. 63rd St., PhUa., Pa~

Jaqob, Clyde H., Norfolk, Va. Johnson, Earl 67 Oakland Ave., Eden Park, R. L

Karton, Morris, 6008 N. 3rd St., Phila., Pa. 
Katz, Horace A., 2314 N. Park Ave., Phila., Pa. 
Kehrer, Martin, Montoursville, Pa. 
Keim, Sylvester, 667 N. 13th St., Readin~, Pa. 
Kelly, James F., 160 Stanton St., Phila., Pa. 
Kemmerer, John E., Germansville, Pa Keough, J. D., Archbald, Pa. 
Kister, Ralph, York Haven, Pa. 
Knerr, Warren, Alburtis, Pa. 
Knight, Ralph, Kingston, R. I. Knight, Eth. E., Bonnie, W. Va. Kolb, Arthur, Williams^Port, Pa. 
Krause, Claude, 1032 Court St., Allentown, Pa.

*Laffer, Bernard Laggner, Jos., Archbald, Pa. 
Lameroux, Arthur, 27 Chestnut St., Central Falle, R. I. *Lauchle, Harold Lebano, Joseph, 339 S. Lawrence St., PMla., Pa. 
Lehman, Richard, 6600 MeMahon Ave., Germantown, Phila., Pa. 
L Heureaux, Edward, Summit Ave., Phenix, B, 1. Lisk, Stewart, Enfield, Mass. Lon^a, Abraham, Forty Fort, Pa. 
~Loveland, Sheldon Lutz, Henry, 200 Hazel St., Wilkea-Barre, Pa

Mahoney, Daniel, 11 Calender Ave., Nev~ort, 1~ I, Malinski, Andrew, Hudson, PN. Mazza, Jose^Ph, 118 Beaeh St., Red Bank, N. J MeAndrew, John, Archbald, Pa M^GCarth^y, Thos., Reidsville, Pa McCaughey, Geo., 37 Elm St., Newport, P. r~ 

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McDonald, Wm., 623 Knapp St., Pittsburxh, Pa. 
31eGlyrn, John, 3603 Queen Lane, Phila., Pa. 
McGoldrick, Patrick, 2246 S. Front St., Phila., Pa. 
MeGuinness, Claude, 327 N. Irving St., Helena, Mont. McHenry, Cornelius, 114 Evelina St., Phila., Pa. 
McLaren, Geo., 3910 Wallace St., Phila., Pa. 
McNanee, Walter, 336 N. 53rd St., Phila., Pa. 
MoPhillips, William, 107 Wa^Yne St., Providenoe, R. I. Merge, Michael, 427 Fairview St., Plymouth, Pa. 
Miller, Albert R., Lo Packard Motor Co., 1241 W. Broad St., Richmond, Va. 
Montefusco, Antonio, 541 Eddie St., Providence, R. I. 
Montelbano, JOB., 79 Franklin St., Bristol, R. I. 
Morgan, John M., 35 N. Milliok St., Phila., Pa. 
Moaer, Edwin, Trexlertown, Lehigh Co., Penna. Moyer, Geo. A., Emaus, Pa. 
Mumper, Frank, 660 Sehu^Ylkill St., Harrisbur^lr, Pa. 
Murphy, Joseph, Conshohooken, Pa. 
Murphy, Orville, Ashawa^Y, R. I. Murphy, Thos., R. F. D. No. 3, Latonia Sta., Covington, Ky. *Murray, James McCarthy, M. J., Muncy, Pa. 
Miller, Ira H., Edgemont, Md. Miller, Rudolph, Jersey Shore, Pa.

Neeman, Geo., Ambler, Pa. 
Nelson, Harry T., 163 Whitwell.St., Quincy, Masa. Nethe^Fly, Stanton R., Shuqualak, Miss, Newo6tt, Alex., Eynon, Pa. 
Nonnemaoher, Fred, 550 Fi^lb^Grt St., Allentown, Pa. 
Nonnemaoher, Robert, R. F. D. No. 6, Allentown, Pa.

O'Brien, William, X75 N. 50th St., Phila., Pa. 
Ogden, Stacy, 5347_~;4ar^eqelor~t.,~phila., Pa. 
*Oliva, Agostino J ~ 4 ~ r ~ O'Neill, William, 18 Edgar Court, Newport, R. I. Opie, John, 40 Sohool St., Westerly, R. I. Oasman, Harrison, 220 W. 3rd St., Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Oswald, Geo., Lynnport, Pa.

Pearson, Axel, 181 Vermont Ave., Providence, R. I, Pennebaker, Kelley, Lewistown, Pa. 
Perkins, Earl, 72 Pontras St., Apponaug, R. I. Perry, Andy, Jeffrey, W. Va. Powers, John, 5831 Pine St., Phila., Pa. 
Primeau, Elzar, 101 Summer St., Central Falls, R. I. Puff, Russell A., New Hope, Pa.

Quinter, Charles, 456 Chestnut St., Reading, Pa.

1 ~.~

Reynolds, Alfred, Emaus, Pa. 
Ritter, Charlea, R. F. D. No. 3, Allentown, Pa. 
Roberts, Robt., North Wales, Pa. 
Rogan, Michael, 297 Hawley St., Lockport, N. Y. Romig, John, Emaus, Pa. 
"Romsdahl, Leif Rosenberry, David, Freestoue, Pa. 
Roth, Henry, R. F. D. No. 7, Allentown, Pa Rothfus, Leslie, Montoursville, Pa. 
Rudershefsky, Daniel, 903 Bodine St., Phila, Pa. 
Ruth, Victor, Macungie, Pa.

Schaffer, Horace, Coo^Persbur^g, Pa. 
Schaffer, Howard, R. F. D. No. 2, Macunde, Pa. 
Schlaugh, Melvin, Montouraville, PA Scott, Clnyton C., 21 W. Harve^Y Ave., Merchants

Seidel, Leroy M., R. F. D. No. 2, Allentown, Pa. 
Senkewioz, Konstancy, 25 Silver St., New Britlan, Conn. ~Senkler, John Sensinger. Neven, Slatington, Pa. 
Shearer, William G., Montoursville, Pa. 
Sherman, Benj., 44 Brunt St., Dorchester, Mass. Sherman, Hudson, 25 Almy St., Providence, R. L Singmaster, John, Macungie, Pa. 
Smith, Albert, R. F. D. No. 2, Allentown, Pa. 
Smith, Walter G., Wickfield, R. I. Starr, Alfred, Burnham, Pa. 
Steckel, Charles, 1914 W. Washington St., Loa JLn~ geles, Cal. Stongel, William, Bally, Pa. 
Ste^Plin, William, R. F. 1). No. 1, Westerly, R. r. Sterner, Henry, East Zionsville, ma.

Taves, August, 837 Main St., Allentown, Pa. 
Tetrault, Valmore, 40 Lincoln Ave., Central Falt, R. L Traoy, James, 1040 Jackwn St., Phila., Pa. 
Traitz, Steve, 2328 W. Clearfield St., Phila., Fa.

~Unger, John

Rader, Galncy, Zionsvillle, Pa. 
Rawlin^lrs, Wm. E., Peckville, Pa. 
Reagan, Jeremiah, 32 Chapel St., Newport, R. I, *Reagan, Timothy *Reber, Charles I. Reher, James. Wernersville, Pa. 
Reed, Earl, Overbrook, Kansas. Reeder, Howard, Montoursville, Pd. Recse, Robt., Macungie, Pa. 
Reinhard, Alvin, Telford, Pa., R. F. D. ~o~ 2. Reith, Sylvester, Murt^Rtown, Pa. 
Reuther, Harold, Wyomissing, Pa.

VanWendt, Corneliua, 216 E. 81st St., New York Vincellette, Joae^Ph I., 91 IlUnoia Ave., Central Fall, R. I.

Wagner, James, R. F .D. No. 1, Zionsville, Pa. 
Walter, Henry, Emaus, Pa. 
Walter, Oscar, R. F. D. No. 2, Hellertown, Pa. 
Warner, Charles, Dallastown, Pa. 
Warner, Charles E., 206 Meade St., Williarnsport, Pa. 
Weinberg, Samuel, 75 Essex St., Chelaea, Masa. Wendt, John, 58 Lexington Ave., Providence, R. I. Wilson, Bernard, 380 School St., Pawtucket, R. I. Wills, Herman, 136 Carlisle St., Wilkea-Barre, Pa.

Winner, William, Hatboro, Pa. 
Winter, William L., Towanda, Pa. 
Wood, Chas., 339 E. 52nd St., New York, N. Y.

*Zaffarano, Matteo Ziegler, John, Ralston, Pa.


AUen, Robert J., 6152 Reedland St., Phila., Pa. 
  Bellis, Earl, 17 Ca^Pner St., Flemington, N. ~. Auber, John J., 163 Ku^Kger St., Elm Grove, W. Va. Baggert, Lee Jr., O~ford, Miss. Batt, JOB., 2203 N. 2nd St., Philadelpbia, Pa. 
^#Bowe^R, John L.

Bagenstose, A. S., 331 Arch St., PhUadelphia, Pa. 
.Breidigan, Solon Y., R. E, D. 3, Fleetwood, Pa. 
Baker, Chas. T., 228 N. 6th St., Sunbury, Pa. 
     Brennan, Rohert J. L., Centralia, Pa. 
Pell, l~iehard P., ^g009 Tuckahoe Rd., Fairview, N. J. $Breasler, John P. 

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Brown, Lee a., 1304 N. GUmore St., Baltimore, Md Bien, David W. M., Belair Road & Park Ave., Balti

*Brown, Samuel

*Call, Angelo Chyko, John, Braver Valley, Pa Clark, Howard S., Fort Trevarton, Pa Clark, Peter, 169 W. 98th St., New York, N. Y Clauson, Johr I., 1412 E 72nd St., Chicago, III. Pressman, Calvin J., Station Ave., Coopersburg Pa Custer, Lawrence H., Shaner St., Boyertown, ia.

*D^D'O^ar^ysi ^G^A°^n^t^h^LO^n 2602 W 4th Sty, Newberry, Pa.

Dugon, John J., 136 Til^gham Sly, Allentown, Pa Dumhan, Leater, Northumberland, Pa. 
*Dublin, Claude A.

Erdman, Walter M., Paxinos, Pa., 31. F. p. 2.

*Falvery, Daniel J. Felker, JOB. E., Beaver S^Prin^Ks, Pa. 
Fertig, Alvin R., Gowen City, Pa. 
*Festa, Thomas Finilo, Giulio, 83 Lyons St, New Haven, Conn Flaherty, Dillon A landers Wm. C; ^PO^r^t^R^T^a^r^e^r^v°^e^a^r^d^t ^S^t~^s^B^l^o^om^sb^urg; Pa Foley, John Jos. 62 Farrler Ave., New Haven, Conn

*Fox, Alfred L. #Frank, Anthony Frank, Coral F., 1012 Frankling, St., Williams^Port, P Frank Edmund, 6 Russel Terace, Arlington, M Fredericks, Chas. T., 486 W. Arlington St Ph'l P Frey, Oliver W. Ov              .  · a. a and 8^4^48 ^c^h^e~^B^t^n^u^t^e^r^s^r^t^o^o^k^p^h^T^i^l^e^a^r^d^r^e^a^l^e^e^h^i ~^lpentovrn Pa

*Gait, Walter A. Gan~:ewere, Harry F., 43 N. 7th St., Allentown, P Gaugler, Chas. L., 334 Queen St., Northumberland Pa

Gebert, JOB. E., i'23 ^E^Ri^V^H^r^ig^h^A^V^s^t Providence R 'I Germon, Howard C., R. F. D. 2, Slatington, Pa. 
Geyer, Reuben H., R. F. D. 1, New Columbia, Pa.

*Glass, Barney Goodavage, Louis, 3227 Memphia St., Phila., P Grier, Lee W., 6324 Pasohal Ave., Phi^l^N P Guest, Howard F., 1415 N. Peach St., P^LUa., Pa Geuden, Paul H., Boiling Springs, Pa. 
Gidolovitz, Abraham, 603 Callowhill St., Phila., Pa.

Haggerty, Jos. Ed., 14 Appledy St., Newport, R. I Haines, David S., Mt. Pleasant Mills, P Harding, Alvin H., R F. D., 2, Sinkin^R Spring, Pa Hartzell, John E., 36 S. 14th St., Allentown, Pa Harper, Dorr, R. F. D. 2, Roanoke, W. Va Hawley, Wm. B., R. F. D. 1, Choconut Braclney, Pa Heister, Earl S., R. F. D. 31, West Lee^Port, Pa Hilbert, Jacob L., 6230 Master St., Phil  P Hippensteel, Fred, Light Street, Pa. 
  a., a. ~Hoover, Henry D Houpt, Oliver S., Oreland, Pa. 
^bH^Hu^g^meps^h^r^eF^yr~e^sd EDl'drd3d4g7e East 3rd St., Bloomsburg, Pa.

Hoe^Ped, JOB. M., Wovall, Pa Hoyer, Walter J., R. F. D. 2 Mohnton, Pa.

Isecovitz, Ben, 421 Ghestnut St., Reading, Pa.

Jones, John P., Trautvine St., Centralia, Pa Jordon, Chas. E., R. F. D. 1, Beavertow Pa Jaooby, Geo. E., R. F. D. 2, Clark Summit, Pa.


Kane, Martin, 34 Perry Ave., Shelton, Conn Karnes, Ral^Ph E., 642 One-Half St., Catawissa, P Kaufman, Henr Keller, Raymond R. ^F^W^a^D^I^n^U^l^t Mt. ^C^on^Bh^oh^o^cken Pa. 
Kell^jer, Piu P., 167 S. Fairmount Ave., Pittsbunrh, Pa

*Kelly, John JOB Keppler, Wm. E. Broadhead, Wisconsin °Kerstetter, Jos. H. Kerstetter, Russel, Paxinos, Pa Ki!e, Frease O., R. F. D. 2, Orangeville, P ^VKitchen, Robert                    a Knepp, Merril B., Beavertown, Pa Koller, Jored, Mohrsville, Pa. 
Karp, Petrola, Stowe, Pa Kosky, John Henry, 50 Oakes St., New Haven, Conn. Kostenbauder, Ral^Ph, Arisbs, Pa. 
        ~Krauer, Alfred

Lachanee, Alfred, 12 Union St., Warren, R. I. Lafferty, Walter, Willow Gro e, Pa. 
Laventure Edwar Ledd^y~ Jo^L^n JOB., 38 ^F^r^a^S^n^h^k^l^l^e^iY R^S^td~ ^NF~t^chb^u^r^g~ ~as^Y, Lee, Henry Sherman, Naval Training Station, New
Leister, Roland R., Gilbertsville, Pa Lennon, James F., 4861 Aspen St., Phila., P Lepley, Erman E., Beaver S^Prin^gs, Pa. 
Li^ghtke^P, George Willard, Jarretown, Pa Lindslay, Harold A., Ulster, Pa. 
Little, Wm. C., 88 Ma^P^Ie Ave., New Rochel'e, N. Y Lominick, Bobert C., Newberry, S. C Longill, ^Rlifford, 42 Woodward Ave., East Provid~

~L^L^un^cx~o^a, Ro^Jcc^h, 716 Salter St., Phila., Pa.

Lyons, Ralph E., Turbotville, Pa. 
Box 166 Levan, Ralph, Catawissa, Pa., R. F. D. 2.

~Mancina, Dominick F ~Marony, William Martin, Clarence R. F. D. 2, Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa. 
~Martinson, Chr;st Mayberry, Robert 61 McEwen, Russel C 6 ^y^G^n^r^cO^t^n^e^t ^Sp^t^h~^i^l ^A^l^l^ep^n^to^w^r~ Pa Meister, Wm., 608 Wethersfieid Ave. Hartford Mellin, Conrad Wm., 66 Cleverland Ave., Ar;in^lr~n;

Meritt, Frank C Midd^les^w^orth~ Chas^6 ^F^G^a^y^e^M^t^c^e^c^l^S^u^t ~ ^B^i^p^n^g.^ham^pton~ N Y *M^MI~c^l^lavage^B Anphon^y, 417 S. Main St., Shenandoah, Pa.

Monohan, Edmund V., 640 West Tioga St.. Phfla., P Moriartz, Pat. C., 7 Halsey St, New^Port Morin, Francois ~., 131 Clarendon St., Fitehbur~,

Morris, John *Mnrris^On~ Wm' ^E^d^w^N^a^r°^d^t^h St~, ^S^l^atin^gt^on~ Pa. 
Moyer, George H., 932 S. 9th St Allentown, Pa. 
Mu ane Harry C. 11 Cross St Arli Mullane Michael J , 149 E. 160th St.. New York Mur^Phy, JOB. A., Red Lion, Pa., R. F. D Mur^Ph Richard 3 Anadale Road, Newport, R. L Marren Michael Carrownrdon, Ireland Muster, Walder, 934 North Pa. 
St., Allentown, Pa Mylish, Herman, 408 N. 62nd St., Phila., P Mylin, Edward, 807 N Duke St., Lancaster, P McCarthy, Herbert, Catawissa, Pa., R. F. D McDonald, Alfred A, Beavertown Pa McLeod, Kenneth, 402 Mass. Ave. Arlington, MaBa

Nadeau, Chas. C., Charlemont, Mass. Neyhart, Henar^Y L., 638 Broadway, M{lton, Pa Northro^P, Archie, 1629 S. 26th St., Philu.,~Pu.

*Olberg, Edward W. *O'Conner, Robert O ven Chas. J, 3844 N. 12 h ., Phi ~OUen^Q^Qrf, Wm 

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Paciello, Chas. B., 101 E. 4th St., Bridgeport, Pa.

Parker, Gu^Rtave, 3823 Hamilton St., Phila., Pa.

Pariso, Francesco, 28 Merritt St., Plains, Pa.

Parmentier, Alfred R., 166 N. Broad St., Woodbury, N. J.

Petrey, Wm. A., 133 N. Penn St., Allentown, Pa.

Powers, Chas. D., Coe, West Va.

Purcell, Thomas J., 809 Dewart St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Putt, Joseph A., R. F. D. 1, Robesonia, Pu. Pierce, Lealje L., 81 Franklin Ave., Hartford, Conn.

Redalia, Lewis L., 5224 Reinhart St., Phila., Pa.

Reiehart, Elmer S., ^noyerton, Pa., R. F. D. 3.

Reidy, Arthur O., 946 Walnut St., Allentown, Pa.

inveigle, Chester S.

Reinbold, John M., 615 Park St., Allentown, Pa.

Ricci, Emilo, 8 Warren Ave., North Providence, R. 1. Ridden, Melvin, 2236 Lincoln St., Williamsport, Pa.

Rogan, Edward J., South Montrose St., Dunock, Pa. 
Rogers, John, Laten Knight Rd., Cranston, R. I.

Rommendener, Chas. F., Rochland St., Lancaster City, Pa;, R. F. D. 4^j         N   Y k N Y

Rosenfield, Erie, Catholic University, St. Thomas Hall, Brookland, D. C.

Roush, Ralph E., Clendenin, W. Va.

Rowe, Paul Ernest, Ayer, Mass., Box 726.

Rowe, Sherman, 111 West Independent St., Selins Grove, Pa.

Ruch, Eugene W., 301 Lochhart St., Sayre, Pa.

Reitter, Harry, Front St., Northumberland, Pa.

Sabaities, Paul, 61 Chestnut St., Charleston, Mass.

Salatore, Guy, 118 McClure Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.

Strehler, Wm. Jr, 160 Village St., Johnston, Pa.

Ses^Ye, Orlando D.; South Fork, Pa., Box 446. Stachuduse, Orland, Mour Glenn, Pa., Box 25,

Smith, Donald A., 1825 Beverly St., Richmond Va.

Sattelberg, Geo. H., R. F. D. 3, N. Tonawanda, N. Y. Salvi, G., 410 N. 64th St., Phila., Pa.

Sample, Chas. B., Charmain, Pa. 
Samson, Ben P., Rubicon & Summit Ave., Willow

Sanderson, James, 27 Day D. & Y. Sts., West Springfield, Mass. Scanlan, John F., 7 Appleton Terrace, Cambridge,

Schmidt; Anton, 3329 N. Reese St., Phila., Pa. 
^#Sakatos, Dionyssioa

Sechio, Jos., 1735 Smith St., North Providence, R. I.

*Sessions, Phillip R.

*Shachtwaistsr, Sam Shaffer, Hurley, Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa., R. F. D. 2,

Shally, Levi W., Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa., R. Y. D. 1. Sheenan, Bartley S., 14 Main St., Newport, R. I.

Shevack, Max, 150 Po^Pu^lar St., Chelsea, Mass. Shooter, Samuel P., 306 Glennwood Ave., William
Sim^Pson Walter, 457 Fairmount Ave., Wooneocket,

Sliier, George, 321 Green St., Phila., Pa.

°Alexanlan, Harry

*Atkinson, Harr^Y Arnold, Frank E., Davisville, R. I,

Barron, John J., 319 Jackson St., Clarksburg,

Bruel, Albert A., 251 Fruit Hill Ave.. Providence, R.I. Brady, Paul A., 1623 N. 17th St., Phila., Pa.

*Bells, John E.

Birt, Alfred A., Moores, Pa.

Brunstetter, Guy M., Orangeville, Pa.

Smith, Brittian W., Elysburg, Northumberlant aitr. Pa Smith; Chas. D., 307 President St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Smith, Chas. D., Ruggles Ave., Newport, R. I. Smith, Geo. W., Myers St., Centralia, Pa. 
Spaide, Ralph C., Beavertown, Pa., R. F. D. 1. Spotts, Harvey A., Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa. 
St. Martins, Louis C., 4 Elm St., Whitinsville, Maoe. Stadler, Sidney R., 106 Main St., Catawissa, Pa. 
Stayton, Leon B., 2600 Boulevard, Wilmington, Del. Steiner, Robert, Potts Grove, Pa., R. F. D. 1. Stephens, Herbert, 383 Union St., Allentown, Pa. 
Sterner, Edward, Watsontown, Pa., R. D. Strouse, John E., R. F. D. 1, Northumberland, Pa. 
Sweeney, Chas. J., 422 N. 9th St., Allentown, Pa. 
*Sampson, Steve Smith, W., 1439 Cotton St., Reading, Pa. 
Stoneham, W., 857 Charles St., Luzerne, Pa. 
Medley, Leve F. ^'

Tellep, Michael S., R. F. D. 1, Forest City, Pa. 
Thomas, John R., R. F. D. 5, Danville, Pa. 
*Thompson, Roland Ihonen, John V., Echo^Point, Wese'ing, W. Va. Tinioney, James, East South Hampton Ave., ^ahe~tnut Hill, Phila., Pa. 
Troutman, Walter A., Fort Trevarton, Pa. 
Tobin, Frank E., 6 Russel Terace, Arlington, Mass.

