Log Cabin Memorial - Veterans 314th Infantry Regiment A.E.F.

Diaries of Frank S. Miller

Company C 314th Infantry 79th Division AEF

F.S. Miller
Kennett Square
Chester Co. PA
R.F.D #3 USA

My brass check no. is 3108035

Miss Sylvia Klair
Marshallton Del.

Mother Mrs. Maris T. Miller
Kennett Square
Chester Co. PA
R.F.D. #3

Rifle Number 586650 Pistol Number 338282

The dates of the entries start in the year of 1918 upon deployment to France.

Sept. 11- At Fane (Fains?) all day went to billets in town turned in a lot of stuff

Sept. 12- Still loafing around same place - got my hair cut with clippers. Lots of aeroplanes here. Quite a village.

Sept. 13- Packed up to leave in the morning. Got aboard truck at 6P.M. Chauffers were Japs. Traveled all night. Truck went in ditch twice. Went through Bar Le Duc - a pretty place but damaged by shells.

Sat. Sept. 14- We are in 3rd line trenches now and are near the Aurgerment Riccicourt Woods.

Sept. 15- Not so much doing today although air raids are frequent. This is like a big woods camp- every place here has been shelled.

Sept. 16- At camp all day. Weather very nice and moonlight in eve. Orders to pack. All packed when we were raided with air bombs. Went to dugouts. McShane lost gas mask. HA.

Sept. 17- Arrived in a new camp early this morning- had a shower but is clear this afternoon with air raids in eve. Recicourt

Sept. 18- Still in camp weather fine we are getting used to the raids but it's an awful thing to sit still and listen for those devils.

Sept. 19- Rained most all day. Nothing much doing.

Sept. 20- Did some drilling. Struck tents and moved a few mile nearer. Full moon, very pretty night.

Sat. Sept. 21- At new camp- raids are more frequent and some gas. Mail came in 10 letters- they have made me a little homesick.

Sept. 22- Went on guard at 7:30 last night and off at 3:30 today- at intervals of 2 hours on and 4 off. Was expecting an attack this morning but nothing happened - there is 20 Div. in this sec. with 600 cannons.

Sept. 23- Weather very wet. Nothing doing. Have not changed or had my clothes off for more than two weeks. Water very scarce here.

Sept. 24- Went on detail to mind roads up to the front- were right near front line trench- weather cold at night.

Sept. 25- Air fight right over our heads this morning. Left camp for front. We are to start a drive in morning on Verdun front.

Sept. 25 Started for front about 8 PM at Mid W were under heavy fire from our own and enemy guns and sure was red from guns and bursting of shells

night of Sept 25 - At Argone Forrest 79 Div relieves 26 (Division)

Sept. 26 Slept shell hole over top of trench with heavy shell fire

Sept. 27th - Sept. 30th There are no entries in Frank's diary. The 314th Infantry was heavily involved in combat, partaking in the Meuse Argonne Offensive and capturing the town of Montfaucon, France.

Oct. 1- Hiked all day from front back to camp with nothing to eat. Hope I can forget about this last few day as it has been worse than hell. We advanced about 13 mile. The 3rd Div. relieved us. (We captured Montfaucon)

Oct. 2- In camp all day cleaning some of the mud off us- have been sick and almost all in today.

Oct. 3- Not feeling any better today- find that several of my comrades have not returned and never will.

Oct. 4- Broke camp last night at 6 o'clock. Hiked until 3 A.M.(?) - slept in a woods until 8 A.M. Laid around until 4P.M. Started on the go again.

Oct. 5- Hiked until 9P.M. last night- stopped near a village over the night. Nothing much to eat. Lots of fellows dropped out. Oct. 6- Started on hike at 8 A.M. without any breakfast. Stopped at 7 P.M. at our billets or shacks in woods- only one meal of coffee, bread, and salmon - we are all in.

Oct. 7- Are fixed pretty comfortable here but we are about all done for. Have shaved and cleaned up a little. Band concert in eve.- word that Germans want peace.

Oct. 8- Are checking up on men and equipment- find a lot short- weather wet and cold

Oct. 9- Loafed around camp all day. Not feeling very well. Drew rations for another move. I received 10 letters - they made me a little homesick

Oct.10- Lots of rumors today of peace but don't take much stock in it. We got orders to pack and be ready to move at 5 P.M. Turned our time one hour back today. Orders now will not leave until 12:30 A.M.

