Log Cabin Memorial - Veterans 314th Infantry Regiment A.E.F.

Infantry Journal: US Infantry Association - Volume 21 Number 5 - November 1922 - Pages 608 and 609

US Infantry Association - Volume 21 - July 1922 - Page 608
US Infantry Association - Volume 21 - July 1922 - Page 609
Log Cabin of the 314th Infantry
In the early days of the participation of the United States in the World War the 314th Infantry, 79th Division, was organized at Camp Meade, Md.
At that time the big camp presented a desolate and disordered appearance. There was barely sufficient shelter for the men of the organization and nothing in the shape of a club house or recreation room.
Finished material was scarce, but there was an abundance of pine and oak timber available. The officers and men of the regiment who were first on the ground went into the woods, cut timber and from it fashioned the 314th Infantry log cabin.
Spikes were hammered out of discarded horseshoes and the massive hinges of the doors were made from old wagon tires.
Situated, as it was, near regimental headquarters, the log cabin became a sort of shrine to the thousands of men of the regiment who trained there and those who followed them.
After correspondence with the War Department the historic log cabin was donated to the Veterans' Association of the 314th Infantry.
Early this year it was taken down piece by piece and reconstructed just as it stood at Camp Meade. It now occupies a beautiful knoll overlooking the Schuylkill River at Valley Forge, where it will remain for all time to came as a memorial to the members of the regiment who made the supreme sacrifice on the bloody fields of the Argonne. The memorial was dedicated with appropriate ceremonies recently at a reunion of the 314th Infantry, which was attended by more than a thousand veterans of the regiment

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