Valencik, Frank J., R. F. D. 3, Catawissa, P~ Vankirk, Tomanand B., Pothgrove, Pa., R. . D. 2. Vargas, Antonia S., 514 Sommerset Ave., Tauntoa, Mass. °Vaughan, William *Vuono, Casino

Wagner, Walter, 2937 N. Franklin St., Phila., Pa. 
Wagner, Walter. 833 Susquehanna Ave., Sunbury, P~ Walker, Wm. Geo., 186 Lakeview Ave., Cambritge, Mass. Warner, Conrad W., Dallastown, Pa. 
Weller, Nevin, Middleburg, Pa., R. F. D. 4. Wetzel, Wm. D., 1200 River Ave. Sunbury, Pa. 
Wetzel, Harry D., Union City, Mifflinsburg, Pa. 
Wi'helm, WiBiam J., 55 Broadway, Milton, Pa. 
Williamson, Wm., Manville, R. I., Albion Rd., Box 48 Willis, Stanley K., 100 Porter St., Stoughton, Ma~ Wise, Albert R., Port Treveton, Sn^Yder Cit^Y, Pa. 
Wood, Geo. Thos. 68 Dooley St., Shee^Pshead Bay, N. Y Wilkinson, Wm. Jr., Bradford, Arkansas. Weber, Frank, 486 Hudson St., New York.

Yeager, Frederick L., 2525 N. 7th St., Phila., Pa.

Zamoiski, Colman, 2521 Madison Ave., Baltimore,

Zamore Karl H., 161 Westminister Ave., Arh~n,

Zincaro, Peter A., 117 Jone~ St., West Manayunk, Pa,


I Bird, John E., Riverdde, Pa. 
Brittian, Jay, New Columbus, Pa. 
         ,~, Brogan, Wm. H., 387 High St., Valley F~, 1~,

Cabla, Joseph, R. D. 4. Temple, Texas.

Carter, Louis G.. Martinsville, Va. l ^! Clapham, Thos. H., Cowan, Pa.

*Connelly, John H,

Cressman, Leon W., Perkasie, Pa. 
Coles, Edward E..Williamstown, Pa. 

Cooke, Geo. R., 252 Woonsaqnatu~ket Ave., 1 ville, R. I. 

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Concnnnon, Patrick, 248 Buflington St., Fall River,

4Coloaante, Tony

*C^c^O^laa^bey, John L., 684 Park Ave., Cranaton, R. I.

Coppersm th, W., Llc en t., Moo p, Conn,

Dallas, James, 1405 N. Bouvier St, Phil

Dubendorf, John A., Elizahethvllle, i    a., Pa.

Dout^y, Reub^he^nn EF" ^A^l°^t^t^O^t^a^V^v^l^e Sty, ^Widnaeo, Pa. 
Dorward, Samuel G., Siatedale, Pa

*Douglas, Frederick Detrich, Herhert L., W. Main St., Port Jervia, N. Y

iehl, Sebastian F., 529 Greenwood St., Jenkintown;

Drasher, Gordon, Drums, Pa

Davis, Roy L., Benton, Pa.

*Ebert, Anthony . Elliot, Geor^Ke, White Deer, Pa Ells, John, 2427 W. Cumberland St Phila, P

Esposito, Valentine, 1419 Grouch St Balti;nore; Md.

Flood, Bromley T., Wayne Ave. & Hortter St.,

°Falce, Vincenzo *Fontaine, Leo L. Fenstermacher, Wm. L., *Fusnalla, Dominick °Filli^Povitz, Stanley J *Furry, Frank A Fanrher Lloyd r Feint, Aibert J., ghth. Fowler, Forrest, Ho      ~^aMia^Pa^a.

428 E. 8th St., Berwick, Pa.

*Gerth, Harry Gei^yainKer~ Fred S., Zionsville, P *Groom, John T Granau, Henry T., 2602 E. 26th St., Brooklyn, N. Y German, Raymond S., Statedale, Pa.

Haire, Chas. F., 239 Water St, Lewisbur Herlikofer, Harr HarkneBB~ John ^y^A^r3^m^2^O^I^r^8^e Lipbcrt^j Sty, Bethlehem, Pa. 
Hayes, Albert F., 1227   22    ., hila., Pa. 
Herschel, Henr    12   a St., . Catasaq a, Pa. 
Heisler, Howard D,    217,   i , P Ha^K^Kerty, Charles, Allentown, Pa Heinley, Fred, Statcdale, Pa Hoffman, Claude H., Box 16, POWIB Valley, P Hughes, Fred D. 866 Ma   ., Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Heild, Harry V., 7 Unlc  , LonSe^esdaie, R. I Harm n, Ed. P. 283 Yottsville  ., Wlconisco, Pa.

Ilseman, Louis, 112 Bergen St., Brooklyn, N. Y Izzo Iouis 2660 E., 16th St., Shee^Pshead Bar,

Kane, Rohert N., 3rd & Co^P^Ie^Y Sts., Hokendauqua,

Krause, Granville D. Rlllion, Daniel A., 2007 Popular St., Phila,, Pa Kisner, Frank H., Millville, Pa Kitchen, John H., 201 E 10th St Berwick

Kern, Laird EJ '^N^6^e3^w^s.^c^d^r^ei^K^p^h^t^o^n St Phila Pa^P^a

Ruhns, L^Uther JR ^O^F^r^e^fi^e^l^d^2 p^N^ortham^pt^o^n~ Pa

Lachorc, Harry F., MercersburK Pa Lalli, Joseph, B83 Swan St., Buffaio, N Y Leaser, Morria E., R F. D. I ^nrPe~^a' ~' Latraverse, Octave J.; 866 Paradiae i;e., *ooneocke^e, Latph^h~a^lt,^d^eC^lhp^h^irlespF, 218 Queen Lane, Gera~to~

Licacchi, Eu^Kene, 1209 Emlr St., Philadelphia, P~ Lauer, John T., Walnut^Port, Pa LOOB, John L., Fairview Village, Pa 4Librizzi, Natale Lydon, Michael P., 2649 Be 'ng Ave. inooka Pa. 
Lesure, Jobn W., 3162 North St., Ciarkaburg Va.

Mack, Russell P., Slatedale, Pa

*Mc^eG^rrah^Aa^rm^h^U^rNi^vcho^81a^6a^0 Church St ~ Milleraburg~ P~ McKinney, Joseph F., Betz, W V Madio, John, 163 S. Wells St, Wilkes~Barre, P~ Mahan, Wm. J., 38 Extension St., New^Port, R. I, Marsicano, Joseph R., Berwick, Pa Miller, Lawrence G., Bismarch, Pa *Moore, Wm. B. *Mitchell, Vance McAtee, Albert M., ClarksburK, W. V Mather, Mark L., Elizabethville, Pa. 
Micletto, Walter F., 371 Burnside Ave., Woonaocket,

Marsteliar, Edwin M., R. F. D. 2, Boyertown, Pa.

Moore, Harry W., 66 Beach St., Westerly, R I MoAdams, Francla A., 2710 W. Yrk ^Q~., P~-;a ^T~

Moyer, Georg^e ^J^J'^wO^1^6^m^e^W^B^d^SP^f^n^np^K St., P^it^us^v;^l~e~ ~Pa

Mor^Be, Harr^y E 4^p4^a0^i^r^v^w^i^e^r^w^K^h^t^o^k^l^c^o^u^r^e~ Scranton, Pa.

Nalley, Geo. J., Pleasant St., Prin_eton, I'l Nu^Kent, JOB. P., 1121 Quarrier St., Charleaton, W. Va. Ncyhard, Frederick D., 712 Ma^P^Ie St., Berwick, Pa.

Nicke4 Harry, Schuyler, Pa. 
*Northu~, Frederiek E. Norton, Daniel L., River St., Old For^Ke, Pa Ness, Raymond, Glafelters Station, Pa.

Ohver, Jaa. V. ^20^e^H^a^i^ry^h^A^S^e^t EE ^t^G^h^r^e^e^n^w^ic^h, R. r

Pendleton; Geor^Ke M., 49 Beaeh St., Weaterly, R. ~,

Quinlan, William J., 18 Granit_ St., We^ubrly, R. I,

*Rathfon, Frederick Rebuck, Walter E., 8 East Orange St., Shi^Ppea~

R^oberts~ R~char^Wd~T^R; ^s^F^I^a^t^i^D^n~^t^2~ ^B^lpo^maburg, Pa. 
Rider, Jacob L., Catawissa, Pa. 
Richards, Rov, 722 W. Feist St., Hazelton, Pa. 
R~tz, Imer S., 1033 N. 10th St., Rcadln, Pa. 
*Re^K~n, Ira W.

^17^oY;ttj^e, MlPie; ^Ft9 ^A^s^i^t^l^a^e^t^K^i^h^c^n ^S^t~^p^Hamb^ur^K~ Pa *Roush, Harley M Raymond, Carl A. Philips, Wia. Rubl, Daniel R.. Sunbury, Pa. 
*Ruppert, Daniel

Ruch, Ed^Kar A., R. D. 1, Co^Pley, Pa.

Sand, Geo. E., 3636 Penna. Ave., St. Loui~,-Mo~

Stackhouse, Ra Smith, Herbe^r^t^y^G^S--g3^r^l^fi^n EAth2^Dnd Spt~, ^Borwick, p~. *Sutlett, Jesse B. Smoot. ^D^a^v.p^dbe^j^H J.^Dlll^tVer^Plank St., Bul{alo N Y

*Smlth, Chas. T. 

[Page 14 follows]


*Shaefer, Wm. E.

Simmen, Chas. A., 68 Dooley St., Brookl^rn, N. Y. Sehuck, Victor R., Emerald, Pa

Snyder, Fred S., 92, 3rd St., Hockenduuqua, Pa. 
*Sullivan, Chaa Sensinger, Edwin J., 18 North St., Slatington, Pa.

Su.^aearage, Frank, 606 W. Columbus St., Shenandoah, Pa.

Shelmerdine, Ernest, 580 Fruit Hill Ave., North Providence, R. I.

Sheckler, Harry A., 208 Cherry St., Slatington, Pa. 
Shipe, Clayton S., 36 River St., Sunbur^Y, Pa. 
Shortz, Chas., 101 S. Main St., Aehley, Pa.

Sterns, Robert E., 543 Chestnut St., Mi^minabur^g, Pa. 
Stenton, Frank O., Slatedale, Pa. 
Stitler, Earl, East Prospect, Pa.

Smith, Almon E., Coyle & Ave. 3, Shee^Pehead Bay, Brooklyn, N Y. Semmel, Herman, Neffs, Pa.

Scrooca, Alexander, 31 S. Gilhert St., Shenandoah, Pa. 
Sharp, Harry, B. F. D. i, Frederickeburg, Pa. 
Shade, Chas. E., Fratz, Pa.

Snyder, Robert R., R. F. D. 1, Red Hill, Pa Stevens, Chas. O., Edenville, Pa. 
Scheffstall, Allen L., Gratz, Pa

Sweeny, John J., 601 W. Penn St., Shenandoah, Pa. 
Seipler, Geo. W., Laquin, Pa. 
Sehular, August C., R. F. D., Finland, Pa.

Stine, John K., R. F. D. 2, MeroersburK, Pa Snyder, Conrad, R. F. D. 3, Cowan, Pa Scheneburg, John B., 223 Buffin^Rton St., Huntingdon,

Sloviek, John, 22 Turkey Bun, Shenandoah, Pa.

Schneider, Philip A., 4136 Manayunk Ave., Phila., Pa. 
Stoddard. Frank W., R. F. D. 1, Owings, S. C.

Smith, Chas. J., Mercersbur^g, Pa. 
*Search, Warren W.

Smarto, Nathan, 72 Columbia St., Brookiyn, N. Y. Seotti, Nioola, 266 Leonard St., Red Bank, N J Schulman, Morris, Willoughby Ave., Brooklyn; N. Y.

Tageart, James W., Main St., E. Greenwich, R. I. *Tubino. Caesar Treas, Earl W., 315 W. 3rd St., Berwiok, Pa.

Tucker, Francis A., 10 Jones St., Valley Falls, R. 1. Tombaaco, Angelo, 1027 Call St., Shenandoah, Pa..

Tiekton, Nathan, 266 Park Ave., Woonsoeket, R. I. Tnthill, Henry L., Lake Ronkonkoma, L. Ialand, N. Y. Tease. Geo., 2672 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Tyson, Geo. S., 343B N. 2nd St., Phila., Pa,

T^reon, Ralph D., 677 S. Front St., MUtcn, Phi

*Uchi~, Walter

Ungard, Fred, Allenwood, Pa.

Vogele, Louis C., 1236 N. 16th St., Phila., Pa.

Wagaman, Jamee P., 130 Cleveland Ave., Wayne boro, Pa.

Wells, Warren M., 6706 N. 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa., (Oak Lane.)

Ward, Wm. R., 3322 Creewell St., East Falle, Philadelphia, Pa.

Williams. John L. J., 73 Appleton St., Pawtucket, Rl. *Ward, John C.

Woil, Harleigh, Elliot Heights, Rural Station, Betb lehem, Pa

Wolfinger, Francis H., R. F. D. 2, Perkisee, Pa.

Williamson, Wm. G., Arnot, Pa.

Weber, Harry G., 1647 N. 66th St., Phila., Pa.

Wargo, Miohael J., Coaldale, Pa.

Williams, Wm. H., Wiconisco, Pa., Box 12.

Wehrie, Wm. J., 1203 Piedmont St., Charleston, W.Va *Wygel, Frank

i Weber. Chas. F.

Wagner, Fred 223 Willow Ave., Holmesdale, Pa.

Wris^Pen, Frank H., 8687, 22nd Ave., New York Cib. Williams, Ambrose, 67 Blackstone St., Woonsoeket, R. I.

Williams, James J., 17 Davis St., Valley Fall^N, R. I.

Whitmer, Ralph H., Cratz, Pa.

Witman, Isaac B., 425 Chestnut St., W. Reading, Pa. 
Wnitmore, Harvey, 116 Wayne Ave., Waynesboro, Pa. 
Wineka, Harry W., Route 6, York^j Pa.

Witmer, Geo. B., Allenwood, Pa.

Wilson, Melton W., R. D. 1 Kennedy, Ala.

Wolowitz, Jos., 225 E. 95th St., New Yo~k Cib.

Wolf, Norman L., 1922 Washin^gton Ave., Northarnpton, Pa.~

Youn~r, Chas. H., 306, 2nd Ave., W. Catasauqna, P*

Zayon. Louie, 626 McClelland St., ~nila., Pab

Zepp, Edwin E., Red Hill, Pa.

~Zellere, Daniel E.


Acklin, Jas. W., 22 ~J. Hi^gh St., Waynesboro. Pa. 
*Agnew, Frank P. 
*Aagelieia, Archille Annard, Frank A., c^lo Thos. K;elley, 121 S. Ave., Media, Pa. 
ArR~entiero, Francesco, 65h S. Ave., Media, Pa. 
Aetolfi, Lu~ri, 242 Green St., Mareus Hook, Pa.

Baer, Charles E., Quiney, Pa. 
Baril, Joseph T., 2h Libia St., Providence, R. I. 
*Baseck, John. Bostwick, Frank M., R. D. 3, Millerstown, Pa. 
*13raffman, Solomon. Bennett, Oris C., Elmira, N. Y. 
Bergerson, Hallard, 192 Railroad St, l\lanville, R. I.  
Blanchetti, William, 84 Kilburn St.; Ashton, R. I. 
Bloomstedt, Harold, 66 Ferris St., E. Providence, R. I. 
Boland, Charles F., 708 Main St., Towanda, Pa. 
~Borden, Henry C., R. D. 3, Towanda, Pa.
B^Qorelle, Pasquale, 1400 S. 12th St., Phila., Pa. 
Brewer, Wilfred, 103 Cleveland Ave., Elmira, N. Y. 
Brigham, Bobert H7112 Boyer St, Phila., Pa. 
Brown, Arthur G., 23 Hem^lo^Gk Ave.; Craneton, R. I. 
Brown, Robert H.. 834 U^P^Iand Ave.~ U^P^aand, Pa. 
Burns, Roy W., Ridge St., Berwyn, Pa.
~Caeoiaoonte, Eu~enia Callahan, Leon E., 141 Summit St., E. Providence, Rhode Island. 
~Caramano, Joseph. Carlson, Osoar, 75 Ash Ave., S. Auburn, R. I. 
Casewell, Thomas E., 5 Mt. Vernon St., Dover, N. Fl. 
CavanauE~h. Daniel, 131 Prinoess Ave., Granst~n, R~ I. 
Cerioola. Vinoenzo, 8 Company Block, R.I. 
*Chemiel, Antonio. 
^VCinoo, Barney M. Clark, William CSpruce Hill, Pa. 
Coffer, Louis, 29 Brook St., Cranston, R. I. Cole, Grant, N. Towanda, Pa. 
Colgan, James J., 605 N. 63rd. St., Phila., Pa. 
Coal,, Ambrose W., R. D, 3, Waynesboro, Pa. 
Costello, Martin, I., Lenni, Pa. 
Coyne, Miohael J., 5h31 Pearl St., Phila., Pa. 
Crowley, Dennis F., lh3 42uarry St., Providence. R. I. Crompton, Raymond N., h7 Cleveland Ave., Cran~ ton, R. I. Cunningham, James F., 1117 Sn^F~^3er Ave., TPFIOr Boro, Pa.

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Cushing, Joseph R. A., 2611 S. 20th. St., Phlla., Pa.

Dager, William W., 204 Chnin St., Norristown, Pa. 
*Daniels, George E. Deccio, Genaro, Clifton Heights, Pa. 
Demarco, Vincent, 80 Fleteher St., Cranston, R. I. Demareo, Vincent, 80 Fletcher St., Cranston, R. I. Didominco, Alfonso, 1239 N. Sim^Pson St., Phila., Pa. 
DeWolf, Robert W. E., Box 78, Mitls St., Melbur^F, Mass. Dietrick, Claude, 2320 Walnut St., Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
~Diprinzio, Pietro Dodrill, SamPson, Webster S^Prin^gs, W. Va. Dolan, Ste^Phen A., 407 Colwyn Ave., Colw^Fn, Pa. 
Dowling, John, Glenn Mills, Pa. 
Downing, Joseph B., Cheney, Pa. 
*Duke, John. Dunbar. Thomas, 3613 S. 84th. St., Phila., Pa. 
Duffy, John, 218 N. Alden St., Phila. Pa.

Egolf, Harvey, 6811 Trinity Place, Phila., Pa. 
Estelle, Harry L., New Albany, Pa.

Fairchild. George W., 318 State St., Towanda, Pa. 
Faur, Anthony, 217 S^Pruce St., Easton, Pa. 
Faust, Felix I., New Tripoli. Pa. 
Fegley, Harry N., 620 Broad St., Emaus, Pa. 
Folk, Wallace A., Kutztown, Pa. 
Flies, John G., 3616 N. 18th St., Phila., Pa. 
Fisher, Fred B., Preston Ave., Cranston, R. I. Fitzgerald, Geor^lre N., 6329 Vine St., Phila., Pa. 
Fochl, Raymond, 2237 N. 10th St., Phila., Pa. 
Folks, Alvin P., R. D. 3, Allentown, Pa. 
Foose, Irwin, Wesevesville, R. D. 1, Fogelsville, Pa. 
Fondes, James P., 66th & Pearl Sts., Phila., Pa. 
*Ford, William H. Foster, Elwin L., 101 Franklin St., Towanda, Pa. 
*Frazier, Carter D Freitas, C. M., Box 229, JUIF Ave., E. Providence, Rhode Island.

Gangwew, Arthur G., Alburtis, Pa. 
Garrity, Jos. A., 820 Church St., Mareus Hook, Pa. 
Gelotte, Francesco. Gibbs, Joseph W., Stewartstown, Pa. 
Gilette, Isham A., 6471 Race St., Phila., Pa. 
Gisewhite, Roland J., Milroy, Pa. 
Goloni, Ernest, Colony St., Cranston, R. I. Gostanian, Margos J., 3 Appleton Court, Evewtt, ^M^aYB. Graham, Herbert B., 1761 Wa^Hhin^gton St., Herburndale, Mass.

Hancock, Daniel H., 1829 E. Harold St., Phila., Pa. 
Haney, Jos. A., 421^r7 Aspen St., Phila., Pa. 
Hawkins, Harr^F L., Canton, Pa. 
Hayes, Homer E., Gypsy, W. Va. Hecht, Tilford H., R. D. 3, Kearney, Nebr. Heckler, Leon E., 234 Chestnut St., N. Reading, Pa. 
Hemen~vay, Albert, R. D. 2, Towanda, Pa. 
Hentchel, Geo. E., 4018 Old York Road, Phila., Pa. 
Hertzo^Y, Herbert W., 639 Minov St., Emaus, Pa. 
Himelfarb, Jack, Millis, Mass. Ho^lrberg, Arthur R., 30 Glenwood Ave., Cranston, Rhode Island. Hollinger, John H., 112 E. James St., Lancaster, Pa. 
Holscher, Edwin H., 214 Lexington St., Waverly, Mass. Hughes, J. T., 22 Yale St., Maiden, Mass. *Hutchins, Harry J.

Innone, Antonio, 86 Elm St., Lawrence, Mass. Irnondi, Pietro, 63 Clemence St., Cranston, R. I. Izd, Louis, 118 Yorkshire St., Providence, R. I.

Jacobs, Kenneth J., East Waterford, Pa.

PEONS 09 '^rHE 314TH INFANTRY      i        2 ~

. Johnsoh, Robert.F., 2664 Middhite~n Roait, 1~,

Johnson, Samuel, 8 Cedar St., Cranaton, R. I. *Jones, C. S.

Karakaukas, Stanle^F, 311 Hudson St., For~eA

Kauffman, Martin L., 112 Tu~carora St., Hard burg, Pa. 
Kehoe, Carl J., 13 S. 64th St., Phila., Pa. 
Kelley, Thos. P., 121 S. Ave., Media, Pa. 
Kessler, Frank A., Mt. Carmel Pa. 
Kettery, John J., R. D. 2, Birdsboro, Pa. 
Kleskinsky, William, 227 Columbis Ave., Mt. Car. mel, Pa. 
Knight, Earl R., 67 Lincoln Ave., Cranston, R. I. Koch, Irwin B., 306 W. 2nd. St., Mt. Carmel, P~ Eoch, J. T., R. F. D. 2, Zionsville, Pa. 
Kornkiewichi, Mike, 630 W. 3rd. St., Mt. C~r
Xrause, Elmer, R. D. 1, Birdsboro, Pa. 
Ewssley, Samuel, Box 64, Slate-Dale, Pa. 
Krorner, William L., Mi^min, Pa. 
Kurek, Jacob, Penn St., Kulpmont, Pa.