Oct. 11- Hiked from 12:30 until 6 A.M. - camped in a woods. Packed up to start again at 12:30

Sat. Oct. 12- Hiked until about 5 A.M. Arrived at Rauzieries- went in billets- town pretty well shelled

Oct. 13- Went on detail in kitchen all day- am glad to get in kitchen once in awhile. We had a pretty bad hike and are tired out

Oct. 14- We started to do some drilling today. Lots of reports about peace but I don't take much stock in it. We have a very nice billet with big fireplace in it

Oct. 15- On detail all day crushing stone near kitchen. Weather very wet. Have to go on guard tonight. There is lots of rats around billets

Oct. 16- Rained all day- nothing much doing. It certainly is good to go to bed without shoes and stockings- have not slept without our clothes on since about Sept. 10

Oct. 17- Was on detail all day but did not do much work. This place is quite a ways from the front

Oct. 18- Drilled all day or about 4 hours. The sun was shining today- the first time for a long time. There was an air raid here today - that is an aeroplane fight.

Sat. Oct. 19- Drilled in Morn.- one detail in afternoon and on guard at night. Rained all night

Oct. 20- This has seemed more like Sunday than any day since Piericourt. Weather fair.

Oct. 21- On detail in kitchen all day. Received word to pack up in a hurry

Oct. 22- We left in a hurry for front. Hiked about 4 mile and were halted for rest of night. Received orders to return back to Ranzieres at 12 o'clock. We were to be in support of 313th Regiment as Huns made an attack but were held up by the Americans.

Oct. 23- We went on Regiment guard at 5 o'clock last evening until 5 P.M. today. This has been the nicest day since I have been in France. Aeroplanes have been very active all night and all day. We actually saw a real woman today.

Oct. 24- Orders to get ready to move. Rolled packs and left Ranzieres at 6 P.M. Hiked until 10 P.M. to Sommedieu

Oct. 25- We woke up in a fair sized town and it must have been a very pretty place at one time as it sets between two mountains. There is a YMCA here- the first real YMCA we have come to. Our company is getting reorganized for action. I mailed 220 Frc.'s. or $40. home to Mother. Name of place is Sommedieu

Sat. Oct. 26- Nothing much doing today. I wrote to Sylvia and sent her a 20 Fr. Note. We got paid this eve. Weather wet and cold.

Oct. 27- We are having it very easy here. Expect to go up to the front again soon. Went to church in an old furniture factory and it was a very good sermon. The text was St. Matthew X1-28th verse. Saw a sort of show in afternoon with one American girl. Got orders to pack for a move

Oct. 28- We left Sommedieu at 9 P.M. Hiked intil 3 A.M. camped all day in wood near Verdun road. Orders to get ready for another hike.

Oct. 29- Hiked last night from 6 P.M. until about 11 P.M. Slept in a very big dugout near Gumonville. This is very pretty country here. This is a very nice day. We saw about 50 aeroplanes- one was shot down

Oct. 30- Hiked from 6 P.M. last night until about 12:00- camped in wood all night- it's very near the front here. Weather is clear but pretty cold. Laid around woods all day

Oct. 31- Stayed at same place all night. Got orders to be ready to move at noon. Pulled out at 5 P.M.- landed in front trenches at 1 A.M.

Nov. 1- We certainly had a great Halloween last night- came through Death Valley and are situated on a big mountain - 6 were killed this morning- hill #319

Sat. Nov. 2- I was on detail most all night last night. Slept most of day that is when we were not shelled. Snipers and artillery are very active here.

Nov. 3- On ration (?) detail most of last night- it was the worst night I ever put in I think as it rained most of time and am covered with mud. I got two letters last night- one from (spelling) and one from Sylvia. We get one meal a day here

Nov. 4- Was sent out on listening post last night out on no mans land and I can say it was some trip- one I will never forget as we crawled on our hands and feet in the mud. Capt. sent me on another detail this morning to look for the C.O. We are all very near done for

Nov. 5- Stayed in trench all day. Things are a little better but eats and water is very hard to get. This is part of Verdun sector

Nov.6- Moved to new trench last night. The ones we have now are worse than other ones. There is not so much artillery fire this day.

