Log Cabin Memorial - Veterans 314th Infantry Regiment A.E.F.

More Artifacts of the 314th Infantry

"The vets are gone and the memories are getting less clear as time passes.
Material things are tools that help us channel those memories
which lead us to better honor their sacrifice. "
Joel Rentz - Veterans of the 314th Infantry AEF Memorial Committee Member

314th Infantry World War I Overseas Cap
314th Infantry World War I Overseas Cap

314th Infantry World War I Shaving Kit
314th Infantry World War I Shaving Kit

314th Infantry World War I Gas Mask -- Gas took and wounded many...

314th Infantry World War I Mess Kit
314th Infantry World War I Mess Kit

World War One - 79th Division - Cross of Lorraine - Helmet
World War One - 79th Division - Cross of Lorraine - Helmet

Set of YMCA Trench Checkers that were handed out to doughboys free of charge by the YMCA in France

The Service flag was first displayed in the front windows of homes during World War I to signify a son or husband serving in the Armed Forces.
The flag quickly became known as the "son in service flag" with each blue star indicating one family member.
During World War II, the Department of War issued specifications on the manufacture of the flag as well as
guidelines indicating when and by whom the Service flag could be flown or the Service Lapel button could be worn
(an example of the flag can be seen hanging in the window of Mrs. Ryan's house in the movie Saving Private Ryan).
Another great movie with the Service flag is the Majestic!
Info above from www.serviceflags.com

The website www.militarysheetmusic.com has this information, including a song written about the flag:

During WWI and WWII (among other conflicts), families who had members in the military,
would hang a flag in the window with a blue star to represent the serviceperson.
The service flag would have a gold star if the family member had died in the war.

When the Little Blue Star in the Window has Turned to Gold


      Verse 1:

      A boy bravely fights for his country,
      A fond mother kneels down in pray'r;

      He's fighting foul wrong as he forges along,
      While for him she prays God's tend'rest care.
      There's a little blue star in the window,
      And to her it's a treasure untold,
      But she watches afraid, for she fears it may fade,
      That its color might change into gold.


      What star is that high in the heaves,
      That shines with a strong, steady light.
      'Tis the soul of someone, his duty well done,
      And all for his country and right.
      Another name written in glory

      With other great heroes enrolled,
      When the little blue star in the window
      Has turned to gold.
      Verse 2:

      A boy bravely died for his country,
      God honor, for justice and right;

      What more could he do for the Red, White and Blue
      That was threatened by Tyranny's might?
      But no mother can claim all the sorrow,
      Nor the pride when his story is told,
      He belongs to us all, not in vain did he fall,
      Or the little blue star turn to gold.

      (Repeat Chorus)

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