Labrum, Jose^Ph T., 2464 Cedar St., Phi~a., Pa. 
Lastowsky, Alex. J.. 120 Girard St., Atlas, Pa. 
*Lavoie, Jos. A. Leach, Styles W., R. D. 1, Port Royal, Pa. 
Levan, John, Aristes, Pa. 
Lewis, Edgur, N. 4th St., Toronto, Ohio. Lohrmau, Geo. R., Church St., Macun~rie, Pa. 
Lombardo, Valentino, 73 Spruce St., Providence, R. L *Lovell, John C. Luba, Alexander, Elm St., Conshohocken, Pa. 
Lubuskey, Imie, 187 Pleasant St., Cranston, R. I. Ludwig, C. W., 630 S. 12th. St., Reading, Pa. 
*Lukus, Stanis. Lawwnce, Harry J., ford, Pa.

, Merion Crichet Club, Haver
Maddox, Robert H., 2207 Chelsea Terraee, Bal1tmow, Md. *Maxwell, Luigi. Mariorano, Salvatore, 1614 S. 9th St., Phih., Pa. 
Manelle, Luigi, 37 Swiss St., Providence, R. I. Mapes, Claude ELaquin, Pa. 
Marcus, Jack, 14 N. 3rd St., Bethlehem, Pa. 
Marquis. Theodore E., 329-lst. N. E. Washington~ D. C. *Marshall. Wm. A. Matteo, Antonio, 686 Arthur St., Hazelton, Pa Matukitis, Stanley W., 328 Ma^P^Ie St., Mt. Carmei, Penn'a. Maxwell. W. F., 3229 Sydenham St., Phila., Pa. 
Maynard, Harry, Gillet, Pa. 
McCabe, Bernard LWalnut St., Towanda, Pa. 
McBride, Edwin J., 7th. Upland Ave., U^Pland, Pa. 
*McElroy, Edw. E McGinnis, Edw. T. 318 W. 2nd. St., Mt: Carmel, Pa. 
McMillon, Roy, Concho, W. Va. McNeeley, Howard W., Box 63, Pax, W. Va. McQuestion. Ral^Ph F., 76 Convent Ave., Malden, MQ~. McShane, Edw. T., West Warwick, R. I. Meeks Wesley, Concho, W. Va Merkei, FranK H., R. D. 2. Coo^Persburg, Pa. 
Metz~er, Chas. H., 2120 E. York St., Phila., Pa. 
Mil^ler. I~arry S., Old Zionsville, Pa. 
Minehan, Cornelius. Hemstead House, Pt. Waobington, Long Island, N. Y. Mitchell, Albert. ~Mitski, Anthony. ~Monish, Harvey. Moore, Elam, Shillir~ton. Pa. 
Murphy, Thos. E., 1230 Cranston St., Cranaton, R. 1. Murray. James, 1921 E. Albert St., Phila., Pa.

Neff, Harry L., 327 Whi^P^P^Ie St., Pittaburgh, Pa. 
Niekb, Arthur C., Thompson, Pa. 
Norman, Barnett, 23 Newton St., Yalden, l~a~ 

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Norris, Jamea H., West Broadway, Red Lion, Pa. 
Novak, Michael, 346 Harris St., Plymouth, Pa.

Oakes, Franois J., Lenni Mills, Delaware Co., Pa. 
O'Connell, John A., 234 Locust St., Williamsport,

Oliver, Wm. J. K., 326 Broadway, Somerville, Mass. Olshefsky, John, 162 Nesbit Alley, Plymouth, Pa. 
O'Neil, John J., 147 Franklin Ave., Arlington, R. I. O'Sullivan, Daniel A., R. D. 2, Towanda, Pa. 
Owens, Edw. J., 1610 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, N .Y'

*Paquin, Ovila. Paterson, James, 172 Wilmarth Ave., E. Providence, R. I, Paul, Arthur, 173 Rallroad St., Manville, R. I. Pavalonis, Stanley. 108 Filmore StScranton. Pa. 
Peatfield. Fred R., 24 Topsfield Road, I^Pswich, Mass. Peterson, Axel, Box 217, N. Easton, Mnss. Petkus, Joseph, 1636 Winter St., Phila., Pa. 
Phillips, John W. E., 640 N. Hi^lrh St., Millville, N. J. Pohley, Edward, Bitumen, Pa. 
Pursell. James J., 287 Lawrence St., Lawrence, Mass.

Rainville, Ulric, Manville, R. I, Raitzyk, Ra^Phael, 906 Bond St., Baltimore, Md. Raymond, Ulderic, 46 Winter St., Manville, Pa. 
Rehm, Charles H., R. D. 1, Marcunaie, Pa. 
Reutter, Samuel T., 3109 N. 26th. St., Phila., Pa. 
Rhodes, Earl D., Athel, Pa. 
Rice, Arthur A., 44 Franklin, St., Corning, N. Y. *Riley, Che^Yter C. Ritchie, Harry, 313 Church St., Ambler, Pa. 
Robidoux, Ovilla, 61 S^Pring St., Manville, R. I. Rohrbaeh, Clifford M., Herndon, Pa. 
Rompoleki, Frank, 321 E. 3rd. St., Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Rowan, Raymond E., 76 Wood St.. Providence, R. I. Rubenofsky, Mr., Hazelton Heights, Pa.

Sassman, Clayton B., R. D. 1, New Ring^gold, Pa. 
Sehmeider, Fred, 4361 Pechin St., Roxhoro, Phila., Pa. 
Schmuck, Tilman, 330 E. Locust St., York City, Pa. 
Schucker, Fred B., Vir^ginsville, Berks Co., Pa. 
Schuster, Benj, C., Farmers Braneh, Texaa. Schultz, Roy S., R. D. 2, Boyertown, Pa. 
Seifred, Banks I., R. D. 1, McAllisterville, Pa. 
Seitz, John H., Red Lion, Pa. 
Seltzer, Harry B., 963 Market St., Williamsport, Pa.

*Adam, David F. Allen, William, Phillip~burg. Pa. 
Anderson, Lee F., Church St., Dublfn, VN. *Anderson, Oscar. *Archangels, Giampa. Askey, James R., Pine Glen, Pa.

Ballard, Ernest V., 44 W. 75th. St., New York, Balthaser, Walter R., Centerpoint, Pa. 
Barber, Lewis E., Crompton, R. I. Bauder, Frank W., 360 Msin St., S. Williams^Port, Pa. 
Benel, Joseph A., 608 W. 178th. St., New York. Bier, Alexander, Moundsville, W. Va. Binello, Vittorio, 169 Atwell Ave., Providence, R. I. Bolle, Charles O., 5066 Ogden St., Phila., Pa. 
Bantal, Natle, 1904 Iseminger St., Phila., Pa. 
Boob, John M., 2157 N. Camac St., Phila., Pa. 
Bucher, Albert C., 149 Church St., Sunhury, Pa. 
Burns, M. L., 2305 W. Somerset St., Phila., Pa. 
Burns, W. J., 251 Wood St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Burrell, Charles S., Millheim, Pa. 
Burwell, Arthur L., Pine Grove Mills, Pa.


Seyfarth, George J., East Greenville, Pa. 
Sharkey, John J., 6107 Nohle St., Phila., Pa. 
Shillock, Walter J., 344 S. Poplar St., Mt. Carmel,

Shippe, Harold W., 77 Whi^P^P^Ie St., Arlington, R. I. Sjoblom, Carl, 13 Grove Ave., Cranston, R. I.

Simmons, C. E., 264 Admiral St., Providence, B. I. Sloat. George H., R. D. 1. Wrightsville Pa.

Smith, Henry M., 2024 Chestnut St., Ph^lla., Pa. 
Smith. Waldo, R. D. 1, Box 9, Bristol, W. Va. Spencer, Charles L., 111 Main St., Canton, Pa. 
Stamatis, Dometrius, 67 Pearl St., Lynn, Mass., Stanton, Edward, Towanda, Pa. 
Stoddard, Marshall, 2647 S. 17th St., Phila., Pa.

Swanson Eskel, 124 Forrest Ave., Cranston, R. I. Sweeney Michael P., 16 E. Birch St., Hazelton. Pa. 
Stoltz, George E., N. Washington St., Muncy, Pa.

Thirrien. F., 42-3rd. Ave., Cranston, R. I.

Trout, John W., 566 N. Elm St., Conshohqeken, Pa. 
Trussell Jnhn W.. Venus. Texas.

Vaquener, Louis, 38 Sehool St., Valley Falls, %. L Valen^tino, John.

Valiquetti, Joseph, S^Pring St., Manville~ R. ~[. Vanderpool, Sherman, R. D. 1, Towanda, Pa. 
Vandruff, Perry T., Piney, W. Va.

Vanloon, Harland L., 309 Pine St., Towanda, Pa. 
Vineski. Vincent A., Troy, Pa.

Ward, George P., 102 Laurel St., Watertown, MNSS, Wasikowski, Walter, 341 S. Beach St., Watertown,

Wentzeli, Frank J.~ 416 Middle St., Ashland, Pa. 
West, Harry W., R. D. 1, ^eanton, Pa.

Wetzel, Paul L., 30-43rd. St., Irvington, New York, Wetzel, Robert, Vandyke, Pa. 
~Weyrick, William J. Williams, Wesley, 131 N. Chestnut St., Mt, C^Nrmel,

Wilson, Merrill A., Cleveland, W. Va.

~Wolfson, Joseph.

Yeager, Wesley, Fort London, Pa.

Yermalovich, Joseph, 1300 Hemlock St., mokin, Pa.

Zampino, Domenieo, 938 S. 4th: St.. Camc4en. N~ J~

Ziek, Stanley, R. D. 2, Gatav~issa, Pa.



Canio, Joseph, 2120 Cbarfield St., Phila., Pa. 
Capozza, Fortunato, 611 Edith St., Old For~re, Pa. 
Carmardella, Carmine 142-8rd. St., Old Fors~e, Pa. 
Conches, Anthony, 225 W. 4th. St.. Mt. Garmel, Pa. 
Culver, Martin J., 60 Briden St., Pittston, Pa.

Dampman. Robert J., 610 Desmond St., Sayre, Pa. 
Dann, Victor B., Bellefonte, Pa. 
Davis, Wm., 1313 Presquiale Ave., Phili^Psbur^g, Pa. 
Dawson, Albert S., 5525 Spring St. Phila., Pa. 
Dayon, George, 407 Water St., Ph~hpsburg, Pa. 
Deeke., Benton T., R. D. 1, Stevensville, Pa. 
Decker, Claude H., 134 W. Atherton St., State College, Pa Delbaugh, Walter G., 59 S. 7th. St., Shamokin, Pa. 
DiBelle. Luca, 6172 Glenmore Ave., Phila., Pa. 
Driseoll, George C., 1263 State St., New Haven, Conn. DuBois, Charles R., 2306 Jessup St., Wilmi~rtor~, Delaware. Dziedzic, Stanley, 7 Main St., Natick, R. I. 

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Egan, Marshall C., 244 Franklin St., New Haven,

Eistar, Howard E., 1020 Wolverton St., Sunbury, Pa. 
Elder, Charles H., Jersey Shore, Pa. 
Elsbree, Geor^Ke E., S. Main St., Athe^w, Pa.

Finn, David T., 60 Mechanio St., New Haven,

Fisher, Aifred H., 26 Foley St., Danville, Pa. 
*Fitzsimmons, Thomas Flynn, Thomas, 215 Center St., Rendham, Pa. 
Foltz, Harry A., 249 S. Wocd St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Foy, James J., Stephens Lane, Torrerdah, Pa. 
French, Raymond R., 163 Montgomery Ave., Cynwy, Pa. 
Fye, Howard, Lewistown, Pa,

Garrett, Ed. M., 1739 Cliftview Ave., Baltimore, Md. *Gentile, Camille Gentzell, Paul M., R. D, 2, Ballefonta, Pa. 
Gilbert, George, Flourtown, Pa. 
Graeo, Vin^Gent, Box 47, Edgehill, Pa. 
Grafflus, John C., 226 Tenth St., Phili^Psbur^lr, Pa. 
Gras, Elmer, R. D. 2, Elizabeth, Ill. Graves, John, 192 Leonard St., Fall River, Mass. Greeney, Wm. J., 612 S. Wilbur St., Sayre, Pa. 
Griffin, Gerald B., 20 Beaver St., Salem, Mass. Grim, Charles H., Lyons, Pa. 
Grim, Charles 1., Gibralter, Pa. 
Gruver, Jesse V., 830 Park Place, Wil^!iamsport, Pa Guerrette, Geor^lre, 530-3rd St., Fall River, Mass. Gunn, Floyd S., 72 Cathering St., Corning, N. Y.

Haag, Gottlieb D., 20 S. Pen^D St., Ballefonta, Pa. 
*Haven, Frank E. *Hahn, Harry F. Handza, Andy, Clarenee, Pa. 
Handza, John, Clarence, Pa. 
Hannaway, Robert F., 222 Swan St., Providence, B. I. Harris, James B. 7919 Madison St., Phila., Pa. 
Hartshorn, Harry L., 368 Grant St., Cadillae..Mich. Hassel, John M., 9 Warren St., Salem, Mass. Haynes, Eversley T., Snow Shoe, Pa. 
Herbert, Arthur, N. Smithfield, R. I. Herman, Charles W., 2836 Palethor^P St., Phila., Pa. 
Hesser George D., Cinder St., Birdsboro, Pa. 
Hiekej, John F., 135 W. 4th Ave., Conshohocken, Pa. 
Hills, George, R. D. 4, Tioga, Pa. 
Hines, Hastings, 8 New St., West Chester, Pa. 
Honicker, Geo. W., 822 E. Chestnut St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Hope, Louis J., 316 Lincoln St., Sayre, Pa. 
House, Howard J., 319 N. Lehigh St., Sayre, Pa. 
Housel, Chas. M., Apt. 601-23 S. 62nd St., Phila., Pa. 
Hunsinger, Howard 120 S^Pruee St., Athens, Pa. 
Hunsworth, Herbert 163 Ashland Ave., W. Manayunk,

Huttinger, Charles J., 1987 N. 63rd St., Phila., Pa.


Jackson, Robt. C., 137 N. Gill St., Stata College, Pa. 
Jacobs Geor^Ke E., Clarksburg~ W. Va., Box 266. Jacobj, Carl J., 226 W. Lincoln Way, Chambersburg,

Jarosh, Josa^Ph, 13 Kilburn St., Fall River, Mass. Johnson, F. B., Leraysville, Pa.

Kachik, Andrew J., Box 18, Clarence, Pa Kaucher, Edward N., R. D. 1, Tem^Ple, Pa. 
Kaufman, Earl, Runville, Pa. 
Kaufman, I. J., 309 N. 60th St., Phila., Pa. 
Kauffman, Josa^Ph S., Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 
Keller, Edward, 4616 N. 10th St., Phila., Pa. 
Kelley, George L., 810 S. 58th St., Phila., Pa. 
Kelley, John E., 131 N. 62nd St., Phila., Pa. 
Kinney, John D., Riverside Drive, Sayre, Pa. 
Kissinger, Howard, Mohnton, Pa. 
Kline, Truman E., 412 Allegheny St., Jersey Shore, Pa Kline, Wallace H., 706 E. Beaver St., Stata GoUe^Ke, Pa Knous^4 Harry, 2161 E. Chelten Ave., Phila., Pa. 
Kosher, Ernest A., 1311 Walnut St., Taylor, Pa.

Kopcik, Mike G., Oseeola Lucille, Pa.

Laich, Edward, Munson, Pa.

Lake Ral^Ph S., South Montrose, Pa. 

Lallj, Francis P., 3633 New Queen St., Phila., Pa. 
Lazarro, Frank, Keiser, Pa.

Leins, Frank F., Pencoyd, Pa.

Leonard, Edward A., Wilawana, Pa.

Leonard, Petar J., 32 Ward St., Salem, Mass.

*Levasseur, Joseph L.

Lima Wm. L., 103 Dunbar St.. New Bedford, Maw Lingle, James C., Spring Mills, Pa.

Lipman, Louis, 1627 Pike St., Phila., Pa.

Lipps, Omer, 919 Stone St., Fall City, Neb.

Loesch, Arthur L., R. D. 1, Box 20, State Golle^Ka, Pa. 
Long, Lee A., Belton, W. Va.

*Loyld, James J. Lucidonia, Libarato, 346 W. S^Pring St., Ardmore, Fa,

McAllister, Oscar J., 306 Glover St., Jersey Shore,

McCardel, James J., 1644Y^Z W. Jefferson St.. Los Angeles, Cal. ~McDonald, Walter

McCloskey, Larry E., Clarence, Pa.

MeCrea, Roy B., 66 Riverview Ave., Waltham, ~ass. MeDermott, James J., 666 N. 48th St., Phula., Pa. 
McGeoy, Howard V., Highland & Maple Ave., Cyn
MGWilliams; John J., 6629 Cherry St., Phila., Pi.

Maioc^Go, Ismaele, 6649 Vine St., Phila., Pa.

*Mariani Enrico

Markows^Li, Peter, 44 Cowden St., Centra^! Falls, R. I. Marziani, Carlo 4987^1,/~ Girard Ave., Ph^lla., Pa. 
Massaroni, Michael, 3723 Clairmont Ave., Baltimore,

Massey, Brady W., 412 Dawson St., Bluefield, W. Va. Mattern, William R., Port Matilda, Pa.

*Matthews, Thomas A.

Maust, Norman C., Millville, Pa.

Meske, Gustav A., Ellington, N. Y.

Miller, Joseph, 6 Summit Ave., Salem, Mass.

Modena, Attilo, 61 MontE~omery St., Westiield. ~5aa~s~ Morin, Isadore R., 17 Leavitt St., Salem, Mass.

*Mottle, Otto

Moyer, Calvin C., Erdenheim, Pa.

Musser, James H., Coburn, Pa.

Nevin, Charles M., 6824 S^Pruce St.. Phila., Pa.

Newman, Carl L., 10 Golmar St., Brockton, M~, Niejadlik Wladyslaw, 296 River St., Woonsocket, R. I Norton, *alter G., 43 Bluefield Ave., Bll^lefield, W. Va.

O'Brien, E. F., 39 W. Park Ave., Brockton, Mass.

O'Brien James A., 94 Walnut Ave., Norwood, Mass. O'Brien Richard L., 36 Rack St., Whitimair, MQY~. *O'Donohoe, James Olean, Jos., 184 Obed Ave., Marieville, Pawtu^Gket,

O'Neil, Miehael J., 261 Bedford St., Fall River, Mas~.

Page, C;arence, 822 N. Wilbur St., Sayre, Pa.

Pangonis, Joseph 1813 Jackson St., Scranton, Pa.

Pantano, Antonio, 781 Lucas ADey, Johnstown, Pa. 
Paparello, Vineenzo, 636 La6al!e St., Berwick, Pa.

Pararati, Guisseppe, 664 Leonard St., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Pelletier, Armand L., 1803 Chestnut St., Phila., Pa. 
Pelletier, Louis O., 14 Endicott St., Danvers, Mass. Pentasugliom, John, 632 Beaeh St., S. Seranton, Pa. 
Penwell, Carl J.. Warren Center, Pa.

Peter, Miles S., 100 W. Main St., Dallastown, Pa.

Pierson, Sam'l N., 49 Millcrest Ave., Stamford, Conn, Prince, Carl, i324 Marshall St., ~enwood, W. Va.

Prince, Raymond B., Bluefield, v~. Va.

Pursel, Ralph N., Millville, Pa. 

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4Quilktte, Adhemar

11uinton, Joseph, Albion, R. I.

Rantis, James B., 469 Princeton Ave., Bluefield,

B^Rarick^h H^Menry C., 128 Senaca St., Pottsville, Pa.

Ray, Wm. F., 197 S. 4th St., Niles, Michigan Reber, Oscar, R. D, 1, Summit Station, P Reed, Reynolds W.. e .     St., Trevorton, Pa. 
Reeve^B, ^A^l^b^e^r^J^t , 3201 Ce ~ St., Mino^Qka, Pa

Remp Daniel, R D. Z. Geiger^Y M^jllB, Pa.

'^tRhubright, Wm. C Rice, Charles G., Gordon, Pa Richards Arja, 2637 Jackson St., Scranton, a. Richards David R., Martha Furnace, P Riddel, Carl, 623 Sherman St., Johnstown, Pa Riggles, Daniel L., Hyner, Pa. 
Riggs Walter E., 623 Avery St., Parksburg, W. Va.

Roberts, Robert, Weat Bangor, Pa ~Robillard, Joseph F Robinson, Charles A., R. D. 2, Manassas, V Rock, Thomas, Waynesboro, Pa Rockey, Orvis R., R. D. 1, Belleionte, Pa Rogers, Linn H., 606 N. Main St., Athens, Pa. 
Roller, Howard B., Picture Rocks, Pa Romanchick^j JOB F., 184 Luzerne Ave., Larksville, Pa

Rush, Thomas J., 126 W. Lancaster Ave., Wayne, Pa.

Mussel, Harry L., i4 Lynch St., Salem, Mass.

Samler, Walter H., 162 Railroud Ave., Norwood,

Scarpone, Berardo, 344 W S^Prin^g St. Ardrnore, P Scarpone, Jose^Ph, 4986 Stiles St., Phi;a., Pa Schadeok, Emil B. Natick R I


Schueker, Maurice G., 301 Desmond St., Sa^Yre, Pa Schwartz, Harr^Y L., Birdsboro, Pa Scribner, Chester R., 4 Adams St., Waltham M *Pearson, Glee T.                  ~ ass Sechrist, George H., Felton, Pa Sechrist, William 326 Park Ave., William port, Pa. 
Seidel, Harry G. Story Creek Mi^ll^g, pa Seifrit, Harry W., R. D. 8, Eberson, Pa Shook, Grant F., 422 Kramer St., Sunbury, P Simon, Ernest, Gilbertsville, Pa.

Smith, Christy, 316 Desmond St, Sa^Yre, Pa.

Smith, C. D., R. D., S^Prinv Miiis, Pa. 
Smith MerrU M. 814 Bell fo e S it               e nt St., Lock Haven, Pa. 
Snowdon, Elmer E., 6004 Baltimore Ave., Phila., Pa Sokolow, Clarence, Tha^Yre, W. Va Squizzero, Antonio, 1627 Cranston St., Cranston, R. F Steinberg, Louis S., Grassflat, Pa Stover, Joseph W., Berrysburg, Pa

Svvartz, John W.. 1600 Regina St., Harrisburg, Pa Swisher, D. Harry, State Line, Pa.

Theroux, Leonard, Gendron St., Arctic, R I Tomasso, Carmine, 1 Bates Ave., Quidnick i. I Tracer, John J., 1244-20th St., N. W. Washln^i,to^D,

Treon, Ray E., 337 W. 3rd St., Mt. Carmei, Pa Tynan, John H.,- 836 Cedar St., New Bedford, Mass.