Nov. 7- Nothing much doing last night. Went on detail in afternoon. Weather is raining. We certainly are getting dirty. And awful glad I am not a ground hog

Nov. 8- I did not get back from detail until about 12 o'clock last night on account of heavy shelling and gas. There was an ammunition dump on fire in Death Valley- was dangerous to face- very wet and muddy- nothing much doing today

Nov. 9- We started over the top at 4 o'clock last night. Stayed in woods all night and went forward at day break. Went about 5 K. before we encountered enemy on the top of a mountain. Very hard country to travel. Rained all day

Nov. 10- Slept or laid out all night with our clothes wet. We are almost froze as it was very cold- the first ice this year. We have not advanced very far today. We are all about give out and nothing to eat. There is only about 12 in our platoon - rest have fallen back

Nov.11- (Last day of the war)- We advanced about 2 K last eve. - over two mountains. (spelling) .were on post- things were pretty quiet. Very cold standing guard. Our rations are getting very short. This morning we started to advance and were halted at 11 o'clock to await peace terms. At present we can hear the Huns shouting and singing but can't see them on account of fog. We are all praying this is the finish. I am almost give out as have not washed or shaved for 12 days. 8 P.M. - The Huns are giving us a fine display of fireworks - a very pretty night but cold to sleep out..but we are dug in pretty well

Nov. 12- We have laid around all day. There are a lot of Huns around here. It looks as if the war is about over. It certainly is nice to be able to walk around and do as we like, as we have not been able to talk above a whisper or stick our heads above the ground for two months.

Nov. 13- It sure was cold last night. I have got cooties all over me. We went back to our former trenches after our packs. Were put in billets tonight. We saw a lot of dead on the battlefield. Weather very nice. This town is Chaumont.

Nov. 14- Cup our billets and equipment. I shaved and took a bath to try and get rid of my friends. We are getting good eats now.

Nov. 15- I slept with my clothes off last night- first time since Sept. 10th. We drilled a little today. Weather fine

Sat. Nov. 16- Drilled about 2 hrs. today. Signed payroll this eve. Weather is clear but very cold

Nov. 17- Nothing much to do today. We got one piece candy and box of cakes from YMCA and one pack cigarettes for 2 ½ Fr.

Nov. 18- Drilled about an hour. Inspection of arms. Weather fine

Nov. 19- Drilled about 2 hrs. I was put in charge of the 5th squad in Perries place. Weather very pleasant

Nov. 20- We packed up and hiked about 4 K. to an old German camp located between two hills. We have a very small shack for 8 of us. Weather very pleasant

Nov. 21- Did some policing up. Weather fine

Nov. 22- Went to Wavrille to take a bath- the mornings are pretty cold

Sat. Nov. 23- Had an inspection of all equipment. Weather cold but clear

Nov. 24- Cleaned up billets. Went to church service in afternoon

Nov. 25- Went before Major McGinnis for examination for corporal- don't think I passed. Rained most all day

Nov. 26- We took a pleasure hike today of 10 mile through mud up to our shoe tops. Were about all in tonight. We are getting two meals now but they are very good. Weather fair

Nov. 27- Cleaning up after our hike yesterday. Rained today

Nov. 28- Thanksgiving day. I have a lot to be thankful for. Went to church today. We had corn willie for dinner- some dinner. Rained today. Had two letters- one from Emily and other from Sylvia

Nov. 29- Went on detail to police up the battlefield. It was some job. Weather very nice

Sat. Nov. 30- Packed up and moved about 8 miles to another German camp on side of a big mountain. A very pretty place

Dec. 1- Cleaned up our billets and ourselves. As comfortable as possible. This is a pretty good place

Dec.2- Drilled for about 4 hours. Walked to top of mountain- a very pretty view

Dec.3- Went on hike to Mangiennes about 8 kilos away. Received letter from Rhronsic

Dec. 4-5 Drill

Dec. 6- Went on hike about 17 kilos. Went on guard as corporal.

