Log Cabin Memorial - Veterans 314th Infantry Regiment A.E.F.

History of the 304th Ammunition Train, 79th Division, during WWI

  • It is with gratitude that I acknowledge that this book was found and downloaded from Google here
    (and is available in a variety of formats including Android/Smartphone, iPad, eReader, Web, etc.).
  • The 304th Ammunition Train was part of the 79th Division (as was the 314th Infantry).
  • The 314th Infantry is mentioned twice in this book.
  • First on page 148: "Major McKenney turned out to be a very aggressive peppery and snappy Commanding Officer. He had risen up from the ranks and carried that dogmatic all knowing manner with him but nevertheless the Train improved under his supervision and soon reached a high state of efficiency and as a result he was awarded with the grade of Lieut. Col. He stayed with us until September 1918 when we were at La Courtine Creuse France and at that time was ordered to the 314th Infantry which was then at the front."
  • Second on page 234 where Lt. Col. McKenney is listed in the Roster.
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