Va^g^lre, James, 1 Wentzel Ave., Beverly, Ma

Vorilas, George L., 64 Hathonie St., Salem, Mass.

Walsh, Wm. J., 2648 Birney Ave., Minooka, Pa Warner, Lester 113 South St., Sayre, Pa Watts, Jay, Millville, Pa Weaver, Elmer B., Madisonhurg, Pa Weaver, Milton T., Farrandsville, Pa Weekley, Wm. N., 1206-4th St.. Moundeaville, W. Va. Weidman, Wolf, 168 Christopher St., Brooklyn, N Y

Wells, Lester B., 101 Burgess Ave., E. Providince R. I.

Welton, Avery, 160 Chancery St., New Bedford, MaHs.

Whitesid^e~ LeBiieNF ^M^c^M^M^e^a^c^r^h^k^e^e^n Sty, ^D^un^cann^Qn Pa Williams, Harry J., Phillipsburg, Pa Williamson, JOB., 811 S. Walnut St., S. Phillipsburg,

Wilson, Joseph, Burnham, Pa Wood, Walter A., Chenango Forks, N. Y ^Wood'e, A^g^h;^e^y-^c^M^a^s^d^ui^r^v^e^n^y^A^r^V^e^p Ft. Wa^shin^gt^Q^D Pa.

Woods, Frederiek E., 67 Ligingstone St., Beverly,

Wootan, Charles C., London, Texas.

Zandle, S., Shamokin, Pa. 
4Zanne, Same

Ziehl, Edvvard, 164 William 8t., Martn~ilb, N. Y.


Acker, Ralph E., Millerstown, Pa. 
~Aderhold, Howard M.        J ' Albertson, John H., Omak, Washin^Rton Agnes, Joseph J., Arlin^Kton, Minn. ~Alldridge, Geo. I. Allen, Ara C., Winthrop, Minn Allen, Clitford A., 674 Broad St., Cumberland, R. I.

Anglestein, Irwin J., 216 Lehigh Ave., W. Gatasaqua,

~quino, Harry J., 449 W. 46th St, New York Cit Arbotgast, Frederick Arthur, Clifton 0., ^i^8^6P^S ^s^e^cS^Ot^n;^dN^sa^tper^cville^l, Illinoi^B.

Bagley, John C, Dunn, N. C Bainbridge, Albert, Crewe, Va. Barclay, Ralph P., 481 Markle St., Roxborou^gh.

Barker, John H., 16 2nd St., New^Port, R. L Rarnet, Homer A.~ Swifton Arkansas ll&tty, Walter C., 2729 N. ;lth St~, Phila, Pa.

-Bear, Peter Beib~eheim^i^le^l^i, G °   ^C ^Whitney St.,    ord~  nn

^B^eV ^r, HA=r H.. Z060 E. l9th St., 9h~^Dahead;

Biehler, Frank, 10i7- Hanover Ave., Allentown, Pa B4^Faouette, George, Blakely, Minn B'ackerby, Alen H., R. F. D. 2, Maxwell I Blakeslee, Paul W., 2906 N. 23rd St, P^Lila., P Boggs, Thomas R., 1109 Melrose Ave.; Melrose Park,

Bopp, Fred E., Batoka, Illinois Borel, Edward, 628 E Johnson St, Germantown, Pa Brown, Alban W., 3il4 Longshore St., Phila., P

Bubb, Sylvester B ^2^2^3^6^S^g^e^C°^N^n^d^l^3^t^t^h~ ^sS^latin^gton, Penn~ Budano, Nicholas 22 A Burht, John J. River S°t ^S^t Be^Pthl°^vb^d^e^n^c^eP^R' I Butler, W lliam O., 26 C   n Butz, Clayton ^J., R. F ^D^a^n^n^N^O S^3t ~^AN^l^le^w^p^ort~ R. I. Bellow, Jack, 4646 N. Mervine St., Phila., i Brommer, Ira, 911 W. Lehigh Ave., PhUa., Pa. 

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Caccia, Joseph, 666 Charlea St., Providence, R. I. Carter, Aire N., Moss Point, Miss Charlton, William E1., 322Z Oxford St., Phila., Pa. 
*Chatfield, Earl Class, Tad H., 210 S. 82nd St., Billin^Ks, Montana. Clement, Frank 9th and 7th Aves. S. W., Puyallu^P,

Coffelt, Carl E., Red Rock, Oklahoma Co^Y, Arthur, 63 Elm St., Weaterly, R. I Grei^Khton, Fred, 15 Milton St., Riverside, R. I. Cri^Khton, Robert R., Davenport Neck, New Rochclle,

Cupursi, Nick, 1623 S. Juniper St., Phila., Pa.

De Ceaaare, Nick, 330 Atwell Ave., Providence, R. I Deily, George E., 823 Race St., Catasauqua, Pa. 
Delke, Allen O., 116 Main St., Slatington, Pa. 
Dellabianca, Louis, 45 Washin^Kton Ave., North Adams, Mass. Derber, Charles, 62 Doyle Ave., Providenee, R. I Devlin, James H., 418 Broadway, So. Bethlehem, Pa. 
Di Tieri, Nicola, 1439 Montrose St., Phila., Pa. 
Dillon, James Di Synod Pietro, Barrin^Kton, R. I. Domierlwicz, Chas., 116 Nottin^Khum St., Pbmouth,

Drum; Sherman M., CoRan Station Pa Dugan, Alhert E.

Eisenmenger, Walhr S., R. F. D. 3, Montoursville, Pa. 
Elsholz, Louis, 1043 Euclid Ave., Salt Lake Cit^Y Utah. Emlay, Martin A., Switchville, Jenkintown, Pa. 
Ernst, Wm. A., 2719 Su^Nquehanna Ave., Phila., Pa. 
Evans, Clarence C., R. F. D. 5, Pottstown, Pa.

Fenton, Ray C., 2105 N. 17th St., Phila., Pa. 
Fetterman, Sharon, 25 S. 7th St., Sunburn, Pa. 
Fisk, Harry J.. R. F. D. 2, Montourzville, Pa Folle^et, Cecil, 182 nigh St., Valle^Y Falls, R. I. Foster, Gail O., Wahkon, Minn. Frankenfield, Geo. B., Second St., Cementon, Pa. 
Fryer, Alfred Y., Boyertown, Pa.

Galm, Andrew J., 126 Front St., Catasauqua, Pa Garrity, Thomas J., 6204 Cedar Ave., Phila., Pa. 
Giblin, George C., Brackney, Pa. 
Gibson, Alfred G.. 19 Hall Ave., Newport, R. I. Gilbert, Samuel 240 S. 57th St., Phila., Pa. 
Ginther, Wm. H., 436 Race St., Catasauqua, Pa. 
Goddard, George M., 24 Gibbs Ave., Newport, R. I. Gri'diths. William J., 141 Fourth St., Slatington, Pa. 
Gross, Charles E., Laurelton, Pa. 
Gruver, Elarry R., Cementon, Pa.

Haas, Charles J., 1230 N. Hollywood St., PhUa.. Pa. 
Hammel, H. W., 801 W. Broad St., Bethlehem, Pa Hamilton, Thomas J., 760 N. 44th St., Phila., Pa Hart, Arthur F., Blossburg, Pa Hartman, Mike A., 75 Mor^Kan Ave., Brookbn, N. Y. Heltzer, Valdemas, 22 Asia St., Cranston, R. I. Hendrickson, Clarence L., Lanesboro, Pa. 
Herman, Charles C., 226 First Ave., West Catasauqua, Pa. 
Hertzo^K. John W., Topton, Pa. 
Hicks, William, 62 N. Yew^flell St., Phila., Pa. 
Hobbs, James B., 625 Pontiac St.. Cranston, R. I. Horton, Wayne R., W^yalusin^lr, Pa. 
Hub!er, Geor^Ke W., Park Place, Pa.

Jacobs, Albert E., 1619 N. Park Ave., Phih., Pa. 
Johnson, Carl, 136 Wood St., Gatasaugua, Pa. 
Jones, Llewellyn, Ranshaw, Pa. 
,Tone B. Stephen D., Little Meadowe, Pa. 
Jones, Victor II., 1229 S. 68th 8t., Phila., Pa.


Keller, H. B., 12? Green Lane, Manayunk, Fhila.,

-Kelleher, Francis J Keller, Clinton L., R F. D. 2, Muncy VaUe^Y, Pa Kelly, Martin A., Switchville, Jenkintown, Pa Kemp, Harry E., E^Kypt, Pa. 
Kennedy, William H., 808 Schiller St., Phila Pa. 
Kershner, Jefferson M., Shoemakersville, Pa Kleppinger, Clarence S., 129 S. First Ave., Bethlehem, Pa Klin^Ker, George W., Coplay, Pa. 
*Koch, Ra^Ymond H. Kresh, Henry Kurtz, Raymond H., 340 American St., Catasauqua, Pa. 
Kurtz, Willou^Khby E., 345 Race St., Gatasauqua, PA.

Latch, Robert J., 5528 Summer St., Phila., Pa. 
Laub, Cla^Yton H., 429 Race St., Catasauqun, Pa. 
Lanall, Charles E., 519 Kurtz St., Catasauqua. Pa Lechner, Charles G., Philadelphia Ave., Bo^Yertown, Pa. 
Leiby, Howard A., R. F. ~Hentown, Pa. 
Levy, Anthony J. ' Lickfield Edwin, 31 E. Collings Ave~ollingswood~

Linn, Charles H., Woolrich, Pa. 
*Loss, Clarence B. Ludwig, Otto G., 32 Front St., Hokendauqua, Pan

Maio, Anthony, 182 Windsor St., Cambridge, M~B. Main, Joseph H., Wonorke Farm, Slocum, R. I Manzer, Leo G., Gibson, Pa. 
Marks, Clyde J., 348 Elm St.. Jersey Shore, Pa Matthews, Fred B., Kingsley, Pa Mayer, Jack, Lemont, Pa Meder, Luther C.. 813 N. 46th St., Phila., Pa. 
Mielcarek, Walter J., 121 ?th Ave., North Towanda,

Miller, Albert J., Jr., 154 E. Pomona Terrace, Phila.,

Miller; John, R. F. D. 2, Coopersbur^K, Pa Miller, Walter G., 1213 S Wilton St., Phla.. P Minnich, Geor^Ke F., 57 Willows Ave., Slatington, Pa. 
Monn, Archie F., R. F. D. 1, Wa^Ynesboro, Pa. 
Monahan, William J., 35 Pearl St., Cambridge,Mass Moyer, Benjamin F., R. F. D. 2, Robesonia, Pa. 
Moyer, William R., R. F. D. 4, Pottstown, Pa Muccigrossc, Pasquale, 813 Paschal Ave.; Phi~-a.,-Pa Mulliner Gerard A., 309 Prospect Place, Brooklyn,

McAndrew, Patrick J., Allentown, Pa. 
McBride, Robert A., 1 Wood & St. John Sts., Catasauqua, Pa. 
McKenna, Charles F., 28 McKenn St., Waltham. Ma~.

Na^Kel, Edwin B., E. Phila. Ave., Boyertown, Pa Nantais, Stanford, 51 Maple St., Granston, B. I Neidig, Geor^Ke F., 929 Meade St., Williams^Port, Pa. 
Ne.is, Bernard. Nieder, John G., 6600 Grenwa^Y Ave., Phlla, Pa. 
Nonnemacher, Charles B., Main St., West Catarauqua, Pa.

Obdyke, Samuel V., 154 N. 61st St., Phlla., Pa O Brien, Edward F., 1344 N. Howard St., Phila., Pa. 
O Gonnell, Edward D.. 6463 Race St., Phila., P~, O Neill, James D., 1708 Win^Kohockin^K St.. Phila., Pa Owens, Clarence A., 35 N. 50th St., Phila., Pa.

Palermo, Pasquale, 116 Dou^K^Iass St.. Revere Mass Pappadopoulos, SPerOs A., 490 Market St., ^Lowell

Pezzullo, Guise^Ppi. Hamilton Ave., Barrin~ton, R. I Pi^Rott, John J. 2 PtUa, Ralph, 706 ^M^a^n^t^l^l^n^n^s^t^s^t~^p^s^i^u~^n^m^pr^v^i^l^le~ Maag, Price, John A., 314 Taylor Terraee, Chester, Pa. 

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Quinter, William L., Lorance, Pa.

Rabauser, David M., Chamberobur~, Pa. 
*Ramey, Phillip F. *Ramputy, Tony Ream, Nelston F., 8 Gay St., Red Lion, Pa. 
Reber, Ralph O., 342 Church St., Slatington, Pa. 
*Reed, Elmer F. Riordan, James, 213 School St., South Manchester, Conn. Riley, Daniel, 36 Charlotte St., Lochport, N. Y. Roberts, Richard H., 3140 William St., Slatington, Pa. 
Roberts, William G., 1610 W. Blairs St., Phila., Pa Robinson, James L., 53 E. 10th St., Brooklyn, N. Y Rockwell, James M., Route 3, Mercersburg, Pa Rooney, Hugh, West Auburn, Pa Rossetti, Michael, 6 South St., Haverill, Mass. Ross, Frank A., 3147 W. 24th St., Phi!a., Pa.

Salvitti, Benedetto, 522 Main St., Old For^Ke, Pa &ally, William F., 22 Elm St., Valley Falls R. I Schoffleld, John W., Chamber St., Valle Fails, R. I Schrey, Sherman W., 44 Board St., Montgomery, Pa

Seaman, William, White Deer, Pa. 
Seiders, Perey, 757 Dyer St., Cranston, R. I Shaffer, Lewiu E., R. F. D. 1, Wilkes-Barre, Pa Shank, Thomas A., W. Broad St. Malvern Pa l   Shapiro, Philip B. Shaw, Howard C' ^M^i°^l^l^v^R~^IO^I~^e^e^r^N^A^Je~ Brooklyn N. Y Sheckler, Raymond C., 122; Second St., Catasauqua,

Simonetti, Antonio, Maple Ave., Barrington, R. I Solman, Frank, 610 Hudson St., Forest City, Pa *Smith, Harry 1. Smith Joseph E Smith Louis S '^D3^a7^1^t^o^&^n ^h°^P°^a St. Waltham, Mass. Smith, Oliver C., 2417 S. 64th St., Phila., Pa Smith, Raymond L., Rush, Pa. 
Swails, Earl F., R. F. D. 1, Gardners, Pa Snyder, John M., 59 Elizabeth St.. Albany City, N. Y S^Perlbaum, Edward F., Catasauqua, Pa Stabley, Isaac J., E. Broadway, Red Lion, Pa. 
   Stedford, Harold L., Ho^Pe Valley, Rh              I d.     Stimpson, Cha     Stine, Oliver C 2^M26' ^8^R7^a5^i9^1^r^24^a^t^d^h ^sA^tve  rooklyn, N. ^y.


*Antelmi, Gaetano *Arabian, M~rrdich Aulthouse, Samuel F., Bart, Pa.

Barrett. Otley F., Oxford, Pa Bender, Herbert E., Boyertown! Pa Bernatchez, Jos. S., Warren, R. I. nickel, Francis W., 93 S. 1st Ave., Coatesville, Pa. 
Bixby, JOB. A., New Salem, Mass Bound, Albert, Mayfield, Pa. 
Boyd, John R., Lenover, Pa

*Brittain. A^I^Pvin BO^9 N 18th Sty, Phila. Pa Brown, Clarence W., West Grove, Pa. 
Brown, Harvey A., Kelton, Pa. 
Bryan, Roland A., Pillsbury, Pa Bueh, Samuel, Coatesvi!!e, Pa *BUS. Clarence E. Butler, Jas. P., Pasroav, R. I. Byrne Peter S., 5024 Merion Ave., Phila., Pa.

Caler, Chas. L., Poplar St., Hanover, Pa. 
*Cantor, Gustave. Canney, Chas. J., Woburn, Mass Carl, Chas. J., Tower Gity, Pa Garmody, Arthur A., 348 Broadway, Providence, R. I.


Strause, John C., Strausstown, Pa. 
Sullivan, John T., 119 S^Pring St., East Cambridge. Masa. Summers, Herbert L., R. F. D. 3, New Milford, Pa. 
Swiger, Charles O., 204 Washin~ton St., Fairmount,

Shrey, Sherman, 316 York St., Camden, N. J.

Tekatch, William J., 4th Ave., Jessup, Pa. 
Tetlow, 2nd, Henry, Chestnut Hill, Phila., Pa. 
Thomas, Irvin L., 221 Front St., Catasau4ua, Pa. 
Tolan, David, 309 1st Ave., W. Catasauqua, Pa Tolan, Norman W., 35 Seeond St., Catasauqua, Pa Tyson, Albert A., 2135 E. Chelten Ave., Phila., Pa

Vilcus, Charles, 9 Fourth St., Cambrid~e, Mass.

Wadler, Jacob, 1323 Ridge Ave., Phila., Pa Wagner, Roy A., New^Port, Pa Walbert, Frederick, 115 Vineyard St., Bethlehem, Pa. 
Walker, George P., 1 Grove St., Attleboro, Pa. 
Walls, Charles E., 4111 N. 7th St., Phila., Pa. 
Walsh, Edward, 235 S. Ithan St., Phila., Pa~, Warg, Russel H., 204 Lehigh Ave., West Cataasau~ qua, Pa. 
Watts, Emanuel, Okome, Pa Welder, Harold, Shillington, Pa Weise!, Llewellyn, 119 S. Hanover St., Bethlehem, Pa. 
Wertman, Claude C., S*ausstown, Pa. 
White, Jollie E., Uniontown, W. Va. Wilcutts, Frank D., 1014 Kirkwood St., Wilmington, Dela. Winston, Hobart H., Wri~rht, W. Va. Wood, Ralph A., 9 Nicbol Terrace, Newport, R. I.

*Yale, Clifford S. Yantes, Maurice, 729 Blanche St., Jaeksonville, Fla. Yea~er, Joseph A., 718 N. 49th St., Philadel^Dhia. Pa. 
Youn~, Robert C., 6504 Elmwood Ave., Phila., Pa. 
Younkin, Amey, Linden, Pa.

Zaione, Sebestian, 2003 Denny St., Phila., Pa.

^aarr, Harrity F., 1929 Poplar St., Phila., Pa. 
Cawley, Mart J., Arehiba1d, Pa. 
Cleaver, Jonathan, R. F. D. 2, Gonshohoek:en. Pa. 
Collins, Augustine N., 2118 Rid~e Ave., Phila.. Pa. 
Cooney, Harry H., Pottsville, Pa. 
*Cox, Geo. A. *Crooker, Clarence A. 4Crum^P, Granville W.

*Dautrich, Leon S. DeRitta, Jos., 224 Atwells Ave., Providenc~, R. I DeRossa, Rosario, 927 MeClellan St., Phila., Pa *Dewees, Jr., Chas. K. ^#Dezzi, Crazio. Dierischio, Nicola M., 537 Rittenhouse St., German~ town, Phila., Pa Dougherty, Henry J., 3552 N. Broad St., Phila,, Pa. 
Dou^Yhert^y, Joseph E., Newark, Delaware Doy}e, Leo H., Dry Run, Pa. 
Ducharne, Peter, Harrisville, R. I 4Duffy, Jame^0 B. Dolan, James V., 1304 N. 19th St., Phila., Pa.

Eckman, William G., ^eoehransviUe, Fa. ~l~lville, Warren M. Esl~leman, L_roy, Caatesvil~e, P~

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legging, Paul, 630 Orerbrook Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.

Farrell, Anthony J., Jermyn, Pa. 
*Baudot, Irvin. Faust, Adam J., I.ykeus, Pa. 
Fortin, Arthur J., Warren, R. *Fuehrel, Virgil. Fulton, Robert, Oxford, Pa.

Gallagher, Thos. J., 427 SamPson St.. Rendham, Pa. 
Gardner, Axel H., Allentown, Pa. 
Goldman, Jaek. Golloday, Samuel O., New Market, Va. *Gordon, George A. Grahamer, George, 2714 Thompson St., Phila., Pa. 
Gray, Fred W., Delaplaine, Ark. Gray, Ralph W., Bradford, Mass. Greene, Ste^Phen A., 1711 Broad St., Cranston, R. I. Gregory, Jesse, Fulton, N. Y. Groepel, William, Marion, South Dakota.

Hagen James S., 2251 Shamwood St., Phila, Pa. 
Halligan John A., 2221 Bedner St., Phila., Pa. 
Happe, Harry E., 380 E. 136th St., New York. Harris, Harr^Y C., Sylmar, Maryland. Harris, Theo^Phi^lus J., Peckville, Pa. 
Hartzell, Irvin, Ritersville, Pa. 
Hash, Colonel M., R. F. D. 1, Box 6, Fox, Virginia. Hasley, William, 638 E. Grant St., Olyphant, Pa. 
Hansen, Carl L., Oxford, Pa. 
Hehr, Paul R., Fleetwood, Pa. 
Hertzog, Wm. M., Shillington, Pa. 
Hillegas, Leroy A., 213 W. Board St., Quakertown,

-Hoffman, Charles H. $Hoffman, Harry. Hollister, Leo P., Peekville, Pa. 
Rowley, Leo J., 2338 Wilson St., Wh,eeling, W. Va. Iloyer, Luther, Birdsboro, Pa. 
Hupp, Frederiek, Furlong, Pa. 
Hutchins, George C., Marylandline, ,,Maryland.

Jaffe, Abraham, Coatesvil'e, Pa. 
Jelinch, Chas., 166 Chauneey St. Brookbn, N. Y. Jenkins, John J., Peckville, Pa. 
Johansson, Berger W., 28 Winthrop St., Providenee,

Johnson, Per S., 216 Penna. Ave., Renovo, Pa. 
Jones, Clarence E., Miller, Ark. *Jones, Geo. W. Jordan, Nolan L., Courtland, Va. *Judik, Andrew.

Kehler, Golden C., Locustdale, Pu. Keller, Charles, 6061 Vine St., Pbila., Pa. 
Kelly, Chas. J., 649 W. Elm St., Conahohocken, Pa. 
Kelly, John J., 2718 York St.. Philadel^Dhia, Pa. 
Lillian, Bobert E., Gibraltar, Pa. 
King, Jos. E., Concord Jun^Gtion, Mass. $Kleinburg, Morris Kline, Bruce E., Berwick, Pa. 
*Klingo, James S. Klopfer, George F., 102 Dwight St., Brooklyn, N. Y. *Knau^Ps, Claude R. *Koch, Alfred S. Kommosser, August, 630 N. 52nd St., Phila., Pa. 
Kotis, George J., 1812 Courtland St., Chicago, III. Kromer, Fred S. 613 Greenleaf St., Allentown, Pa. 
Kull, Louis C., i617 Marston St., Phila. Pa.