Sat. Dec. 7- Relieved off guard at 3 P.M. - inspection of all equipment

Dec. 8- Went to church in morning - a very good sermon. Took bath in afternoon

Dec. 9- Brigade inspection in the morning- took bath in afternoon. I am putting on airs to take two baths in one month

Dec. 10- Went on hike beyond Damvillers - roads were fair

Dec. 11- Drilled for 4 hrs. Rained most all day. Got 4 letters tonight

Dec. 12- Rain and drill

Dec 13- Drill and rain

Sat. Dec.14- Inspection of arms and equipment

Dec. 15- Went to church in morning. Had real fire for dinner. The sun shone today- first time in a long time

Dec. 16- On detail all day. We got doughnuts for supper- some class. I received my Christmas box today and it was broke open and a lot was gone

Dec. 17- On a problem in morning. Candy fine- found pictures in box from home

Dec. 18- Went to Automatic school at Thierville near Verdun- went in trucks

Dec.19- Learned about different parts. Went to Verdun in eve.

Dec. 20- At the school all day. We sure get good eats here. Finished school

Sat. Dec. 21- We left Thierville at 9:30 reaching camp at about 11:30

Dec. 22- Nothing to do today. Went on guard as 3 P.M. as corporal

Dec. 23- On guard all day

Dec. 24- Problem in morning. Rifle range in afternoon. Received word the Co. going to move (the) 26th. I got a pass

Dec. 25- Nothing extra doing. Had a good dinner- macaroni, tomatoes, beef and doughnuts.

Dec. 26- Got pass- left camp at 11 A.M. stayed at Verdun all night

Dec. 27- Left Verdun at 1 (?) P.M. for Bar Le Duc arriving at 8. Left same at 11 P.M.

Sat. Dec 28- Arrived Paris at 7 A.M. This is a great place. Left same at 9:05 P.M.

Dec. 29- Arrived Lyon at 7:30 A.M. This is a very nice city. Left Lyon at 5:15 P.M. arrived at Aise Les Bains at 11:30 P.M.

Dec. 30- Got up at 10 A.M. This is a fine place. Did not do much but look around

Dec. 31- Went in hot water care (?) and museum. Had great time at YMCA in eve.

Jan. 1- Went up on Mt. Renard by train and walked back, a fine trip. Lots of snow - was sledding fight

Jan. 2- (spelling?) at trip to Mt. Chamfotte. Took dinner at Hotel. Very pretty view along lake. Walked back 12 mile

Jan. 3- Took bath in morning. Very nice and warm. Went on boat ride in afternoon

Sat. Jan. 4- Got up at 11:30- went to show at YMCA in afternoon

Jan. 5- At .Y. most all day. At church in 'Y' in eve. - heard a very good sermon

Jan. 6- Around 'Y' all day. Playing billiards and taking in show. We checked out today- expect to leave at 7:30 tomorrow

Jan. 7- We left Aise Les Bains at 9 A.M. - arrived at Is Sur Till at 10 P.M. We are riding first class

Jan. 8- Left Is Sur Till at 4 P.M. We went threw some very pretty country

Jan. 9- Arrived at Soolie at 9A.M. Got on trucks and arrived at Co. at 12. Drilled in afternoon

Jan. 10- Put in quarantine and was released at noon

Jan. 11- In quarters all day- went to bed early

Jan. 12- In quarters all day- went to church in eve.

Jan. 13- On detail all day. Got 4 letters - two from Sylvia - got paid

Jan. 14-17- Drill every day- there is nothing ever happening here

Jan. 18- Inspection in morning. Major made us drill in afternoon. Received three letters- one from Mother saying Flora is very sick- wrote on Dec. 24th. Heard a very good speaker at Canteen - Mr.(?) Neuman

Jan. 19- In bed till 11 o'clock. Went to church in eve.

Jan. 20- Drilled all day. Received two letters- one from Mother saying Flora is better.

Jan. 21- Drilled

Jan. 22- Drilled

Jan. 23- Problem

Jan. 25- Inspection in morning- passed okay

Jan. 26- Went to French church in morning and to own church in eve. Snowed in eve.

Jan. 27- On rifle range most all morning. Went to dandy show in eve.

Jan. 28- On problem all morning. Had teeth inspection in afternoon

Jan. 29- In charge of quarters all day.

Jan. 30- On detail all day. Weather cold

Jan. 31- On guard all day. Snowing today

Sat. Feb 1- At rifle range shooting all day- did fair. Most to cold to shoot

Feb. 2- On detail at Div. range all day- almost a riot there as we did not have any dinner except one sandwich. Went to church in eve. A very good sermon

Feb 3- Went to infirmary - maked quarters and not feeling very good

Feb. 4-6 In quarters with lame back

Feb. 7- On detail all day. Very cold

Feb. 8- Inspection of billets. To cold for rifle inspection Feb. 9- Went on guard at 4 P.M.

Feb. 10- On guard until 4 P.M. Very cold and slippery. I almost froze and fell down twice

Feb. 11- On Ration detail all day. Am not feeling very well

Feb. 12- Went to infirmary - was put on duty - drilled in morning

Feb. 13- On problem most all day

Feb. 14- On gas guard all day. There was a big Div. problem in town. Rumors of Germans taking up arms again

Feb. 15- Inspection in morning. I took nap in afternoon and overslept myself and missed retreat

Feb. 16- Reading most all day. Went to church in eve. Weather much warmer

Feb. 17- Moved from Erize la Grande to Rosnes about 5 kilos

Feb. 18- Drilled two hrs. Went to Soully in afternoon to see football game between 79th Div. and 28th Div. 28th beat 9-0

Feb. 19- Went to a Horse show at Erize- la- was fine but weather was wet

Feb. 20- Went on guard last night until 4 P.M. today. Rained most all night

Feb. 21- We went to Eize-la- Grande for a Brigade Review. I did not parade so came back to Rosnes

Sat. Feb. 22- Nothing to do today

Feb. 23- Went for walk in the woods- scared up a wild boar and some rabbits. Went to church in morning

Feb. 24- Brigade Review in morning. Athletics in afternoon

Feb. 25- On problem all day. Rained hard all the time

Feb.26- On a problem- rained hard

Feb.27- Nothing to do as it's a Division Holiday

Feb. 28- Out to rifle range to keep score- rained

Sat. Mar. 1- On gas guard all day. Weather very nice and clear Mar. 2- Went to Erize-la- Grande to write letters

Mar. 3- On guard at 4 P.M.

Mar.4- Finished guard at 4 P.M.

Mar.5- On detail all day

Mar. 6- Out to shoot in morning

Mar. 7- On problem in morning. Played soccer ball in afternoon and I got a good kick

Sat. Mar. 8- On detail all morning

Mar. 9- Writing all day

Mar. 10- Shooting in morning- was inoculated in afternoon

Mar. 11- We are all in quarters on account of inoculation

Mar. 12- On detail all day

Mar. 13- On battalion problem all day

Mar. 14- On latrine guard all day

Sat. Mar. 15- Shooting in morning, nothing doing in afternoon

Mar. 16- Went to church in morning, wrote letters in afternoon

Mar.17- Shooting in morning, nothing much doing in afternoon

Mar. 18- On road detail all day

Mar.19- On Range detail

Mar.20- On Range detail

Mar.21- In charge of quarters

Sat. Mar.22- Inspection in morning, nothing doing in afternoon

Mar. 23- No church today as chaplain is away. Went on guard at 4 P.M. Weather fine

Mar. 24- Came off guard at 4 P.M.

Mar. 25- On detail all day - getting ready for a move. Turned in all extra clothes

Mar. 26- On gas guard all day

Mar. 27- On wood detail all day

5th Squad

F.S. Miller

Mar. 28- Left Rosenes at 9:15 A.M. going through Ezizela Burrlck Rumont- Stopping in Erize St. Taizier staying all night arriving at 12 noon about 8 K

Sat. Mar 29- Had a good nights sleep last night. Left St. Dizier at 8:30 A.M. and went through Gesy Loison, Leuily, Silmont, Guerpont, Pronville arriving at Velains at 12 noon going about 20 kilo. It sure did rain hard all the way- we were wet to the hide. Only made 2 stops to rest

Mar. 30- Got up at 5:15 - had breakfast and started on our hike at 7:30- going through Ligney, Longeaus, Hevilliers,and Biencourt arriving at Bure at 1:30 P.M. We hiked about 25 Kilos and it sure was a hard hike as it snowed all day