^CLambert, Adelard Landis, Elmer S. Larson, James A., Blossbur~, Pa.

· Lefevre, William N., North Andover, Yam Leh, Archibald W., Barto, Pa. 
*Lenten, Louis.

Lenzer, Ferdinand L., 314 Arcade Apt~., Harrishur~,

Levesque, Albert L., North Attleboro, Mass. Lieberman, Walter R., 333 Brandon Ave., Will port, Pa. 
Lindsey, John E., Clinton, S. C. Lineweaver, Paul, Ze^p^P, Va. Little, Ralph E., Littlestown, Pa. 
Loiselle, David, Woonsocket, R. 1. *Coring, William B. Lucier, Paul, Haverille, Mass. Lynch, John J., 26 Amith St., Providence, R. I,

McCafferty, James E., Newman, Ark. McCarter, Frederick L., Modena, Pa. 
McCaslin, William A., Keota, Oklahoma. McGuiggan, Thomas, 446 Plainfield St., Provide~,

McGuirl; Francis A., 42 Heywood St., Fitchburg, Ma~. MacNelly, Edwin B., Eloorson, Pa. 
Mahl, Chester L., Williams^Port, Pa. 
Mallahy, Wm. P., 204 Water St., Fitchbur^lr, Ma ~Malley, Clarence M. Mallon, Eugene, 638 Classon Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. *Mallon, John F. Mangan, John R., Rendham, Pa. 
~Martin, Fred E. *Martin, Isaac J. Mason, Oliver L., Warren, R. I. Mayer, August J., Mt. Dewey, Scranton, Pa. 
Medoro, Ivannac^Gi, 4937 Lancaster Ave., Pbila~, Pn. Menna, Giovanni, 10 Alto St., Providence, R. L Mercer, Robt. M., Birdsboro, Pa. 
Miller, Isa G., Atglen, Pa. 
Miller, Paul D., Coatesville, Pa. 
Minnettelli, Bocco, Harrisville, R. I. Mitchell, Harry E., 1321 Vernon St., Harri^Pbur^lr, Pa. 
Mongeau, Wilfred L., Ware, Mass. Morales, Eulialio, Billa De Guadalu^Pe, Monterey~ Mex. *Moretti, Antonio. Morgan, Charles A., 408 S. E. 9th St., De^P Moine^P, Ia. Morris, Wm. B., Lock^Port, N. Y. -     Morton. Kennetb, Aldine Hotel, Philadelphia, Pa Morucai, Giovani, Eynon, Pa. 
~Mory, Carl. *Moy, John. *Moyer, Au^lzustus S. Moyer, William W., Tem^Ple, jE'a. Myers, John A., 746 Potter~Ave., Providence, R. L *Mahorney, Wash. /

Naugle, Clair L., Shillington, Pa. 
Newark, Harry J., Mill St., Mayfield, Pa. 
Newman, Garrison L., Jame^P, Ala. Nieweg, Edgar S., 3227 Powelton Ave., Phil^h.. P~. Norman, Thos. H., Fishomingo, Mis^p. Nolan, William A., 6007 Westminster Ave., Phi^b.~ Pa.

O'Donnell, James P., 1714 Inger^Poll St., Phila., Pa. 
Ol^Pon, Arthur, Menomiener, Michigan, Ol^Pon,. Frederiek B., Meriden, Conn. Osborn, Eliiah E., Fayetteville, Ark. O'Shea, James, 1217 W. Bernard St., Phiia., Pa.

Patchell, Frank A,, 1646 W. 7th St., Lo^P A^DRei~

Page, Richard, Warren, R. I. Patton, Edwin W., Edgewater Park, N. J. Pease, Walter E., Main St., Monson, Mas~. Peatfield, Fred P., Ipswich, Mass. Peek, Fred W., Morgantown, Pa. 
*Pelletier, Alcide Perison, Arthur, Meriden, Conn. Plunkett, Moss A., Roanoke, Va. Polkowsky, Jos., Three Rivers, Ma^Pa. Potter, Roscoe E., Newberry, Pa. 
Provost, Dolphis J., Berkley, R. I. Punch. Edward C., William^Ptown, Pa. 
Pyle, Howard L., Coateaville, Pa. 

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Raifsnider^! Merle D., Chamhersburg, Pa. 
Raiser, Will^lam L., Glenside, Pa. 
Itaymenton, Hewstone K., Worcester. Mas^Y. A°.omaelli, Guise^P^Pe, Newberry, Pa. 
Rose, Sam. 2642 S. 9th St., Phila., Pa. 
Ryder, Gerald N., Emmettsbur^R, Md.

Sahr, Christopher, Martinsville, N. J. Salb, Harry H., 806 New Market St., Phila., Pa. 
Santucei, Samuel, Avondale, Pa. 
Schroder, Charles A., Modena, Pa. 
Sell, Elmer 0., Allentown, Pa. 
Sheaver, Samuel W., Waterloo, Pa Sheehan, John J., Haverhill, Mass Shepard, Edwin F. 12 Shepard St; Westfield, Mas . Shirk, Kenelm L., ilO E. King St.; Lancaeter, Pa Smith, George R., Rockdale, Mass. *Smith, Roy A. Smith, Robert J., Snyder, Homer E., Orefie!d, Pa Spiro, Sidne^Y B., Waynesboro, Pa *Stabile, Pasquale Stahl, Herman A., 90-31st St., Wheeling, W. Va Stanley, Howard S., Coatesville, Pa. 
Staples, Homer L., Haverhill, Mass. Stein, Benj., 435 Howard Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y Stiner, John, Jessu^P, Pa. 
Stoddart, Marshall, 1208 Reed St, Ph-la., D Strange, Jose^Ph, 666 N. 36th St.; Phila., Pa. 
Simon. Ernest, Gilhertsville, Pa. 
Sweitzer, Elsworth, Jaeobus, Pa.

Tacconelli, Diodata, Bryn Mnwr, Pa Tallanto, Domenico, Watkin^Y N. Y Taylor, Cha^Y. H., Christiana Pa. 

Thompson, Chas. R., Pomeroy, Pa. 
Thompson, Chester E., Goateaville, Pa Tice, Ford L., Kennett Sguare, Pa Tinsman, Geor^lre, 1739 N. Banburj St., Ph *Tonti, AU^g^u^Bt^o Trainor, Wm. J., 628 W. Moyamensing Ave., Philips

Usher, Thomas, Mayffeld, Pa. 
^.  ~

VoeJlinger, Ed. J. A.,2217 Mdn St., Wheeling. ... ,_.

Wallace, Jas. M., 36 S^Prin^lr St., Wilkea-Barre, P-i Warga, Arthur L., E. Abington Ave., Wyndmoor, Pa Warner, William, Coatesville, Pa Wax. Manuel. 4218 Parkside Ave. Phila., Pa. 
Webster. Raymond C.. Russellville, Pa. 
Wehler, Heasty S., Box 771, Coatesville, Pa Weidman, George C.. Sinking S^Pring, Pa Wetherspoon, James B.. Bethlehem, Pa Whalen, Nieholas D., Attleboro, Mass Williams, Edward T., Beocaria, P Williams. Richard R., Kingston, Pa. 
Wilson, James I., Bradford, Mass. Wislttei, Giovania *Woodring, Edwin F. Worthington, George A., Wooddde, Pa Wynn, Joseph P., 6844 Vine St., Pfflla., Pa.

Young, James H., North Brookfie'd, Mass.

Zavoita, Patsy, 133-18th ^gt., Wheeling, W. Va.


COMPANY "L"         "

Ackerman, Frederick E,, Main St., Weatherly. Pa.

Adams, Earl A., 634 Railroad Ave. Sunbury, Pa. 
Ailman, Jerome M., 117 W. Fairmount Ave., State

Askey, Guy C.; 314 9th St., Philipsburg, Pa.

Bamford, Herbert M., Nesquehoning, Pa

Bechtel, Amon F., Beehtelsville, Pa. 
Beebe, Edward, Jr., 6 Penna. Ave., Morgantown, W.

Berardi, Anthony J., Treverton, Pa. 
Berri~ran, Edward J., Nesquehoning, Pa

Bianehi, Guise^Ppi. Mildred. Pa.

B!akeslee, Ernest 0.. 2619 N. Hutchinson St., Phila., Pa. 
Blazosky, John. Phili^Psburg, Pa Blumenthal, Max M., 170 Dudley St., Providence, R. I Borket. Paul H., 643 Penn Ave., West Reading., Pa Bolser, Martin A., Third Ave., Jessu^P, Pa Bompadre, Ernest, 4996 Master St., Phila., P Bonnin, William D., 7806 Buist Ave. Ph'la., P Boughner, Harvey C., 1021 Market St.; Treverton, Pa. 
Brennon, John J., 344 W. Kline Alley, Lansford, Pa. 
Brogan, Francis V., Box 341, Beaver Meadow, Pa Buchanan, Clayton L., 6419 N. Lawrence St., Phi;a.,

Cadwallader, Frank H., 161 W. Penn St., Phila.. Pa.

Cahill, John, Jr., 406 Raleigh Ave., Norfolk, Va.

Camodioa, Domenick, Tresckow, Pa. 
Campbell, James P., West Railroad St., Sunnnitt Hill,

Carl, George W., Driville, Pa.

Cass, Elery B., Rome, Pa. 
Chaffalo Alexandqr, 11 E. Wil!ow Grove Ave., Wynd
Clark, Edward L., Exton, Chester county, Pa.


Colburn, Walter B., 203 Regent St., Providence, R. I. Conley, John J., 187 Plain St., Providence, R. I CorbeU, Rudolph, 17 M Cornello, Generoso, 222 We^e^st^A^wate^Jr^o^h^s^nt^8^t^oL^n~ R~ I Coury, John S., 128 W. Ridge St., Lans£ord, Pa. 
Cox, George M., Hico, Texas.

Daley, Joseph W., Summitt Hill, Pa ^$D^Da^a^vd~^dheis^Le^lr~ ^dHo^cward, Hill St., Birdsboro, Pa.

Debeaso, Patsy, Tresckow, Pa DeHaven, WiUiam, 609 Woodlawn Ave., Collinge~

Demarais, Albert J., 23 Grove St., Haverhill, Mas~ D'Emilio, Charles P., 4864 Laneaster Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Dennehey, James, 4961 Parrish St., Phila., Pa. 
Derk, Louis, 1102 N. Franklin St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Derobb~o, Arehie, 433 Union Ave., Providence, R. I. Devore, Clarenee 0., 1016 Chess St., Monongahela, Pa. 
D^lfelico, Goatano, 16 S. Lehi^lrh St., Tamaqua, Pa. 
$Distasi, Donato. ~D^D^O^Od^lw^r^ie^el^k, Ap^l^o^ty^si^u^s C., 411 W. Norris St., Phila., Pa.

Dougpert^y~ Hugh J., Box 3R3. W. White St., Sumr~4tt

Dreifus, Alhert J., 1606 Erie Ave., Phila., Pa Dunkelberger, Robert J., Evans Ave., Sinking E~^Prin~r^Y,

Dwyer, Joseph F., 273 Globe St., Providence, R. I.

Earlr, Frank A., Tamaqua St., Beaver Meadow, P~, Eckman, Harry K., Coneatoga Center, Pa. 
*Ectore, Amilcare.

Fairman, Walter E., 19 Main St., Arn~aer~, Ma~. 

[Page 23 follows]


Farnsworth, Harry L., 84 N. Bth St., Sunbury, Pa. 
Fellin, Max H., Broad St., Box 346, Beaver Meadow,

*Fila;kionB, Samuel S. Ford, William H., Flag, Tanney City, Missouri. Frank, Julius, 808 Falkland St., Norfolk, Va. Freaky, Andrew J., 201 Bowman St., Diekson Cib, Pa. 
Frey, Adam J., Beaver Meadow, Pa. 
Frey, Charles P., Beaver Meadow, Pa. 
Fritz, Edward, 5304 Larchwood Ave., Phila., Pa. 
Fromm, Henry S., Sinking Springs, Pa.

Gable, Scott B., 214 Hugh St., Athens, Pa. 
Gallagher, James V., 606 W. Abbot St., Lansford,

Gallagher, Peter J., 734 E. Broad St., Tamaqua, Pa. 
Giata~anas, Nickels, 36 Lewis St., Haverill, Mass. Girardi, John, Kato, Pa. 
Gogum, Kieril, 18 Bishop St., Providence, R. I. Gorman, John E., 1866 Pacific St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Gould, George, 16 Tamaqua St., Audenried, Pa. 
Green, John D., R. F. D. 1, Ashland, Pa. 
Fritz, Max. Gruber, Lewis J., 3600 Old York Road, Phila., Pa. 

Haldeman, Robert, 202 W. White St., Summitt Hill,
Hansel Elmer S., 30 1-2 W. Broad St., Hazelton, Pa. 
Hartranft, John R., New Ringold, Pa. 
Harvilla, Michael, Box 206, Beaver Meadow, Pa. 
Heister, Harry E., R. F. D. 1, West Leesport, Pa. 
Henning, Joseph W., Albrightsville, Pa. 
*Henry, Richard W. Henry, Russel W., Box 80, R. F. D. 3, Morgantown, W. Va. Herbert, Francis E., Junedale, Carbon county, Pa. 
Hertzog, Jacob W., R. F. D. 2, Mertztown, Pa. 
Hill, Wallace, Jr., 213 E. 7th St., Berwick, Pa. 
Hoard, Joseph F., 49 Davis St., Providence, R. I. Hodosh, Nathan, 149 Dudley St., Providence, R. I. *Holland, John. Hooper, Fred L., Nesquehoning, Pa. 
Hagan, Frank E., 54 Borden St., Lowell, Mass.
Ingels, Paul E., 212 E. North St., Waynesboro, Pa.
Jeffries, Philip, 36 E. Bertseh St., Lansford, Pa. 
Jelinskie, Joseph A., 627 Anthracite St., Shamokin,
Jenn John J., 2030 E. Haines St., Phila., Pa. 
Johnston, George L., 26 Academy St., New Haven, Gonn,
Kalajerovich, Blazo V., Beaver Meadow, Pa. 
Keok, Carroll B., 3736 N. Carlisle St., Phila., Pa. 
Kennedy, Anthony J., White St., Summitt Hill, Pa. 
4Kenyon, Herbert T. Keppley, Herbert A., Robesonia, Pa. 
Kirby, Walter J., 187 Wilmouth Ave., E. Providence,
Kissinger. Howard E., Mohntown, Pa. 
Koshko, John, Clarence, Pa. 
#Koudelis, Steve. Krevps, Robert J., Ridge Terrace, Lewistown, Pa. 
Krutsick, John J., 419 E. Abbot St., Lansford, Pa.
Labe, Luther L., Wyomissing, Pa. 
Lavalley, George H., Mapleville, R. I. Lavin, John D., 120 Elm St., Providence, R. I. Lawler, William J., 446 N. fi6th St., Phila., Pa. 
Lenihan, John J., 44 Seventh St., Providence, R. I. Lingel, Joseph J., Presqueisle St., Philli^Psbur^g, Pa. 
*Llewellyn, George W. Lowrr, Henry, 36 Cotta^Re St., West Lynn, Mass. Lutsick, Steve, Beaver Meadow, Pa. 
Lutz, Howard, R. F. D. 1, Oley, Pa. 
Lytle, William R., Monument, Pa.
MacPherson, Daniel B., 497 Summer St.,. West Lynn, Mass.
McCanrey, John C., 3314 Howard St., Omaha, Neh Mantz, Clayton H., 300 E. Bertsch St., Lam2ford, Pa. 
Marks, Harry P., Mohnton, Pa. 
*Martin, Frank. *Martin, William. Matyas, Joseph J., Tresckow, Pa. 
Mazaika, Vincenti, 347 Pleasant St., Minersville, Pa. 
McCarthy, Charles N., 78 Charles St., Springfield, Mass. 
McCarthy, James E., 94 Robinson St., West Lynn, Mass.
McCarthy, William A., 8 Oak Circle, Cambridge, Mass.
McCole, Joseph A., 11 N. Main St., Plains, Pa. 
McCullion, James L., Box 69, Summitt Hill, Pa. 
McGlone, Joseph P., 401 E. 146th St., New York oity. McGuriman, James, 216 N. Ruby St., Phila., Pa. 
McHugh, Joseph V., E. Railroad St., Sqmmitt EUI, Pa. 
McLucas, Andrew R., R. F. D. 4, Mercersburgh, Pa. 
McNelis, William V., Beaver Meadow, Pa. 
McNish, Thomas B., Osceola Mills, Pa. 
Meagan, Thomas E., 381 Chalkstone Ave., Providence, R. I. Merrill, Albert L., Halstead, Pa. 
Metz, Albert C., Box 24, Mount Alto, Pa. 
Miller, Edwin, R. F. D. 33, Boyertown, Pa. 
Miller, Frank J., Julian, Pa. 
Miller, Stephen E., 120 E. Bertsoh St., Lansford, Pa. 
Minnick, Thomas F., 21 Holland St., Summitt Eill, Pa. 
Mor^lrans, David, 331 W. Ridge St., Lansford, Pa. 
Mosci, Andrea, Box 28, Ludlowville, N. Y. Moser, Frank F., Bechtelsville, Pa. 
Mosher, Henr^y R., Little Crompton, R. I. *Moyer, Henry S. *Musick, Jacob F. Myers, Roy H., 119 Yarnell St., West Readin^R, Pa.
Nardone, John, Summit Hill, Pa. 
Neeld, Charles W., Jr., 1330 Oaklane Ave., Phila., Pa. 
Nelson, John, Munson, Pa. 
Niven, Ral^Ph L., 362 ^e^y^Press St., Providence, R. I. Norwood, Harold W., Couriers Ctiizen News^Pap~r, Lowell, Mass. NUBB, William H., 1320 N. Howard St., Phila., Pa.

O'Donnell, William J., Walnut St., Summitt Hill,

Orner, William A., 362 Penn St., Sunbury, Pa. 
Otto, Herman P. L., Tulare, South Dakota. Ouzts, Charles G., R. F. D. 1, Mathison, Mis~2.

*Pappas, Louis A. Paquin, Louis, 298 Clinton St., Woonsocket, B. I. Parenteau, Louis, Bates Ave., Quidnick, R. I. Parks, Tom, Arkadelphia, Ark. Patras, Constanrine G., 62 Groves St., Haverill, Ma~, Pederson, John, R. F. D. 4, Volga, S. D. Perello, Joseph, 419 Division St., Jeannette, Pa. 
Persing, Riva, R. F. D. 2, Osceola, Pa. 
Peterson, Robert V., Hauto, Pa. 
*Pezin, Giovanni. Phillips, Guy A., 1338 Cotton St., Reading, Pa. 
Phillips, Henry L., R. F. D. 1, Liverpool, Pa. 
Phillips, Jose^Ph J., 444 S. Poplar St., Hazelton, Pa. 
Pledger, Amos, Bee Branch, Ark. Polardy, Mederie, St. Ann St., H^Jaeenth, Prov. o~ Quebec, Canada.

Ranalle, Frank, Summit Hill, Pa. 
4Rande, Pasquale Bowley, Thomas W., 46 Moore St., Haverhill, Ma~, Reabold, Jacob W., R. F. D. 1, Mauoh Cbunk, P~. Reed, Artbur R., 1816 N. Bouvier St.. Pblh., P~ Beed, John H., Box 63, Sunbury, Pa. 
*Beid, Frank J. Ritter, Paul R., Sinking SprinE:s, Pa. 

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Roane, Perr^Y T., Kelford, N. C Rodda, Sdney W., Glen Lyon, Pa Rhode, Julius E., 328 lIudsondale St., Weatherly, Pa. 
Pommel, Harry C., 6206 Larchwood Ave., Phila., Pa. 
Ro^Hatto, Domenick, Birdsboro, Pa. 
Rose, Ghar^le^H H., 12 Branch Ave., Providence, R. I, ROBB, John F., 6718 Westminster Ave., Phila., Pa Rossi, Eugene R., Box- 346, Beaver Meadow, Pa.

Santandrsa, Domeniek, 116 Marble St., Conshohock
Sehouler, Frederick A. 88 Florenoe St., Providence,

Schuster, Wm. H., Jr., 606 Galli^Ytea Rd., Santa Fe, New Mexico. Seal, Robert L., R. F. D. 3, Luther, Tenn. Shaw, Niel, Snow Shoe, Pa. 
Shea, John C., 180 Lockwood St., Providence, R. I. Sheppard, Walter M. Sheridan, James, 72 Benevolent St., Providence, R. I. *Sinyard, Herbert M. Small, Edgar A., 322 N. Newbury StYork, Pa Smedley, John G., Jr., 1422 N. Edgewood St., Phila.,

Smith; Theodore, Carlton, WashinRtffn. Smith, Wilbert E., Box 167, Nesquehoning, Pa. 
. Snyder, Charle^Y E., 16 Beaver St., Phili^Psbury, Pa. 
S^Peliotes, Anthony S., 1716 Murray Ave., Pittsburgh,

Spicer, Otto E., State College, Pa. 
*Stapleton, Raymond *Sterner, George L. Stewart, Fay E., 34 Flagship Road, Dundalk, Baltimore, Md. Steward, Wallace F., R. F. D. 1, Weatherl^Y, Pa.

Thrash, John A., R. F. D. 2, Buck lllountain, Pa. 
Tietbohl, William E., 308 10. Washington Ave., Conne'lsville, Pa.

Adams, Mark L., 126 Vine St., Williamstown, Pa. 
Anderson, Carl E., 249 Magnolia St., Auburn, R; I. Ayling, Walter, 3413 Hope St., Phila., Pa. 
Adler, Mark P., 1216 Royal St., New Orlean^Y, La. Allison, Samuel, H. 4th St., Toronto, Ohio *Alteri, Oresto F Anderson, John L., Tunkhannock, Pa. 
Albenese, Dominico, Eccles, W. Va. Antes, Blanchard V., R. F. D. 2, Williamsport, Pa. 
Aurand, George N., Y. M. C. A., Allentown or Tamaqua, Pa. 
Arnold, George, Paxinos, Pa. 
Archambault, George M., 16 S. Highland Ave. Lansdowne, Pa.

Bonner, George A., 722 Main St., Peckville, Pa Bubb, Charles H., Center Hall, Pa Blanehard, Fred J., North Road, Peace Dale, R. I Buttrick, Fred C., 38 Whiting St., Lynn, Maas. Boyle, John J., Locust Gap, Pa. 
Bockel, Carl F., 626 McKinze St., York, Pa ^tBeverege, Leonard. *Bankowski, Joseph Bordner, Earl C., Moore St., Millersburg, Pa Buoy, John H., 418 N. Front St., Milton, Pa Berg, Harry S., 436 Walnut St., Allentown, Pa. 
Bender, David G., Filbert St., Milton, Pa. 
Baddorf, Jonathan A., Robertsdale, Pa. 
Bortz, Robert V., Tem^Ple, Pa. 
Bomber, Jacob F., 8 Greystone Ave., Worcester, Mass Burnley, Michael C., Drexel Hi'l, Pa Binder, Fred W., Youngstown, N. Y Breather, Peyton, Union Star, Ky Buhlier, Charles, 60 Garden St., Hoboken, N. a.