Mar. 31- We got up at 4:45 A.M. Very cold but clear. Left Bure at 7 A.M. going through Saudron, Gillaume, Echenay, Soulaincourt, Germay, Morronvillers- landing at Trampot at 1:15 going about 25 Kilos. I was about all in when getting here. And also bat. (battalion) is located near

April 1- Got up at 6 A.M. .Left Tramflot at 9 A.M. going through Gillianville, Lafauche at about 11:30- going 9 Kilos. This is where we will stay for a while- am glad our hike is over- weather fine today

April 2- This is quite a nice town. We did not do anything but rest and clean up. Weather fine

April 3- On detail all day fixing walk. This near base hospital #117 (?)

April 4- Nothing doing today but draw our outfits

April 5- Inspection in morning. Nothing doing in afternoon

Shalvase List Value
2 towells 5 Franc
3 Handkerchiefs 5
1 pair leggings 10
1 wash bag 1
Soap 1
Shaving brush 3
Hair brush 3
Wool cap 10
Papers and letters 20

Frank Jr.
Emily and Joseph K.

French History- The 1st battle fought at Montfaucon in the year 840 by the Romans and the battle we fought was the 17th battle. We captured the town the 27th and 28th of Sept. 1918

Some of my Company friends:
Earl Daily
John Vosmus
Philip Diviney (AWOL scratched out)
Marshall Worth
Wm. Laneir (killed)
John Myers
Merris (Maurice) Fitzgerald
Roland Hubbard
John Kemery (killed)
Frank Mundy
Clarence Baker
George Perry (Taylor, PA)
Frank Franko
Edward Gunther (652 N. 44th St. Phila PA?)
Cleeves Hottman (Liverpool, PA)
Howard Hottman
Reinert (W= wounded)
Proudfoot (W= wounded)
Dick Caldwell
Fred Rink (405 Wyoming Ave. Scanton, PA)

Officers that Frank also listed include;
General Nicholson
Colonel Oury
Major Allen
Major McGinnis
Captain Mayo Evans
Lieutenants - Burman

The last several pages of Frank's first diary include notes about times and places- many of these towns, the spelling is very hard to discern if correct but have been duly logged as below:

First Drive;
Montfaucon- taken 27 Sept.

Way back;
Boysde to Centcourt to Ricourt (6 Oct) to Rupt to Bois de Vurbin (Oct. 11) to Ranziers (Oct. 11-24) to Sommedieue (Oct 24-28) to Germanville (Oct 28-29) to Cheiart (Oct. 19) to Boyse de Forges (Oct. 30) to Sanieguereze (Oct. 31)

I, Pvt. Frank S. Miller received from Sgt. Fitzgerald Oct. 18th - 8 ½ Franc's to keep for the 1st platoon of Co. C 314th Infantry

Sgt. Fitzgerald drew 2 Fr. On Oct. 23 for cakes for each squad. Leaving 6 ½ Fr. Balance

Boysenalloui- Nov. 1 to Crepien Moirey Nov. 9 - Chaumont, Gibercy, Damvilliers- Nov.10

German Camp Dec. 5- 25, we left German camp Dec. 26 on furlow - Co. hiked to Erize le Grande

Thompson (killed) 20 Fr.
McShane pd. 20
Diviney pd. 5
Lanier pd. 10 Fr.
Proudfoot pd. 10
Sgt. Fitzgerald pd. 12 F 5Fr.
Proudfoot 25
J. Meyers pd. 12 Fr.

Erize la Brulei

End of first diary.

Frank S. Miller
Diary II

April 6, 1919- Went to see Perry's bro.- had fine time - treated us to pie and cinnamon buns. Weather fine

April 7- Getting ready for Divisional Review - have a sore foot

April 8- Went to next town for inspection by General Kuhn. Weather fine

April 9- Had field inspection by Major in morning. Athletics in afternoon. I ran ½ mile in 2:51

April 10- Getting ready for Review and inspection by Pershing. Played ball in afternoon

April 11- Still cleaning up for inspection. Went on guard at 4 P.M.