*Train, Mauriee B. Tucker, Hurold. 621 Race St., Sunburr, PQ *Turner, David M.

Uran, Charles, 607 Pine St., Scranton, Pa.

VanHouten, Lloyd H., 619 13. Dth Ave., Berwiek, Pa. 
Veal, Ronald T., 2409 S. Webster St., Fort Wayne, Indiana. Veasie, Earl B., 168 Cottage St., Everett, Mas.

Wager, Charles G., 66th & Chestnut Sts., Phila., Pn. Waterman, Frederick W., R. F. D. 3, S. Situate, R. 1. Wax, Samuel, 16 Beacon St., Central Falls, R. I. Wetzel, James P., 143 S. 4th St., Sunbury, Pa. 
Wheat, Floyd A., Park St., Moravia, N. Y. Whildin, Lewis E., 336 E. Bertsch St., Lansford, Pa. 
White, Gerard T., 97 1-2 3rd St., Everett, Mass. Widdows, Robert 1., Clements Bridge Rd., Runnemede, N. J. Wildauer, Frank C., 6248 Addison St., Phila., Pa. 
Wilson, Edwin B., U^P^Per Main St., Rockport, Mass. Wilson, Jesse E., Wonham St., Danvers, Mass. Wintersteen, LeRo^Y L., 21 First St., Port Carhon, Pa. 
Wood, William E., 92 Ft. Ave., Lowell, Mass. Woomer, Floyd T., R. F. D. 1, Howard, Pa. 
Woodruff, Lorenzo F., c o The Constitution, Alanta. Ga.

Young, Edmund G., 91 Putman St., Tunkhannock,

Young, Warren L., R. F. D. 1, Weatherl^n Pn.

Zeiders, Ral^Ph E., R. F. D. 2, Richfield, Pn. Zulick, Wash, Gole St., Nesnuehoning, Pa.


31ackway, Asa J., Center St., Wiconisco, Pa. 
Birchfield, Dorf, 6013 Beaumont St.. Phila., P Breisacher, William A., Oreland, Pa.

Conway, T., 866 N. 44th St., Phila., Pa Campbell, Denzil M., 313 Main St, Brookville, Pa. 
Clarke, Edward H., Drexel Hill, Pa Cincotta, Chester J., 6167 Jefferson St, Phila Pa. 
Conrad, John F., 116 N. Dewey St., ihila., i;. Carl, John R., Box 4, Herndon, Pa. 
Conrad. Harvey B., Pottstown, Pa. 
Crim, Harry F., Barracksvill, W. Va Cox, Edmund S., Kenett Square, Pa Cimini, Pietro, 863 Charles St., North Providence R. I. *Cancellieri, AuKustino. Coleskey, Antone W., 48 Redfield St., Tunkhannock,

Crumm, John C., R. F. D. 1, Stony Creek, Mills, Pa. 
Chubb, Jacob P., R. F. D. 1, Millersburg, Pa Cambio, John, 10 Humbert St., N. Providence, R. I Cornwell, Howard E., R. F. D. 1, Moatsville, W Va Cowley, John T., c^lo Bishop Babcock Co., Cleve;and, Ohm. Cutlair, Harr^Y, 1716 N. 64th St., Phila., Pa. 
*Carbogale, SantiaKO. *Carboni, Salvatori. Carter, John T. Nelsonville, KY. Clipsham, Leon E., 1642 N. Peach St., Phila., Pa. 
Carlson, Gustave V., So. Kent, Conn Cyrus, James T., R. F. D. 1, Concord, VN Christenscn, Francis A., 68 Ward St., Hartford, (~onn~ Cohen, Peter, 4838 Lancaster Ave., Phi^ra~, Pa. 

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Daniel, Roderick G., 706 Milan St., Ennis, Texas. Dreibro~^lt, Gtto, R. F. D. l, San Marco^l^l, Texas. DeFrain, John, 719 Greenleaf St., Allentown, Pa. 
DiBiovanni, Luiggi, Mahoney St., Treverton, Pa. 
Dorkoskie, John E., 231 S. Vine St., Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
^#Derito, Ser^Phine. Dambman, Carl F., 306 State Rd., Highland Park, Pa. 
Doebler, Ralph, Turbotville, Pa. 
Dreibelbis, Harry E., 161 Rine St., Millersburfi Pa. 
DiFuria, Sem, 601 N. Simpson St., Phila., Pa. 
Davis, Reginald P., 563 Pleasant St., East Milton, Mass. Durante, Antone W., 221 Preston Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa. 
Dreisbach, Stanley E., Box 439, Y. M. C. A., 1421 Arch St., Phila., Pa.

Enlow, Gus, Barling, Ark. Eisenhard, Solomon B., Huntington Valley, PB., R.

Eisenhauer, George W., 1700 Walnut St., Cbsster, Pa. 
Esterline, Charles, Mountain St., Wisconisco, Pa. 
Eastburne, Morris, Kennett Square, Pa.

*Fain, Francis R Farries, James E., Coludy, Okla. *Henley, Bert. Frazier, John B., 68 S^Prin^g St., Bloomfield, N. J Frick, Walter H., 1120 Murtland Ave., E. E., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Fraser, Stewart B., New Glasgow, Nova Scotia Filazola, Antonio, 364 4th St., Jersey Citv, N J. Fullest, William A., 23 Daven^Dort Ave., Grenwich, Conn. Fitterling, Edwin, Shellington, Pa. 
Fraser, Edwin S., Cranston, R. I. Fazzio, Jaohe, 39 State St., Passaic, N. J Fitzgerald, Mauriee G., Tylersport, Pa Faull, Albert, 46 Main St., West Haven, Conn. Fornaci, Horace L., 2817 W. Somerset St. Phila., Pa. 
Field, L. Leroy, 409 S. 61st St., Phila., Pa. 
Fitzpatrick, John S., 393 Columbus Ave., New Haven, Fitzsimmons, Harold, West Chester, Pa.

Garrett, H. L., 204 Providence Rd., Lan~downe, Pa. 
Grace, George A., Linden Ave., Oradell, N. J Gonet, John, 28 English St., Salem, Mass. Greene, Warren L., Redman St., Peace Dale, R. I. ^fGodwin, John W. Goikler, Amos K. ,1636 Erie Ave., Phila., Pa. 
Gordon, Gus, Fernwood, Pa. 
Gelineau, Ulric T., 61 Dracut St., Lawrence, Mass. Georno, Gennora Del., 2214 S. 10th St., Phila., Pa Graham, Henry S., 209 N. 2nd St., Sunburv, Pa. 
Gass, Ravmond L., 402 E. Middle St., Hanover, Pa. 
Godin, Henry L., 122 Bradford St., Lawrence, Mass. Grau, William F., 123 E. Bordentown Ave., Burlington, N. J. *Gould, Richard P. Gilbert, Milton F., 1626 Gravesend Ave., Brooklyn,

Gessner, Henry, 264 W. South St., Carlisle, Pa. 
^#Giaguinto, Petro. Gloor, Willie, Yorktown, Texas. Greathouse, Tonie, Route 6, Greenville, Texas. Graham, George M., 209 N. 2nd St., Sunbury, Pa. 
Greenfell, John H., (DAD), 23 Ash St., Fall River, Mass.

Haba, Frank F., R. F. D. 2, Ennis, Texas. Hamilton, Joffle D., R. F. D. 2, Winters, Texas. Hardesty, Festus B., R. F. O. 2, Bloomfield, Ind. Harughty, John R., Jacksboro, Texas. *Hendricks, Joseph B. Holub, William, El Camps, Texas. *Hutchens, Henry G. Heckert, Daniel K.. R. F. D. 1, Northumberland, Pa. 
Hain, Francis J., Pillow, Pa. 
Haupt, Earl R., Treverton, Pa. 
Hull, William L., Hazel, Ky. Roffan, Wesley C., R. F. D. 1, Pillow, Fa. Haertter, John F., 1016 Meade St., WilUarn~port, Pa. 
Hawley, Samuel, American Res^Gue, 2827 14 rankferd Ave., Phila., Ph.

Hafley, Adam, 844 R. R. Ave., Sunbur^Y, PA Hayes, Richard K., R. F. D. 3, Manafield, Pa. 
Harting, Clarence, R. F. D. 2, Sinking Sprin~ra, *Harris, Robert. Hill, Albert, 146 Broadway, Providence, R. I. Helm, William E., Treverton, Pa. 
4Headley, William R. Hastin^f~s, James R., Vinlta, Okla. Hunt, Harper, R. F. D. 3, Bartlett, Texas.

Ishmael, James P., Janesboro, Ark. Isselbacher, Max., 168 Bay 34th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Janvrin, Oscar H., 14 Unicorn St., Newberrypori~, Mass. Jones, John, 20 Faxon St., Monticello, Mass. Jury, Edward L., Wiconisoo, Pa. 
Jelardi Nicholas 430 W. 46th St., New York, N. Y. Johnson, Albert, R. F. D. 3, Box 147, Alto, Tex.as. Johnson, Robert F., 2864 Middletown Road, Hronx~ New York.

Konikowski, John, 19 ackson St., Psasaie, N. J. ~Kruger, Otto Kohn, Edward J., Factoryvil'e, Pa. 
Kaplan, Max, 141 Hopkins St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Kasander, Peter, 251 Broad St., Tamaqua, Pa. 
Kiffe, Rex, Abington, Pa. 
Kirwin, Raymond F., 8 Charles St., St. Denver~l, Mass. Kelleher, John P., Ardmore, Pa King, George F., 228 N. 6th St., Sunbury, Pa. 
:Kramer, Charles. Kerstetter, Caroll M., 48 Filbert St., Milton, Pa. 
Kirk, Joseph H., 6914 Chestnut St., Phila., Pa. 
Kilpatriek, Reuben S., William Penn P. O., Pa. 
Kuhns, Charles S., Treverton, Pa. 
Knauer, C. H., Roosevelt Hospital, Phila., Pa. 
Koup, Floyd, Meshop^Pen, Pa., R. F. D. 2.

Lowery, George R., Berwick, Pa. 
Leaver, Hugh C., Pro^0peet Ave., Clifton Hei~hts, Pa Lemarier, Beniamin J., 110 Hempahire St., Lawrenee, Mass. Lutz, Henry L., Oliphant, Pa Lacaillade, H. W.. 36 Hampton St., Lswrence, ~taa~ Laudermileh, Harry, R. F. D. 1, Halifax, Pa. 
Lyons, Calvin L., 346 Linden St., Sunbury, Pa. 
Lefkowitz, Lewis, 1078 E. 15th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Lyons, Earl H., 1074 Packer St., Sunbur^Y, Pa. 
Leader, Oscar, 6th & Market Sts., Treverton, Pa. 
Lewis, John T., Atopa, Okla. Lindle, Joaeph H., Rowena, Texas. Lewis, Alvin, New Wilson, Okla. Lopez, Lucino, Fabens, Texas. Lord, Elzie S., R. F. D. 6, Rock Dale, Texas. Lear, Warren D., West Chester, Pa.

Moore, John E., 70 Broadway, Milton, Pa Mack, James H., Williamstown, Pa. 
Mealin, Leslie L., 6749 Market St., Phila., Pa. 
McCarthy, John T., 29 Sheridan St., Maldea, Mass. Morin, Victor, 527 Summer St., Holyoke, Mass McAuliffe. James T., Oak St., Wiconosco, Pa Miller, John H., Paxtonville, Pa. 
Martin, John H., 14 Bradford St., Portland, Maine Myera, Horace D., Millville, Pa McCarthy, Joaeph T., 13 Bowler St., Lynn, Mass. Moran, Paul G., Eaat Dowingtown, Pa. 
Mastreina, Joseph G., 447 Caskey St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
McKean, John J., 463 Columbia St., Milton, Pa 4McCrea, Edward C Miller, Edward F., R. F. D. 2, Halifax, Pa. 
Mullins, William C., Beckley, W. Va. Manning, Thomas J., 30 South St., Northampton, Mass. McGowan, John F., 6166 Gleveland Ave., Phila., Pa. 
~Maleskie, Joseph. *Mulholland, William J Malloy, Peter F., 161Y W. Susquehanna Ave., Phi^la~ Pa.

M~Namee, Harry C., 12 Landaff Road, Llanarch, Pa.

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McCarthy, Henry J., 458 Ghatham St., Lynn, Ma^ffa. Miller, Gilbert J., Shamokin St., Treverton, Pa. 
*Maugrisio, Polieavpio. McMenamin, Perry G., R. F. D. 1, Box 9, Sibola, Texa Y. Mieluta, Samuel, 26 Freeland Ave., Passaie, N. J. McNeil, William D., Cason, Texas. *Mach, Fred. Milikian, Himagag, 73 Summer St., Worehe^ffter,


Harley, John T., Oak St., Wiconisco, Pa. 
McFarland, Grude, Fredonia, Texa^ff. Matthijetz, Paul C., Gittings, Texa^Y. Morse, Harry W., Fairview, Okla. Murphy, Jose^Ph F.,- 1239 N. 17th St., Phila., Pa. 
Miller, Loring C., Nero, W. Va. Moyer, Henry L., Grady, Okla. Murray, George A., Tunkhannock, Pa. 
McCarthy, John T., 4 Colfax St., Peabody, Maffs.

Wheedles, Norman E. *klystron, Harry W. Nicholson, Baymond V., 213 Eaot Upoal St., Germantown, Phila., Pa. 
*Weiss, Ragmond.

Oclinski, John, 8017 Madison Ave., Phila., Pa O'Connor, James P., 2265 N. Bouvier St., Phila., Pa. 
O'Leary, Patrick F., Merrimae, N. H. O'Donnell, Patrick, 10 Abbott St., Salem. Maffs. Orr, David, 9 Newhall St., Lynn, Mass. Oreokinto, Amerieo, Elm Ave. & E. 16th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Patterson, John, 13 Lindenwood St., Phila., Pa. 
*Patterson, Lehigh E. Patterson, Herbert F., 16 Lo^Kan St., Lynn, Mass. Prete, Cosin, 604 W. Penn St., Shenandoah, Pa. 
Picanso, Manuel, 20 Short St., Lowell, Maa^ff. Pommer, William J., 1744 N. Sydenham St., Phila.,

Parker, Lawrence L., 7 Hampshire St., Auburn, Me. Price, Samuel J. 4646 Saybrook Ave., Phila., Pa. 
Paul. Fred W., Lykens, Pa. 
*Patrellis, Michael. Pfeilsticher, Otto F., 3129 N. Hamberger St., Phila.,

Piambino, Louis, Poplar Ave., Devon, Pa.

Rawling, William, Peckville, Pa. 
Rickert, Glennis H., 618 Frant St., Freeland, Pa. 
*Rush, David H. Roberts, Clem C Macon, Georfia. Rubican, Benjamin F., 620 Ferri^ff Ave., Wilmington, Del. 
Tosser, Christian J., 128 Court St., Allentown, Pa. 
Roy, Leon J., 230 Lowell St., Lawrenee, Mass. Rebuck, Peter, Wiconisco, Pa. 
RUSSO, Francesco P., 6 Lookout Ave., Providence, R. I. Bomano,. Salvatore, 554 Haddon Ave., Collingswood, N. J. 
Riley, John P., 30 Manor Road. Llqnerch, Pa. 
Benkens, Frank, 32 Everett St., East Hampton, Mass. Ryan, Patrick F., Graemar Hotel, Shamokin, Pa. 
Romano. Oresto, 1835 S. Ro^ffewood St., Phila., Pa. 
Radwanski, Joseph M., 39 Linden St., Chico^Dee Fall^ff,

Dawn, Percy E., Moth, N. D. Ruther, Robert E., R. F. D. 2. Lincoln, Texas Rousseau, Brayno, Park St., Malone, N. Y. Rogers, Gideon M., R. F. D. 3, Paradise, Texas.

*Raiborn, Henry E. Rose, Robert A., 90 Crescent Ave., Atlanta, Ga. Rollins, Herman D., Crany, W. Va.

Scott, Leonard, Main St., Archbald, Pa. 
Schnyder, Charles W., Box 4h, Montandon, Pa. 
Sweeney, John J., Drexel Hill, Pa. 
Sullivan, Timothy J., 20 Leonard St., S^Pringfield,


Sullivan, Thos, 875 S. Franklin St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Sullivan, John J., 963 Merrick Ave., Detroit, Mleh. Smith, James, 515 Leonard St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Smith, Floyd L., Red Lion, Pa.

Scanlon, George F., 52 Wells Ave., Chicopee, Maffa. Schaffer, Armon E., Fishers Ferry, Pa. 
Sanders, William D., Haslet, Texas.

Shepley, Christopher, 2710 Palethro^P St., Phila., Pa. 
Scanlon, Charles B., Harrison Ave., Clifton Height^ff,

Schubert, Edward, 303 Fairmont Ave., Sunbury, Pa. 
Snyder, James E., Pillow, Pa. 
Sweitzer, William M., Stony Creek Mills, Pa.

Scott, Cameron B., 638 Sus~uehanna Ave., Sunburg, Pa.

Schmidt, Paul W., 1122 Webster Ave., New York Cib. Stover, Okey R., Cirtsville, W. Va

Sweeney, James A., 545 Lawrence St., Lowell. Ma_. Scharks, Jose^Ph, 71 Oakville St., West Lynn, Ma^ff^ff.

Summers, Thomas E., 912 W. Dauphin St., Phila., Pa Sei^P, William E., Wiconisco, Pa.

Shade, Wm. J. B., 3215 Mt. Vernon St., Phila., Pa. 
S!eicher, Arthur N., Troy, N. Y. Schell, Leo L., Bally, Pa. 
Shannon, Wm. J., 58 Blydenberg Ave., New London,

Schlegel; John A., B. F. D. 1, Pillow, Pa. 
Sheeran, John, 724 N. 49th St. Phila, Pa. 
Specht, Clarence, 261 Walnut St. (Rear) Milton, Pa. 
Shirk, Kenelm L., 110 E. King St., Laneaster, Pa. 
Shirey, Clayton, Douglassville, Pa. 
Stroh, John, 203 S. 4th St., Sunbury, Pa.

Taylor, Allen H., Yoe, Pa.

Taylor, Allan, 209 W. Baltimore Ave., Land^ffdovvne, Pa.

Tanner, Reuben E., 66 Grand Ave., Cran^ffton. R. I. Trowbrid^Ke, Clinton F., 816 WashinKton St., Willhtnsport, Pa.

Uhrin, Michael, Main St., Kai^ffer, Pa.

*Venetta, John. Vonada, George E., Zion, Pa.

Will, Leo A., Leesport, Pa. 
Whary, Harvey E., R. F. D. 1, Trevertoa, Pa.

Walker, Perey A., 163 W. Wi^ffhart St., Phila., Pa. 
Walsh, Jose^Ph J., 1210 Chestnut, Brooklyn, N. Y. Weile, John, 762 S. 10th St., Phila., Pa. 
Walton, Harry G., Faetoryville, Pa. 
Wendt, John W., R. F. D. 1, Herndon, Pa.

Womer, Okley A., 811 Elm St., Watsontown, Pa Wharton. Harry, Cardington, Del. Co., Pa. 
Wood, Earl C.. 2565 S. 61st St.. Phila., Pa.

Willsbaeh, Bobert E., e^lo P. & R. R. R. Dining Car Dept., Phila., Pa.

Yoku^ff, Matthew A., Terminal St., ^w^u^li^Nm^fft^o^wrh

Zofrea, Salvatore, 232 S. Franklin St., Shamokin,


Abbott, Malvin E., We^fftfield, Pa., R. D. 4. Ackerman, Frederi¢k, Weatherby~ Carbon Go., Pa. 
Adkins, Hugh, Salt Rook, W. Va., R. D. 1, Box 36. ~dkins, Lloyd, Salt Rock, W. Va., R. D. 1, Box 33 
Ailman, Jerome N., State Colle^Ke, Pa. 
Allar, Albert H., Zerbe, Pa. 
ADen, Stanley W., Pernlack, Pa.

Archambault, George N., 16 S. Hi^Khland Ave., I^Atni~ downe. Pa.

At!er, Henry D., Doylestown, Pa.

Baker. George W., West Milton, Pa.

Barry, O^ffcar W., 912 Seott St., ^str^o^ud^fib^urR~ Pa.

Bartlett, Alexander, 237 Tillmore St., River^fiide, N. J 

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Bartlett, Thomas C., 463 Lum^le^F Ave., Detroit, Mieh. Bartley, James E. 1393 Grotto St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Bartley, Robert A., 1433 N. 29th St., Phila., Pa. 
Bateman, Tyrus J., Lyaena, Dau^Phin Co., Pa. 
Batiste, Frederick, 293 E. 161 St., New York City. Bauer, Howard F., 220 Starver St., Jerse^Y Shore, Pa. 
Bauer, Samuel, Barto, Pa. 
Bauman, Ammon E., 407 S.,, 2nd. St., Emaus, Pa. 
Bauler, Frank A., Hosford, Florida. Bayer, Andrew J., 111 Church St., Lockport, N. Y. 
*Beattie, Robert M., Beck, Ed. L., 313 Center Ave., Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 
Benchoff, Carl W., Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. 
Bennett, Harry, Newtown, Pa. 
Bennett, Mark N., 6th & Catherine Sts.~ Bloomaburg, Pa. 
Benson, Hiram, Mansfield, Pa. 
Bernardi, Miehael J., 211 Market St., Wiliiamsport,

Binder, William R., 1646 N. Bouvier St., Pails., Pa. 
Bishop, Ste^Phen H., 212 E. St., Warren, Pa. 
Bird, B. F., 904 Columbia Ave., S. C. Blake, J;.mes P., Ocean,, Mar^Yland. Blake, Raymond A., Wm. Penn P. O., Pa. 
Blake, Vincent W., Hill St., Arehbald, Pa. 
Boston, Clarence A., Center Moreland, Pa Bostwiek, Floyd L., Lawrenceville, Pa. 
Bonghner, Hnrvey C., Market St., Treverton, Pa. 
Bernhart, Albert W., 2631 Eoff St., Wheeling, W. Va. Brass, Frank C., Muncy, Pa., R. D. 3. Brink, Oney C., Eaglesmere, Pa. 
Brooks, William M., 3616 N. 16th St., Phila., Pa. 
Brown, Charles H., Chambersburg, R. D. 11, Pa Brown, John J., Locust Gap, Pa Brown, Thomas A., 3614 Ave. Q., Galveston, Texas. Brown, Thomas M., Pottstown, R. D. 6, Pa. 
Burger, Duke W., Tioga, Nieholas Co., W. Va. Bush, Reuben S., Pottstown, R. D. 6, Pa. 
*Brooks, George A. Brion, Chester U., Okome, Pa. 
Brooks, William H., 6002 Wakefield St., Phila. Pa.

Cain, Hale A., 223 Jackson St., Berwick, Pa. 
Cadden, James L., Nesquehoning, Pa. 
Caliguri, Anthony, 636 Morgan St., Chicago., III. Calvert, Walter E., Bodine, Pa. 
Camarota, Dominiek T., 1617 E., Passyunk Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Carpenter, Raymond L., 109 Harris St., Athens, Pa. 
Christman, Clyde A., 668 Franklin Ave., Palmerton, Penn 'h. Clapp, Daniel A., Market St., Muncy, Pa. 
Clark, Clarence L., Jersey Shore, R. D. 1, Pa. 
Clarke, Doyle, Heise, Idaho. Clary, Chester R., 1602 Mltchell Ave., St. Joseph, Mo. Campbell, J. F., 440 E. 3rd. St., Berwick, Pa. 
Chapman, C. R., 2614 First Ave., Huntingdon, W. Va. Claster, Samuel W., 46 W. Bald Eagle St., Lock Haven, Pa. 
Connonaghan, James, Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Crawford, Alvin B., 6461 Spruce St., Phila., Pa Crawford, George A., Center Hall, Pa. 
Cremeans, H. P., Hanlin, W. Va. Cunniff, Martin J., 5348 Raee St., Phila., Pa. 
Collins, John J., 6025 Master St., Phila., Pa. 
Cormac, Charles H., 2228 Master St., Phila., Pa. 
Conrad, Milton, Shillington, Pa. 
Corneby, Amos E., 603 Desmond St., Athens. Pa Coyne, John F., 3122 Grimes St., Minooka, Pa. 
*Crabtree, John Cramer, Arthur J., Co. G., 6^gth Inf., A. F., in Germany. Crammer,, William B., Monroeton, Bradford Co., Pa. 
Crim, Ross, Adamston, W. Va. Cromleigh, Edward E., Mechaniesburg, Pa. 
Crozier, Bradford B., Walnut. Juniata Co. Pa Cutair, Harry S., 6020 Lansdowne Ave., Phila., Pa.

Damico, Sabatino. Atlas, Pa. 
Dangle, David C., Hepburnville, R. D. 1, Pa. 
Daniel, F. E., 1617 Eight Ave., Huntin^Rdon, W. Va. Davis, Willard D., 646 Harrison Ave., Scranton, Pa Decker, Allan B., 113 Bryn Mawr Ave., Cynwyd, Pa Denis, Edward M., Moundsville, W. Va.


^t Deutschle; Edward E. Dewalt, David L., Montgomery, Pa Dewalt, John M., Treverton, R. D. 1, Pa Drolsbaugh, William, Fast Waterford, Pa.

Eastman, Lester E., New Milford, R. D. S. PA Easton, Nelson, 309 Haws Ave., Norristown, Pa. 
Elliott, John C., Willow, R. D. 1, W. Va. Eschbach, M. Y., Boyertown, R. D. 3, Pa.

Farley, Elmer, Ellison, W. Va Faulkner, Timothy J., West Union, W. Va. Fischler, John W., Wellsboro, R. D. 7, Pa Fish, Charles W., Jr., 64 N. 21st. St., Camden, N. J. Fitch, Harry J., Falls, Pa. 
Foltz, Ward B., 32 S. 7th St, Sunbury Pa Foster, H. F., 169 Twelfth St.; Wheelini. W. Va Fletcher, Harry J., 1209 W. Clinch Ave., Knoxville, Tennessee. Field, Leo L., 704 N. 20th St., Phlla., Pa Foote, David H., 2128 Estaugh St., Phila., Pa Foley, John R., Whitemarsh. Pa. 
Ford, John, Sailor St., Atlas, Pa Forsyth, James, Fallbrook, Pa Forcier, Joseph O., 20 Moury St., Manville, R. I. Forrest, Edward L., R. D. 7, Towanda, Pa FOBB, Carl A., Tro^Y St., Canton, Pa Foster, Lon H., Brookneal, Va. Faust, Isaiah, Riverside, Pa. 
Frankenfield, Samuel, 236 N. 63rd St., Phila., Pa Free, Walter B., 6100 Race St, Phila., Pa Freed, John L., Werner, N. D. care Ed. Herman. Froelich, Martin M., Robesonia, Pa. 
Frick, Geo. L., 3848~ Milwaukee St., Pittsbur~h, Pa.

Gainer, Harry B., St. Andrew, Box 2, Florida Gardner, William J., 869 N. 48th St.. Phila., i Gaudet, Willie, 78 Bellevue Ave., Haverhill, Mass Geiger, Frank J., 3097 W. Girard Ave., Phila., Pa. 
Gekoski, Stanley, Morris Run, Pa. 
Gets, Anthony R., 136 N. 3rd. St., Louisville, Ky Gill, Charles H., Westfield, R. D 1, Pa Gilleran, John E., Starqcca, Pa., P. O. Box 93 Goodnite, Carl, New Haven, W. Va Gordon, George A., Clinton House, Mystic, Conn. Gracely, John A., Mertztown, Pa. 
Grey, Dale, Muncy, Pa. 
Gridley. Arthur V., Westfield, Pa Grim, Archibald P., Dallastowq, Pa Gring, Earl L., Reading, Pa., R. D. 1 Guerrera, John, 778 N. Main St., Waterbury, Gonn. Gumble, Lawrenee E., Laporte, Pa.

Hackenburger, Robert R., Vand^Yke, Juniata Go., P; Hackett. Charles M., Middlebury Centre, Pa Hager, Fred C., Frostburg, Maryland Ham~ Earl T., 423 Brook StPeckville, Pa Hanigan, Earl L., Montgomery, W. Va Harman, Daniel W., Berwick, Pa., R. D. 3. Harman, Montie R., Old Town, Md., R. D. 1 *Harrell, Garey 4Hartline, Glen L. Harvey, Thomas P., 60 State St., Susouehunna, Pa Harvilchuck, Alex, 898 Fourth St., Olyphant, Pa Hazlett, James B., FNrrandsville, Pa Heintzleman, George BLime Ridgi, Pa. 
Hendricks, William K., Plymouth Meeting, Pa Hendrick, Silas P., St. Paul. Box 104, Texas Hennen, C^I^Yde E., Burton, W. Va *Henry, William J. Hensley, Arvie B., 643 Vinson St., Williamson, W. Va Hill, Oscar, Friendsville. Pa Hoffman, Paul, 327 Penn'a. AveSunb~ry Pa. 
Hilson, Edwin I., Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Hohl, Harry R., 2335 W. Lehigh Ave., Phila., Pa *Hoilman, John B. Holter, Philli^P C., Howard, Pa Horton, James, 427 McT ean StWilkes-Barre Pa Howells, Ray J., 13 N. Hiekory St, Mt. Carme; Pa Huber, William C., 726 Rohert St., New^Port, Kj Hughes, Charles E., 228 E. 2nd. St., Berwick, Pa. 
*Hughes. Clarence l~unt. Philli^P M48S9 Merion Ave., Phila., Pa. 
Hunter, Brady F., Towanda, Pa., R. D. 9. 

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Hurter, Thomaa, Philli^psbur^Y, Pa. 
Huyett, Luke R., Reaaing, Pa., R. D. 2.

Johnston, Wilbur P., Linden, Pa., R. D. 2 Jones, Paschall D., Parishville, N. Y Jone Millard B., E. Willow Grove Ave., Che tnut Hi;l, Phila., Pa.

Kafter, Louis, 236 E. 104th St., New York City Kain, Aloysius A., 122 N. 63rd. St., Phila, Pa Kamisher, Harry, 266 Berriman StBrookljn, N. Y. Kast, William F., Dushore, Pa Kaupp, Frederick J., 1924 E. Lehigh Ave., Phila., Pa Okays, Earl M. Kearna, Norman R., 210 Wa'nut St, Jenkintown, Pa Kehoe, William J., Republican Journal, Editorial Room, Ogdensburg, New York Kelly, Enoa J., 34 Liberty St., Anionic Conn Kelly ^wam^les J., 131 Jefferson St Bristol; Pa.

Kelmanski, S., Kulpmont, Pa. 
Kennan, Arthur J., 128 Converse Ave., Meridan Conn. Kerin, Arthur M., Moahannon, Pa Ketterman, Donald V., 9 Dewey Ave., York, Pa King, Francio J., 123 Locust Ave., Centralia, Pa. 
King, Joseph J., 430 W. Norris St., Phila., Pa King, Michael T., 4910 Westminster Ave., Phila. Pa Kline, Michael, 604 East Ave., Mt. Carmel, Pa Klitsch, George J., 4567 N. 18th St., Phila., Pa Knarr, Norman L., Gowen Cit^Y, Pa., Box 23 Knight, Charles W., 9 Maplewood St., Phila. Pa Kornaski, Thomas, 227 N. Locust St., Mt. Carmei, Pa Krajeaski, L. S., 6439 Paschall Ave., Phila., Pa Kratz, Roy S., 4909 N. 12th St., Phila., Pa Kupinski, Alexander, Forreat Citr, Pa. 
Box 689 Kurzydoski, JOB. J., 121 N. Oak St., Mt. Carmel, Pa Kuster, Kimber C., Bloomsburg, Pa., R. D. 2 Kilcoin, Luke H., 467 Cottage St., New Bedford, Mass.

Lake, Sidne^Y R., S. Front St., Wheeling, W. Va Lane, Jamen J., Dushore, Pa Laub, Walter O., 2641 S. Reese St., Phila., Pa *Landry, Gabriel Lee, Russell E., 2837 N 9th St., Phila., Pa Leach, Walter, Mansfield, Pa Lever, Harold G., 286 S. Jones St., Lock Haven, Pa. 
Kevin, LOUjB, 713 Lombard St., Phila., Pa Longaker, Gilbert B., 6369 Burbridge St., Germantown, Phila., Pa *Lovejoy, Ezra Lima, George, Treverton, R. I Lille, Arthur G., 60 State St., Susquehanna, Pa Livsey, William F., S^Pruce St., Archbald, Pa Lynch, Tbomas, 291 Main St., Old Forge, pa Lyons, Jeremiah R., Andersonburg, Pa Lucas, J., Sand Creek, W. Va.

MacFarland, Paul E., 1028 E. Elm St., Consho
Maguire, William J., Villa Nova, Pa. 
Mallory, Claud D., Main St., Harrison Valleg, Pa. 
Marshall, Henry, Wellsboro. Pa., R. D. 1. Marshall, Robert W., Frankfort, Ky. Markunas, Joseph G., Zion Grove, Pa. 
Martin, Charles W., 63 N. Allison St., Greencast!e, Pa. 
  Z Maxwell, John, 6910 Vine St., Phila., Pa. 
Melcher, John C., Bally, Pa. 
Menahen, Thomas J., 3010 N. 16th St., Phila., Pa. 
Merill, Charles A., Athens, Pa Meyers, Nathan, 326 Haynes St., Johnstown, Pa Mlchalski, Gust, 36 S. Locunt St., Mt. CarmeI, P Miller, Otto W., 618 W. Mayfield St., PhUa., Pa. 
Mitchell, Clarence E., 324 Bratton Ave., Lewietown,

Moran, Hubert W., Archibald, Pa Morgan, Jamea N., Coatesville, Pa. 
Morgan, Joseph, Glouceoter, Athens, Ohio, Box 217 Morris, Ollie L., Sullivan Co., Nordmont, Pa. 
Morningstar, Leonard M., Benwood, W. Va. Moyer, Charles L., Myerstown, Pa. 
Mrofki, Frank, 203 N. Walnut St., Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Mulhall, Thomas R., Port Carbon, Pa. 
Murray, George A., 46 Elk St., Tunkhannock. PA Murray, James E., 2048 Rowan St., Phila., PA Munson, Ernest G., Cokato, Minn. ~Munson, I ewis L McAvoy, William A., Meshoppen, Pa., R. D. 1. McCarthy, James E., 94 Robinson St., Lrnn, Maea. McCarthy. John F., 629-2nd. St., Towanda, Pa. 
McChrystal, Daniel, 466 W. Sa^Y^Ior St., Atla^H, Pa. 
McCellan, Harry M., 210 Juniata, St., MifAin, Pa. 
McClure, Linwood D., Bala, Pa McGinnis, Jacob, 868 E. Tioga St., Phila., Pa. 
McGonigal, Jerome T., Pottersdale, Pa. 
McHugh, Connell, 224 S. Chestnut St., Mt. Carrels

McLaughlin, Charles F., 146-2nd. Ave., Bethlehem, Pa *McNutt, Lewis C. Moody, Jesse D., Frederickabur~F, Iowa.

Neal, Thomas B., Milton, R. D. 4, W. Va. Nealon, George F., 436 E. 122nd St., New York Cltr. Newman, Arthur, 940 N. Farson St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Nies, Raymond, Temple, Pa., R. F. D. 1. Nields, William M., Coatesville, Pa., Box 462. Noblet, Thomas L., New Buffalo, Pa Noroonk, Alfred, Towanda, Pa.

O'Brien, Robert E., 2661 Coral St., Phila., Pa. 
O'Neal, Leslie J., 1121 Col!ege Ave., Cutler, III. O'Neill, Joseph I., 3046 N. 6th St., Philadel^Phia, Pa. 
Oliver. William K., 326 Broadway, Somerville, Maza Olson, John W., Morris Run, Pa.. R. F. D. I Overcash. Norman D.. Bath. Pa.

Padgett. Merrell M., S^Partansbur^g, N. C. Parchinski, Frank, 616 Dunatt St., Dickson Cit~, Pa. 
Patterson. Charles M.. 2309 N. l^qth St., Phila., Pa. 
Paulsen, Alfred M., 936 E. 76th St., Chicago, Ill. Peace, Leroy E., 637 N. 46th St., Phila., Pa. 
*Peevey, Dial R. Pennick, Warren H., 729 Rosemary Ave., Ambler, Pa. 
Per~rinsky, Peter, 246 S. Walnut St., Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Perry. Reynold W., 601 N. 6th St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Perry, Vernon F., 601 N. 6th St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Persichilli, Frank, 11 Richmond St., Wakefield, Maaa. Pettit. John F., 333 N. 26th St., Phila., Pa. 
Polenchar, JOB. N., 728 E. 6th St., S. Bethlehem, Pa. 
*Porter. Donald M Posivak. Andrew A. 618. 6th Ave.. S. Bethlehem, Pa. 
Powell, James B., 620 Park St., Taylor, Pa. 
Piper, James J., Vale Summitt, Md Prichard, Paul B., Sugar Run, Pa., R. F. D. 43. Pubanz, Paul H., Horace Ave., Abington, Pa.

Quattrini. A., 116 S. River St., Sayre, Pa. 
^auinn, Joseph, 1012 E. Montgomery Ave., Phila., Pa.

Ramsay. Charles I.. Modena. Pa Reaser, Dorsey L, Cox's Mills. W. Va., R. F. D. 2 Rei~rle. William H., 2828 N. Palethorpe St., Phlla, Pa Re^Pella, Philip, 304 E. Centre St, Mt. Carmel, Pa Rhode~, Howard R., New Hamiiton, Pa Rice, Clifford C., 1608 Main St., Northampton, Pa. 
Ritchie, Andrew J., 134 Master St., Phila., Pa Richey, William C., 1739 Harrison St., Paducah, Ky °Roach, William L. Robathan, F. A., 222 E. Gravers Lane Cheatnut Hill Pa. 
'                             '  ' Robey, James W., Ripley, Jackson Co., W. V ROOB, Henry, 17 Mill St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa Ra^Ppold, John, 2909 N. "D" St., Phila., Pa. 
Reuther, Robert B., Lincoln, Texas, Route 2 Romer, Abraham, 1803 N. 6th St., Phila, Pa Rooney, Dennis W., 1217 N. 60th St., ihila., Pa. 
Rosser, Evan R., 614 W. 4th St., Williamaport, Pa Robinson, Lewis F., Mantua. N. J Rottner. Albert D.. 3146 N. Broad St., Phila., Pa. 
Rouse, Raymond M.. New Albany, Pa., R. F. D. 44 Rusaell, William J., Hallsbad, Pa.

Sandusky, Thomaa J., 831 Naggold St., Gru~d Ra^Pida. Mich. Sanna, Cheabr, Fullerton, Pa., Box 43 Saphar, Wm. J., 303 N. Elmer Ave., Sa^Yre' Pa. 

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*Sarnaeky, Stany Saunders, Franklin J., Dorr, W. Va. Scargle, Arthur K., 3232 N. 20th St., Phila., Pa. 
Schaumberger, Harry, Race St., Belvidere, N. J. Schmalzle, Walter, Lords Valley, Pike Co., Pa. 
Schiedt, Jacob M., Chadds Ford, Pa. 
Schaffer, Warren H., 2030 W. Boston Ave., Phila., Pa. 
Schonour, Leroy E., Gauglersville, Pa. 
Scott, Walter G., N. Franklin St., Holbrook, Mass. Schrader, Carl F., New Martinsville, W. Va. Schroeder, George T., Clay Center, Nehraska. *Schuler, John W. Scrihner, Chester B., 29 Maple St., Waltham, Mass. Shadle, John E., Jersey Shore, Pa. 
Shaffer, James E., Montgomery, Lycoming Go., Pa. 
Shea, William J., Taylor, Pa. 
Sheahan, Jas. F., 116 "F" St, S. E. Washington, D. C. Sheets, Benjamin, 803 N. 46th St., Phila., Pa. 
Sellers, Joseph L., Mifflintown, Pa., R. D. Shoemaker, L. M., Mertztown, Pa. 
Singer, Meek CWarren, Arkansas. Singley, Harry E., 503-3rd St., Catawissa, Pa. 
*Smith, James P. Smith, Thomas L., Main St., Newport, Pa. 
Snyder, James, Laurel, Pa. 
St. Clair, Fred A., Pi^Pestem, W. Va. Stephenson, W. Springer, Otto W., Ricketts, Pa. 
Steinhauser, Jos., 3917 Whitman Ave., Cleveland, O. Stepper, Clarence E., 2037 Margaret St., Frankford,

Sturdevant, Webb E., Laceyville, Pa., B. D. 2.

Taladn, Mack., 201 S. River St., Sayre, Pa. 
Taylor, Franklin W., Yoe, York Co., Pa. 
Thomas, Walter G., Cleveland, Va.~ R. F. D. 1 Mete, John M., 1429 Gerard Ave., Phila., Pa. 
*Tenallia, Sam Till, William H., Little Meadows, Pa. 
Towne, George H., 305 Hanover St., Meriden, _ Travelet, Irwin H., Hughesvil!e, Pa. 
Trevitts, Michael, Water St., Mt. Carmel, Pn. Treadway, Samuel Blooming Grove, Te~cae. Kanji, Americo A., Crow's Landing, California. Turner, Iaaac F., Big Stone Ga^P, Va. Turner, George W., Route 2, Kempton, Pa. 
Austin, JosePh T., 1106 N. 24th St., CamJen, N. J.,

Urban, William, Lo^Pes, Pa., Box 154. Vanness, Geo., Rummerfield, Pa. 
VanSickle, Clarence E., Jameson City, Pa. 
Vineski, Joseph P., Troy, Pa.

Wagner, Curtis B., So. Main St., Lewiston, Pa. 
Wallace, Camden, D., Zenith, Monroe Co., W. Va. Wallace, Clarence P., 4517. Brown St., Phlla., Pa. 
Waltz, Raymond G., Warrensville, Pa. 
Wambold, Harvey, Sellersv-ille, Pa. 
*Ward, Edward R. *Ward, Lafe P. Warmbeer, Julius, 337 S. Beech St., Mt. §armel, Pa. 
Warner, Charles A., Parke, York Co., ra. Warner, John, Dallastown, York Co., Pa. 
Watson, Daniel F., 1738 AUe^ghenY Ave., Phila., Pa. 
Watson, Roscoe C., Buchannon, W. Va., R. F. D. 4. Weisner, Herbert H., Blandon, Pa. 
Wells, Robert, Lonaconing, Maryland. Wendt, WiUiam H., Newberry, S. O. Wentzel, Samuel R., Ston^Y Creek Mill, Berka Co., Pa. 
West, Harold, Wellsboro, Pa. 
Wheeler, Mitchell, Grant, Nebraska. White, George A., 17 E. Brown St., Lewistown, Pa. 
White, Joseph, 1421 Ruber Ave., Louisville, Ky. Williams, Albert A. Willitts, Charles F., 320 Washington St., Readings Fa. Williams, Geo. G., 173 S. Grant St., Wllke~Barr~ Pa. 
Williams, Ray, Lewiston, W. Va. Williams. Sabbath, Old Forge, Pa. 
Wilson, H. L., Wellsboro, Pa. 
Winter, A. H., Hillem, Pa., R. F. D. 1. Wolfe, Chauncey N., Flourtown, Pa. 
Wolfe, Thomas E., 600 Ridge Ave., Pott^Nville, Pa^j Wood, Harry R. F., Mt. Carmel Ave., North G~enside, Pa. 
*Worthington, Gilbert B. Wright, Guier S., Bryn Mawr, Pa. 
Wright^Non, Arthur J., 208 Josephine St., Pecksville,

Conn.      a          Yerger, Max B., Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa.

         Zahradnick, Paul J., 875-4th St., O^I^Jphant~ Pa. 
        Zehack, John, 349 S. Locust St., Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
        Zeder, John M., 341 Adams Ave., Seranton, Pa. 
        Zeiders, Arthur, Mifflin, Pa. 
       | Zimmerman, Paul R., 46 N. Conesto~ra se., Phila., Pa.


' Abplanalp, A., Wellsboro, Pa. 
Andrus, Ethan, Gleasonton, Pa

Backeus, John A., Colr8ne, Minn. Bair, William, Rock Springs, Wyoming. Baleh, Dight V., Westfie'd, Pa. 
*Bare, Herbert F. Baylor, Ral^Ph, Mooresburg, Pa. 
Beves, Morris D., 607 Mangua St., Durham, N. C. Bishop, James, 2806 Elliott St., Baltimore, Md, Bloom, Harry J., Ellieott City, Md. Bobbin, Ed. M., 104 N. Market St., Shenandoah, Pa. 
Borm, Jfflius B. 43 N. Farson St., Phila., Pa. 
Bowers, John H., Forrest Hill, Mich. Boyd, James S., 1 Main St.. Morris Run, Pa. 
Bremhle, John A., 3622 N. Judson St., Phila., Pa. 
Brewer, Shelton, Raymond City, W. Va. Broderick, L. A., Midland, Md. Brown, William J., Allison Road, Willow Grove, Pa. 
Bnrch, Alhert E, Hartshorne, Okla. Burke. Francis, Danville, Pa. 
Butler, James L., 159 South Ave., T~ochester, N. Y. Butz, Jesse E., 2nd and Market Sta., New~ort, Pa. 
Boyle, Edward L., Seek, Pa.