April 12- After getting off guard relief at 4 A.M. got ready for the inspection- left here at 5:30 went to next town or about 10 kilos. Was reviewed by Pershing at 12 o'clock- got back at 5P.M. Rained hard all day

April 13- Worked in kitchen all day- rained

April 14- This is a holiday given to AEF by Pershing. Went to St. Blin in morning- nothing doing in afternoon

April 15- Went to St. Blin to shoot- could not do any good as it rained most of time

April 16- Nothing much to do in morning- played ball in afternoon. Four of us went to Lefauche to see ruins at an old castle. They say it is over 3000 years old. Rain

April 17- Nothing much to do all day. Signed pay roll. Rained today

April 18- Drilled 1 hr. Good Friday and sort of holiday for French as children run around with rattles

April 19- Rifle inspection in morning. Played ball in afternoon. We beat 4th Platoon. Weather fine

April 20- Had two eggs for breakfast as its Easter. Went to hear Capt. Edwards speak. Four of us bought 6 dozen eggs and ate them in eve.

April 21- Drilled one hr. in morning. Athletics in afternoon. Received word we are to leave here Wed. Quite a lot of Hun autos and coaches go by here on the railroad

April 22- Drilled 2 hrs. Nothing much doing in afternoon

April 23- Packed up to leave in morning- left Prez sous Lefauche at 12:40. Arrived at Reinecourt at 3:30 going through St. Blin. Train left Reinecourt at 5 P.M. There was 40 in a car with lots of straw to lay on

April24- Left Reincourt at 5 P.M. last night going through Chaumont at about 8 P.M.- today going through Nevers Borgous- this is a very pretty country

April 25- We arrived in Chemille about 12 noon then hiked about 13 kilos to Gallais. Are billeted in a big Chateau garage. A fine place

April 26 Inspection of equipment today. There are lots of rabbits on these grounds. Weather fine

April 27- Perry, Rink, Guenther and I took a walk and took some pictures. A dandy day- this is a very prosperous looking country

April 28- Drilled two hrs. in morning. I went on guard at 4 P.M.

April 29- On guard until 4 P.M. There was a wedding in town today

April 30- We turned in our hard rations, tent poles and pairs. We received orders to stay in quarters as tomorrow is a French holiday called May Day. We had our pictures taken on Chateau steps

May 1- In quarters all day. I received 5 letters. Weather is rainy. A French lady promised to send me some flower seed

May 2- Nothing of interest

Sat. May 3- Nothing of interest

May 4- Took walk to next town. Nice day. Got paid May 5- Were issued some new clothes- weather fine

May 6- Went on detail to get Vosmus (?) and Guateri (?) as they are off on a drunk. We found them in next town

May 7- Had inspection by the S.O.S. Officer- we passed Okay

May 8- Nothing of interest

May 9- Guenther and I went to Chemille on bicycles. Rained

Sat. May 10- We left Jallais at 7 A.M. hiking to lehalet a distance of 16 kilos. Got aboard train and arrived at St. Nazaire at 10 P.M. From Nantees to St. Nazaire is very pretty. Went to a camp near St. N.- a very big camp

May 11- Were examined and deloused and moved to camp 1. Sure is some camp

May 12- On detail at Salvation Army all day. Weather is fine here

May 13- Drilled one hr. Nothing of interest. They can feed about 3000 an hr. at this one mess hall. Word we are going on board tomorrow

May 14- Examined again. Expected to go aboard boat but our orders were changed

May 15- We waited all day for boat- went aboard the Princess Matokia at 8 P.M. Weather fine

May 16- Set sail at 5 o'clock this morning. Was a little rough in eve.

Sat. May17- Sea rough all night- sick all day- everyone else is

May 18- Went on guard at 9 A.M. - clear in morning but started to rain in eve. And get rough

May 19- A bad storm at 12 o'clock last night- wind blew 110 m. an hr. Water very rough all day- waves dashing over deck

May 20- Weather much better today but still a little rough

May 21- Weather very windy and sea is rough but don't mind it so much now. I think we are delayed on account of storms

May 22- It is still a little windy. Moving pictures everyday

May 23- A dandy day. We had moving pictures on deck in the open

Sat. May 24- A fine day. I have spent most of the time reading while on this trip. It was foggy this morning- a very pretty night

May 25- Foggy and rainy until late afternoon. We met the light ship Nantuckett- there are signs of getting near shore

May 26- We saw land this morning at 5 A.M. Reached NY harbor at about 10 o'clock. Went on shore at 12 noon. It looks fine to see good old U.S. soil. Left Jersey City at 6 P.M. and arrived at Camp Dix at 9 P.M.

May 27- Were deloused. We moved to the debarking section. It certainly is fine to be back in a real good country

May 28- Were on detail all day. Its one year today since being in the army. Weather fine

May 29- We turned in our equipment. Were busy all day

May 30- Very nice day. Some of men are discharged

May 31- I got my discharge at 6:20 P.M. Left Camp Dix and arrived Phila. at 9 P.M. Arrived at home at 2 A.M. Sure glad to see everybody.

As from the first diary, there are pages included in the back of the book, that provide more detail about times and places- spelling is recorded as is..

A little data from time we left Camp Meade. Sat. July 6. Arrived in Hoboken July 7. Left July 8. Arrived in Brest (France) July 15 at the Pontan azon Barricks 16 July until 19. Arrived at Laignes 21-27. Caulmiers Le See Piercourt 28 July- Sept. 8. Left Piercourt July 8 hiked 20 mile arrived Lafontis in heavy rain. Entrained at 12N.N. arrived at Mussy Sift at 4 P.M. hiked to Fains. Pitched tents in field. Left Fains at 6 PM Sept.13 in trucks arrived at Soise and camped in Riccicourt woods. Left the 16.

Sept. 25 Started for front about 8 PM at Mid W were under heavy fire from our own and enemy guns and sure was red from guns and bursting of shells

Sept. 26 Slept shell hole over top of trench with heavy shell fire

Wm Mattson died of W
Chas Foreacher killed
John Kemery missing W
Fred Farrell died of W
Erick Otter cook missing
Jae Noonen died of W
Dick Hibbert died at C.M.
Harry Aurndt died of pneumonia
Lewis Veranease died of W?
Mullen killed

At Argone Forrest 79 Div relieves 26 night of Sept 25

Grandpres Cousenveye French 77,28,35,91, 37, 79, 4, 80,33 4th Army
79th started at Avocourt Sept. 26- 5:30 AM Malancourt, Cuisey, Montfaucon, and Nantillious, relieved by the 3rd Div. Oct. 1 about 5 PM
Troyon Sector- Oct. 13- 26 1918
Rauziers Alecourt
Ainkley Troyon

The night of Oct. 21-314th moved up expecting a counter attack
Verdun Sector East of Meuse

Nov 1st - Nov. 11 1918 relieved 26 Div. about midnight held lines until Nov 8th 6PM went over top Bois Belliu
Gibircy Bois Deschen
Cote Romangne
Hills 319-328 320 and Chamont
Divisions on line Nov. 11
42,77, 39, 90, 5, 32, 79, 28

The next few pages list home address's for certain 314th members -

Rev. Holdeman
25 S. Lancaster St.
Annville, PA

Roland Hubbard
Underhill Center Vt.

Walter Sawyer
59 Perry Ave.
Brockton Mass

Earl Reinert Boyertown, PA

Erman G. Shuman
113 Lincoln Ave
Jersey Shore, PA

Cleve Hoffman
Liverpool, PA

Jack Myers
4125 N. Reese St.
Phila., PA
Phone Tioga 3818W

Thomas Mour
2833 Hudson St.
Phila, PA

Bizzie Reyburn
113ts 53 St.
W. Phila, PA

Lt. Chas. Buhtman
Allendale, NJ

79th Division

National Army of District of Columbia Maryland and Penna. Divisional Headquarters arrived in France July 15- 1918 Activities: Sector 304 between Argone and Meuse: Sept. 16-30 Meuse Argone offensive Sept 26-30. Troyon sector east of Meuse Oct. 8-28. Grand Montage sector heights east of Meuse river Oct. 29- Nov. 11 Operating in progress most of time. Prisoners captured one officer 391 men guns captured 32 pieces of artillery 245 machine guns. Total advance on front lines 19 ½ kilos. Insignia Lorraine Cross. Adopted in the 15th century by the house of Adjoui following the defeat of Charles the Bold as a symbol of Triumph It is to be the outward symbol of wherein is centered affectionate and zealous love of a nation for liberty, justice, and freedom.

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