Cad^Y. J^Phn R., 701 N Park Ave., Wi^l^l^iam^s^p^ort~ Pa. 
Cantwell, Charles H., Branchdsh, P. O., Pa. 
Caretto, John, Boyes, Montana. Carlaon Walter C., R. D. 6, W. Duluth, M~nn. Cnabmar;, John, 232 S. 6tb St., Shamokin, Pa.

Chanaka, Alex., 645 H. St., N. E. Washing~n, D. C. Chapman, James H., Huntington, W. Va. Cirino, Vineent, 3361 Kensington Ave, Phlln., Pn. Colbert, M. R., 1182 Lanier Place, N. W. Washin~rton, D. C. Cook. Galusha A., Nicholson, Pa. 
Connell, Franeis J., 224 W. Erie Ave., phila., Pa. 
Croure, Harry, 1612 Erie Ave., Williamsport, Pa. 
Crumm, E'mer, c^lo County Farm, Wellsboro, Pn. Cunnin^lrham, Ernest L., Dushore, Pa.

Davidson, D, 3202 N. 19th St., Phila., Pa. 
Davis, James D., Marysville, Pa. 
Daws^Pn. Charles, 916 Gett~ Ave., Duryea, Pa. 
Dean, F. A, 89 Norman St., Frosthurg, Md. Dempster, Horace G., 3765 Cresson St., Phila., Pa. 
Dickinson William H., LaPlume, Pa. 
Dieck, W;lliam. R. D. 2, Sunbury, Pa. 
Dike, Charles R., Kellogg, ~inn. Dittmar, William G., 2539 N. Hancock St., Phih., Pn. Doty, Jobn R., Benton, Pa. 
Draper, James M., Martinsvil'e, Va. T)reihe!bis, Arthur, 341 East St., Bloomsbutg, Pa. 
Drummond, Alpba E, Meadowbrook. W. Vn. Dud^ley, James I,., 244 E. Broad St., Ta~naqua, Pa. 
Duffy, Edward D., Eckhart Mines, ~laryland. *Dieter, W. H.

E~rsn. Charles J., 2422 N. L9th ~!1t., Fi~ln., Pa. 
~Evana, David J,

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Fabreque, Alban, 306-6th St. Rock Springs, Wyo. a e. Christian J., 6316 Grays Ave., Philuiel^Phia, Pa. 
Fannin, Charlea M., Winona W. Va Fer^euaon, Earl D., Rock Hili, S. C. Fern, William L., Dar ville, Pa. 
F^Fury, William A., Huston St., Jermyn, Pa

Ford, Oliver B., Ambler, Pa. 
Freeman, Clayton L., Stony Creek Milb Pa Fry, W^c^liam B., R. D. 1, Danvilie, Pa.'

Furst, Carl M., Port Matilda, Pa. 
Freeze, Albert, Dynville, Pa.

Gainer, E., DeXalb, W. Va. Gales, Walter F., Marlow, Okla Gallagher, Charles, 886 N. 46th SS., Phila., Pa. 
Gerard. Fred L.. Hampton. N. J. Gill. Edward L., 106 A. St., Danvilie, Pa Girton. Howard D.. Farrandsville, Pa. 
Glazier. Sherd. LOKY. W. Va. Gould. Frank W.. Buchannon, W. Va Cross, William, Shamckin, Pa.

Hamilton, David B., 391 Woodland Ave., Oakmont,

Hyer, Robert A., 1713 E. 3rd St., Williams^Part, Pa Harris, John F., Gausaway, W. Va Here, Ira M., Chambersbure, Pa Hickey, Frank P., 618 Mill St., Danville, Pa. 
Hill. Herschel M., Lo Nat'l. Bank, Fairmont, W. Va. Hillbish, Norman A., 20 W. Savoy St., Pottsville, Pa Hoax, Albert J., Duahore, Pa. 
Hoffa, Frank J., Bernice, Pa. 
Hogan, Michael, 1809 W. Huntineton St., Phila, Pa Hollerman, Dennis, 419 Market St., Shamokin; Pa Holmes, John W., Notamine, W. Va Horton, James A., Wyalusine, Pa Housel, William L., 1864 Camac St., Phila., Pa. 
Houser, Edward S., 202 Pitt St., Tamaqua, Pa. 
Humphrey, William A., Mt. Ho^Pe, W. Va. Humphreys, Drewie K., Gates, W. Va. Hunter. Frank J., 6024 Reno St., W. Phila., Pa Huntington, Charles V.

Jasavage, John, 1464 Wahash St., Shamokin, ia. Johnson, Hoard, Walton, Ky. Johnson, O^Rear S., Catawisaa, Pa. 
Jones, Hordon, Danville, Pa.

Kahler, J. Howard Jr., Muncy, Pa Keeley, Charles A., 3214 Mt. Vernon St., Phila., Pa. 
Kelley, Ellery, 176 W. Hudson St., Elmira, N. Y. Kohn, Herman A., 3723 Calumet St., East Falls,

Kreas, John W., 318 Foster St., Tomaha, Wia Kunkel, Ed. G., 166 S. Transit St., Lockport, N. J. Krause, Clarence, Duahore, Pa.

Lake, William, 26 Cheatnut St., Montroae, Pa. 
Lamberaon, Harry, 631 Milla St., Danville, Pa LaMendola, Salvatore, 626 Flushing Ave., Brooklyn,

Lash Stewart A., Delaware Water Gap, Pa Lawson, Jamea H., Elk Valley, Tenn Lee, Ralph E., Uniondale, Pa Lentz, Robert E., Ralston, Pa. 
Lloyd, Jamea O., Hurricane, W. Va.

McCoy, Rbt. H., 18 Lower Mulberry St., D^Ynvllle, Pa McCuteheon, Walter A., Gad. W. Va McDowall, Wm. D., 1916 Washington St., Charleaton,

McElfatrick, Joseph A., 2847 N. Palethorpe St., Phila., Pa MoKenna, Jos. C., 226 N. Edeewood St., Phiia., Pa MoMenamin, John J., 602 N. 64th St. W. Phiia., Pa Mahaffey, Heetor A.. 686 E. 3rd St., Williams^Port, Pa Marable, John H., Palmyra, Tenn.

Mayan, Louis H., 23 Cherry St., Danville, Pa Mayhew, Harriaon H., 1822 Jefferaon St, Phila., Pa. 
Meehan, John J., 30 N. Dewey St., Ph;ia,, Pa

17 Battery Place ^r^N^e^C^v^v°y^CO°^r^k^n Products Rey Co Messner. W. M.. 1141 Court St.. Sunbury, Pa Miller, H. F.. Smedley, Vireinia Miracky, uiliv Myers, Emmett Sa715t (^L^e^io^e^k^Rd^K~ New Brum^lw^j^Ok~ N. ^J Moran. William. 6340 Osaee Ave., Phila., Pa.

Nephew, Cecil G., Winfie!d, Pa Nichols, Grady N., Detroit, Ala.

O'D^Onne^l^l~ Leo, 8^3i ^N^6^2^6^M^N^k^6^t^l^S^s Sty, Phila Pa *O^Oiando ^FDominick, 411 N. Simpaon St., Phila 'Pa

Pancake. Vireii H., Florida St., Milton, W. Va PhiiliPa Abraham, 734 Ontario St, So Bethleh Phi!li^Ps R. L., R. D. 2, Benton; Pa. 
    em, Pa Piokerine, Firmon C., Gleasonton, Pa Price, Luthur M., Burnwell, W. Va Pross, Earl A., 2018 Jefferson St., Phila., Pa.

Raee, Ernest F., Tunkhannock, Pa Ralston, Wm. J., 2601 N. Phillips St., Phila., i~ Ramaey, Chester W., Waterville, Pa. 
Rapp, Ral^Ph, Willow Grove, Pa. 
Re~ghard, Lowm^Yn R.,. South Fork, Pa Riffe, Robert E., Rook Camp, W. Va Rineer, Roy, E. Hartwell Ave., Wyndmoor, Pa Rishel, Jose^Ph M., 323 State St., Girard, Ohia. Rogers. Elbert E.. Dola. W. Va Rosshirt, Cas^Par J.. 239 W. Duvall St.. Germantown,

Rouse, Andrew P., 274 Athens St., So. Boaton, Maaa. !

Scharff, Francis, 1018 E~m St., Conshohooken, Pa Sobramm. William, 223 Vine St., Danville, Pa SeiderB, Clifford. 109 N. 66th St., Phila., Pa Shaffer. Chas.. Tunkhannock, Pa. 
Shetler, John L., 46 Vine St.. Danville. Pa Sh~re, George, 139 S^Pruce St., Tamaqua, Pa Shore, Paul E., Duncannon, Pa., R. F, D. 2 Shortzber^Yer, John, 6223 St. Chas. St., Baltimore, Md Sm~th, C!arenee J., 702-13th Ave., H^unt^inet^on~ W. Va Smith, Clayton N., Felton, Pa Sm^!th, Leighton, 6716 Kingsessine Ave., Phila. Pa Sm^lth, Howard F., 101 Columbia Ave., Danville: P *Smith, Warren C. Spauldine, Edwin, Erievil!e, N. Y

Sweezy, Jos~ah H. ^L^U^I^t^v^h^e^r^ap^mOPO^t^lO^np^A^V^e^R~ ^WY^n^d^moor Pn

Terry, ^N^a^t^h^a^n^i^e^l G ^F^H^a^D^r^d^a^r'^V^i^w^e~ Pa~, R. F. D 1 Tomlinson. Clarenee F., Mt. Lookout, W. Ya. Trout. Charlea O.. Felton. Pa *T^Toutman^s Wm. F., 407 Water St., Pottatown, Pt

Tyson. Paul-F.. 26 N. 62nd St., W. Phila., Pa.

Walker. Bradley. Eaele. W. Va. Walker. William C.. 622-6th St. Huntineton' ~. V~ Warden. Oley N.. 1164-2nd St. Gallispoll~, Ohio. Warga. John E.. Powera. Oreeon. Wetherbee. Carl B.. Wellaboro, Pa Wi'keraon. Clarenee O.. Yawkey, W. Va Wi~liama. John J.. Fleetwood. Pa. 
W~U~ama. Lee. Salem. W. Va. Winteratein, A. LeRoy, Danville, Pa Woodrum, Janmea C., Seth, W. Va Woods, Jose^Ph F., 11 Cross St.. Danvilb, Pa Wooten, Georee F.. Hansley, W. Va. Walsh, Walter J., Lopez, Pa.

Zory, Frank, Ol^y^Phant, Pa. 

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Adams, John Q., Dalmatia, Pa. 
Arnold, Geor^Ke E., Liverpool, Pa. 
Auyustanovich, James, 303 Union St.. Tamaqua, Pa. 
Atherton, George I., Northumberland, Pa. 
Arneson, Theodore, O., Tolley, N. D. Aakey, James R., Pine Glen, Pa. 
Allen, Robert J., Ralston, Pa.

Bama, John A., Morris Run, Pa. 
Burkepile, Harry R., New Port, Ps. Beach, Harry O., Newberry, Pa Beilhartz, Charles, Muncy, Pa. 
*Bender, Cyrus S. *Hutton, William D. Bieber, William W., Muncy, Pa. 
*Brown, Clark B., Buchanan, Char'es C., McVeytown, Pa. 
Brashear, Peyton, Union Star, Ky. °Brough, Edward, S. Brown, Earl, Peach, Washington.

Campbell, Jose^Ph C., Millerstown, Pa. 
Conevery, Robert A., Wellsboro, Pa. 
Cotter, John H., 327 New St., West Chester, Pa. 
*Chider, Grover C. Crowley, Frederick Campiom, Michael, 206 N. 62nd St., Phlla., Pa. 
Conklin, Elmer C., Newfield, N. Y. Cowley, John J., 309 New Hancock _ Barre, Pa. 
Cooper, Clarence T., Collinsdale, Pa.

Day, Ralph H., 221 Lenker St., Sunburn Pa. 
Dorey, Edward G., 4602 N. Pennsylvanfa St., Inddanapolis, Indiana. Donnell, James, 6144 Grays Ave., Phila., Pa.

·Dill, Arthur T. Dorn, Elwood S., Schwenkeville, Pa. 
Dunkleberger, Paul S., Wyomissing, Pa.

Evans, William W., Mt. Carmel, Pa. 

St.. Wilkes
*Ferris, Frank Fry, Alvin J., Hughesville, Pa.

Gartside, Jamea, 1606 Columbia Avo., Phila., Pa. 
Gianni, Guise^P^Pe, Conshohoeoken, Pa. 
Garvey, Harry, 2429 S. Warnock St., Phila., Pa. 
^CGovenetis, Peter

Haas, Albert J., Ft. Gibson, Okla. *Haven, Ralph Hillis, Raymond W., Rummerfleld, Pa. 
Horwitz. Jacob, Wellsboro, Pa. 
*Hall, Harry A. *Hernandez, Sebastian Hornberger, Edward L.. Cogan Station. Pa. 
Howland, James F., Westfield, Pa. 
Hunt, Michael, Trevorton, Pa. 
Hain, Francis J., Pillow, Pa. 
Harbaugh, Hiram, 464 Luch St., Akron, Ohio. Herold, Elmer D., Muddlety, W. Va. Holub, William, Elcamp, Texas.

Jorden, James L., S^Prin^gfield, Md. Jozefowski, Edwin A., 311 N. 23rd St., Phila., Pa.

Kimmel, Reuben A., Centralia, Pa. 
Kraft, Oscar H., 428 N. Mdn Ave., Scranton, Pa. 
*framers, Albert J. Kint, Edward, Montgomery, Pa. 
*Klinger, Guy E. Klock, Charles H., Treverton, Pa.

Liebensberger, Oscar J., Kutztown, PA Luciano, Berardo, Denrisson, Ohio. Leiby, Penro D., Catawissa, Pa. 
Leslie, William M., Farmington, Pa. 
Lucas, Andrew J., Shipton, Pa.

·Lisacchi, Eugene Lewis, Ste^Phen F., Westfield, Pa.

Madenfort, Thomas E., 129 S. Franklin St., Shad

McDonald, Herbert 69 Tem^P^Ie St., Nashua, N. hi. Moody, Morris, Fiahers Ferry, Pa. 
Miller, Emerson R., 1212 Areh St., Shamokin, PA Montanaro, Gennaro, 4108 Germantown Ave., Phila, Pa. 
Malkoski, Leo A., Catawissa, Pa. 
Mallams, Thomas J., Mahoney City, Pa. 
Meredith, Edward, Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Mertz, John J., 2369 E. Harold St., Phila., Pa. 
*Mulholland, Wm. J. McCormack, Daniel, Old F^orRe~ Pa. 
*Martin, Isaac. *Massino, Joseph. Musilino, Joseph, 282 Mott St., New Y~rk~ ^#Magner, William P. *Mauck, Arnold W.

Neiswender, Myron E., Pitman, Pa

Olsen, George F., Valley Cib, N. D. Oris, Joseph J., Ranshaw, Pa. 
*Orlando, Pasquale. *Owen, Vincent L.

Painter, George G., Muncy, Pa. 
Pietromonaco, Pasquale, 1946 Cayuga St., P611 Parlour, Clarence H., Allentown, Pa. 
*Podgroski, Walter. Perry, Cecil S., Wertfield, Pa. 
Petee, Charles B., Adrian, MirhiRan.

 *Quinn, Joseph J.

 Reeder, Anderson, Newport, Pa. 
Re^Pard, Edward L., Liberty, Pa. 
Rider, Laurence P., Jersey Town, Pa. 
Rowe, Chester C., Anderson Burg, Pa. 
Regan, Paul A., Lenny, Pa. 
           i t  P

Rodalewizc, Peter, 1602 Brandywine St., Phi .,

Saylor, John H., Wayneshoro, Pa. 
Schwenk, Herman R. D., Schuykill Haven, Pl~ Strouss, Roland V., Muncy, Pa. 
Schwartz, Milton B., Renova. Pa. 
Smith, John E., Shamokin, Pa. 
Snook, Arthur P., Richfield, Pa. 
Schultz, Fred W., Mount Olive, Ill. Scott, Henry D., Elgin, Texas. Seabold Ammon J., Kratzerville, Pa. 
Shelton Archie, Sandia, Texas. 
*Shelton, William. Shields, Elmer, 766 Croskey St., Phila., Pa. Shipman, George W., Fishers Ferry, Pa. 
Shipman, John, Fishers Ferry, Pa. 
Shirey, Clayton E., Dou^lrsville, Pa. 
Shreve, Edgar L., Merry Mack, Ky. *Simmons. Guss M. *Simkins. Alfred K. Slinkard, William H., Newberry, Indiana, *Snodgrass, George L. Stanton, Willie A., Troup, Texas. Steffy, Isaac M., Montello, Pa. 
*Str,adling, Howard W. Strauser, Harry A., Richfield, Pa. 
*Strope, Enos. Sulzbach, Fred, Conshohocken, R. D. 2, Pa. 
*Sweeney, Grover J. Scott, Claude S., 1401 N. Kings Ave., Indhna^Do^d~, Indiana. 
Salmon, Edward, 2327 Hagert St., Phila., Pa. 
Saucer, Dane L. E., Simpson, W. Va. Shade, Clarence D., Hyner, Pa. 
*Sheelick, John. Siefring, Clarence, Archbald, Pa. 
Snyder, Albert E., Lykens, Pa. 
St. Martin, Louis CWhit~nsville, Ma~ Stover, Joseph, Berrybur~, Pa. 

[Page 32 follows]


Sp~lwarz. ,Philllp A., I^!^!lkland, Pa. 
Shoemaker, Lamen L., Walnutport, Pa.

*Durban, Jacob I. Troxel^!, Merill A., 132 N. Marshall St., 9bamokin. Pa. 
Tremaine, Oilbert E., Lawrenceville; Pa. 
Ts,~lor, Freeman, Ranahaw, Pa. 
nbrston, Audrey, Shelbyville, Indiana.

Verano, Ralph, Shamokin, Pa.

Ward, Mervin E., Millerstown, Pa Welnm~nn, John C., 637 N. 12th St.; Phila., Pa. 
Weinberger, Nathan. Id Forge, Pa. 
Walls, WiHiam E., t~al~ville, W. Va.

Wight, George T., Berwick, Pa. 
Wendt, Fred T., Archbald, PB. Wheeler, Charles, Tioga, Pa. 
°Wayman, ROBB. Wtison, Arthur R., Shamokin, Pa °Wood, William C. *Wood, Hugh.

Yoder, Irvin C., Tem^Ple, Pa. 
Yost, ,Charles H., 908 Penn Ave., Wyomiadn~, 1~. Yoder, Walter W., Temple, Pa. 
Yost, Harold E., Sugar Loaf, Pa.

Zane, Francis, McKinle^F, Pa Zeber, Frederick, Conshohocken, PB. °Zeflarino, Guiseppe.


Balliet, John S., 701 Hepburn St., Milton, Pa °Brov^in ' ^3~^C^i^y^a^r^yO^no^n^s^G., 36 NO Main St., Muncy, Pa.

Bucher, Emery A., R. D. 1, Millerstown, Pa.

Colestock, Chau^Dcey P., New Oxford, Pa. 
Cooney, Martin J., 6 Spiring St., Milford, Mass. Crow, Henry C., R. D. 1, Sydney, Florida. Custer, Daniel H., R. D. 2, Cainbrook, Pa.

Earl, Ira H., 3233 N. 25th St., Phila., Pa. 
*Eekert, Albert I. Emanuel, Lewia E., 310 S. 13th St., Chickaaha, Okla. English, Lee M., Lake, Ohio.

Flexer, John R., Macungie, Pa.

Gilbert, John P., Boswell, Pa Greta, Oharles C., 924 Concord St., Ha^lrerstown, Md. Gray, Augustus C., Brownsville, Md.

Hale, Luther F., 702 Bee St., Princetown, W. Va. Hallock, Earle K., Scottville. New York. Hicks, Earl R., R. D. 1, Clearspring, Md. Hillemann, Ernest, Ambler, Penn u Holdeman, Phares M., Rev., 26 S. Lancaster Ave., Annville, Pa.

Johnson, Earl E., 810 Summit St., McKeeaport, Pa.

lKebaugh, Forrest E., Berrysburg, Pa Kirby, William J., 11 Church St., Hallstead, Pa.

Lambert~ Herman J., Quitman, Georgia. Lambert, Matthew J., 5409 Haverford Ave., Phila. Pa. 
Lerner, Albert, 5124 Raee St., Phila., Pa.

Martin, Henry E., Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa Mills, Rodney E., 142 Lismore Ave., Glendde, Pa. 
Motto, Vincent D., 14 Ma^P^Ie Ave., Hartford, Conn. Moyer,, Frank S., Hamburg, Pa. 
Muegrave, Charlea A., Sherwood, Qh;o.

Nichols. James L. Hernando, Mias. Normington, Young, R. D. 2, Allentown, Pa.

Phillipa, Samuel E., 1646 Tbird St., Harriabur~, Ya. Poole, George H., 21 Lenard St., Atlanta, Ge^orKia. Price, Watson L., Whitwell, Tenn.

Qoinn, John J., 5819 Cheater Ave., Phila., Pa.

~Rogers, Jesde F. Rogers, Okley, Miles, Okla Rock, Leo T., 419 Factory St., Watertown, N. Y.

Romig, Hrrry P. W., Boyertown, Pa.

Shea, Arthur W., 11 High St., Middleburg, Vt Shuman, Clayton W., 212 N. 4th St., Sunbury, E~a Simmons, Thomas B., Enoree, S. C Smi^!ey, Montcalm C.. 38 Bay St., Daytona, Florida. Squ~res, Walter M., Haverhill, New Hampahire. ^CStephena, JOB. G. Stiles, Willard J., Clifton, S. C.

Talley, John N., 32 E. Miner St., West Cheater, Pa Thomas, Chaa. A., 120 Broad St, Kennett Squs Pa Tripp, Robert W., Ryan, Okia.         re,

Tums, Peter, Arcadia, Wisconsin. *Turknett, Nolan E.

Urmston, Paul R., Carroll Park, Bay City, Mieh.

Vogel, George Y., 236 S. 14th St., Allentown, Pa.

Wsrd, John M., 66 Willow Ave., Hoboken, N. J. Weiaa, August J., 3034 Ormea~ St., Phila., Pa. 
W;nter, Charlea D., Waahington Ave., Jermyn, PB.

Yuckman, Philip, 932 E. Heetor St., Conshohocken, Pa.

Zen^l^lerl, Carl A., Cynwyd, Pa. 

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